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Anti-Semitism Explosion…Mr. Beat and Barry Explain Why!




Barry Nussbaum: Good evening and welcome to the Truth Report an American Truth Project. I’m Barry Nussbaum. We have an incredibly special guest today we have the Mr. Beat, Matt Beat directly from the heartland of America. We’re going to talk about his incredibly successful video on anti-Semitism that’s been seen well over three million times around the world in the year it’s been out. It is an extremely well-done analysis on what it is and how prevalent it is. and it could not be a more important topic today. Mr. Beat, thanks for joining us tonight.

Matt Beat: Thanks for having me. Very glad to talk to you tonight.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it’s our pleasure and our honor to have you with us. So, give us a little bit of a quick background on who Mr. beat is and how you came to create a video that millions have seen.

Matt Beat: Well I’m a teacher. I teach high school social studies and I’ve taught for 10 years. I also have a journalism background and started my YouTube channel way back in 2011. I made this video mostly after teaching world history for a while and just noticing I mean sure hate goes around to all kinds of different groups but why is it time and time again that this one group is consistently targeted. So that’s kind of always fascinated me but I finally decided just to do some research and turn it into a video. And so, this has been my most successful video. I think mostly because it’s kind of a click bait title. You know I could have worded it differently, but I wanted to get people watching it. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of people who are anti-Semitic who have watched the video. So, it has a lot of dislikes a lot of really horrific comments. Some people criticize me for leaving those comments up but honestly, it’s too much for me to sort through. Last I checked there was let’s see, eighty-eight thousand one hundred and sixty-nine comments. So, and also, it’s kind of nice to have all these horrific comments in one place so that you know if there’s ever any authorities that need to like kind of look up some IP addresses they know where to go.

Barry Nussbaum: You’re a troll farm for hate.

Matt Beat: I am, and it’s been I pretty much tune out the negative comments but there’s been some positive comments as well. I’ve got some good reception for it and I’m not Jewish. Like, it’s amazing how so many people just assume that I am because I’m you know defending a group of people whose. consistently targeted. So, I think those are the most interesting comments to like. They just they talk about my appearance. They talk about assumptions of you know where I’m from, stuff like that.

Barry Nussbaum: Well let’s jump into it. And like I said I’m a great admirer of your work. It’s a profoundly well-done video that I encourage all of our viewers that will be watching this around the world to go check it out really quick. Mr. Beat tell people where they can go watch what we’re talking about.

Matt Beat: Oh, my channel is called Mr. beat. Just a search on YouTube and you’ll find it. The URL is or if you just search my name and anti-Semitism, the video will pop up. Thank you for saying such nice things about my video by the way.

Barry Nussbaum: Well it is that well done, and quality and insight deserves to be recognized. So, let’s jump into it. Matt what is it if you were to take away a couple of answers to the following question, what would your educated response be? Why is America experiencing so much anti-Semitism? And then we’ll go to the rest of the world. So, what are your what are a couple of takeaways from that.

Matt Beat: Well I think there’s two takeaways that I’ve noticed about anti-Semitism today. The first being momentum. I mean it really started with the exiles of the Jewish people and their homeland and you know this is before the time of Jesus. This is hundreds of years before when they were consistently exiled time and time again. And then it carried over after Jesus with the earliest Christians. You know, them classifying people based on their religion and so when people think of this in a vacuum it’s ridiculous. I mean that’s why I try to go back with the history in my video as much as I could. But honestly, I didn’t go back far enough and that’s one thing I could have done better. However, the second part of anti-Semitism today I think is probably more relevant, and I think it usually revolves around Israel. It starts with Israel and whatever Israel is doing. People at first, they will criticize the Israeli government and you know it’s OK to criticize governments of course especially when they’re doing things that are hurting people. But then over time people become more radicalized and they start to target all Jewish people. So, it starts off like with legitimate criticism of a government and then it just morphs over time and then of course it’s not just Middle Eastern countries where you see this because with the Internet these days anybody can access this stuff anywhere. So, that’s why I think it’s spread so much.

Barry Nussbaum:  Let’s localize to the United States. Let’s start there because I think it’s a different cause although there may be some relation. What I see especially in the last say half dozen years is an explosion of intolerance by what is now called the progressive left within America. If you are different in any way, you’re probably the reason why that person is upset and there’s a long list of grievances especially on college campuses that people have. And in many cases, they have the reason why. With the election of Donald Trump several years ago Trump became the why for almost every problem in America whether it was anti-Semitism, in other words the president is anti-Semitic and encouraging that behavior, It was racist behavior because he was, it was anti Hispanic because he hates Latinos, it’s anti female because he’s misogynist, and so on. When in reality and in the factual interpretation you’ve never had a president United States with a Jewish daughter a Jewish son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren until Donald Trump. And not just Jewish but observant Orthodox Jews who literally work with him in the White House every day. In addition, you’ve never had a president that’s done more for the state of Israel than Trump. So, people that call him out as being anti-Semitic might as well be calling him you know a three-headed lizard. It has about as little semblance of fact to it. And yet anti-Semitism is exploding and at least among the progressive left. What are your thoughts on that?

Matt Beat: Well it’s interesting. I mean, in my video I have a little clip from Vice where they it’s the the the white nationalists that are anti-Semitic and which they’re not happy with President Trump because of you know family members who are Jewish but and almost like they’re in denial. But I think it’s interesting there are like you said there are elements of that on the left as well. And this is one area where the horseshoe theory I think is true where you have kind of extremes on both side them. extremes on both sides come together to share with their hate. On the left I’m not sure if I know too much about this because I haven’t researched this too much but from what I’ve seen a lot of it like what I said earlier, it’s rooted in anti-Zionism and then it kind of radicalizes from there. So, on the right I think it starts its probably related to ethnic. you know the the white nationalist kind of strain, I guess.

Barry Nussbaum: Well let’s talk about the progressive left for a minute. There is a profound anti-American sentiment. In other words, the American system of capitalism is bad. The American system of wealth creation is bad. The American foreign policy of protecting certain allies around the world is bad. The American immigration system that doesn’t open the borders to everybody is bad. And so, there is a complete what would you say, maybe a rejection of what has made this country what it is? And everything is different in the minds of the progressive left in order to save the country. And ironically and I’m sure you’ve seen this and maybe you teach in the classroom when you ask kids what you like about socialism other than they get more things they readily don’t know, and they can explain it. And the ones that would classify themselves as communists and point to communist successes around the world are so tragically misinformed by your fellow teachers Mr. Beat. It’s very discouraging that they’re not learning in the classroom what communism really is.

