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PA: ALL Conflicts In Middle East Are Israel’s Fault


Not only is Israel responsible for all conflicts in the Middle East, but the PA spokesman also said “the only way to bring an end to all acts of violence in the region and in the world is by solving the Palestinian problem.”  It’s hard to determine which is a bigger overestimation, Israel’s power or how much the world cares about “Palestinians”.  Sunni and Shia’ are killing each other and themselves by the thousand every month, Syria is gassing its own population, Libya is slave trading, half of Yemen is starving and jihad is spreading throughout Europe; but somehow Israel is responsible for the carnage?  The regimes in Ramallah and Gaza City can’t even make Peace between themselves for “Palestinian Unity”; who exactly is Israel supposed to negotiate with when there are two entities, one whose charter calls for your destruction, and the other that simply refuses to recognize your right to exist?  Segments of the Arab world are wisening up to the “Palestinian Lies” and realizing the benefits to allying with Israel even without the creation of a terror statelette to pacify displaced Jordanians, and it is causing “Palestinian leadership” to melt down in front of the world, enjoy the show.

Read Article at Israel National News: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/241690



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