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Will Johnson: The 1619 Project Creator Says, “Parents Should Have No Say In Kids Education!”



Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. We have a special friend of the ATP family with us today, but before we bring him on, I want to remind all of you. You still have homework to do if you haven’t done it already, which is to take out your cell phone, text the word TRUTH, T-R-U-TH, and send it to the number 88202, push send.

You’ll be instantly subscribed to our text message alert system, so you’ll get this and all of our ATP content right in the palm of your hand, on your cell phone. Absolutely free. Okay, did you do it? Excellent. Thank you very much.

Our special guest today is Will Johnson. Will is internationally known as a political advisor to certain candidates. He is very opinionated, and we like his opinions. He is the editor, publisher, and founder of Unite America First, and we are so happy to have him back with us today. Welcome back, Will.

Will Johnson: Glad to be here, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: I’ve got so much to ask you today. A lot of it comes from your tremendous platform, Unite America First. So, let’s start with, well, nothing says compassion more than letting killers out of jail with little or no bail. In Houston, Harris County, 113 accused murderers are currently out on bail. Very low bail or no bail.

The local reporter, a guy named Greg Groogan, said, “We’re talking about capital murder. The most egregious offense in the criminal code. A conviction for which carries either life imprisonment or the death penalty.” He went on to say that “50,000 accused felons have benefited from the catch and release philosophy of the new criminal justice system in America.” Will, is this as crazy to you as it is to me?

Will Johnson: 100% Barry. You know, this is the motto of the left, and I’ve been saying this a lot in my nightly broadcast that I do. The left wants crisis. Now, what is one of the best ways to get crises to happen? Release criminals into the community. What do you think they’re going to do? Become an upstanding citizen all of a sudden? They’re going to do the right thing all of a sudden.

They basically committed a crime and did no time for it, and they released them back out? So, everyone here in Texas or the Houston area has to be highly concerned about their safety, let alone illegals already coming across the state lines. Now you have criminals wreaking havoc and doing whatever they want, Barry. It’s ridiculous.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, I get it. It’s shocking to me that this is somehow appropriate when you’ve got the worst crime you could commit in America, which is murder, and they let the murderers out. So, I assume the rest of the people are… It’s a revolving door.

Will Johnson: I hate to bring it down like this, but I have to. It makes me think about when I was a kid, and I used to watch this series called Batman and Robin. For some reason, all of the criminals that would get caught would be right back out on the street again, and they’re catching them. Are we living in la-la land? What is going on?

The criminals wreaked havoc, and sometimes they have even said that arresting these criminals, especially if they’re people of color, is racist not to allow them to get out. It’s stupidity at the highest level.

Barry Nussbaum: I get it. You know, speaking of stupidity, here’s the classic in American history in the last five years. Many people, and I am sure you are familiar with Nikole Hannah-Jones. She created the highly controversial and massively criticized 1619 project.

She is now saying in a number of interviews that parents should have no say in what their children are taught in school. I get it because she made up history with her 1619 project, reimagined how America was founded and didn’t want people checking on it.

Certainly not the parents of the children who should have no say in their own kids’ education. So, this is not a historian. She’s a journalist and a provocateur. She claims that the United States began when the slave ships started arriving.

She said the American Revolution was simply caused by the United States wanting to keep slavery, which is astoundingly not true because slavery wasn’t abolished in England until the 19th century.

So, everybody agrees this lady is completely bonkers, but she’s doing a speaking tour now where she says parents should not have the right to decide what their children are taught in schools. I have kids, and I sure want to know what they are taught. Wouldn’t you?

Will Johnson: I completely agree, Barry. It’s the same thing that they’re doing with CRT. They want everyone to believe that CRT is only being taught at the college level, but then you have parents showing up to these school board meetings screaming about the curriculum that has CRT all through it.

They’ve even gone as far as saying that CRT is not even real. Let me back up a little bit. For her to sit there and say that the only reason the United States became a nation was so that they could continue slavery is completely a total lie. If you want to say slavery in America has always been, and always will be, credited to the Democrats, which they seem to leave out every time they make their talking points.

It’s amazing to me how they seem to overlook that. If you want to talk about actual history, she wants to talk about history. Then get to the root of it and the fact that the white people she’s referring to were Democrats, and the same Democrat Jim Crow policies exist today.

They just figure out how to do it differently. Take it from me. I mean, I’m a black male, but I can’t even vote according to them. I have problems voting, and Barry, I’m a little older now, and every single time I voted, when the time came to vote, I didn’t have any issues. It was extremely easy for me.

Barry Nussbaum: Wait a minute, let me interrupt. You mean you know how to use the internet, but black people can’t use the internet. You must be an exception.

Will Johnson: I must be because I can also find the DMV and use the internet to find it. (laughing) It’s amazing, but she’s going on this book tour to push out false information, fake information, and it’s the winners who get the right to history. That’s what we see here because of what they did in the 2020 election; they are in a position where they feel that we’re the winners, we get the right to history, and if it’s not the history that we want.

We’ll just change it and tell you as the parent. If you don’t go along with it, as a parent, we’re going to label you a domestic terrorist because you’re not going along with the new lie that we’re telling. That’s ridiculous.

