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Dems Agenda Destroying U.S. Economy

Dems Agenda Destroying U.S. Economy

Will Johnson: Hello. Hello, hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us this Thursday, October 14, 2021. Thank you. Channon, my goodness.

Channon: My goodness.

Will Johnson: My goodness.

Channon: No, Joe Biden's goodness.

Will Johnson: For goodness’ sake, the United States. What is going on?

Channon: I don't know. Yeah, we do know what's going on. Joe Biden is what's going on.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the Joe Biden administration, the left, the Democrats, they're just going down this path of total destruction of the United States of America. We're going to get into a lot of topics this evening, everybody. So, please do me a favor. Get out your mobile device, send me a text at 88202.

Simply type my name in the body of the text W-I-L-L. You're going to get some awesome information that you need to know from the American Truth Project. Seriously, 88202, and just simply type my name W-I-L-L. We will be taking your phone calls.

We are live in the studio, so if you want to give us a call and talk about this crazy stuff that we're seeing happening across the board.

We will talk about the vaccine. My goodness, we're going to talk about that and talk about Joe Rogan's in the news. We're going to talk about what's happening on our coast. We're going to talk about so much more.

Channon: So, Will, let's kick this show off because we got a lot to talk about.

Will Johnson: Oh, do we. Oh, yes, we do.

Channon: So, the first thing we're going to talk about is Biden came out and talked about jobs here in America. He talked about the cargo sitting out in the ocean. Well, guess what?

Today on the Epic Times, there's a huge article, and it says, "Americans are quitting jobs at Record Rates, says the United States Labor Department."

Now Will, what do you think some of those reasons are for people quitting their jobs? Let's talk about this.

Will Johnson: The number one reason that I can think of why people are quitting their jobs is that they don't want to drink the Kool-Aid.

Channon: According to them, they said they aren't quite sure why people are leaving because they don't show why people are quitting. I guess it's really hasn't happened.

In fact, they said this type of job market has not been this low since 2000, but listen. They're saying that they're speculating that most people left their jobs because they're scared of COVID. That's their one speculation.

Will Johnson: They left their jobs because they're scared of COVID?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, who's putting this information out?

Channon: The Labor Department, they are speculating.

Will Johnson: But they're speculating.

Channon: Right. Because the actual jobs started going down in August, right before the mandate came out. Now, they have seen a huge jump in people quitting. People are leaving their jobs because of the mandate.

It says there's been an increase in 150,000 quits in the food industry. There's 26,000 more or less, the wholesale and trade business, and it said state and local government education saw 25,000 departures. This is in August.

Will Johnson: That's an alarming number.

Channon: This is in August. So, guess what's going to happen now that that the mandate came out? People are going to quit. Listen, I was listening to, you know, CNN. We hate CNN.

Will Johnson: The communists' news network.

Channon: It was Cuomo and Van Jones talking, and Cuomo commented. He's like, I really don't understand why people are leaving their jobs. It's just crazy to me that people are quitting their jobs. Well, of course, you know, he took the Kool-Aid. He likes it.

He doesn't mind it, but there are several things I believe, and you can tell me whether you believe this or not. I believe people are losing their jobs; one, of course, is the COVID mandates. Right? You agree with that.

Will Johnson: Yes, and I was directly affected by people walking off the job because of these mandates, people being forced to drink the Kool-Aid.

Channon: You and I agree. You even made a video, and you said you support them fully in doing that.

Will Johnson: Yes, to give a little more content. So, what we're talking about is the Labor Department has put out information that people are leaving their jobs because they're afraid of COVID. That's what they're putting out there. They're speculating. We all know the truth, and for them to put that out there.

Channon: For August, we are talking about August numbers.

Will Johnson: That's misleading people. Anyways, here recently, I was in Miami because I went to an event called AMPFEST, and while I was there getting ready to come back flights were being canceled at Southwest Airlines. The reason why they said it was canceled, all these flights.

It ended up being a thousand flights canceled that day, and the reason why they canceled these flights, they said, was because of the weather. I looked out the window, and it was beautiful. I'm in Miami, and it was cooler that day than it was the day before that.

So, there were no weather issues. There was no hurricane, no tornadoes, no nothing. It was beautiful, but they said it was because of the weather. Maybe it was because people were under the weather. That's what I'm saying.

Channon: But we've also seen hospitals where doctors and nurses are walking off of the jobs, and now the mandates are going to start taking effect because I'm not quite sure I don't know if Biden actually gave a drop-down day where, you know, mandates have to happen.

Anyways, before that, we've also seen numerous people complaining about the rhetoric, political rhetoric, political agendas being rolled out in these companies. We're talking about CRT. We're talking about the equity agenda that is rolling out in these companies.

We've had many people call us and say, I can't work in this environment any longer. This Biden agenda has made the workplace a miserable place to be. It's made going to the doctors' a miserable feet.

It's made ... What else? The school environment is miserable. We see record fights in the schools between teachers and parents, between kids because of CRT being taught. I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous. This agenda is, in fact affecting every single aspect of our life, even our family lives.

We have families that are completely divided and not talking to each other anymore. It's past COVID. It has to do with their political agendas. It's tearing America and this economy apart, Will.

Will Johnson: It is, and one other thing that we talked about, people walking off the job because they don't want to drink the Kool-Aid; prisons.

Channon: Oh yeah.

Will Johnson: You know, when you brought that up, I was like, dude. I didn't even think of that one.

Channon: Yeah. The Daily Wire reported today that a judge made it to where people in California, the prison guards could have a halt on mandating the vaccine for them because most people are going to walk off of the job. I mean, imagine that. You said it, Will. It's going to get worse.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: These are the things we don't think about; we don't think about guards walking off the job at prisons.

Will Johnson: No.

