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Why The Push For CRT In America?


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, and welcome. This is Thursday, June 24th, 2021. In-studio with me is Channon, riding shotgun, and Anni is on the other end, our producer. Thank you so much, everybody. Do me a favor. Do me a huge favor before we get started.

We're going to talk about CRT, and for those of you that don't know, Channon happens to be a white female. I'm going to ask her about CRT. What it means for her, and how she thinks it will affect her and her children?

I'm a black male, and I'm going to tell her what I think about CRT. So, what do you think? A black person, CRT, and a white person, CRT, but before we get into all of that in a minute.

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Okay, let's get right into this—Critical Race Theory…

You hear a lot of them on the left, Channon, trying to say that critical race theory is something that we need to bring to the schools because it's for the children. We need to teach the children about racism. Seriously?

Instead of teaching children about the ABCs, math, social studies, being a good citizen, how to balance a checkbook, or how to do your taxes. They want to introduce people disliking other people based on their race. They are saying this is a good thing to teach the children. Now, you are a white female.

Knowing that the critical race theory is going to tell black, brown, Asian, all kids other than white kids that the white kids are bad, and that's what they're doing. They're saying all of the stuff that happened in the past white kids today benefit from, regardless of the white guys never even lived here. Let's say their family lived in Poland.

You know, never even owned slaves. They came, let's say after all of the slavery was done. Let's say the family even came in the late 60s, early 70s. Never owned a slave, but they're still saying that the white people here are inherently bad because they're simply white.

Channon: Yeah. I don't know. That's a huge answer because there is so much to it.

Will Johnson: Is that a lot? Before you go, let me say one more thing.

Channon: Do you want to get into the answer?

Will Johnson: No, I said let me say one more thing before you get into your answer.

Channon: Oh, okay, say one more thing.

Will Johnson: I think it's really important. I have to bring up this comparison. I have to because if we don't bring it up and we don't acknowledge it, we're going to end up in the same situation that happened in the 1930s in Germany. During that time, they convinced the masses that the Jewish people were evil, that the Jewish people were bad.

Now, fast forward to 2021 and its critical race theory. As a black man, I'm telling everybody that they are trying to make it out that white people are bad. So, white people, in my opinion, I'm not trying to equate to what happened to the Jewish people during that time. If we don't prevent it, if we don't get ahead of this, they're going to repeat what they did to the Jewish people.

What they did was horrible. No one should ever go through that, and I don't want anybody to ever go through that again. So, what do we do as a society? We have to speak up against this craziness. My question to you, as a white female, did you know that they're deliberately saying because you are white, simply because you are white, you are spoiled, your privilege, and you're just inherently bad because you were born white?

Channon: This is ridiculous because honestly, when I look around, like if I went to a basketball game. I would think that those basketball players have more privilege than I do, or stars, no matter what race they are, have more privilege than I do.  I look around, and I'm going, well, that person has more privilege than I do.

Quite frankly, I'm not seeing why you're saying I'm opposed to that person because I'm white. Listen, we know one of the main criticisms of CRT is it teaches children; this is the biggest problem. They're pushing it in schools, and they're teaching kids divisive concepts.

They're saying because this person's white, they're bad, and because that person is black, you treat them bad because they're less than you. That's really, truly what we're teaching them.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: It's so racist in itself, both ways. It's reverse racism. Let's treat them bad because they've treated you bad, but they're also saying the reason why they choose badly is they think you're less than them. These little kids are probably sitting there going what are you talking about?

Like, I don't think that so and so is any different than me. It is going to ruin our country. We have seen, and we get so many emails and messages. We get messages from parents where their white children are mistreated or forced to do certain things that no child should be forced to do, saying that I'm a bad person because I'm white. What?

Will Johnson: I think you're referring to the student that had to do a school paper. The teachers wanted him to admit, and he was a mixed child, but he had to admit that his whiteness was bad, oppressive, and she wanted him to put that on paper.

Channon: Yeah, the teacher did.

Will Johnson: The teacher wanted him to put that on paper, but the mom, who is black, found out about this. She got upset and went up to the school, rightfully so. They didn't do anything to the teacher, to my understanding. It's sickening this is happening that they're pushing this onto the children.

Channon: But it wasn't just her. It's happening in hundreds of schools to thousands of children, and it's causing a wedge. It's also teaching people that they are already victims. I mean, we've already said that blacks are victims, right? I should correct myself. The Democrat Party said you are a victim of society because of the color of your skin.

