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Can an Observant Muslim Candidate Uphold the Constitution of America?

On this segment Barry and Anni explain why a Muslim-American candidate needs to choose between Sharia and the Constitution…it’s one [...]

Media, Socialists Bemoan Booming Economy

After GDP growth was reported to be a staggering 4.1%, and an upward revision of the previous quarter’s number, the [...]

Barry Says: TSA Should Copy Israel

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger discuss the TSA’s inefficient screening process, and how emulating Israel might be the answer.  

Remembering Charles Krauthammer

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger discuss the recent Supreme Court decision on warrantless spying and the incredible Charles Krauthammer.

US Debt Destroying Dollar

Barry Nussbaum explains the dangers of our mounting debt, and why spending cuts are required to reverse course.  

Immigration Fix: Build the Wall!

On The Daily Ledger, Barry Nussbaum states the obvious, but what Congress can’t grasp, building the border wall will prevent [...]

Catholic Church Dictates Political Policy

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger discuss the Catholic church’s criticism of President Trump’s immigration policy.  

Democrats Lament Supreme Court Decision Limiting Voter Fraud

Barry Nussbaum and Graham Ledger discuss the Supreme Court decision that upholds Ohio’s voter roles policy, and the Left’s reaction. [...]