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Jack Posobiec Exposes the Lies Behind Gitmo


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum, our special guest today from Washington, D.C. is Jack Posobiec. Jack is a One America News Network correspondent. He's a former Navy intelligence officer. He's been stationed all over the world, including China. Jack speaks fluent Mandarin, but this won't be in Mandarin. Let's do it in English. And most importantly, Jack was stationed at Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay, and we're going to talk about that today. Welcome, Jack.

Jack Posobiec: Barry, thanks so much for having me on. I appreciate your giving me this opportunity to be here. And yes, I promise to keep the Mandarin to a minimum.

Barry Nussbaum: It'll sound like dinner, but you could be saying anything, and I won't even know what you're doing. So let's do it in English. So let's talk about Gitmo to start with. When were you there and what did you do, and in what capacity?

Jack Posobiec: Sure. So the basic disclaimer that I always had to say is that I obviously can't get into the intimate details of what I did. I am under a lifetime NDA as someone who had that top-secret clearance. But I did serve there from twenty twelve to twenty thirteen. I served with what they would call an individual Augmentee status. That's when you're you're called up for service and then sent downrange. And in my case they, they said hey, they need somebody, and it was either Afghanistan or Guantanamo. And they pulled two guys out of my unit, and they said, you're going to Afghanistan, you're going to Guantanamo. So off I went, right? And I was basically stationed in their human intelligence Analysis Cell or what people, I think collectively would refer to as the interrogation cell, and I was there as an intelligence analyst.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that's a perfect segue way to my first important question, which is the people that have a little bit of knowledge of Guantanamo as a prison, a prison for our most highly important, high valued enemies of America, have this image in their mind from the media that it's the worldwide torture center. And if you remember, during the Obama years, President Obama made a very big deal that we must close Guantanamo. We must eliminate this horrible blight on America's reputation. So you were there. Are all the torture stories, of the waterboarding, and the vicious treatment of these Islamic terrorists accurate and, if not, correct the record.

Jack Posobiec: Yeah, it's actually completely inaccurate. I served there. I had basically full access to the facility where I worked and where I was able to maneuver. There was no mistreatment. There was no torture that I observed or, at any point, had any information of whatsoever. And certainly as an intel guy, you're asking around, and you're poking into things. That's sort of the nature of our business. As a matter of fact, the program that many people are referring to when they talk about quote-unquote, torture is the enhanced interrogation program. And enhanced interrogations were not conducted at Guantanamo Bay. That was a CIA operation that was conducted at black sites around the world, the salt pit, places in Afghanistan, a couple of other ones in third-party countries, Thailand, for example. And so when people conflate that with Guantanamo Bay, that's actually conflating it with a completely separate operation, whereas Guantanamo Bay is actually run by the Pentagon. And so our program was under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA. Interestingly enough, the director of the DIA, when I did my deployment through DIA, was three-star general, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, what a small world that is. Yeah, so I as you and I have talked about, I have a very close friend who was at Gitmo, a major in the Marine Corps, and she told me that the prisoners there actually lived better in terms of air conditioning, food, recreation, the ability to move around. I mean, obviously within the wire. Can you address that for a sec?

Jack Posobiec: Well, it certainly arguable because when you're there, of course, the U.S. doesn't have a status of forces agreement with Cuba for obvious political reasons. And so when you're stationed at Guantanamo Bay, you are confined to the, you know, essentially 30 square miles of the base. You're not allowed to leave. And there are not that many amenities on the base. Yes, we can go to the commissary, we can go to the DFAC to get some chow, but for the vast majority of the time, you're either at work, or you're spending time in you're living quarters, which in my case happened to be something called Cuzco barracks Cuzco barracks meant I got an eight by 10 foot corrugated aluminum, kind of like a shack with a bathroom in the middle that you shared with another guy who had eight by ten next to you. He's actually a good buddy of mine. I still talk to them, and we're still good friends. But in terms of the actual size, in terms of the actual living conditions and the food, interestingly enough, the food actually came from the same place. So even though they were given, of course, special religious considerations, in many cases, our food was actually prepared by the same team. So it wasn't like there was anything special that that was being done with our food and that their food was being mistreated in some way or, however, the media wants to put it. Though when I was there, I did get to witness, and I guess just to be on scene for a hunger strike that took place in early twenty thirteen because there was this big to-do because, of course, I was there when Barack Obama won reelection. That was during my deployment. And so there was a huge push among the population thinking that he was going to shut it down. Of course, he promised this, and he campaigned on this. And so the population of detainees was waiting for him to keep his word. And then, of course, and they had been waiting for four years thinking, "Oh, it's going to come, maybe in the second term. Maybe when he's re-elected, he'll do it on day one. So day one came, a day one left, and he didn't even mention it. And so they got pretty upset about that, and they moved for a hunger strike. Now, for some of them, the hunger strike meant it was more of a symbolic hunger strike rather than an actual one. They would say, I'm not going to eat. And they would tell you that you had to write it down or not myself. And then they would then go eat, right? So they would say, I'm on hunger strike, but I told you I'm not eating. So then that qualifies as me not eating, right? But for those who did go on hunger strike, we did put them on calorie counts. So people were tracking them. They were tracking their health on a regular basis. The joint medical group was making sure that everybody was kept on nutrition standards. And for those who did actually refuse to eat and this order came down from the White House that we were not allowed to let anyone starve themselves, essentially. And so the process that was used then for anyone who got below their daily caloric intake was a process known as e-feeding. So e-feeding essentially meant that a feeding tube was inserted, sort of a lubricated feeding tube was inserted in the nose. And then usually one of those Ensure protein shakes were used and that was that would go straight down. And of course, all the lawyers of the detainees screamed bloody murder. They claimed this was torture. This was horrible. But at the same time, this is actually a very common medical procedure. It's performed for people who are recovering from operations if they've been in accidents. This is done in hospitals across the country every day. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people who are when they're on the respirators, they're using something similar during the COVID outbreak that we've had.

Barry Nussbaum: I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report today and a special thank you to our guest, Jack Posobiec. Jack, can you tell our viewers where they can get a hold of you and find out what you're doing and what you're up to?

Jack Posobiec: The best place to get a hold of me as One America News. So OANN.com with two N's there. You can find us available on a variety of cable platforms or not that you can go to Twitter. It's @JackPosobiec.

Barry Nussbaum: Perfect. Appreciate you joining us today, and for those of you that haven't subscribed to our text message alert system, please take out your cell phone and text the word truth in the message box and send it to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribed. You'll get all the shows like this one on your cell phone for free. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.

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