Channon: You didn't think about it until last week, not being able to get on an airplane.

Will Johnson: Well, I kind of thought about it happening with airplanes as well. Not the way it played out, but I did in the past think they were going to force us to drink the Kool-Aid. If we don't drink the Kool-Aid, we won't be able to get on an airplane.

We won't be able to go to movie theaters. We won't be able to hold a job. I said this about six months ago, and YouTube decided to take my channel down, which had about 114,000 subscribers. They took it down because I said, this is what's going to happen in the future.

It is here today, and even when I talked to YouTube, they still said that I was putting out misleading medical advice when it's actually happening. So, which part is misleading?

Channon: Look, what's happening to the NBA right now? There are actual players, like Kyrie Irving, on the Nets he cannot play or even practice with the team right now or get paid because of his desire not to take the vaccine.

Will Johnson: Because he wants medical freedom.

Channon: He said, mines not even political. He just doesn't want to take the vaccine. So, now people are trying to paint people as anti-vaxxers. This is not anti-vax. This is an anti-COVID vaccine where the death rate is less than 1%.

You know, back when we had polio-like, 20% of the population was being killed at a time, we understand. That's not happening right now.

Will Johnson: But let me say this, even when the polio was here, not everyone got vaccinated because people did have immunity to it. Some people build up immunity to it. They got sick, and they built up immunity. Same thing here; it's not even as bad as polio was.

Not even close. Nowhere near it, but they're all acting like it. I'm telling you the reason why they're pushing this is we are in the days that we are in; that's the reason why they're doing it. They see this as a tactic right now to control the masses. It's not just the United States.

It's not just Australia. It's not just Rome. It's not just Israel. It is planet-wide that they're doing this.

Channon: Let's take a call. We have Roger from California. What's going on, Roger?

Will Johnson: Roger from commie-fornia. Hey, Roger. Thank you so much for the call.

Roger: What's going on, guys? How are you doing?

Will Johnson: All right, what you got?

Roger: Man, so Will, I was reading an article, you know, about the situation at the port? The bottleneck that's going on with the ships and the truckers, there's a bottleneck that's going on. I don't know if you've read into it, but basically, for drivers that have to be reporting to facilities for drug testing, there are not enough drug testing facilities.

They don't have adequate supplies or personnel. So, what's going on is they're required to go to these testing sites, and they have to turn around. Basically, they can't do a drug test, and what happens is if you leave the facility, it's almost like refusal of a drug test. It's claiming that you're positive or something.

So, it's creating a bottleneck of the opportunity for these drivers to even retain a job or get new opportunities to drive. To do all the, you know, alleviating the burden on the port. That's one aspect of this whole burden that the 24 hours, you know, 24/7 operation of the port is definitely not going to resolve. There are many other aspects to it. It's the transport system.

Channon: Actually, that's a good point, Roger. You know, they were saying that unemployment is going to go up even further because people are not going to have the supplies to do what they have to do to do their jobs. If you're in a manufacturing job, and they don't have the parts they're not going to have you just sitting there.

They're going to fire people or let people go because they don't have what they need to do to make money, to make the business go. So, they're not going to be able to employ people. This is about to get really, really bad. I mean, it's terrible what's happening.

Will Johnson: So, did you say you had another point, Roger?

Roger: Yeah, my other point is I've been starting to notice some things when I go to the grocery store that's not there anymore. You know, certain types of milk products that I'm always accustomed to buying for the last two years. I mean, I'm pretty sure this has a lot to do with that. It's frustrating.

Channon: You are just starting to see that? It's pretty bad here in Texas. I mean, it's really bad. I went to a store, and I was looking for a cut of meat. I couldn't find it in every single store. I noticed even HUB, which I don't know if you've heard of it.

It is a huge chain here in Texas, always has a huge selection of everything, including meat. I couldn't even find what I was looking for, and I was starting to see a barren meat supply. You're right, I mean, chips that I used to eat almost two years ago. I can't even find anymore because they have 20 facings of Doritos.

Will Johnson: You know, Roger, another reason I saw a report coming out on the port is that the people that work on the ports didn't want to do the go along with the mandate because the ports are regulated by the federal government. So, they're saying that they're being hurt there as well.

What is happening, in my opinion, is all by design. They're doing this because of Biden's whole build back better. If anyone ever looked that up, the whole Build Back Better is tearing down the world economy. Then they want to build it back better, but they have to tear it down first. That's part of it, in my opinion.

Channon: So, Roger, let me ask you a question. You're in California, right?

Roger: This is commie-fornia, well, of course.

Will Johnson: Yes. Commie-fornia, yeah, commie-fornia.

Channon: So, other than a few milk products you can't find. Don't you see other signs of a poor economy? Let's say we have restaurants here that you can't order certain items because they just don't have the food to make it, or stores; actually, today, I went to a mall.

Some of the stores, even restaurants, are completely closed down, gates are down. People don't have the products, or they have very limited products on their shelves. Do you see any of that in California yet?

Roger: I'm not. I'm seeing a surplus of certain products other than Costco limiting some sort of purchasing of whether it's water or whatnot, but to the point, I usually go for Horizon milk, whole milk, and that has VHA. I haven't seen that for a week.

I've been to different areas, but for restaurants, I've never seen them claiming, hey, we're out of something. I have seen a spike in prices everywhere, so inflation is definitely upon us. That in its self is what people are talking about.

Channon: Well, perhaps people are closer to the ports? Maybe you have first dibs on some of the products, but we're definitely feeling it here in the middle of the country. It almost puts you in panic mode. I mean, not that you're in panic mode, but you're sitting here thinking, wow.

Will Johnson: People need to start something to start getting ready. What were you going to say, Roger?

Roger: And to your point, there's also the kids in school. There was an article saying the deterioration of the quality of food that's going to be delivered, meaning kids are going to now eat crap basically, at school placements because they're trying to do everything with genetic engineering and all this stuff.

