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Palestinians Unite in Rejecting Peace


Rival “Palestinian” factions, Fatah and HAMAS are still embroiled in a 10 year old battle for control of the Gaza, even after last year’s Egyptian brokered “Reconciliation Deal”, which has failed to come to fruition.  Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah controlled Palestinian Authority has imposed crippling sanctions on Gaza, forcing hospitals to close and depriving residents of electricity.  HAMAS refuses to disarm, claiming its weapons are meant for “liberating all of Palestine”, meaning destroy Israel.  The regimes from Ramallah and Gaza City seem incapable of reconciling, but one thing has brought them together, rejection of the yet to be seen US Peace Proposal.  Nothing unites these quasi-governmental/terrorist organizations other than their hatred of Israel and rejection of Peace.

Read Article at Gatestone Institute: https://www.timesofisrael.com/nearly-200-civilians-dead-in-syria-enclave-as-tragedy-unfolds/



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  1. steve February 20, 2018

    Ariel Sharon (in good faith, I presume) gave Gaza to the “Palestinian” Arabs, look how well that’s turned out. Time to reverse that action and expel the interlopers back to Egypt (where they are actually from) or to Iran and reclaim the land.

    The Arabs in the “west bank” only started referring to themselves as “Palestinian” after the six day war (June 1967) and themselves are interlopers from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan – itself an artificial creation – and since oslo accords (1993) since claimed to have been rescinded means the PA IS TECHNICALLY AN ILLEGAL ORGANISATION THAT DOESN’T have ANY LEGITIMACY… ISRAEL SHOULD RESUME CONTROL THERE AS WELL.

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