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Dems Love Walls but Only at Their Own Homes!


Aimee: This is America Trend. I’m Aimee Fuller, thank you for being with us on the YouToo America TV network and Biztalk radio. So glad to have you. We are joined tonight by Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project. We’re going to chat about some of the political topics of the day including William Barr testifying in front of the senate this week. It is just his confirmation hearing. He’s up for AG (Attorney General) and has already served as Attorney General under George H.W. Bush, but he said to senators this week that the U.S needs a barrier system on its southern border, it’s as simple as that. Barry and I are going to talk a little bit about president Trump who’s been pushing for border security. For some reason, Democrats who just years ago said this is very important to have, are now saying, no it’s politically incorrect, right Barry? What is going on?

Barry: It was a great idea Aimee, when they figured out that letting in hundreds of thousands and then millions of illegal immigrants would add voters to the Democrat party, and all of a sudden, all the previous comments from people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Harry Reid when he was senate majority leader, and by the way senator and then president Obama, all those comments have been forgotten. Every single one of them wanted border security and a barrier or a wall or fence or something. All those previous political issues are now changed to hey, build a wall means you’re racist, you want to keep people out? You’re a racist. You want a barrier instead of what they call, “the symbol of the country should be the Statue of Liberty not a wall,”? Well, then you’re a bigot. Everybody forgot what they said for about 2 decades worth of their previous political careers.

Aimee: Oh, you nailed it. It’s all about the votes, but you know people don’t like to go back in history and say, well you know, at the Statue of Liberty Ellis Island there was actually a process and some people got quarantined and sent back. They wanted you to have a sort of sponsor, as we call it now, and $25 to prove that you can get on your feet. To prove you would come here and be a contributing American and not come here carrying some other flag and us having to worry about your terrorists. So, Barry, why do walls work? Is there proof around the world? I already know your answer, it’s Israel, Israel, Israel. That’s not the only place.

Barry: I love the question and obviously, Aimee, you know the answer and everyone that’s informed knows the answer. Israel had the same problem that America has, which is massive illegal immigration coming in from African countries, number one, and number two, stopping the flow of terrorists bringing in weapons and illegal drugs. They had an acute problem, what did they do? Well, they couldn’t interdict enough with people and electronics and drones, which by the way is the democrat plan, so they built walls across the Sinai, they built walls across the northern border, and they build walls as a barrier between the West Bank and Israel proper on the 1948 Green Line.

What happened? Well, it’s quite simple, I’ve been there, and I talked to Israeli military leaders and government officials and intelligence officials and they all say the same thing Aimee: suicide bombings went down, get this, 99% when the wall sealed up the border. Illegal immigration went down in some areas 90% in other areas 95%. Not with electronics, not with more staffing, not with dogs and jeeps and border patrol, just building a barrier and, as you pointed out, there are walls all over the rest of the world including, get this, the biggest wall in the Middle East, which separates Jordan from the rest of the Middle East. Want to guess who paid for hundreds and hundreds of miles of wall under Jordanian border?

Aimee: American Democrats?

Barry: You know it. The American Congress almost universally voted in favor of it. The United States Congress paid for it. Now, it’s okay to protect Jordan from illegal weapons, immigration and terrorism, but for those same people in the same hall in Congress it’s not okay to protect Americans from terrorism and illegal immigration.

Aimee: You know we love immigrants, we love for them to come here through the process that will keep you safe too, but don’t jump the border, don’t come here illegally and get started off on the wrong foot. Can we show that border wall again? Barry, that is some wall, no one’s getting over that. Let’s just repeat: suicide bombings in Israel down 99%. Look at that, you’re not scaling that wall.

Barry: yeah, that is not a wimp wall and nobody in government objected. Israel has 10-15 political parties and they go after each other like it’s a gang fight. You think Republicans and Democrats go at each other? Israel makes the United States look like a fourth-grade class. They are so aggressive yet everybody in Israel supports the wall, why? because it works.

You know, some years ago I sat down with Netanyahu for actually quite a long talk and what he said at the time was that he wanted a wall all along the Gaza Strip, all along the Sinai border, all along the northern border with Syria and Lebanon and between the West Bank and Israel proper, but he said, quite prophetically, that the one thing a wall won’t do is stop a missile or a rocket or a  grenade from going over it.

Now, thank God we don’t have that problem on our southern border with Mexico. Doing just what Israel did or just what the United States did in Jordan, will stop 99% of the problem. Why won’t we do it? I’ve never ever heard anybody give me an answer to this. You don’t lock your doors at night because you hate the people on the outside; you lock your doors at night because you love the people on the inside. And yet, every one of these leaders Aimee, I’m talking about the Democrats now, because I think that is where the hypocrisy is, has a wall around their estate. And I mean Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, it’s all over.

Aimee: Well Barry, you know what happened Monday to Laura Loomer, pro conservative journalist, independent journalist. She let a bunch of illegal immigrants, she says they are illegal, and they jumped Nancy Pelosi’s mansion wall and demanded entry into her home. They pulled a little stunt on Nancy Pelosi on Monday, thedailycaller.com has it and so that’s sort of rich, and then you’ve got last week one San Diego local station that told CNN: will you want a reporter to go report for you at the border wall? We tell you what the border security people already tell us, Customs and Border patrol and ICE, that the wall works and then CNN said no thanks.

So, when you say why, I feel like we’re being gaslighted and we’re sitting here having these conversations of why the wall works or won’t work because the Democrats are just again gaslighting us because they are trying to kick the can down the road and allow more voters in for them.

Barry: I can’t agree with you more. I know Laura Loomer quite well, she literally threw it right in Nancy’s face. Everything is great, bring everybody in just don’t involve me because those people are bad people. Wow, what hypocrisy, and Nancy used to give speeches all the time for a wall.

Aimee: Barry Nussbaum of the American truth project. You are with America Trend.


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