It's going to be unhealthy. As parents, I urge everyone to cook something nice at home and them bring it. Don't allow the schools to feed your children, for sure.

Channon: Absolutely.

Roger: Terrible choice.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Hey, Roger, thank you so much. Whatever you need to do, Roger, you already see just simple things like milk. Prepare for yourself. Prepare for your family.

Channon: If you can find that article on that drug testing too, I'd like to see that. If you could email that to us at contact@UnitedAmericaFirst.com.

Roger: What's your email?

Channon: Contact@UniteAmericaFirst.com.

Will Johnson: Yep, Contact@UniteAmericaFirst.com. All right, cool. Appreciate it, Roger. Thank you so much for the call.

Channon: Yes, thank you.

Will Johnson: Channon, so, you know, one of the things about this whole COVID that's affecting everybody, and how they're going after people who are wanting their medical freedom. Who doesn't want to go along with it, and these people have the Kool-Aid running through their veins.

They're screaming because people don't want the Kool-Aid. If you have it, and you're so-called protected, then why do you care what I do? It doesn't make a lick of sense. See, these people are not dealing in common sense.

The reason being is because they know very well that this vaccine, this Kool-Aid that they're injecting people with, is not a cure. It's not helping anybody, and it's causing more problems than anything.

Channon: Yeah, let me just touch on the cargo again.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Channon: Because yesterday Biden came out, and he kind of talked about a canceled Christmas because of all the supply chain issues. Now, Biden said, he has demanded that Wal-Mart, FedEx, and UPS work at addressing ...

Will Johnson: Wait a minute. Did he demand? I thought originally, he was asking for assistance from Walmart and these other private companies, but now you're telling me that he's demanding help?

Channon: Yes, he is demanding help, but here's the deal.

Will Johnson: They are demanding?

Channon: Yes, he's demanding that they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Will Johnson: Oh, wow. I did not know that he was demanding.

Channon: Well, the article said demanding, so it didn't quote him, saying, I'm demanding, but anyway.

Will Johnson: Go ahead. I won't harp on that.

Channon: But here's the deal. When President Trump wanted to address Americans keeping businesses here in America, what did he do? He called the CEOs of the companies to Washington, D.C., to come together for a solution and what he needed to do to make businesses prosper here in America. What did he do when COVID hit? We needed more PPE. He called them once again to Washington. Companies that were not making PPE.

Will Johnson: Yes, what do you need?

Channon: All of a sudden, we're making this product to get it out to America. Joe Biden should call in the CEOs of all these companies to come up with a game plan. He should even call on the military.

Will Johnson: It should never have gotten to this point in the first place.

Channon: The cargo and the supplies are sitting out in the ocean. At this point, there are supplies out there. Supplies that are going to affect people's health, hospitals. It's going to affect fire departments. It's going to affect so many different schools.

It's going to affect police departments. It's going to affect so many people. So, he has the means. He has the military. We have the biggest military. Why doesn't he utilize them and these businesses to work together to bring this product in?

Will Johnson: Because of the whole build back better. See, a lot of people, it's like they can't grasp it.

Channon: I grasp it.

Will Johnson: I'm not saying you don't, but a lot of people don't grasp it because they hear the word, oh, it's going to be better, and it's not.

Channon: Well, we know what he wants to do. The point is that there are some solutions. There are some avenues that he could use that he is just refusing to do. I mean, just like the border.

Will Johnson: I said that because you said, why is he doing this? The reason why is because of build back better. They want to tear down the economy. That's the reason why they want to do it.

Channon: Okay, we have a caller. We have Elizabeth from Michigan. Elizabeth, what do you have for us?

Elizabeth: Hi, there. Thanks for taking my call.

Will Johnson: Hey, thank you.

Elizabeth: Hello, just to talk a little bit more about what Roger was talking about. I'm in Michigan, and I would say our grocery stores have never 100% gotten back to normal. They got better, but again, recently, the last couple of weeks, I've seen limits on things like eggs, butter, and toilet paper, of course, spaghetti sauce, noodles, and that kind of stuff. I would say in this past year, year and a half.

I think being Americans and having Costco's, Wal-Marts, and up here, we have Myer. The stores are so huge that we're so used to seeing so much, but I remember shopping in 2020 and looking around, thinking, we still have this overabundance. There was so much food on the shelves. We've never run out.

Not saying we won't, but it's something for people to slow down and put into perspective. You know that we do have this overabundance, and not to panic, yet even though I would still agree with you too, as to prepare as much as possible. Whatever that means for us individually or as families.

Channon: I think you're fortunate if you see an abundance of food on the shelves because here in Texas, I went to the store yesterday, there was no abundance of food on the shelves. I mean, there are visible empty spots.

Will Johnson: It's eerie.

Elizabeth: I will say that has happened here because a couple of my friends on Facebook have posted pictures that some shelves are kind of wiped out. You know, cereal, yogurt or something like that. Absolutely. It was just in the last couple of days a few days ago that wasn't the case. I didn't feel like it was played out, but ...

Will Johnson: Yeah. Let me say this, too, because you know what? You're absolutely right when it comes to; we're accustomed to seeing stores full of products.

Channon: Yeah, we are.

Will Johnson: We are accustomed because, in the United States of America, we have that privilege of being able to get up at 11:30 in the middle of the night and go to the grocery store and buy something because we know it was going to be on the shelf.

That has been the case, and to me, the way I see it, because of the whole build back better, they're literally turning the United States of America into another Venezuela. It's happening right before our eyes. A lot of people do not see it, and they're slowly doing it.

Channon: Imagine if it's happening here in America like it is. What's happening to Third World countries that have had limited amounts already?

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely.

