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Isis Is Not Dead Yet…Expect More Terror!

Graham: ISIS is a terrorist organization that actually staked out its territory Syria and Iraq. [...]

Isis Is Not Defeated and Will Rise Again!

Jermaine: Is ISIS defeated? I don't know. What do you think Barry? Barry: If you [...]

Iranian Sanctions
Iran Threatens New Nuclear Crisis

The disastrous Iran Nuclear deal, that alleviated many crippling sanctions of the Islamic Republic, still [...]

Canadian Cop & Civilians Attacked by ISIS Jihadi & PM…

Canadian City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Suffered an Islamic State Jihadi Attack. Similar to Other [...]

ISIS Image
ISIS Makes Call To Mass Murder At Hurricane Relief Centers!

Various U.S. law enforcement officials have been advised to step up alerts for “lone wolf [...]

ISIS Burns 19 Slave-Girls Alive for Refusing Sex…No Women’s March…

19 young girls Yazidi girls were burned alive in iron cages after the girls committed [...]