Matt Beat: Yeah, it’s funny you say that I actually have another video I made about the difference between Capitalism Socialism and Communism and that’s also been a pretty successful video. I think those terms get thrown around all the time and they have different meanings and so people don’t even know what they mean when they say socialism or communism. Like I think a lot of times we should just all realize that we’re against authoritarianism. Ultimately that’s what the Soviet Union was, it was just authoritarianism, it was totalitarianism, and I think hopefully most of us agree that’s a bad thing. We don’t want that kind of thing to happen again. And so, I also teach economics and so I don’t even use those terms very often because they’ve kind of lost meaning especially the word socialism. It’s either something that some people or embrace or other people say it’s the evilest thing ever. And so, I basically say hey we have a mixed economic system where sometimes the government steps in sometimes other times it doesn’t. And I think that’s actually more accurate.

Barry Nussbaum: And I agree and when you add the idea of why you aren’t successful and why you don’t have what you want. It’s quite easy to pick a minority that historically has been the reason why. In other words, Jews have been scapegoats as you said for three millennia. Since before the time of Jesus in in ancient Israel.

Matt Beat: If there was just one group of people that has been kind of consistently persecuted throughout world history what’s the first group that comes to mind to you.

Interviewee 1: The Jewish population.

Interviewee 2: The Jewish people.

Interviewee 3: The first group I probably think of with that would be the Jewish people.

Matt Beat: Almost every single one of my colleagues said the same thing. They said the same group was the one that first came to mind when they thought about groups that were targeted throughout world history.

Barry Nussbaum: Small group, easily identified, not assimilated, quite easy to pin all the world’s woes on it. And there’s something else I think we should add in regard to the new progressive movements within this country. It has sprung up largely and almost exclusively in the beginning on college campuses where hundreds and hundreds of millions if not billions of Middle Eastern oil money has been invested in departments who have created an educational system based on the fact that Zionism is bad, that Islam, is good. What has been largely if not completely whitewashed is that Islam, unlike Christianity that is largely reformed over the last thousand years as you and I know, Islam has the death penalty associated with anyone who wants to change the word of the prophet. So, if Muhammad says Find the Jew and kill him. The Jew is your enemy. Make him your slave. Take his women as your sex slaves. Kill the men or sell them as slaves. Anyone that doesn’t follow that and suggests a change. is an apostate and subject to the death penalty. So university after university with Islamic Studies departments that are teaching this are literally infesting the education of America’s youth who then become America’s young and then mature adults with the concept that the people that live here that helped build this country are somehow the enemy of God. And I think that’s a big part of it.

Matt Beat: Yeah, you make a good point about the how Islam has struggled to modernize whereas Judaism and Christianity they’ve modernized. They’ve they don’t take the old text literally. I found it interesting some of the comments in my video kept mentioned and just read the Tolman, just read it. I’m like okay, but like you realize we don’t have to take these ancient texts literally anymore, right? If you read the Old Testament, like oh my gosh there’s some horrible things in there like how to treat your slaves and stuff like that. So that’s pretty revealing if you’re focusing so much on ancient texts that like that’s what’s driving your hate.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it’s really important. You make a very important comment there Mr. beat. Which is the difference between the ancient texts and the sociology or maybe the political science of that application today. In other words there is no country in the world that is Christian in its orientation that believes if you kill someone for adultery, or you cut off their hand for thievery, or you can buy or sell slaves, or you can beat your children and your women to death, you can kill someone for leaving Christianity. Judaism has no application of any rules like that. Islam, that’s today’s Islam. If you are a Muslim, you self-identify as a Muslim, and you give up your faith publicly you’re subject to the death penalty. I mean that literally. If you are a man and have three or four wives and you don’t like the way they’re acting, hey go beat them up. There are specific instructions and there’s videos on YouTube on how to beat your wife or how to beat your children. Female Genital Mutilation would not be tolerated in a Christian, or a Jewish, or a Buddhist, or an agnostic society, but among Muslims it’s to be expected. You mutilate your Muslim daughters, so they don’t enjoy sex. So, there’s been a change in the world. Whether it’s reformation or modernization or just evolution, the other religions have changed in Islam hasn’t. And so, if Islam is teaching within our culture, you’re going to get a difference of opinion. And eventually what has happened just a few months ago with the election of very outspoken prominent Muslims to Congress who are preaching the beauty of Islam literally lying to the American public, it becomes well kind of mainstream. And their anti-Semitism gets a lot of press. Why would you say Matt. that it hasn’t been condemned in the press other than by say opposition party members? You have a thought on that?

Matt Beat: I can’t really, I don’t know enough about that. I will say that it’s probably not the best to paint too broad of a brush because there are two and a half billion Muslims in the world. And when we talk about Saudi Arabia Muslims there and we compare them to Muslims in say Indonesia you’re going to get quite a difference. And so, there are secular Muslims. I think when we talk about extremists who are fundamentalists meaning they take these texts literally I think it’s important to say it’s not all doom and gloom. This is I think a fairly small group of people. There are a lot of peaceful Muslims that are actually fairly secular. They don’t take all this old stuff seriously. As far as what’s going on in the United States, I can’t really, I guess I don’t know much about that so like I can’t really comment too much on that.

Barry Nussbaum: Well it’s interesting you mentioned Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the biggest funder of American universities with foreign money and their brand of Islam is called Wahhabism. They are very extreme, and they are as you pointed out literal in their interpretation of Sharia which are the books of Islam. The vast majority of Muslims in the world aren’t strict interpreters. word for word, but with two or three billion and the number that’s usually batted around is 8 to 10 percent are strict in their interpretation. That’s a lot of people.

Matt Beat: Yeah, I’ve seen figures like that too. That’s a little scary. I have another video comparing Saudi Arabia and Iran. I’ve always been fascinated because you know Iran is seen as this evil country. Like George W. Bush said that they were after Iraq and North Korea they were like the other evil country. But actually, the younger people there are not quite as radicalized. They’re not fundamentalist Muslims and I think that’s promising too. Even in a country like Iran you’re seeing a lot of them reject this. Because you know it wasn’t that long ago it was the revolution that happened there in the late 70s that tried to bring a return to a more conservative fundamentalist based theocracy which, they still have a theocracy. But I try to I guess see the more positive. Because when I hear 8 to 10 percent, I am skeptical, but I’ve heard that from several places and so if that is true that is scary.