Elizabeth: And this is a worldwide thing. I know Will, has talked about that in his nightly show. This is a worldwide thing. It's not just America.

Channon: Let me ask you, are you doing anything to prepare if the shelves do become even more empty because they are pretty much telling us they will, and they are.

Elizabeth: I know some people are looking ahead to Christmas.

Will Johnson: Let me just say this: there have been reports the rest of this year we're going to see this crisis, and then all of 2022. They said it probably won't get back to normal until 23. So, go ahead. Sorry to interrupt. Go ahead.

Elizabeth: Oh no, you're fine. So, last year, because there was so much talk, I tried to prepare just by getting little things like flashlights, batteries, and stuff like that. I don't know what else. I've kind of talked to my husband the other day, like, what should we be doing?

I kind of feel for me personally. I need to pray about it and what God would have me prepared for; now, I feel at peace. You know, maybe it's not 100% realistic, but I don't know, naïve about it.

I feel it, but I still feel at peace like, you know, trusting the Lord. He's going to provide whatever I need. So, what is it that we should spend our money on to prepare?

Channon: Yeah, I think 100%, we should have peace knowing that God's going to take care of his people. I do believe that 100%, too, but I also believe that God doesn't call us to stand there, and he's just going to automatically give to us. He's not going to say, there you go, you have toilet paper. You didn't have it before. Do you know what I mean?

Will Johnson: That would be nice, though, if I could. I'm a Star Trek guy. I watch Star Trek. They walk up to the wall and push the button. Whatever it is, they want a roll of toilet paper. If I could push a button, and it would just show up. Hey, look at this.

Channon: Yesterday we had a conversation because we were like, what do we think? Because next year there's going to be things that are not going to be available, period. They aren't going to have the parts to make it. I mean, we've already dealt with that on Amazon. We tried to order a couple of things, and they are like, we don't have the parts to make this.

They just cancel the order. So, it's like, what do we think in the next six months we might need that we're not going to be able to get for another year or so? Like, what would we need? In reality, you're right. God's going to take care of us. So, most of our needs are met. You know, as long as we can have food going or something like that, but in order to keep doing what we're doing, stuff always breaks down or whatever.

We're like, is there anything we need to anticipate? That's the conversation I think everybody should have, especially if you have a medical need. Like sleep apnea, you have to have a respirator or something like that. I think you need to be preparing now because that's going to affect you.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. Yes, absolutely.

Channon: Yeah, anyway, thanks, Elizabeth, great call.

Elizabeth: Can I ask you real quick about the mandates. When you guys talked earlier about people leaving their jobs, what is your take on that? As far as I know, it's easier said than done. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so this doesn't affect me.

Even with the type of work my husband is doing it's not affecting us because of the size of the business, but why do you think people aren't holding out, and maybe just to get fired. Like, say, well, I'm not going to leave. I'm not going to follow that mandate, but why don't they hold out. Easier said than done, and just wait till they get fired?

Will Johnson: You know, that's a really good question because they possibly could withdraw from unemployment.

Channon: You can't.

Elizabeth: That's what I was thinking.

Will Johnson: I think what's happening, to my understanding, because I talked to someone who lives in Portland. If they fire you because you don't go with company policy at that point, your being ...

Channon: Well, basically, what it comes down to is Biden has handed OSHA the ability to handle the vaccine mandate. If you are not in compliance at any job with OSHA rules, you can be terminated, and you do not get unemployment, period.

Will Johnson: And that's what it's coming down to.

Channon: So, to me, I think they are holding onto their jobs as long as they can, so they can get paid for as long as they can.

Will Johnson: At least that's the way it's coming across for us, so I'm hoping more information about that will come out.

Elizabeth: That makes sense.

Will Johnson: So, hey, thank you so much for the call.

Elizabeth: Yeah, thanks for talking. Bye guys.

Will Johnson: All right. Take care.

Channon: All right.

Will Johnson: So, can I go to this story here?

Channon: No, I just have one more thing.

Will Johnson: You got one more thing?

Channon: I'm sorry.

Will Johnson: Let me know when I can go to this other story because this is a good one, too.

Channon: Okay, just one more thing about the economy is that Biden has come out, and just like he asked Wal-Mart and them to try to fix the bottleneck. He is now urging oil and gas companies to bring down the rising cost of fuel.

Will Johnson: This is after he shut down the pipeline. I mean, come on now. Then isn't it convenient that the pipeline on the East Coast gets hacked? Seriously, what kind of security measures do they have there? Then he went to, was it OPEC? He went to OPEC, asking them to drill more. They went back to him and said no.

Channon: So, the Daily Wire did an article on this, and they said they reached out to the oil companies, and the oil companies did everything they could not to trash Biden, but Ann Bradbury, who is the CEO at the American Exploration and Product Council, told Reuters, by pursuing policy, she's talking about Joe Biden that restricted supply makes it harder to produce oil and natural gas here in America. Americans are going to have to pay more for their energy.

So, she's basically saying, you know what, Joe Biden you're the one that caused this problem. We didn't have to be in this position. You should be the one that has to fix it.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness, So, at the end of the day, you and I, everyone that is listening we are the ones that are going to get the bad end of this deal. We're the ones that are screwed in all of this. We're the ones that are getting the beat down. We're the ones that are going to foot the bill. We were the number one exporter of natural gas, people.

We were energy-independent, people and the whole build back better is to tear it all down. So, that way, we have to depend on the rest of the world. They've destroyed the U.S. economy, and the Dems, the Socialists, Communists, are all about it. They're all jumping in. Yes, yes, destroy, destroy.

Channon: Yeah. She was saying that when they had the pipeline here, it was taking about six months to drill to Complete a new well and bring the oil. Biden ruined that. He shut it down. He is responsible, yet again, for another failing part of our economy.

