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Mr. Potato Head Gets New Woke Name.



Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It’s the Katie and Barry show, which means joining me live from London, England, is the terrific ATP European correspondent, the brilliant Katie Hopkins. Hello. Hello. Hello.

Katie Hopkins: Hi there, Barry. It’s good to be back with the ATP family once more.

Barry Nussbaum: So, your mayor, Sadiq Khan, who just does dumb things mostly to irritate you and me, now has an event celebrating cultural diversity during COVID.

I guess that’s supposed to make all the Brits feel really good about having no job and no freedom and no ability to go outside. I saw the flier you sent me. It looked like a lot of cultural diversity, excluding white people. Did you see it the same way I did?

Katie Hopkins: Exactly. You just wonder, does he do these things deliberately to get at people? I don’t know, to annoy regular Brits? Where does he think this is headed?

Why does he think any of us care about diversity in COVID right now when England is a mess? A complete mess. Finally, why is no one like me in any pictures anymore? Diversity only comes in one color if you are Sadiq Khan, and that color is black.

Barry Nussbaum: I noticed that, and I looked at the poster, and it seemed rather undiverse to me. That is the way I saw it, which leads me to my next question. We are overwhelmed in the States. I mean, it’s everywhere.

Corporations especially are putting out this propaganda, that they are training their employees with Katie, that all white people are bad and racist from birth and need to be cleansed of the original sin of whiteness.

I’m not making any of this up. It’s the truth. And it’s the largest corporations in America, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Has it gotten to your side yet?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And for the longest time, white people have told me they feel like they’re at the back of the queue. They feel like a second-class citizen in their own home. They don’t feel like they belong in England or the UK anymore.

It’s very sad. But particularly, you know, they are specifically targeting against whites. So, if you’re white, you can’t apply for some jobs. If you’re a white person, you can’t get a day that you can go to get help to be selected as a police officer.

You can only go if you’re black. It feels like we are being disadvantaged for being white. It’s not about equal treatment. It’s about putting white people at the back of the queue. And that can’t be equitable or fair.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we used to say that we bragged here that our society, our culture, our advertising, our government, our military, our police, our firemen, we were colorblind, and we just cared about how people behave and how they treat others.

And now, well, those things are important, but it’s more important what color you are. I find that institutionally placing racism above behavior.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, I think it’s right. And I also think at some gut level, Barry, you know, on TV, radio, other places, you want someone to be in that role as a presenter because they’re just really, really good at it.

And as soon as they start putting people, you know, a square person into the round hole, you can feel it. It doesn’t work. We’re losing that kind of connection we used to have because everything has to be done by color. And life isn’t about color. I think we’re more colorblind than the left and the people forcing this agenda.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, speaking of colorblind and institutional racism, what’s with The Potato? When I had little kids, one of the funnest things we ever did was we’d go to the market and buy a bunch of potatoes and put them on the kitchen table and open up the Mr. Potato Head box, and we would build Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head and the kid potatoes, the boys, and girls.

And, you know, you stick the eyes and the nose and the mouth, and you just have a delightful time and then eat the potatoes with dinner. Now, now, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Katie, is sexist, and they should just be called Potato Head because, according to the toy manufacturer, gender-neutral with potatoes is superior to gender naming. Could that be any dumber to you than it is to me?

Katie Hopkins: Couldn’t it be more dumb. I’m slightly distracted because I call Boris Johnson a potato in a wig, and I have him on my desk at all times. He’s here. So, this is my own potato in a wig that I use. It looks a bit like me, I realize, but also, I use it when I’m doing an impression of Boris.

But it’s so bizarre, and I wonder Barry what’s going to happen. Are we the last generation who are going to find this stuff really odd? Like, are our children just going to show up and decide it’s normal now that we just have Potato Head? There’s no Mr. and Mrs., you know, are we the last of the outrage? Is what I mean.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you know, it’s symbolic of the bizarre cultural change in the world. The fact that somebody at the manufacturer, in this case, thinks naming a potato, a potato, a food with plastic things stuck in it, Mr. and Mrs. are a bad thing, which is a great transition to the trans movement.

