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Middle East Policies

The United States shifted its emphasis during the Obama administration from an ironclad alliance with Israel, and a label on Iran as the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, to an encouragement of rapprochement with the world’s leading terror state.

The U.S. gave Iran $150billion+, and guaranteed their pathway to nuclear weapons, while practically abandoning the more moderate Arab states who no longer felt America would stand with them against terrorism. The Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) is the single worst foreign policy agreement ever made by the United States. It was forced on an America public and Congress who were in strong opposition to its implementation. President Obama abandoned American interests while emboldening the radicals in Iran who daily work to destroy freedom throughout the world. President Trump called the Iran nuclear deal the worst in the history of American foreign policy, and then kept his pre-election promise to tear up the deal. As Iran continues to continually flaunt their violation of the U.N. and the JCPOA agreements by testing long range ballistic missiles, and antagonizing American warships, so far there has been no consequence for their belligerence beyond economic sanctions.
New cooperative agreements with the moderate Arab states and Israel may include a new series of alliances in the fight against ISIS, the Syrian regime, and growing Russian and Turkish influence.