Will Johnson: Then he won't take any questions on it.

Channon: I know, right.

Will Johnson: Then he turns his back.

Channon: And then he turns his back on the American people.

Will Johnson: He's basically saying, screw you. Well, you know what, Brandon?

Channon: Let's go, Brandon. (laughing)

Will Johnson: Let's go, Brandon. (laughing)

Will Johnson and Channon: (Chanting) Let's go, Brandon. (laughing)

Channon: Okay. We have another call, Will. We have Randy from Tennessee. Randy, you're on the line with Will.

Will Johnson: Hey, Randy.

Randy: Hey, Will, I've been following you for a while. I hope this comes back up on your website so that I can share it widely. Biden is not in control. The deep state and the CCP are in control. He is just a frontman. As far as the last caller goes, I would suggest you get kerosene heaters.

Stock up on kerosene fuel, get a generator, stock up on fuel, get a transfer pump, keep your cars full of fuel because the electricity is going to go out this year when it is the coldest possible. They will shut it down again this year like they did last year. This is all about the soul. It's all about a communist takeover. Biden is just the frontman.

Will Johnson: I would agree. China has been holding the strings over Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Demon-crats on the Hill, and they've been holding the strings of Biden. They go and tell Biden what he should say, what he can't say, and how long he should be out there.

We are in a world of hurt right now, and most people, you get it, but there's a lot of people. I mean, a lot of people out there that don't even see what's happening. They're just going day to day, la, la, la, la not even realize realizing how bad this really is.

Randy: Correct, Biden's been selling out America for over a decade. This has been going on for a long time, and it is at ahead. This pimple is about to pop.

Will Johnson: I agree.

Randy: That last caller, if you are still listening. Get a kerosene heater, and stock up on kerosene. Get a generator, stock up on your food, and stock up on water. The time is to do it now.

Channon: Great advice, Randy. Thank you for the call.

Will Johnson: Yeah, thank you so much for the call. Take care.

Randy: They're going to put the screws to us when it's as cold as it can be this winter. They're going to stick the screws to us.

Will Johnson: Yes, they are. Hey, thank you so much for the call.

Channon: Yeah. Thanks, Randy. All right, next.

Will Johnson: We have another caller?

Channon: Yeah, we have Robert from Delaware.

Will Johnson: Robert from Delaware. Hey, Robert. Thank you so much for the call.

Robert: Hey. Oh my God, I'm on, I'm on live. Hey, how are you doing, Will, and how are you doing, Will's helper, well, I can't remember your name?

Channon: Channon.

Robert: I apologize.

Channon: She's more than a helper. She's the producer. She runs everything. Trust me.

Robert: There you go.

Will Johnson: I'm the helper.

Robert: All right, well, a woman in charge then. My bad. The first thing I want to say is, Will, I love your show. I love you guys, this show, both of you. I love what you're doing, helping America. You look real fly with that hat, too. FYI that's temping, not tripping. I like it.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Robert: I just want to say that Biden is not from Delaware. Everybody is like, oh, he's from Delaware, no, no, please don't mistake him for a Delaware boy, cause I'm from the first state. I love it here.

I don't want to be associated with where that guy is at—making our state look like rubbish. Anyway, I want to let everyone know, too, that's listening, please. Midterms are coming up. I am a registered Democrat. I've only voted a few times. I voted for Barack, the first term. The second term, I didn't like what he was doing, so I did not vote for him again.

I didn't vote at all. I was like, whatever. Then I voted for Donald Trump the last two times, but midterms are coming up, and the only way that we can make any of these changes, if these Democrats don't do some crazy nonsense and make some kind of super mail-in vote, blah blah blah. Mask-up, I don't even know what they're going to come up with next, but everyone, go out there and vote.

Will Johnson: I think you're on it because I see something else happening. There's going to be another false flag come along to where they're going to force all of us to have to do something, and they say, oh, we can't go to vote. We can't vote. You have to mail them in, and you know, we have to mail them in. They are going to do the same thing they did in commie-fornia. We are in a world of hurt in this nation.

Channon: But you know what, Robert, you are onto something because there was a long-time held seat in Iowa that was held by a Democrat, and a Republican just won it. So, let me tell you, it is very important. Even midterm elections, if not even more because the Democrats think they can keep all these seats, and this is how they took of America. They took it one seat at a time. The GOP needs to work at taking one seat at a time as well.

Robert: My stepdad, my stepfather, a holler out to him, but he has always told me oh, come on, let's go vote midterm. I said I'm not voting for that midterm. I just will vote for the president, and he was like, these one's matter. These matter, and now I see it—this matters.

Channon: Now you know.

Robert: Yes, everyone, go out and do your midterm voting. Look into who you're voting for, know what you're voting for, and know what it is because it's our nation. I'm married to a teacher. What they're doing to these students, and what they're doing to America, the American nation, the American people, they're causing havoc.

They got everybody fighting whites, blacks, Spanish, everyone at each other's necks. All because they love all the problems. They're making money off it. They don't care, and it's just crazy.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you, hold on.

Robert: Yes, sir.

Will Johnson: So, you're married to a teacher?

Robert: I'm married to a teacher, yes, sir.

Will Johnson: Do you have kids?

Robert: No, sir. When we get a house, we plan on doing that. That's the next step.

Will Johnson: Okay. Do you have any nieces or anything?

Robert: I have a lot of nieces. My niece is like my kid. I've raised her pretty much.

Will Johnson: So, the reason the only reason I'm bringing it up is that you want to have kids, and you have kids today. You're going to want to protect your children, right?

Robert: Yes, sir.

Will Johnson: And it's crazy. Now you want to protect your children. So, they're trying to label us as domestic terrorists because we want to protect our children. That's crazy.

Channon: Let me ask you. How does your wife feel about her parents being labeled as domestic terrorists?