Barry Nussbaum: That would be me.

Will Johnson: Me too.

Barry Nussbaum: So, I understand you’re pretty fired up about what’s going on in New York. Is it true that you can’t go into a restaurant without showing your vax papers? I read this morning that the NYPD burst into a Burger King. You know, the hamburger joint where they arrested a bunch of people for the crime against humanity of not showing their vaccine cards before they got hamburgers.

Now, just to be clear, no vax card in New York, you go to jail, but you break into a store on 6th Avenue, and you push a shopping cart out with $10,000 worth of iPhones, that’s okay. We understand. But a vax card? Whoa. You belong in prison. What’s going on?

Will Johnson: It’s crazy, Barry, and I bring this up all the time, and I probably sound like a broken record to a few people. It constantly reminds me of Nazi Germany. Now you can’t even get basic needs for your body, food. We’re talking about food. You cannot get food unless you can produce papers.

I mean, seriously, are we repeating history? Why is this happening? I saw this happening because there’s video after video on the internet, especially on Twitter, because Twitter, for some reason, is letting that information flow freely right now, which is kind of mind-blowing to me.

But there’s video after video where they’re showing these people getting arrested for wanting to eat, Barry. For simply wanting to eat, and I’m thinking, what are the cops thinking? What are what’s going through their minds?

Because I refuse to believe that during the 1930s, 1940s a lot of these people that were arresting people and sending them off to camps had it in their minds and hearts that this was the right thing to do. A lot of them were doing this and said, well, this is my job. I have to do this, not really understanding the end result of it all. I think the same thing is happening right now with the NYPD.

Barry Nussbaum: You may be right. You may be absolutely right. Here’s a wild one for you. I was researching in the last couple of days, the flu. You remember the flu. We used to have it.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Will Johnson: Check this out. In the 2019 to 2020 flu season, a couple of years ago, there were 35 million flu cases in America, 16 million of which had to have medical treatment, 380,000 had to go to the hospital, and somewhere between 20 and 25,000 died from the flu. Now get this, from 25,000 deaths to the current year, it went from 25,000 to 600 or virtually statistically zero. So, it’s a 97% drop. I figured it out.

How is it possible, or is every death in America now, of any kind, a COVID death? You’re not allowed to put down the flu anymore because if you die of the flu, you know the flu that killed people every year because you had heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, a smoker, or you’re grossly overweight, you know, comorbidities. You can die of the flu. How is it possible that no one dies from the flu anymore? I mean, zero.

Will Johnson: You know, it’s all about the agenda. We know what it is. It’s all about the agenda. They’re pushing fear, and they’re pushing this fear because they want to control the masses. As long as people fear like, oh my goodness, we have to do what they’re telling us, or we’re going to die.

You heard Biden the other day where he said if you get the vaccine, you won’t die. The way I’m taking it, no one will ever die again if you get the vaccine. I mean, that’s the way he is pushing it. They’re like, oh, death will be gone. Just get this vaccine, and you will live.

On top of that is how he said that we want to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Meaning we want to protect the protected against the unprotected. If you’re protected, then what protection do you need? What more do you need?

Barry Nussbaum: Can I pile on and say in highly vaccinated places, for example, the State of Israel, where almost everybody is vaccinated, something like 80% of the cases of COVID is vaccinated. I know, gosh, probably half a dozen friends of mine that are vaccinated that have COVID. In other words, they’re protected, but they’re really not. The vaccine did nothing to give them immunity. Does that bother you as much as it bothers me?

Will Johnson: You know what? It should bother everybody, and the sad thing, the scary thing, is that people only want to hear and believe what makes them feel good. I saw a report on OAN, where they talked about over 900,000 people who have been affected by this vaccine and just a number of cases with different results. I’m thinking to myself. How many does it take?

For those on the left, you know, the Fauci’s of the world and the mainstream liberal media. They’re saying that it’s not enough to say that we have a problem, kind of similar to what they said in 2020 with the election. With all of the video footage and everything that’s coming out, they’re saying, well, that’s not enough to change the outcome of the election. So, let’s stop looking at it.

They don’t want to look at it because if they actually look at it, just like the deaths and all the horrible results of the vaccine. If they start looking at it, they will see that the numbers are even higher if they look at the election, if they started paying attention to all the fraudulent stuff that was taking place. They would realize it was higher. So, they automatically say, this is not enough results for us to look at any of it, so we’ll move on. It’s a tactic again for their agenda, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: Will, please tell our audience how they can stay in touch with you and see your wonderful content.

Will Johnson: If you go to, click on Connect with Will Everywhere.

Barry Nussbaum: Easy peasy, and I strongly advise our audience to stay in touch with Will Johnson. He brings a unique perspective, and the guy is super informed. We’re big fans of his, and remember, if you didn’t do it in the beginning. You got to do it now.

Text the word TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H, and send it to 88202. When you push send, you’ll be signed up to get all our stuff. Including the great Will Johnson right in the palm of your hand on your cell phone, and it’s absolutely free because we don’t charge for content. Thanks for joining us today on ATP Report. We sure appreciate you for ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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