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Dem Candidates Response to Brutal Gaza Rockets: Crickets!!


Aimee Fuller: Nearly 700 rockets were fired into residential neighborhoods in Gaza last week. We have our friend of the show Barry Nussbaum with the American Truth Project that monitors so many things going on in the Middle East that affect Israel. Our friend to America indeed. And there are all these things it's not just what's happening but how it's reported in the press. Well for instance some of how our presidential candidates for 2020 some of the Democrats are reacting to it or moreover not reacting at all ignoring it. Barry we welcome you back to America Trends. Thank you for keeping us updated on all this I know you have sources on the ground there in Israel.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah it's great to be back with you especially at this time Aimee. It's a critical situation in Israel as you said the Hamas leadership may be sitting on thousands and thousands of rockets and last week they launched in nearly seven hundred from Gaza into southern and central Israel. So much so that numerous millions went to bomb shelters. Some were killed there were dozens and dozens injured and many hits on houses throughout southern Israel. And Israel's retaliation I thought was insanely restrained. Israel did their normal dropped leaflets on buildings and announce we're going to destroy the building. Hurry up get out. We don't want anyone to get hurt. And then drones or rockets would be launched from helicopters and planes and buildings were destroyed. So Hamas targets and hopes to kill innocent civilians. Israel retaliates by destroying buildings. Interestingly and strategically they finally blew up the cyber command of Hamas which has been pumping out hate 24/7 into Israel and the rest of the world. That building got destroyed but nobody was killed.

Aimee Fuller: They blew up the cyber command of Hamas. That's worth repeating Barry I didn't know that.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah that was one of the targets that was strategic. Netanyahu was incredibly restrained. I think personally my opinion and from what I've heard from Israel it has to do with international public relations. The biggest song contest in the world watched worldwide Eurovision is coming to Israel. They're there now. The contest is watched by hundreds of millions around the world. Israel is hosting because an Israeli won it last year. So the winner of the previous Eurovision song contest gets to host it. And Hamas has been threatening as has Islamic Jihad to destroy Eurovision and anybody that came to Israel to participate in the contest.

Aimee Fuller: And last I heard four Israelis were killed and all that last week.

Barry Nussbaum: Right. And it could have been much worse it could have been thousands if it wasn't for two things one it's the law in Israel but in certain areas you have to have a bomb shelter and you have to be trained on how to go to it. And number two the Iron Dome shot down a tremendous number of missiles that were headed for residential neighborhoods. I've seen the technology it's been demonstrated to me in person. It's astounding these computers in these mobile defense systems decide where a missile is going upon detection and within seconds a counter missile is launched it tracks down the incoming missile and explodes it. It has the highest efficacy of any system like it in the world. And what Hamas and Islamic Jihad did this time Aimee to bypass it is they started launching dozens and dozens at the exact same time to overwhelm the Israeli anti-missile defense system and in some cases it worked. And the missiles got through destroying countless numbers of buildings homes cars injuring many and killing several.

Aimee Fuller: It is a shame but worth mentioning Israel's ingenuity in having that anti-missile program Barry right.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. Funded in part by the United States because the Israeli engineers need it for survival to protect their citizens and America will have access to all of that technology.

Aimee Fuller: It is always interesting to watch Israel not just when it comes to military efforts but other inventions. they have so much again ingenuity there and inspiration and follow through. It's interesting to keep our eyes on. The other thing again you mentioned it's worth saying again they don't just bomb they send leaflets and warn we're going to bomb this building get out where this is part of war but we are trying to to spare lives if we can and that's the truth. That's that's what Israel really does. It's not just propaganda.

Barry Nussbaum: And that's the big dispute within Israel strategically. There are many within the government literally within the government that feel Israel has to take the shackles off the IDF and go in and take out the leadership. The leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad make no secret they proclaim and I mean this literally weekly on Facebook on Twitter on their own PR engines that pump this stuff out daily. We want to kill every Jew in Israel and our mission is to destroy everything in Israel so it can be ruled by obedient Sharia compliant Muslims. So. It would be one thing if they just made the threat. But now they're carrying it out in Israel, the only way to stop it is going to have to go get these guys because they're playing nice and blowing up empty buildings does nothing other than make the people that maybe lived in that building or have to go to work around that building miserable. Because the people in the bomb shelters underneath the hospital in Gaza City are the terror leaders and they have to be taken out or this will just continue.

Aimee Fuller: Barry Nussbaum as head of the American Truth Project has all kinds of sources on the ground in the Middle East, Israel, etc. About a minute left till break but we are going to hold you over but in that minute I want to ask you how did you see this being reported in the press around the world and in the USA I watch several news outlets including some that are pro Israeli the very few. So I did see this reported but not everyone had this at the top of their news Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: In the words of people in government that I've spoken to in Israel God bless President Trump and his people Bolton, Pence, Pompeo have all come out very strongly unequivocally. Israel has the absolute unrestrained right of self-defense and it should be encouraged. Unfortunately the EU doesn't see things that way. Ironically Saudi Arabia has come out this week supporting Israel's right to defend itself and condemning Hamas and condemning the Islamic Jihad movement which I have never read in the press. Brand new change of policy.


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