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Joe Biden is a candidate with a BIG problem!


Graham Ledger: Page Six now, Joe the creep speaks. Former Vice President Joe Biden has finally broken his painful and deafening silence about his hands-on approach to politics. So, here's the question, who's handling his PR exactly they should be fired. This has been a slow and damaging burn for the potential presidential candidate. Maybe all creepy Joe's PR person should be more hands on. Joining me now the founder of the American Truth Project and Daily Ledger contributor Barry Nussbaum. Barry, beyond that we joke about Joe Biden. But when you look at Joe Biden's career Number one, he has been a constitutional wrecking ball. He's responsible for the damage that we are suffering through right now and suffering through because of the people and the antics on Capitol Hill. Number two, he may be one of the greatest living breathing examples of crony capitalism and taking advantage of the system.

Barry Nussbaum: Joe Biden for all of his faults including his touchy-feely creepiness probably has the best chance of all the Democrats to beat Donald Trump in 2020. That's really bad news for the Dems if this is the only mainstream kind of guy that they have because everybody else Graham, is to the left and the far-left lane of Joe Biden. He's got a problem right now and he hasn't even apologized for what is it seven women that have come forward and the reports say there might be as many as three dozen that are going to show up over the next several weeks? He's got to handle that better than making jokes about touching more people. What he really needs to do is say hey I'm an older guy in my generation we touched people. Now I understand I shouldn't and I'm sorry. Those two words have not come out of his mouth yet. Graham and I think that's a strategic mistake.

Graham Ledger: If he's Donald Trump's opponent just like Bernie Sanders if he happens to be Donald Trump opponent, it could be all a lot of fun and Twitter will see a lot of activity. Now there's another guy out there Ohio Representative Tim Ryan who says he's now running for president based on his congressional record. Well I looked up his record on Conservative Review his liberty score is F it's 18 percent. It's barely palpable is just barely there. So, go ahead run on your record Tim.

Barry Nussbaum: Tim Ryan is incredibly popular in his district where he won against

the Republican by 22 points. He outpolled Clinton in the district. He's very big there and absolutely nowhere else. His campaign did this Graham is going to be on making more jobs available for people. That is the strongest suit Trump has for re-election. Record female employment, record Hispanic employment, record black employment, record job growth, stock market growth, and the economy is on fire. Good luck. If this guy is the lead of the Democratic Party, he'll get crushed.

Graham Ledger: Yeah well when he's talking about jobs by the way Barry, he's talking about government jobs. Donald Trump is talking about and doing building helping to build jobs in the private sector but when we step back and we look at this group this is the largest group of Democrat candidates in modern history and they all have one thing in common very they all hate the president.

Barry Nussbaum: Well as you and I have talked about many times you cannot run on I hate Donald Trump this much how much do you hate Donald Trump as your platform. And the problem is everybody is to the left of Joe Biden who is a progressive. Everyone else is socialist slash communist and they're all going to run on the free stuff party platform. The problem is the people that support that are young, mostly don't vote, aren't involved in the system, and the people that are that pay taxes don't work hard that support their families don't believe in socialism. If this is what's going to happen as far as a platform in 2020, I hate Donald Trump and I've got free stuff for you based on high taxes. I think it's over today. I really, really do. They've got to come up with something better.

Graham Ledger: I agree. But what a teachable moment for these young people and they also have one thing in common they're all radicals including that mayor of South Bend Indiana Beetlejuice or whatever his name is. Barry, thank you.


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