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Resolution to Save America!


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Whereas America's elections should always be free, fair, and faithful to the Constitution, and;

Whereas the 12th Amendment to the United States Constitution lays out the rules by which our President is to be elected in a fair manner, and;

Whereas election night ended with President Trump leading in Georgia, leading in Michigan, leading in Pennsylvania, leading in Arizona, and leading in Wisconsin by over a million total votes, and;

Whereas by the next morning all leads were vanishing due to overnight mysterious vote deliveries leading to losses for President Trump, and;

Whereas voter fraud is evident on a massive scale in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin, and;

Whereas Republican vote counting observers were excluded from witnessing the fair counting of ballots in many locations allowing for fraud, and;

Whereas hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots may have been deposited into the counting centers and mixed in with valid, properly voted ballots, and;

Whereas with lawsuits being filed in each of these states, the usual remedy of a re-count would simply revalidate  much of the existing counts showing Biden in the lead in each of these states because the valid and invalid ballots have been mixed together, and;

Whereas millions of Americans are aware that their valid votes have been cancelled by possibly millions of fake votes obtained and voted improperly, and;

Whereas deducting illegally cast votes is an appropriate remedy when illegally cast votes can be identified, and;

Whereas millions of Americans have lost confidence in the value of their vote due to rampant public awareness of voting fraud, and;

Whereas it is urgent to restore confidence in the fairness of voting as a critical component of faith in our democratic republic, and;

Therefore it is resolved that all identifiable votes cast contrary to state laws shall be disqualified and removed from the official tabulations on a state by state basis, and;

Be it further resolved that in jurisdictions where the number of illegal votes cannot be identified and cannot be segregated, the court shall order a revote to take place on the first Tuesday of December 2020, and;

Be it further resolved that all voting must take place in person with a valid identification for each voter to be checked against the official voter roles for each jurisdiction with the exception of special circumstances that will allow for a mail in ballot for the infirm, previously qualified absentee voters, and other similar exceptions, and;

Be it further resolved that by court order the official certification by the Electoral College of the winner of the presidential election and  the certification by the individual states’ elections where revoting will occur shall be delayed until such revote shall be held, concluded and counted.

A remedy to correct the alleged injustices perpetrated on the American people exists through our court system. Please help us save our freedom by supporting and promoting this resolution.

Help American Truth Project educate as many Americans as fast as possible by posting this resolution and sending it to your friends.  Ask them to post and pass it on.

Patriotically offered to Americans on November 7, 2020

Barry Nussbaum                                                               Aynaz Anni Cyrus

Founder American Truth Project                                     National Director American Truth Project

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