Barry Nussbaum: Well I’ll tell you, you mentioned Iran which I happen to know quite a bit about. And it’s important to differentiate between the Persian people as it were, and the government of Iran. Most of the Iranians that are young, and they have an enormous population under the age of 30, does not want the theocracy anymore does not want the strict interpretation. They don’t want the women in the hijab, and to be covered, and to be beaten. They want equality of the sexes. They want to go back to the way it was before they were born. Unfortunately, the government that’s in control of the money, and the army, and the missiles, and the nuclear program every single day runs pictures and videos on their mass media calling for the death to America and the death to Israel and they mean it. And as long as they’re in power, if it’s two weeks or two hundred years Mr. Beat, that’s who we have to deal with. You know like Netanyahu says all the time we don’t have a problem with the people of Iran. We have a problem with the government of Iran that says they’re going to kill all of us. And that’s an issue, right? And that is you is not anti-Israel. It’s anti-Semitic. In other words, they’re not being just critical of well Likud won and we wanted Meretz or the blue and white party because we have a different political opinion. No, they want all the Jews in one place so they can all be killed easily with several nuclear weapons, and they’ve said that very prominently in the press for years and years and years. And like you said earlier that’s not anti-Israel. That’s anti-Jewish and anti-Jewish means anti-Semitism. And that’s what we’re talking about rather than the political end of it. How much would you ascribe to a religious background of the Anti-Semitism? You talked about it quite a bit in your video which I thought was a terrific history lesson about the church from the very early days of the church in the third and fourth century coming up with laws making Jews not citizens, can’t own property, can’t vote, can’t testify in court, basically disenfranchising them as equal members of whatever society they were talking about.

Matt Beat: Yeah I mean it was over a period of hundreds of years, but I think one of the examples that I think is telling is how because they couldn’t own property or because they were shut out of society so much, one of the only things they could do to make a living was money lending. And so, this is that story that old stereotype of the Jewish money lender has roots in anti-Semitism. That was the only way they can accumulate wealth. And I think as far as the Martin Luther thing really disturbed me. Like I never had realized how anti-Semitic he was. And I mean just his own words like you know the on the Jews and their lives that pamphlet. It’s just. Holy crap. And this is the guy who’s the hero that led the Protestant Reformation. And as you know that’s the majority of Americans are Protestants. They’re not Catholic. There’s still 20 some percent Catholics in the United States and most my family’s Catholic actually, but usually the early anti-Semitism that you saw like up until the middle ages was the Catholic church kind of gets associated with that. One response to my video was that it was just a few bad actors, like a few bad popes or bishops or whatever. And I agree with that. I mean it wasn’t systematic. It wasn’t everybody in the church. But the fact is because of the fact that there was no separation of government and in the Catholic Church in many parts of Europe and like the Middle Ages and before that just happened. I mean yeah, they went hand in hand anytime there was if you discriminated against Jews because they weren’t going to Mass every Sunday, then also you’re discriminating them with laws. So, they went hand in hand and that just carried over like I said earlier. That momentum carried all the way up into the present day.

Barry Nussbaum: And you know the irony is I see these proclamations all the time especially coming out of Europe. And as well unbelievable lies from certain prominent members of the of American society either in Congress or like we talked about, a guy like Farrakhan who can say such outrageous things. That Israel is an apartheid state, Muslims have no voice, and their babies are sterilized, or they’re sacrificed to drain their blood for Passover. I mean just outrageous lie after outrageous lie and yet those people are no longer censored for it. They still have their Twitter accounts they’re still up on Facebook. Their videos are on YouTube. And as you’ve said their comments are almost unbelievable in what they’re saying. And I can tell you as someone who’s been to Israel many times there’s only one country within a thousand miles where everybody gets to vote, and where there is true equality among religions, where there’s true equality among the sexes, where there’s true equality in employment, in voting, in politics, in all of society and that’s Israel. There are no Jews in government in any country around Israel. And yet, there’s a Muslim on the Supreme Court in Israel.

Matt Beat: Yeah there’s a lot of Muslims who live peacefully within Israel. That’s something that I’ve learned fairly recently. I have a pretty balanced perspective on the Arab-Israeli conflict. I mean, I took a class in college where my teacher was Israeli. The class was called Arab Israeli conflict and we looked at the whole history. And then his best friend was Palestinian, and he came in and taught a few courses and they taught together it was beautiful. But I also have a friend whose dad was a Palestinian refugee and then ended up in the United States after spending many years in Jordan. So, I get it, I think you and I both agree that Israel has made their government has made mistakes. But I think the net positive as far as bringing this modern democracy to an area that doesn’t have much of it you can’t deny that. I mean I wish that it would spread. Again, Saudi Arabia not too far away and it’s pretty it’s disturbing to me that they’re such a big ally with the United States and yet a lot of the way they run like you know women couldn’t even drive in Saudi Arabia until just this past year.

Barry Nussbaum: If you as a Catholic. Whether you’re practicing or not, but you would you would self-identify probably culturally as Catholic. If you went to any of those countries, I mean this literally, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Morocco any of those places, God forbid Iran, and started saying hey how come the priests can’t conduct mass anymore? How come Catholics are being systematically excluded from government, from property rights, from ability to assemble, the ability to communicate with other Catholics, in a very short order the secret police would visit you. The religious police would visit you. You would end up in prison or deported on the low end. In other words, if you hadn’t been a very prominent organizer, they would kick you out. And if you were prominent your body would never be found. And I mean that literally. And it’s very common for anyone preaching religious equality or equality of the sexes or. God forbid you want gay rights; you would end up dead. I’ve been to the Gaza border and seen the building that Hamas throws the gays off of. And it’s a three-story building. And the reason they do that is they don’t want them to die easily. They want them to suffer horribly and a big crowd gather. And they do that as a demonstration as to how evil it is to violate the Word of God. which means they will kill you slowly so you set an example so other people don’t think they should consider a gay lifestyle. It’s horrible and if you haven’t seen it it’s hard to believe.

Matt Beat: It is hard to believe I have not. I have not heard about that. That’s crazy.

Barry Nussbaum: Well I am trying to remember which country it was in the Middle East I don’t want to quote it because I don’t want to be wrong but in one of those countries the leader just announced we don’t have any gays in our country.

Matt Beat: I think it was Iran. I believe if I remember correctly,

Barry Nussbaum: It very well could be.

Matt Beat: Also, atheists. They don’t have any atheists in their country. Yeah, right. They just don’t come out because they know they’ll be in trouble.

Barry Nussbaum: Well it’s not just it’s not trouble like you pay a fine it’s trouble like you’re, and your legs are broken, and you’re whipped and if you survive, you’re a lucky guy or lady. It’s horrific what the punishments are if you’re outside the coloring book lines.