Since Biden has become President here, the unwinding of the, I can decide what sex I am and decide what sport and which side of the locker room I want to go into by just changing my name. Trump pushed that back to reality.

Meaning if you’re Bernie and you change your name to Barbara, that’s okay. You just can’t be in girl sports. Well, Biden wants to unwind that. So, if Bernie decides to be Barbara and set every record in college and world competitions, Biden says that’s fine.

You get to pick your locker room, and you get to pick which group you shower with. Has that crazy stuff gotten to you yet?

Katie Hopkins: It has. And, you know, it’s when they speak of it, it sounds all very well and good. That if people want to be something and we want people to feel emboldened and all the rest of it. Those sorts of tenets of that, I agree with.

I want people to feel comfortable and have a great life. Great. But then you look at the reality of it, and you look at the visual of it. You see this enormous cyclist, for example, this monster of a man who’s now, you know, Rachel in her lycra next to the little girls that are cycling.

They’re big, strong women, but they look tiny or the rugby players. You know, a) It’s dangerous. It’s clearly physically dangerous. b) How demoralizing is that for women who are competing fairly and are just beaten because of hormones, testosterone, and the rest of it, muscular structure?

It is just so bizarre, and I do wonder as well, Barry, when there are such real problems that we face, why are we contriving more nonsense? You know, like when we were talking about potato heads, someone’s being paid to go into work and come up with that nonsense. It’s just it’s beyond belief. And the thing is, we know it’s not going to get any better any time soon. We think it’s going to get worse.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, my own daughter, when she used to compete in big-time tournaments in martial arts, in judo, I remember we would go to all-day tournaments at the national level. She was quite good. I would watch the boys, you know, in her age group, and they were brutally strong.

I mean, oh, my gosh. With muscle development, even at 16 and 17, they looked shredded, and next to the girls of the same age, it would be absolutely no contest. When I think about how long, many years and how many hours and how much driving and dedication my daughter put into it and, you know, she wasn’t world-class, it’s not like she would go to college and have a scholarship.

But if you worked 10, 15 years on something and you show up at a tournament or a competition of some sort, and Bruce is Barbara, and you get squashed like a bug, not because you’re not terrific, but because the truth of the matter is men are genetically more predisposed for strength and stamina and muscle development and bone density, which is why the boys don’t compete against the girls. It’s, in my opinion, biologically insane.

Katie Hopkins: And you know, Barry, there’s also something else isn’t there? Like a cultural thing about it. So, I have a son. I’m trying to teach him that you open the door for your grandma. You always stick up for your sisters. You always look after your sisters.

What happened to that? I would be ashamed if my son wants to compete against girls. I would be ashamed that he thought that was the way to win. What happened to that teaching? Why are these kids missing that teaching?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, chauvinism and the treating of women respectfully, the way we were raised is now sexist. Just as there can’t be a Mr. and Mrs. Potato, there are only Potatoes.

There aren’t boys and girls. It’s all equality, and you can self-identify as a deer or a lizard or something. Now that’s okay. It’s completely biologically and sociologically, in my opinion, insane. Welcome to the new normal.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, absolutely. It’s not a normal any of us want to be part of. I’m pretty sure of that, but I also think there’s a lot of us that think the way we think, Barry, and even though we can’t hear us, there’s a lot of us still.

Barry Nussbaum: I hope you’re right. From your mouth to God’s ears, as my late mother used to say. Thanks for coming on today Katie, a delight as always. To all of our viewers out there that haven’t yet signed up for our text message alert system, please do so.

Just take out your cell phone if you are in the United States and text the word TRUTH to 88202, and we will sign you up. You’ll get all of our stuff for free right on your cell phone.

If you want to do it on the Web, you can go to, sign up there, and you’ll also get several chapters of my new book Because You Asked free for signing up. Thank you for joining us today. For ATP Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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