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Will the Courts Fix the Election Fraud?


Barry Nussbaum: Hello. Welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show. Katie Hopkins is with us all the way from England. Good evening, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Good evening to you. Thank you very much for having me on.

Barry Nussbaum: So, let's talk about the last bazillion developments in the election that just will not stop. The latest is the Pennsylvania First Appeals court had frozen the certification of the Pennsylvania electors.

A higher court just flipped on that one, and it is on its way to the Supreme Court now. The big news, I suppose, is that in the last few days, they had a hearing in Pennsylvania where the amount of evidence that was submitted that proved fraud wasn't just a little bit.

It was as if they backed up a dump truck, opened up the liftgate, and just poured out four or five tons of information. Under the Pennsylvania Senate you'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to get it. What's your take?

Katie Hopkins: I so agree with you. Not only is there this mountain of evidence that it seems that, as you say, people would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to ignore.

There's also this other layer to this, isn't there? This is the layer that you feel when you're amongst Trump supporters. You know, the thing that I felt for three months with you guys is that you know that this election was fraudulent. You know, this wasn't how it went.

I was just reading what the judge said, the guy that threw out this latest appeal from the Trump campaign. He said, "Voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide the elections." The ballots here are governed by Pennsylvania election law.

He's using that phrase when he's throwing out the appeal by the Trump campaign but in many ways, that's exactly what we're asking for. Good Americans and Trump supporters are asking for voters to choose the President.

We're asking for actual ballots to decide who is going to be the President. The problem is that's not what we think we have got. I say we I know I'm the outsider, but that's not what we got. We haven't got voters choosing.

We haven't got ballots choosing. We've got fraudulent ballots and possibly corrupted machines. In some ways, we agree with this judge, even though he's thrown out the appeal and isn't on our side.

Maybe we can agree; Barry, it's a good thing it's off to the Supreme Court. Maybe that's the long play always of Trump, and the team is to get all these through to Supreme Court and see if that can work.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, quite frankly, and I want to capitalize on the last sentence you said. If this judge had sided with the lower court, the other side would have appealed to the same Supreme Court anyway, so it needs to get to the highest court in the land from which there is no appeal.

No different than Bush v. Gore in 2000, the Supreme Court had to make the decision. Here's the lay of the land now, Katie. Trump has 232 electoral votes. Obviously, you need 270 on the nose or higher to be the next President. Pennsylvania has 20.

Massive fraud in Pennsylvania. Michigan has 16, Georgia has 16. The monster lawsuit from Sidney Powell went in a couple of days ago. I think it was 105 pages filled with evidence, affidavits, and all the proof from everywhere, including army intelligence.

You add all those up. If these three states can be flipped, then Trump isn't at 232. He's at 284. Fourteen more than needed, but here's my question. Today, the press is making fun of Sidney Powell's lawsuit because there were typos because they worked around the clock for like a week with a whole team of lawyers, and there are typos in it. Nobody wants to respond to the charges. Do they just want Trump out that badly?

Katie Hopkins: Isn't it always the way as well, Barry that, you know, I think many of us have felt this over the years and obviously not with the magnitude, the lovely Sidney Powell is facing or Trump.

But this way about when you have an argument that you present and the other side has no way of coming back, their only tool, and it's a tool they use over and over. It's like they have a playbook, and they open it up, and they say, "Oh, yes, how do we deal with this? We discredit not the argument, but the individual."

They do that thing where they have to ridicule me, have to say we look this way. They have to rip you apart for how you dress or the way you wear your hair. It's that same sort of play out here, isn't it?

Let's ridicule Sidney Powell because that was the odd typo that she wouldn't have had anything to do with anyway. Let's not address the substance of the matter. I so admire Sidney Powell through all of this because none of this can be easy.

I think we sometimes forget that these huge personalities, Sidney Powell, the hashtags that get Trump. Behind it all they're still people that get in the shower in the morning, have to feed themselves. They have their own things going on in their heads, and somehow, they're enduring all of this.

I so admire her. I sometimes feel like, when I see it as a picture, it's like you have Sidney Powell and then all of us trying to, like, hold her up. You know, behind her, just trying to, like, keep her going because these guys are really the firewall, aren't they?