Robert: Oh my gosh. She is in a world of a mess because she loves children. She wants to help so bad. She's the teacher that goes above and beyond to get all the things these kids need. These kids don't have anything. She's actually from Salisbury, Maryland, and no one knows Salisbury like that, but they call it little Baltimore.

There are 60 something % of people here in poverty. There's a bunch of kids that get picked up at a bus stop because they don't even have a house, and she's trying to help all these children, help all these kids.

The administration has honestly trashed her, putting in all these new people, and it's causing so much mayhem. These kids are like they want to go home. They're like, oh, okay, we go home after doing this? They want to get it so that they can go home. They don't care.

Will Johnson: Yeah.  Can I ask you, is your wife a registered Democrat as well?

Robert: She has actually never voted.

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: She needs to get on it. See, we need people to register.

Robert: I know, I know. I know.

Channon: She is a teacher!

Will Johnson: You know what? This could be a wake-up call to a lot of people because people didn't think they needed to vote in the past. I'm willing to bet we're going to end up getting more people to vote in this midterm election than any other midterm election in history.

Robert: We need that. We need that so much.

Will Johnson: Oh, yes, we absolutely need that. We absolutely need that because even if you are on the left, and you're on the right, cause there's a lot of people are starting to realize, hey, we want our freedoms regardless of what party is.

Robert: That was me. I don't care what the title is. I want America.

Channon: Your wife is probably mad that you just told everybody she is not a registered voter.

Robert: She says that she doesn't get into politics because of her job. Blah blah blah. I understand it is a politics-free place.

Will Johnson: The problem is politics are coming to her job.

Robert: Fact!

Will Johnson: If she's not going to it, it is coming to her.

Robert: Fact. I know, I tried telling her. Thank you so much. Bless and keep spreading the knowledge, please.

Channon: All right, thank you, Robert.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Robert: Go vote, everybody.

Channon: Yes, absolutely. Ok, we got Rob from Colorado.

Will Johnson: Rob from Colorado. What's going on, Rob?

Rob: What's up, big Will? How are y'all doing? How's everybody doing?

Will Johnson: All right.

Rob: I've been an independent voter my whole life. I'm 49-years-old, got three kids, a grandbaby, and I own a vape shop.

Channon: Amen.

Rob: That's right, I own an e-cigarette store. The new crack dealers of 2021 for the left. Anyway, we need to sit here and analyze every corner of the world and what the left is doing. The reason why I'm saying this is, look at what they're doing right now, the FDA with these e-cigarettes, okay, four ingredients.

Now, if you don't smoke and don't vape. Don't smoke and don't vape, first and foremost. These are products for people who smoke cigarettes. The only true 100% minority in this country, right or wrong.


Will Johnson: You're pretty much on. Everyone that I know does e-cigarettes, they were heavy smokers, and now they just do e-cigarettes.

Rob: Not all of them.

Will Johnson: I mean, I talk about the ones that I know. I'm not including everybody.

Rob: They are big bad to the good apples.

Channon: They are people who are starting every day.

Rob: Just like every corner, look, I smoked for 30 years. I started at 11 in a little town called Rosenburg Richmond, Texas, Southwest of Houston. I grew up predominantly poor. Oh yeah, I got blue eyes, blond hair, and all that, but I was a minority growing up, 3% white. I'm Generation X.

Now, my generation is the ones that had skinheads that look like those F-skinheads; excuse my language, those F-up skinheads. We would go out and hunt those types of skinheads. We didn't have the tattoos. When you saw a punk rocker back in the '80s, and he didn't have neo-Nazi tattoos and stuff like that those were not the bad skinheads. That's how we differentiated from one another. That's in the south where I grew up.

Will Johnson: I remember when I was in high school, I would see a lot of punk rockers. When I was in high school, I remember a lot of punk rockers would go to a certain section on the school grounds and smoke cigarettes. I remember that.

Rob: Yes, sir.

Will Johnson: I remember that, and they changed all of that.

Rob: They were the rebellious kids.

Will Johnson: Even the teachers knew it, everyone knew it, and they allowed it.

Rob: I had Filipino friends, African-American friends, and Mexicans. Do you know what I mean? I had all these friends. We all had one thing in common. We all loved punk rock, Metallica, and old-school stuff, okay. What is wrong with today's society is complete 100% division.

Will Johnson: Yes, 100%.

Rob: We can never go back to, hey, let's agree to disagree now, can we, Will.

Will Johnson: No, it's never going to go back to that.

Rob: I wish to God we could, and I pray to Jesus every day that we could, but yes, sir.

Will Johnson: As long as we have these politicians and we have the liberal lying media, it's never, ever going back, and you're 100% correct. It's not going to because they want this division.

Rob: Oh, yeah. Well, that's how they make more money. We say the Republicans are all about money, right? No, it's those democratic nonprofits that only use 7% of their actual nonprofit that they use when they're making three to $400,000 salaries. I'm sorry, but where I grew up, that's rich. Now, the taxation plan. He plans to tax the crap out of the e-cigarettes, whatever's left from FDA, which they have denied everyone except for the big tobacco company.

Which is what created the whole kid epidemic so they're going to be alive. Well, all these small mom-and-pop ex-smokers who know the techniques on how to lower your nicotine levels to wean you down, but you still got that hand-to-mouth fixation. Let me tell you something.

The biggest thing that I see with my eyes is the e-cigarette issue, but it ties in exactly like Afghanistan deal. Just like everything else. Democracy is not a democracy. Yes, we need democracy. It's the common issue that is what we seek.

Will Johnson: It is. Let me ask you a question.

Channon: I have to ask a question, too.

Will Johnson: So, you say you have an e-cigarette shop. Correct?

Rob: Right now. I had three. Now I'm down to one.