Matt Beat: Sorry I just have one big final point I’d like to make is that I think all these hate hateful comments and there are a lot of anti-Semitic comments and under my video and it is disheartening. But I think it’s important to remember that these are just human beings and they were taught to hate. They were taught by somebody else. And if we want to break the cycle, I think we need to communicate with these people. It’s like if you show like you at least are trying to respect them and listen to them. Now the people that say hateful things it’s hard. I mean I understand why you would not ever want to talk to them but I’m an outsider. I’m not somebody who’s personally being attacked for being Jewish. I’m being attacked for making a video. Because if you censor them too, I could just turn to I could just take off all the comments. That’s going to empower them. Because then they’re going to dig in their heels deeper there and go see, they’re censoring us. And so, Jews really do control the world yada yada. I think that one of the worst things you can do is like censor them. Let them be heard, let their hate be heard to the world, and hopefully over time they’ll realize on their own like look around and like maybe this is wrong what we’re doing. Maybe I overreacted. maybe I was taught this by my dad or my brother or who else. So, I feel like the way to go about it is education and that’s what I try to do.

Barry Nussbaum: All right so if you an audience now, the same three or four million people that saw your anti-Semitism video, but let’s just say Now Mr. Beat these are people that are the haters that are posting all that stuff underneath your video that you’re a puppet of the Zionist world government and all that kind of stuff right? Well Mr. puppet what would you say to them to communicate with them that their belief system is based on ancient prejudices that have no place in a modern world?

Matt Beat: I would say just talk to somebody who’s Jewish and I have Jewish friends and they’re not secretly running the world I swear. They’re just normal people they think. Man, I just want to understand. You know I try to understand more about where this hatred is coming from and keep asking them questions really. Because like I think that’s what drove me to make the video make the video in the first place is just, I was not raised this way. Understanding why they were raised this way, but we’ve got to break the cycle the cycle continues, and I think the same thing with the Arab / Israeli conflict. I mean we’ve got to communicate. If we just stay in our bubbles you know then it’s not going to help anything. Both sides have to come together and at least communicate.

Barry Nussbaum: I would add I agree with everything you said. I love your idea. I would add one more thing and that is from a historical perspective each time there has been a targeting of Jews whether it was twenty five hundred years ago, two thousand years ago, a thousand years ago five hundred years ago, or the Weimar Republic you know in Germany it was because there was a problem. And the government or whoever was in charge whether it was the church or the mosque or the central government. It’s easier to give people a reason why they’re not doing well outside of themselves and outside of the government because you can point over there. That’s why you don’t have a job. That’s why your student loan costs so much. That’s why your housing sucks. That’s why your car breaks. That’s why you can’t get ahead. It’s easy to target a group that’s identifiable, not very large, and might look different, talk different, sound different, worship different, and so on. It’s much easier to stay in power. The Russians did it, Soviet Union, the Germans did it, the Iranians are doing it, and now the progressive left at the same time as the right-wing white supremacists are doing it. As you called it, a horseshoe. I thought that was a really insightful comment. The hatred from the left meets the hatred on the right and the reason why they don’t have what they want, it’s because of a group over there that they can identify instead of taking responsibility for their own lives and their own situation and saying hey I’m going to be better. I’m going to get educated. I’m going to work harder. I’m going to reach out and figure out how we can do this together make the world a better place. It’s easier to say not my fault it’s your fault.

Matt Beat: Yes, I agree. Yeah. So economic opportunity is going to have to be getting rid of poverty is going to really help more than anything. Let’s be honest here. Yeah. Because like you said, if somebody is struggling to like you know medical bills, college, student loans, inflation, wages are stagnant. Wages have been stagnant my entire life. So, OK this is blaming that group of people for that like it. If these people, then have some something to complain about then they won’t have someone to blame. Like instead of blaming governments the ones who have the power, we look to the side and blame other groups of people isn’t that amazing? It’s always people that are like the other one. It’s usually a group that doesn’t have power. It’s a minority group that doesn’t have much political power. And it’s because they’re an easy target oftentimes.

Barry Nussbaum: Matt, it’s been great having you today. Tell our viewers where they can find you and where they can go to see your stuff and support you.

Matt Beat: Yeah just look me up on YouTube it’s just Mr. beat. And thanks for having me on and saying nice things about my video.

Barry Nussbaum: We will definitely do it again. I want to thank our viewers today who subscribe to American Truth Project and obviously I encourage anybody to go to our web site, American Truth or the easier way to find it takes you to our Web site. Sign up for free. You can watch more of Mr. beat and other very wise and insightful guests by going to that site signing up and we’ll send you for free. It never cost anything. Again, thanks for joining us today Mr. beat and thank you to our wonderful viewers. I’m Barry Nussbaum, and this is the Truth Report.


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Robert Spencer: CAIR Executive Labels Nearly All Of American Jewry As Enemies



Robert Spencer: CAIR Executive Labels Nearly All Of American Jewry As Enemies

Barry Nussbaum: Hello, and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Our very special friend of the family and ATP regular guest will be on in just a second. But first, I want to remind you all out in ATP land to please subscribe using your cell phone. It’s absolutely for free. You can sign up by simply opening a blank text message and sending the word TRUTH in the message box. Address it to 88202. When you push send, you’ll be signed up for free. It’ll take about four to five seconds.

We never charge for content, so that very special guest I was alluding to is Robert Spencer. Good morning to Robert. He is the founder of Jihad Watch. He’s written 22 best-selling books. He is the nation’s best-selling author and an expert on jihad in the United States and around the world. He’s the scholar on the subject. Welcome back, Robert.

Robert Spencer: Always good to talk to you, Barry. Thank you.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s get right into it. I have spent the last four or five hours reading Jihad Watch, which I normally do, but in preparation today, you had some astounding reporting in the last couple of days.

Let’s start with Zahra Billoo, from the speech that she made in front of the American Muslims for Palestine’s 14th annual conference in Chicago. Now, the media ignored her commentary, but you didn’t, and thank you for calling that to our attention. She made a horrible speech linking Islamophobia and Zionism.

She said Zionist organizations want to ban all Muslims and all kinds of other things. I mean, she literally says that the audience should oppose fascists and oppose even the polite Zionists. The polite Zionists are the people that support the ADL, The Campus Jewish organizations, Jewish Federation synagogues, and so on. She said all American Jews are your enemies.

So, Robert, I could go on and on and on, and you quoted extensively from her horrific speech. Who is she, and why should we care about what she says? Then I want to ask you, why are you the only one reporting this?


Robert Spencer: Barry, Zahra Billoo is the chapter leader of the San Francisco chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the leading Islamic advocacy group in the United States and a group that the Justice Department has established as ties to Hamas.

Now, the Council on American-Islamic Relations accordingly is deeply inveterately anti-Israel. Also, because we’re talking about hardline Sharia adherent Muslims, it’s very likely that many, if not most, of them have imbibed the anti-Semitism that is deeply embedded in the Quran and the example of Mohammed.