They're taking all of the incoming arrows, and behind them is all of our hopes and dreams. Everything that we felt when we were so sure that Trump would win this. So, Sidney Powell, I so admire, but we see the same thing on this side of the pond. Just this endless ridicule of the lady in every way, actually, and it's horrible to watch yet again.

Barry Nussbaum: You touched on something that I've often admired about Trump, which is the sheer strength of his will. I watched the press conference yesterday, and he talked about election fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

He called out a lot of the issues that have been raised in the public hearings now. Those people were sticking USB drives into the machines, and all of a sudden, the tallies were changed. I mean, that is election fraud on a federal level that could send you to prison for 20 years.

Then the reporters opened up the questions, "When are you going to concede? What are you going to move out? Are you going to refuse to move out?" As if they had heard nothing and hated him so much that whatever he said, they had their own questions. As if the facts just don't matter.

Katie Hopkins: It is exactly that, and can you imagine as he sat there? He is the office of the President. Trump isn't just Trump the man. Trump is the office of the United States of America.

The President took office, and I think that's when he snapped at the report and reminded them, "I am the President." I think that's so important because I remember it being mentioned way back when he was first inaugurated.

Even if you didn't respect the man, you would respect the office of the President of the United States of America. I think that separation is important. I think he did such a great thing to remind the press of that in a very sharp way.

Which is, have some respect for the office and I think that matters. I also think you always see with Trump, and you see it when you see his interactions with individuals. The way he cares, the way he shakes everybody's hand, and the way that he has interacted with Emily Murphy, who is the chief of Government Services Administration.

I'm reading that, so I'd get it correct, but you could see how he hasn't conceded yet. I don't believe he will ever concede in any specific articulation of that. But what he doesn't want is the Chief of the Government Service Administration to be hurt any more than she has been.

You can feel him do that thing where he puts his wings out, and he wants to tuck her under a wing because obviously when she wasn't starting that handover/changeover process, she was coming under enormous attack.

He said, "Listen, we will start the transfer," and he condoned the attacks openly. I think that is so typical of the man, is that he doesn't want to see someone hurt and caught up in the madness that is unfolding right now, but I love that he will not concede.

I love that he's holding fast. I think it does allow all of us some reassurance. Even if, and it's a question that I'll put back to you, I think. Do you believe that eventually, Biden is going to be there on Inauguration Day? Even if the worst were to happen. Trump has prevailed still through all of this, and there is something glorious about that.

Barry Nussbaum: I have a great deal of faith that the Supreme Court will do the right thing. The Pennsylvania ruling that I read as well addressed the votes as if they were all legitimate. That is the factual determination that has yet to be proven one way or another.

Yes, there are more votes for Biden. Nobody with a brain is questioning that. The question is, are they legitimate, or are they illegitimate? Until there has been a finding of fact in one way or another that's believable in front of a court Biden is not the President-elect.

We don't have a president-elect, and we won't until someone decides what to do with the overvotes, the votes that didn't occur but are in the machines, and the votes that were maybe placed four times on behalf of one person.

I could go on for half an hour with all of the irregularities that have been found. They are going to have to be adjudicated. They have not been excepting that in the mainstream media they just want to know when Trump is moving out?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, and the good thing for us in the history of Trump, have we ever seen him cave to pressure, particularly pressure from the fake news. Never, never, never. In fact, we could argue it is his favorite sport.

When he has got them engaged in this way and Barry the fake news they know as well, if Trump ever left office their jobs about to become really, really hard because Biden is not going to be interesting.

He is not going to feed the material in the way they've just had. It was so easy for four years. I love that, as well. They're going to struggle with Biden because he is so utterly dull. The media is going to have to work for a living for a change.

Barry Nussbaum: Katie, he can barely talk. I mean, come on, it's going to be the cover-up of all cover-ups. This is sort of like, nobody in America knew that FDR was in a wheelchair.

Nobody knew that JFK had five mistresses and on and on and on because the press laid down on the job and covered it up. Thanks for joining us on ATP Report and our special thanks to my partner, Katie Hopkins.

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