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HAMAS & Hezbollah
Hezbollah & HAMAS Training Together

The Iran backed Shi’ite terror group, that controls Lebanon, is training with the terror group [...]

Iran-Russia Cracks
Iran & Hezbollah To Withdraw Troops Assad Claims Don’t Exist

After suffering massive losses from Israeli missile strikes over the last several months, Iran and [...]

HAMAS, Iran & Hezbollah
HAMAS Leader Thanks Iran & Hezbollah For Money & Expertise

While the UN and ICC are busy launching diplomatic and legal attacks against Israel, neither [...]

Hezbollah Wins Elections
Hezbollah Big Winner In Lebanese Elections

Hezbollah, the international narco-terrorist organization, is now firmly in control of Lebanon’s parliament after Sunday’s [...]

Israel v Iran
War with Iran or it’s Proxy Hezbollah Growing More Likely

As reports of the unconfirmed Israeli Air Force bombing of a Syrian military base continue [...]

Hezbollah Chemical Weapons
Hezbollah Stockpiling Chemical Weapons

Where did Syria’s chemical weapons go under Russia’s “watchful” eye?  Hezbollah of course!  The Iranian [...]

Fatah & Iran
Palestinians Embracing Hezbollah & Iran

Iran aiding HAMAS with money and weapons has been going on for years, recently acknowledged [...]

Hezbollah – Drug Kingpins

A US House bill was introduced that would designate Hezbollah, the Iranian backed Shiite terror [...]