So, Zahra Billoo comes out with a speech. It’s interesting to note that it’s gotten very little coverage, as you have pointed out, but I have not been the only one who reported on it. The Middle East Media Research Institute did so, and several others, the Jerusalem Post and so on.

What is noteworthy is that she is now taking a sabbatical, which indicates that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, is feeling the heat. They should be feeling the heat from this because even the ADL, which is very far to the left and has always been on the side of CAIR, on the side of the idea that there is some kind of Islamophobia in American society, which she was talking about at the American Muslims for Palestine conference.

Even they found her speech a bridge too far and denounced it. Asking her for an apology, and so on. So, it’s interesting they’re taking her out of the limelight for a while, hoping that this is all going to blow over, but what she’s done is reveal the deep-rooted Islamic anti-Semitism that all too many Muslims in the United States hold to. That is based on the Quran, which says, among many other things, about the Jews that they are the worst enemies of the Muslims. That’s Chapter 5:82.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, said, and thank you again for publicizing this because the mainstream media doesn’t consider this newsworthy, I guess. So, the White House has stepped in it this week, and now it’s getting worse because the president’s horrific commentary on the winter of COVID has now been reflected by White House spokespeople.

They are saying, “We are intent on not letting Omicron disrupt work and school for the vaccinated. You’ve done the right things. For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for you, your families, and the hospitals.”

I mean, they’re quoting Biden, who said that a couple of days ago, word for word. It’s like the Black Plague is striking down Americans by the tens of thousands, and this is while vaccines are now being said to cause all kinds of problems and health side effects that were never mentioned before.

So, here’s my question, Robert. If the vaccine doesn’t prevent COVID, and three vaccines, you know, vaccine one, two plus booster, don’t prevent COVID. Why the ominous prediction from the president? Could he be hoping that millions do get sick and die?

Robert Spencer: You know, Barry, I hate to say this, but I really do think they are hoping for that because it would be vindication for the White House. The White House has said that you’ll be all right if you get vaccinated. Now, as time goes by and more vaccinated people get COVID. That has proven not to be the case, but they’ve dug in now.

So, they feel they have no choice but to double down and say, well, it would be a lot worse if you hadn’t been vaccinated, which is a completely unproven and unprovable proposition. But ultimately, the only thing that will prove them right now in all their dire predictions is if there is a winter of mass illness and death.

So, we’re in a very peculiar position where an American administration that should be caring for the American people has painted itself into a corner and is hoping that millions of Americans are going to die so that they will be proven correct in what they have been telling us all this time.

Barry Nussbaum: What a horror story, and you know, I’m an NFL football fan. I don’t know if you are. There’s a requirement in the NFL that everyone gets vaccinated, and these are the world’s greatest athletes. Football player after football player, team after team, is getting sick with COVID, but they’re vaccinated.

I don’t get it. Still, the President’s going to say millions could die this winter without the vaccine. Oh, thanks for commenting on that. I’m just so frustrated. So, let’s talk about a story that’s getting no coverage except for Jihad Watch, your site. There’s this group, the li-Da’awati terrorist group, that every week in Nigeria and the surrounding territories seem to be slaughtering Christians. They surround churches as the Christians are worshiping. They kill the men, women, and children.

Unless they happen to spare somebody to take them away to be soldiers for them under penalty of death if they don’t cooperate, they’re slaughtering various Islamic terror groups left and right across Africa. The numbers of Christians slaughtered are dramatic and go up like a skyscraper straight to the sun.

Why is it that there’s no press coverage, it seems, except for Robert Spencer and Jihad Watch? Will the world just watch and do nothing as Christians are slaughtered every week?


Robert Spencer: Yeah, I think that’s true. That what they’re going to do, Barry, nothing. I see this on Twitter all the time. When I post these stories about the Muslim massacres, jihad, massacres of Christians in Nigeria, Nigerians write to me. They thank me for covering this saying, nobody in the West is paying any attention to this.

I think it’s because here again, as I noted earlier, it doesn’t fit the narrative. The establishment media has a paradigm, a template for stories revolving around Muslims and Christians. The Muslims are always the victims, and the Christians are always white supremacists, racist bigots, and aggressors.

If it’s a story that doesn’t fit that paradigm, then it just doesn’t exist. So, in Nigeria, you have Muslims who are black, murdering Christians who are black. Avowedly because of Islamic principles, and an Islamic government that is turning a blind eye because it has many people who sympathize with this jihad in the government, but it doesn’t fit the paradigm because there’s no way you can portray these Christians as being the aggressors.

They’re not white, so down the memory hole. It doesn’t exist.

Barry Nussbaum: I got to tell our viewers the stuff you publish is startling. It’s horrific, and it makes me incredibly sad not only that this mass murder goes on a regular basis. It seems every other day I’m reading an article you post, but nobody seems to care. Nobody seems to care.

Robert Spencer: Well, another thing is the Islamic advocacy groups like CAIR that we were discussing before. They’ve done a number on us, and they’ve made most Americans assume that you just can’t talk about this. You can’t discuss jihad terror activity because it would be Islamophobic. So, they don’t. It just doesn’t exist.

Barry Nussbaum: You’re right. The IOC, which is the International Olympic Committee, said in a letter this week that they’re canceling international competitions now in host countries that do not allow Israel to compete. I was shocked when Malaysia would not let Israeli athletes come in for a world championship in their country.

This is where the former prime minister once said he was glad to be labeled anti-Semitic, and in the face of that, I’m really shocked. The International Olympic Committee said international sports associations must receive written confirmation from the host country. They’ll allow every country, including Israel, to participate. If not, there will not be a competition. What will the majority of Muslim countries do now? Not compete or invite the Israelis?

Robert Spencer: Probably some will do a bit of both. The Sharia states, notably the Islamic Republic of Iran, will almost certainly pull out. I would be shocked, absolutely to the core, if they say, okay, we will go ahead and compete with the Israelis. There are some other states on that level that I would be very surprised to see competing with Israelis. Pakistan, the Taliban’s Afghanistan, and so on, but some of the countries in the Abraham Accords, may well go ahead.

On the other hand, they are under pressure now from the other countries that didn’t enter into the Abraham Accords to repudiate them and to return to the Islamic fold. So, we’ll have to see how that plays out. I think that probably some will go ahead and compete, but probably more will pull out.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, we’ve got the Olympics coming up and a lot of championships after that. It’s going to be interesting to see which side some of these, as you said, the majority of Muslim countries, side with. Robert, tell people how they can learn about what you do and follow your brilliant writings, please.

