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Islam Allows Sex with a 9-year-old!


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: Let's go over what happened to me and see why do I think it has everything to do with Islam. So, I was called an adult woman at age 9. Not me, every girl in Islamic countries and Islamic families is considered an adult woman at age 9. And just to make sure, again you can look it up yourself, But I will provide information here just to make sure that you know it wasn't some family tradition, or cultural thing, or our school wanted to do it. If you look up civil code of Islamic Republic of Iran book 10 Chapter One article twelve ten says "No one when reaching the age of maturity can be treated as under disability in respect of insanity or immaturity unless his or her immaturity and insanity is proved. Note 1 the age of maturity for boys is 15 and for girls is 9." Civil Code of the country and the same thing is repeated in every other Islamic country Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Look them up. They're all available online. At age 9 a girl is a woman, simple as that. Now why is that? If you read the Quran, nowhere in Quran does Allah say what age a girl or a boy will be an adult. To be fair it's not in the Quran no it isn't. However, ninety-one times the Koran it is mentioned that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad is a perfect example of a man. Whatever he did you do. What did Muhammad do? Prophet Muhammad had eleven wives at the same time. His favorite wife was named Aisha. Aisha was six years old when Mohammed married her, and she was nine years old when he consummated the marriage. And now again don't take my word for it. If you read Sahih al-Bukhari which is the only approved Hadith book by all Islamic leaders, Islamic scholars, and it is taught at Islamic schools and in mosques. Sahih al-Bukhari Vol. 7 books 62 Hadith eighty-eight she was six years old when Mohammed came asking her father to marry her. Based on that in every Islamic country a girl at age 9 is officially a woman. Been there done that.


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