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CNN Reporter Said We Should Shun People Who Don’t Get The Covid-19 Vaccine


Welcome, to ATP's Really Dumb Things, They Said. I'm Barry Nussbaum.

CNN used to stand for Cable News Network, you know, meaning they report the news. It's now a place where the news gets made up, and they're out in the open about it.

CNN host Michael Smerconish said during a segment of his show that those who refuse to get vaccinated should be socially ostracized, shunned until they decide on their own to comply and they get the shot.

"We've got to shun folks. We've got to shun people into getting vaccinated,” said Smerconish. He went on to advocate for businesses, making it a requirement for all employees to be vaccinated in order to have the right to have a job. He also said it's time to, "get personal, and that Americans need to start requiring their friends and their families to be vaccinated, to attend barbecues and other social events.”

Michael, maybe some Americans are not excited about the vaccines because, well, over five thousand Americans apparently have died from getting the shot, and maybe they want to wait. They want to see.

I have a question for you, Michael. If everyone else is vaccinated and they're immune. Why force it on the ones who aren't? They aren't asking you if you're immune after the shot. So, why are you asking them that they have got a shot? Why are you so upset if they don't, Mr. Smerconish? Why is this a news report when it's just an editorial?

CNN has gotten dumb, and you are leading the charge with your demands to shun people that don't believe as you do.

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