Robert Spencer: Thanks, Barry. is the only news site about jihad activity in the United States and around the world. Then I’m @JihadWatchRS on Twitter, and there is also a Facebook page. You can also find my author page, and all my books on, at least for now.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said, and I advise all of our listeners around the world who follow ATP. Robert Spencer is the expert. Please, follow him on all of his platforms. You do not want to miss anything he says on a daily basis because the news just keeps coming, and he is the guy that puts it out there for you.

Again, I want to remind you. If you haven’t yet, please send a text message to the number 88202. The message box should just have the word truth in it. When you push send, you’ll be signed up for this and all of our episodes absolutely for free. You’ll get them twice a week on your cell phone. Okay? For ATP Report, thanks for coming on to watch us today. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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Ilhan Omar Spreading Anti-Semitism in U.S. Congress




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Before I introduce our very special and popular guest today, I want to remind everybody out there in ATP land to please take out your cell phone if you haven’t done so already. Type the message TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H in the message box and send it to the number 88202. You’ll be signed up for free. You’ll get all of our content like this show for free in the palm of your hand just for signing up. Absolutely for free.

So let me bring on Tyler O’Neil. He is the senior editor at PJ Media. He’s an author, a conservative commentator. He’s written for lots of publications, including The Christian Post, National Review, Washington Free Beacon, The Daily Signal, AEI Values, and Capitalism, and he has a book out. Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we have him instead of Tucker Carlson tonight! Welcome, Tyler.

Tyler O’Neil: Glad to be here, Barry.

Barry Nussbaum: So today, let’s discuss the most bigoted member of Congress in our opinion and the one that you called out in print a few days ago, writing about her in a terrific article. I’m referring, of course, to the infamous hater of Israel, hater of America, and hater of American things, Ilhan Omar.

So, let’s start off with last week she said, “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban.” She got terrific amounts of backlash, as she should have, and even Nancy Pelosi was called into it. She tried to clarify her remarks, which she really didn’t. What do you think she meant? Just take the words for what she said instead of her goofball retraction, would you please?

Tyler O’Neil: Yeah. So, I think the delay in this retraction speaks volumes. And again, it isn’t exactly a direct retraction, but she did very much say like, “Oh, I wasn’t comparing the two.” And it’s like she clearly was nodding at the suggestion that there’s this moral equivalence between Israel, America, Hamas, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.

And that’s just beyond the pale, quite frankly, especially when you list Israel and Hamas together. The way that Israel has been trying really hard not to endanger civilians in the recent scuffle with Hamas. That pseudo war it almost was, and the way that Hamas had specifically been using civilians as human shields. You know, these are two different moral universes.

Ilhan Omar has shown over and over again talking about whether it’s all about the Benjamins or some of her other notoriously anti-Semitic remarks and suggestions. She has been toying with the most common hatred that you see in the Middle East, which is anti-Semitism and there’s this terrifying percentage if you look at it. The Anti-Defamation League has done a lot of studies on anti-Semitism in the Middle East.

I don’t always follow the ADL and I don’t think they’re entirely accurate on everything, but it stands to reason, given the way that many of the Muslims in that particular part of the world interact with Jews. Anti-Semitism is very rife there and Ilhan Omar comes from Somalia. That’s not to say that, you know, all Somali Americans should be regarded with distrust. But in the case of Ilhan Omar, there’s more than just the suggestion that she’s taken a lot of the hatreds that are in her country with her when she came to the United States.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, before we get into too much of the words, what shocks me so much, Tyler, is the speaker of the House. The third most powerful politician in America is Nancy Pelosi. She’s the leader of the majority party. She runs the House of Representatives. She literally did nothing to condemn these horrific words.

And in her last press conference the other day, she literally refused to answer the question about her. Her, being Ilhan Omar’s inflammatory comments about Israel and just brushed it off. Did not want to answer it. Why is it that Nancy Pelosi cannot stand up to Ilhan Omar? What is she truly afraid of?

Tyler O’Neil: Well, it was very interesting. We saw shortly after the remarks, the most recent remarks. Pelosi followed after a group of Jewish Democrats who did condemn Omar. And then Pelosi and other Democratic leaders had this interesting, like pseudo condemnation where they’re like, we are appalled, and we invite Ilhan Omar to clarify her remarks.

Pretty much giving her the benefit of the doubt, even while saying that they’re condemning it. So that was a positive step. But then, as you noted, you know, as soon as this clarification came out, Pelosi stopped everything. She even defended Ilhan Omar specifically. And then, you know, she’s been radio silent.

And this just goes to show how feckless a lot of the Democratic leadership is when it comes to calling out the extremes, the radicals on their fringe. And yes, these are becoming less and less fringe. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and her squad, they’re really dominating a lot of the conversation in the Democratic Party. This is politics for them.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s talk politics. You just touched on an interesting concept that Nancy Pelosi seems to always open the door for Ilhan Omar to run away from what she’s said repeatedly. So, here’s the clarification. I want to read it to you that finally came out.

This is from Omar, “To be clear, the conversation was about accountability for specific incidents regarding the International Criminal Court cases, not a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the US and Israel. I was in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries, with well-established judicial systems.”

That was written by a PR flack, not by her. It was a perfect lie because the context of what she was saying had nothing to do with the ICC. It had to do with what a hateful organization the United States and Israel are, you know, just like the major terror groups of the world.

So why in the world can she issue a statement that you and I both know she didn’t write? And number two, we both know she doesn’t mean it. And everyone lets her get away with it and the subject gets dropped. Did she just lie again and there’s no accountability?

Tyler O’Neil: Pretty much I think what you’re looking at is a Democratic Party that is so focused on its Woke goals and its agenda that it’s willing to overlook when there are, you know when incidents of hatred towards Jews shows show their heads. And I think this situation has happened again and again with squad members.

It was very fascinating to see when all of the Democrats ganged up on Marjorie Taylor Green and kicked her out of her committee assignments. I wouldn’t defend what Marjorie Taylor Green said previously. Even she gave her half-hearted pushes, condemnations, denunciations of it.

But it was interesting to see them focus so much on her while at the same time you had remarks from the squad that essentially amounted to a blood libel against Israel. Where they were saying that and this was mind-bogglingly evil, the way that they did this. They blamed Israel for not giving the COVID-19 vaccine to the Palestinians, even though, you know, the way the political system has worked.

Israel had offered to give the COVID-19 vaccines and Hamas had said, “No.” And so here you had Democrats in Congress pushing this absurd lie. Essentially trying to blame Israel and saying that Israel was killing innocent people. In a situation where Israel was actually trying to help and Hamas was the one denying any aid, and yet they got away with that.

