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Ilhan Omar Breaks State Law and Lies on Twitter Repeatedly…. No Consequences Yet!


Aimee Fuller: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continues to break rules of law and decorum, apparently, according to people who are paying attention to her, and this is a whole new game with the new Congress that came in in January. We’re chatting more about it with Barry Nussbaum of The American Truth Project. Apparently, she continues to break rules of law and decorum. She is fined by the state of Minnesota. That’s her district, that’s her area, that’s her state for campaign finance violations. And, you know, a local paper wrote a scathing editorial about her brazen behavior. And a lot of people do say it is brazen behavior. Fraudulent tax returns with a man not yet her husband, but returns are joint as if they are married. Is this the dude that might be her brother? Barry? I mean, what the heck?

Barry Nussbaum: There’s like three stories wrapped up in one, you know? She’s the obnoxious gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think she’s going to be normal, she’s not. The local paper did an exposé that the state of Minnesota has fined her the maximum under the law for dipping into campaign funds and spending the money on herself. So that’s problem number.

Aimee Fuller: On herself. Do we know what? Was it manicures and clothing and scarves or what?

Barry Nussbaum: What the state of Minnesota commission that regulates this said it was on personal travel and personal expenses that are illegal under Minnesota law. So basically, she was using campaign money as her piggy bank. That’s problem one. She’s going to have to pay about thirty-five hundred dollars in fines. Problem number two is that she filed joint tax returns with someone that she said was her husband when she hadn’t yet married that guy. She was still married to another guy, that there is a substantial amount of evidence that the other guy is her brother. And that that sham marriage was put together in order for her to receive her immigration and citizenship status because he was ahead of her in the process. So, once that paperwork came through, she dumped the brother in favor of the new guy, filed a joint tax return, but guess what? They weren’t married. That’s not legal. So now the IRS is looking into the brother marriage issue and the tax return issue. In addition, a number of publications starting with the Associated Press is saying we want to see the tax return. We want to see how you filed. She’s refusing to give up those tax returns. However, on a daily, consistent basis, she proclaims that Donald Trump doesn’t give up his tax return, well he should be impeached. And that’s just the start of her problems. She came out with a press release in favor of confiscation of guns, saying five hundred people a day are killed in this country by guns. Massive amounts of statistics are coming out now that on an annual basis annualized from last year, it is a snapshot. She’s exaggerated her statistics by somewhere in excess of five hundred percent. But you’re not allowed to confuse facts with emotion. She’s emotionally right. Therefore, her facts really shouldn’t matter so much. It’s a really, really bizarre way to deal with your critics by just saying, hey, stop it. I can say whatever I want.

Aimee Fuller: AOC did something like that before. She said, well, I may not have been true, but you know that my heart was in it or something. You can’t make this stuff up, Right? But going back, you almost need a flowchart for that. We’ve been hearing for months about her, her marrying her brother for the immigration status, et cetera. But I guess she married one guy legally at the same time, filing a joint tax return with that different guy.

Barry Nussbaum: While I was married to the other guy. Whoever he is. That’s bigamy in every state in the country.

Aimee Fuller: You wonder if anything really happened or if she’ll just get away with it and it’ll get swept under the rug. What do you think?

Barry Nussbaum: I don’t know. She does so many weird things and says things that have no semblance of any fact. For example, in the past couple of weeks, the president has come out with a merit-based immigration plan, which in frankness is not very revolutionary. Trump actually said he’s copying the rest of the world.

Aimee Fuller: It’s almost over common sense and why don’t we do it? As he says, we have the most ridiculous immigration and asylum laws anywhere.

Barry Nussbaum: Don’t you think we should get the best and the brightest who should qualify to come to our country like Australia and Canada and so on? And if you want permanent status, you’ve got to bring something to the table, not just climb over the fence or dig a hole under the fence. So, when he comes out with the statement saying, I want merit-based immigration, which is the best of the best, ought to get in first. Ilana Omar comes out and says that’s racist. Why is it racist? Because it will limit the amount of the people coming in that are unqualified to be in this country.

Aimee Fuller: So, what’s that mean? She pointed to Latinos. Is she saying Latinos are dumber than the rest because it sounds like she’s being racist?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, you’re making a very wise point. If it’s racist, that means the people that she’s trying to protect, in other words, they should keep their immigration status, as you said. Latinas and Latinos coming from South and Central America. She doesn’t think they qualify. She doesn’t think they’re good enough to make it under a merit-based system. So according to the esteemed representative from Minnesota, everybody ought to get in without any qualifications, because if you qualified people, well, then Aimee, you are a racist.


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