Will Johnson: Okay, so you have these shops. Just out of curiosity. Have you seen a shortage of supplies for your business?

Rob: Oh, yes, sure. Oh yes. We've seen the shortage of supply ever since Evolve. Do you remember when the lungs were collapsing? They were blaming and look, I don't like Big Tobacco, and supporting them, but they kept blaming who?

Juul, big tobacco, right? So, everybody thinks vapes are just as bad as cigarettes, and they don't even want to take the time, which most of us don't. We're Americans. What do you expect? We don't really work compared to other countries. It's embarrassing.

Will Johnson: Channon has a question for you.

Channon: Let me ask you, Robert.

Rob: Hold on. They have been studying e-cigarettes for over 16 years, longer than Zantac that is FDA approved, okay. It is corruption, and it is all about the dollar. It's called the master settlement agreement of 1998. That is when Camel, Joe Camel went bye-bye, and Marlboro Myles went bye-bye. All advertisements for cigarettes went bye-bye.

Forty-seven states sued big tobacco, right. Those are the three states. I applaud you for not getting involved in that because, hey, if you're adult enough to make the right decision in your life, you know the consequences. You do it on your own. That's called being a truly free American in my eyes.

Will Johnson: Let's end this here because Channon has a question for you.

Rob: I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Channon: So, the tax that you are talking about impacts more of the smaller shops than it does big tobacco. Is that what I'm understanding?

Rob: Yes, 80% of smokers make less than 50,000 a year. So, what it's going to do is twenty dollars a bottle extra on top of the juice and only two dollars for cigarettes, but that's still going to be taxing the poor.

Channon: Here's the thing, just like Joe Biden, and they said they're going after the big people, yet they want to know about $600 in taxes. They say they're going after the big people, but they're going after the small mom-and-pop e-cigarette shops instead of big tobacco. This is a perfect example of how the left lies.

Rob: His lies are worse than Bill Clinton's lie about getting his wee-wee, wa-wa, when he got impeached.

Channon: (laughing) Wow.

Will Johnson: The word is ... (laughing)

Channon: All right, thanks, Rob. Great call. Thanks for the information.

Rob: Sorry about that, guys. I'll be calling back.

Will Johnson: No, you're good. Absolutely, call back. Take care. You know, it's amazing. There are so many people across the country seeing this stupidity, and it's like everyone is screaming. Just listen, can you hear it?

Everybody is screaming, wake up, wake up. It's literally like being in the matrix. Some people see it because some people recognize what's happening. They call it the red pill because once you swallow that red pill. Once you get red-pilled, you cannot unsee the truth any longer. It just keeps presenting itself to you more and more.

Channon: It's crazy. Will, let's end the show with the next thing. Maybe the next thing you want to talk about has to do with Joe Rogan. Oh, wait. What are we going to talk about first?

Will Johnson: We have two that we want to go through, but we're not going to have enough time to get to both of them. I think a lot of people are aware of the Joe Rogan thing because of The View, so I would rather talk about this next story because this next story goes along with the teacher.

Maybe we should have played this while we had the gentleman on that has the wife as a teacher, and hopefully, he's still listening. So, let's go on to this one here. I will go over the Joe Rogan one tonight on my nightly broadcast at 9 p.m. This one is about a school. Let me let you put the concept out there.

Channon: Okay. So, today on The Daily Caller, I saw an article that says, "Dana Let Loose, Torches School Board." She says that the school board in the Loudon School District, what happened is, to set it up quick. They have trans-neutral bathrooms right now.

Will Johnson: Trans-neutral. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Right. So, trans people can go into the girls' bathroom. There was a young man that was taking advantage of this. He was wearing skirts and going into the girls' bathroom. He ended up raping a young girl. The school district tried to hide it.

They tried to make it go away without reporting it. The only reason why the story got out is because the parents brought it out. This young man was then transferred to a different school, and he raped another girl.

So, they went to a school board meeting where the school board was supposed to vote on whether to continue transgender bathrooms, and the father of the raped girl was not invited. He was banned.

Will Johnson: He was denied from showing up to this event.

Channon: But he showed up anyway, and then it broke out, but here's the story. She's going to talk about it.

Jesse Watters - Host of Watters' World: So, it looks like, according to this Daily Wire report, which did a very good job here, Dana, was that a boy put a skirt on and exploited the Loudon County School District's transgender locker room bathroom policy.

Allegedly sexually assaulted viciously this ninth-grade girl, and the father was outraged by this. And they made him, I guess, the face of these parents who are so-called domestic terrorists because he tried to confront the school superintendent about this, a guy named Ziegler. Ziegler, the school superintendent, lied and said nothing happened. Take it from there.

Dana Perino - Political Commentator: Jessie, this story is one of the most outrageous things I've ever heard happening with a school district like this. Scott Smith and his family have been put through living hell by the Loudoun County School Board.

They've been put through living hell by their surrogates, the Chardonnay Antifa, because not only Jessie, not only was this freshman, this freshman girl was also raped in the bathroom. I mean, you have multiple counts of forcible sodomy.

Not only did this happen, but the school was going to handle it internally, but the family ended up pressing charges. The school surreptitiously transferred this male, identifies as a male, says well, identifies as gender-fluid as a male.

They surreptitiously transferred him to a different school, where he also sexually assaulted another girl. That also took place because Loudoun County School Board would rather sacrifice girls and their innocence at the altar of political correctness, and they would rather accommodate progressive male desires than actually protect the innocence of our women.

I'm going to tell you what. If parents don't take to the streets with torches and pitchforks women sure as hell will because this is an attack on our girls. It's an attack on our kids. Do you want to know who the real domestic terrorists are?

It's these school boards, and it's people like Merrick Garland terrorizing the parents of Jessie and actually saying that they're domestic terrorists because they're trying to protect their kids who had been raped. Also, Jessie, just to add, you had mentioned this school board superintendent who had said he lied about this.