While Marjorie Taylor Green was, you know, crucified. And that’s the kind of double standard on anti-Semitism that prevails in the Democratic Party.

Barry Nussbaum: Let’s talk about that party for a second because here’s something I don’t get. And maybe you understand it because I’m dying to hear the answer to this one. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 220, more than half, obviously, are Democrats.

There are 35 Jewish members, but only 12 of the Jewish members condemned Omar’s remarks. Only 12! They wrote a letter condemning her. And get this, the rest of the Congress, crickets. Nothing! In other words, the closest ally America has in that part of the world is Israel.

There’s nobody else even on the list. Israel and the United States are called terror operations and the United States Congress Democrats and Republicans can’t open their mouth and just cut this to ribbons? I don’t get it. Why was nothing said?

Tyler O’Neil: Well, I think many of the Republicans thought that this was a Democratic- like the Democrats needed to get their house in order, and I think many of them did speak out against it, against the remarks, although they did not offer a similar letter. And I almost I wish that they had.

But the fact that there were crickets after this, you know, that there weren’t more efforts and that you didn’t have the sustained outcry that you had against Marjorie Taylor Green I think it is revealing, unfortunately. I think a lot of the Republicans in Congress knew that it was going to be a losing battle if they tried to bring an overall resolution, if they tried to kick her off of committees or if they tried to do something like that. I think there was enough outcry in at least our circles in conservative media and in some legacy media outlets.

And, so, the story did get some of the traction that it needed, but it hasn’t gotten quite the traction that it deserves. And so that’s another situation here where the complications on the ground in Congress may offer some explanation that we don’t understand.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, there’s another part I don’t get, which is the press. The only interview I could find was Jake Tapper of CNN had her on. And he said to her, he gave her back her quotes, you know, anti-Semitic quote after anti-Semitic quote after anti-Israel comment.

And he asked her, “Do you regret these comments?” And she said, “I don’t you know, I was trying to make certain points.” And then Tapper brought it up again and gave her quote after quote after quote and her goofball non-answer, non-responsibility statement was, “I welcome any time my colleagues have asked to have a conversation so I can learn from them.”

I don’t even know what that means. Tapper didn’t follow up and none of the other press did at all. Nobody’s reporting this. Why?

Tyler O’Neil: Yeah. The thing that really shocked me was what she said after that, she said ‘to learn from them. For them to learn from me.’ And then she went on to say that ‘her members haven’t been partners in this.’ And here’s a direct quote, “They haven’t been equally seeking justice around the world.”

And this is in this context, Ilhan Omar is specifically talking about the Israel/Palestine the Israel/Hamas situation. I think she is condemning her Jewish fellow Democrats for supporting Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’s right to abuse the situation. And she is actually, you know, she gets accosted with her own anti-Semitic remarks, refuses to condemn them, and then immediately attacks her Jewish fellow Democrats in the House.

I mean, this is beyond the pale kind of stuff. And I don’t understand why it isn’t getting more coverage. Why we don’t see denunciations like we should be seeing. And when one turns to the Trump presidency, we would have seen if any Republican had made remarks like this, we would have seen all the legacy news outlets running condemnations of them.

They’d have the good old-fashioned, you know, the Republican sellout going on and saying, well, you know, I believe in Republicanism, but this was beyond the pale, yadda, yadda. And yet now we don’t see Democrats coming out and saying, oh, I support a lot of what Ilhan Omar supports, but this is- how dare she say this? They need to be saying that and if you ask me, this is almost as bad as the original comment that she made.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said, Tyler, where can people find out about you if they want to know what you’re doing?

Tyler O’Neil: Yeah. So, I write at PJ Media, I’m a senior editor there. You can find my book Making Hate Pay on Amazon. It’s The corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Find me on Twitter: Tyler 2 the number two O’Neil.

Barry Nussbaum: Well thanks for coming on today Tyler and for those of you out there that haven’t subscribed, I mentioned it earlier in the program. Please text TRUTH, T-R-U-T-H to the number 88202 to sign up for free. You’ll get all of our content in the palm of your hand just for about five seconds of your precious time. For ATP Report. Thanks for joining us today. I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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Anti-Semitism Is Out of Control and Getting Worse!




Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I’m Barry Nussbaum. Before we get started with our special guest today, I want to remind everybody out there in ATP Land, if you’re not on our text message alert subscriber list, please check out your cell phone right now and text the word TRUTH in the message box and send it to 88202.

You’ll be signed up. You’ll get this show and all of our content absolutely for free in the palm of your hand. Let me bring on Laura Loomer. She is an investigative journalist. She’s quite well known throughout social media and politics and her commentary, and she’s a congressional candidate in Florida. Welcome back, Laura.

Laura Loomer: Thanks for having me again.

Barry Nussbaum: Absolutely. Such a pleasure. So, let’s talk about what the heck is going on in Europe right now. Anti-Semitism is exploding in every single country since the conflict between Hamas and Israel started by, continued by in an audacious manner, by the terrorists belonging to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad organizations in Gaza.

Israel had the audacity to shoot down the rockets, at least a lot of them, and retaliate by taking out the leadership of Hamas and the rocket launcher locations. And check this out, a journalist who wrote about Israel sprayed, I guess, free Gaza and Palestine on the walls of the former Warsaw ghetto, which is a World Heritage commemoration of the slaughter of the Polish Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she is now teaching members of the British Teachers Union because she’s an expert in anti-Semitism. Yep, the anti-Semite is teaching anti-Semitism. How is this possibly oaky, and there’s not a standing line of ten thousand people condemning it?

Laura Loomer: Yeah, well, look, the same thing is happening here in the United States. This is the progressive agenda, and unfortunately, the progressive radical leftist has decided on a worldwide level because the progressive movement isn’t just here in the United States.

Of course, this is a movement that is now infecting the entire world. Where you have these radical leftist movements that have decided to partner with groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that have anti-Zionists, anti-Israel agenda items at the core of their mission statement, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to distort reality.

They’re also trying to co-opt the word anti-Semitism by saying that, you know, Arabs are Semites. This is why I personally refer to anti-Semitism as Jew-hatred when I’m talking about attacks on Jews or hate crimes against Jews. Because our own Linda Sarsour here in the United States a few years ago in New York City, I recall she was invited to a college in New York City where she was actually one of the lecture speakers on anti-Semitism.

It was a panel about anti-Semitism in which one of the biggest and most vile Jew-haters in the entire world is supposedly in authority. So, we’re fighting the same battle here, but they’re really just trying to co-opt the term anti-Semitism and make it all about Palestinians and all about Muslims while ignoring what it really is, Jew-hatred.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, listen to this. The Sky News Network, which is worldwide, has a reporter named Mark Stone, and he just issued an apology because he tweeted out to a Jewish person who had mentioned anti-Semitism to him that, “The Jew-hatred you experience is actually the consequence of the current Israeli government’s policies.”

