Help ATP Bring Back Aynaz
Help ATP Bring back Anni Cyrus’s BYA (Because You Asked)…

People forget so easily that there is a war of civilization upon us, and we are on the defense. Aynaz [...]

Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet
Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

A Russian made Syrian Air Force fighter jet penetrated 2km into Israeli airspace, and was promptly shot down by patriot [...]

Israel Rejects Russia's Iran Plan
Israel Rejects Russia’s Iran Plan

Russian diplomats have been contradicting each other in regard to accepting the presence of Iranian controlled military assets in Syria, [...]

Pompeo: The Mullahs Are Like The Mafia

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slams the Iranian regime for neglecting its people while spending billions terrorizing the region.  

Israel Rescues Rescuers
Israel Rescues Syrian Rescuers, Assad Regime Calls It A Crime

Israel, at the behest of the United Sates, Canada, Britain and Germany, evacuated a group of “White Helmets” volunteers and [...]

Effigy Of Trump Hung, Burned At Palestinian Authority Rally

Fatah, PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ political party, organized a rally to protest the forthcoming American peace plan, despite not knowing [...]

HAMAS Chooses Destruction Over Reconstruction
HAMAS Chooses Destruction Over Reconstruction

The United States offered to make significant financial contributions for the rebuilding of Gaza infrastructure and economic development, but HAMAS, [...]

Facebook Condones Holocaust Denial
Facebook Condones Holocaust Denial

If it weren’t for low and double, Facebook wouldn’t have any “community standards”. Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently [...]