He had said that there were zero attacks in the school bathrooms that had taken place, and this father was barred from going to the school board meeting where they were holding the vote on the transgender bathroom policy, and he ended up being arrested. It gets even crazier.

People should look into the Loudoun County prosecutor, who was a part of that Facebook group that was looking to dox half the parents that were criticizing the school board. It is a mess. Luke Rosiak did a phenomenal job at Daily Ledger. He's one of the brightest.

Jesse Watters - Host of Watters' World: Yeah, we're still trying to nail down that second violation of a female committed by this guy who wears skirts, and I can't even imagine being a ...

Will Johnson: I can't even imagine being a father seeing that and knowing that I'm going to the school board meeting. Then they wanted to remove me, not allow me to have my voice, have my opinion about this. Of course, you don't need these men. Oh-wee, it infuriates me.

Channon: It's infuriating, and the Nationwide School Board Association wanted to use the picture of this father.

Will Johnson: Use this video of the father fighting with the police officer because he wants to protect his child. His daughter was raped, people.

Channon: Right. They use that as saying domestic terrorism without giving any ...

Will Johnson: Content to behind a video about what is taking place.

Channon: It's absolutely disgusting what they are doing.

Will Johnson: This is the domestic terrorism that is happening here in the United States. This is why we need to label the parents' domestic terrors because they want to be there to protect their daughters from being raped by these grown men, by men, period, putting on the dress. It's disgusting at every level.

Channon: It is disgusting.

Will Johnson: I'm was saying while it was playing this is nothing but from the pits of hell. It's nothing but Satan convincing these people to fight him because he wants to protect his child. Those police officers should not be fighting him. They should be with him and arresting those board members for allowing this crap to happen.

For them to have the idea that they have to vote in order to safely have a man going into a girl's restroom. No, you need to be out. You need to be arrested. You know what? Before the beta male Obama went into the office, if people did anything like this, they would have been arrested immediately, but now, because someone wants to be a trans, they're going to give that person a pass.

Is it a mental illness? Is that the reason why they're not doing it? What is wrong with those people?

Channon: Yeah, I think the police went after the wrong people.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: Here we have the school board that allowed this young man to go to another school and then commit another rape on another girl and another family. Then they have the audacity to say that this man has no right to have a say in transgender's bathrooms in the high school?

He wanted to protect other families from suffering the same thing. Now, two families suffered because of the negligence of the school district. It's absolutely disgusting.

Will Johnson: What happened to the male that raped these two girls? Did they just move him to another school? It reminds me of what they've done in the Catholic Church. How the priest was raping these little boys, and they were moving them from church to church, church to church.

I mean, that's just the reality of it. For them to do this, and then the school district trying to cover it up. Oh, no, no, no. They covered up a crime. They need to go to jail. They literally covered up a crime. They need to go to jail.

Channon: Well, they tried to keep it under wraps.

Will Johnson: That's what they were doing. They need to go to jail. This infuriates me to no end.

Channon: Yeah. Unfortunately, the story did not say what happened to the young man, but that's a very good question. You know, a lot of these liberal judges and these liberal elites protect these types of people, saying, oh, you know, freedom of expression. (laughing) I don't even get it anymore. I don't get it. It's completely frustrating.

Will Johnson: It's nothing but demonic demons. A lot of people don't recognize it as such. We are living in a world where evil is considered good, and good is considered evil. This is the world we live in, and it's getting worse, worse day by day. It's not going to stop. It's not going to slow down.

This stupidity that we're seeing is going to intensify, and they're going to do this until they get every single person. Not just the United States of America, but every single person on the planet, to comply with this demonic stuff that they're doing. Never before in the history of this planet have we been in this situation where we are completely stuck upside down.

Of course, we've had stuff in the past, but it's never been to this extent. It's never been when we have earthquakes on the planet, volcanoes happen, famine, pestilence, wars, and rumors of wars. It's never been happening with all of this stuff at the same time. People, you've got to get right. You got to prepare.

This stuff is going down right now, and the world is not going to be a safe place for those of us who love freedom, who love God. It's not going to be.

Channon: We're called to take action. I mean, if we see evil in the world, we should address it. That's what these parents are doing, and they have every right to do it. It's very frustrating that the Democrats who call themselves for democracy want to hinder democracy happening in America.

They actually went to hinder people's voices unless it goes along with their agenda. That is not how democracy works. That's how tyranny works. It's the very opposite.

Will Johnson: That's exactly what we're seeing. Oh, my goodness, people, you've got to get right. You've got to get ready. It's coming, and actually, it's not coming; it's here. When they go to the extreme of literally calling a parent a domestic terrorist because he or she wants to protect their child, you've got to know that something is sinister.

Something is completely out of the ordinary. Something should be sparking you, making you ask the question; what is going on? That is something should be doing that right now, and I'm with the young lady that was on there saying, if the parents aren't doing it, then women need to be out there marching with a pitchfork.

You know, if it were something with the left, they'd be out there right now. There'd be stuff burning up. They'd be burning up stuff. They put out a story of a black thug criminal getting killed by a white cop. They get black people out there burning the city down. They get Antifa right along with them.

Channon: Or falsely accusing border people, whipping people that never even happened.

Will Johnson: Yeah, Border Patrol on horseback because of the optics, the way it looks. But here we have a case where innocent girls are brutally raped. The liberal media says nothing. They label the parents' domestic terrorists because they want to protect their children.

Do you understand how terrible this is? Hey, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in. We will be back next Thursday. God willing. Be strong, everybody.

Channon: Yeah. Tune in to Will's show tonight at 9:00 p.m. Central.

Will Johnson: God bless everybody. Goodnight.


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