Meaning there wasn’t anti-Semitism until there was Bibi Netanyahu and the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which is insane. And this guy, Laura, still works at Sky News. Why is the press so biased? And why isn’t there any self-corruption within the press community?

Laura Loomer: Well, it really is quite an interesting phenomenon, right? Because when you look at the press, and you look at the media, right? You have people constantly talking about the Jewish-owned media. Well, when you look at the breakdown of the media here in the United States, a lot of the executives and the owners of our media institutions are Jews.

So, you would expect them to be pro-Israel and to be speaking out aggressively against the Jew-haters within their ranks. But just as we saw when we were discussing two weeks ago, CNN had a guy on the payroll who said the world needs another Hitler. Right? And Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN, is Jewish, but yet nothing is done about this. So, the problem is, is it’s the wrong type of Jews who are overseeing the media complex.

They’re not Zionists. They’re not pro-Israel. They’re not proud Jews. These are what you call self-hating, self-loathing Jews who are doing the bidding of their enemies. Essentially, they’re walking themselves to the gas chamber by entertaining and pedestaling Jew-hatred and then paying for it by keeping these Jew-haters on their payroll.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let’s talk about one of the most infamous on our side of the pond. You and I were actually messaging about this a couple of days ago. Where you’ve got Ilhan Omar, the leader of the ‘I hate Israel and anyone Jewish congressional delegation,’ has come out with an insane quote where she’s comparing Israel, the United States, the Hamas, and the Taliban as if they’re all the same victims and perpetrators and has not walked back that comment at all.

What in the world do you make of her thought that the United States and Israel, and Hamas are all the same, and so is the Taliban? Is this crazy to you?

Laura Loomer: Well, it is crazy. But just as I said years ago, when I was exposing Ilhan Omar prior to her even becoming a member of Congress. I warned people that this woman who was running for Congress was a full-blown jihadist. I actually caught her having a fundraiser for Hamas during her campaign season. I had exposed the fact that she was sympathetic to ISIS. She was sympathetic to the Taliban.

There are actually interviews from years ago that were dug up, and these were published years ago of Ilhan Omar laughing about Hezbollah and al-Qaida and the Taliban and smiling when talking about the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly three thousand Americans. Okay?

I also find her comments to be a little strange, given the fact that Ilhan Omar is actually pro-Hamas. She was just last week spewing tons of propaganda for Hamas. So, I don’t know if this is her way of calling American’s terrorists while also pretending like she thinks Hamas and the Taliban are terrorist organizations.

Because I know I have a video of myself confronting Ilhan Omar asking her to condemn Hamas, and she refused to do so. So, she definitely is pro-Hamas. She’s definitely pro-Taliban. We’ve seen the video of her laughing about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but we already know that she thinks Israel is a terrorist state.

I mean, she has been spewing blood libel against Jews and Christians, and America for years now. She has no loyalty to America as a United States congresswoman. Her only loyalty is to Islam. To Sharia law, which she fully embraces.

Barry Nussbaum: So, here’s something that ought to be easy. Like falling out of your chair and hitting the floor easy, Laura. The Democratic members of the caucus that aren’t part of ‘The Squad,’ who have been strong backers of the US/Israel relationship militarily, economically, socially, and our common religions, not to mention the fact that they’re the first line of defense against worldwide terror; by that, I mean Israel, they ought to be able to get together and very simply say you are not representing the views of the Democrat Party, and we’re going to build a wall around you.

Even though she says these horrible things they can’t come out with a simple statement Laura Loomer that says, ‘Ilhan, Omar, stop it. What you’re saying is anti-Semitic.’ They can’t agree on a condemnation letter.

Laura Loomer: Look, we were talking about this last time I was on your show about how support for Israel used to be a bipartisan issue, wasn’t even a debate between the Democrat and the Republican Party. It was one of those issues that they found common ground on.

But now, just as President Trump has famously said, ‘The Democrat Party is now the party of Jew-haters and Israel haters.’ And this isn’t anything new. If you recall, one of the very first things Ilhan Omar did when she became a member of Congress and was sworn in. Is she said that Jews were all about the ‘Benjamins,’ right?

And she tried to say that America was bought and paid for by Israel. And she is constantly, she has a documented history of attacking Jews online and entertaining Holocaust deniers. Inviting Holocaust deniers to participate with her in Congress with Rashida Tlaib. The Democrats when they passed their ‘anti-Semitism Resolution,’ they still wouldn’t condemn Ilhan Omar.

Nancy Pelosi still wouldn’t use Ilhan Omar’s name. In fact, she decided that doing so would increase ‘Islamophobia.’ And so, what did she do? Well, they took a delegation trip to Africa, and then she decided to pose in a photo where she was holding Ilhan Omar’s hand. So, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, you know, she has no problem holding hands with a blatant Jew-hater.

Of course, the Democrat Party isn’t going to openly condemn Ilhan Omar because in this day and age, ‘The Squad’ is now running the Democrat Party. And as we all know, speaking the truth about Islam or criticizing Jew-hatred that comes out of the mouth of Muslim people is ‘Islamophobia.’ Right? And that’s a bannable offense on social media.

I was banned and de-platformed everywhere for calling Ilhan Omar anti-Jewish. And if you are a member of Congress and you dare, call out Ilhan Omar for being a Jew-hater and a terrorist sympathizer, well, you’re just such an anti-Muslim bigot. You’re just a big old Islamophobe.

Barry Nussbaum: Very well said, Laura. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Tell people how they can get in touch with you or learn what you’re doing and your various endeavors. Would you please?

Laura Loomer: Yeah. So, my website is, You can subscribe to my website to get my email updates. I’m banned on all social media, so you won’t be finding me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of those things. But I am on Gabb at Laura Loomer. I’m on telegram at Loomered Official, and I’m going to be doing weekly reports with ATP’s.

So, you’ll be able to follow me here by subscribing, and you’ll be able to get my content by subscribing to ATP’s text updates, where you’ll be able to see all of my video reports on a weekly basis. And then, if you’re interested in supporting my congressional campaign, you can go to Laura Loomer for I’m running in Florida’s 21st District, which is the most Jewish district in the entire country.

Barry Nussbaum: Quite a summary, and I appreciate the plug for ATP Report. And it’s a perfect segue for me to say, please sign up if you haven’t, just text the word TRUTH and send it to 88202. For Laura, I’m Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report.

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