Tag : Palestinian Violence
Pence Exposes Iran’s Nuclear Program

Pence makes solemn promise, “the United States of America will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”

Israel, The Cradle of Fake News

The Voice of Israel, Danny Seaman explains the origins of ‘Fake News’, and the agenda driven anti-Israel media bias.

Palestinian Terrorist Rams Israeli Soldier

A “Palestinian” terrorist tried to murder two IDF soldiers by running them over. He was apprehended and questioned, unharmed.

Inside Scoop From The Voice of Israel

Barry Nussbaum talks with Danny Seaman, former director of Israel’s Government Press Office, about PMs and the origins of “fake [...]

Israeli Military Cooperation With Arab States

Barry Nussbaum discusses the the military cooperation between Israel and moderate Gulf Arab States with former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger.

Israel’s Geographic Imperative

Barry discusses the geographic imperative of Israeli security with Dr. martin Sherman. He will explain exactly why creating a Palestinian [...]

Dead Man Talking – David Ramati

David Ramati is a USMC Vietnam Veteran, served 25 years in the Israeli Army, retiring as a Captain and recently [...]

Barry Nussbaum on ILTV in Israel. Islamic Jihad Has Come…

Barry Makes his First Appearance on ILTV in Israel and Discusses how Islamic Jihad Is Not Just For Israel Anymore. [...]