Will Johnson: I am a victim.

Channon: So, people sit there and go, oh, my gosh, everything that has ever happened to me is not because of life or personal choices. Oh, my gosh, it's because of white people.

Will Johnson: Just because white people exist, I'm supposed to be oppressed and have it in my mind; just because white people are around, in my world, I couldn't be successful the way I wanted to be. I'm not a millionaire today because of white people. It's just stupidity.

Channon: Right, you have plenty of black people coming out now, which I'm very happy it's happening. I'm happy to see doctors, lawyers, all kinds of people saying, listen, I'm successful because of my own merit. I had the opportunity that everybody else had.

I struggled as everybody else has, but I had an opportunity just like everybody else. It erases this critical race theory. It erases the fundamental idea that was created here in America. Where all people are created equal under God, and they're getting away from that.

They're saying, well, this is to teach white people that they victimize black people forever. Most of the population here in America has not been racist, has not victimized black people. They have not gotten along for one reason or another, but it's not because of color.

It is probably because of personality, personal choices, or whatever. We have no accountability, no personal accountability for people here in America. They're saying your problem is because of somebody else, and let the government fix it.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: Let's let the government fix it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, let the government fix it. It's ridiculous that we're even having this conversation. It's completely ridiculous that we are even having this conversation and it continues to take place in the year 2021. We're supposed to be better than this as a society.

We're supposed to be better than this. We were supposed to move on from all of this. Martin Luther King and many other people have bled and even died so we can move beyond color, being the top priority for people to address each other. That's exactly what's happening here.

The famous phrase that Martin Luther King said, ‘Don't judge people by their color, but by their character.’ You hear the left. They constantly spew that out there, but who's the one pushing color? Who's pushing color onto all of us?

Who's the one that's saying white people are inherently bad simply because they're white. It's not Republicans, and they're making an effort to say, well, Republicans don't want critical race theory.

Channon: I'm offended. When Biden gets up there, and he says, ‘Oh, black people have it bad today.’ We're talking about today. We're not talking about when slavery happened. It shouldn't have happened. By the way, it was in the South, perpetuated by Democrats.

Anyway, they'll never address that. Even today, a lot of problems that people have are decisions that they've made themselves, to do or not do. Then he looks at white people and says, ‘You're all bad.’ He's not saying there are some good white people. He's not even saying that. He's not saying that young white children are innocent.

He's even saying they're guilty by birth. More than ever, most of our population is interracial, one way or another. Most of it is interracial. It's at an all-time high here in America. Just like that one child, we talked about where his mom was black, and his dad was white.

Imagine the conflict he's having. He's like, oh well, by way of my father, I should have white privilege. By way of my mother, I am a victim of my dad.

 But I'm looking at my mom and dad, and they're black and white, they love each other, they don't suppress each other, they lift each other up, and I do not see the racism that the rest of the world invents.

Will Johnson: What's happening is you have the school boards and teachers pushing this racism onto our children. You know, the reason why I believe they are doing this is that they could not get enough violence from BLM and Antifa out in the streets. They want more of it.

They want more division. The reason why I say BLM and Antifa is because of the whole George Floyd issue. They bring up George Floyd and any other black thug criminal that commits a crime. The next thing you know, they have Antifa and BLM burning down cities, destroying vehicles, parking lots, and even taking people's lives.

They're doing all of this stuff because they want the division. The mainstream media, the leftist socialists, communists, mainstream media has pushed this onto the people. I mean, come on. They push this onto the people.

So, as a result, they have to target the children to make sure that they can keep it alive. They want the racism to stay alive. Let the racism go. Let it go.

What was that actor's name? He is a black male. I can't remember his name. In one movie, he played God. He played in a whole bunch of movies, deep voice. He played the President in one movie. It's on the tip of my tongue. If I wasn’t thinking about it, I could just pop it out. I'm pretty sure someone listening is saying, it's so-and-so, Will.

It's so-and-so, but I can't remember. Anyway, he did an interview, and I think you're looking up the name. If you can find it, he did an interview.

Channon: Morgan Freeman.

Will Johnson: Morgan Freeman, thank you. I couldn't remember, Morgan Freeman. I mean, my goodness, but anyway, he did an interview. They asked him, ‘How do we stop racism?’ He said, ‘Stop talking about it. Just stop talking about it.’

The only reason why we're talking about it is that you have the left pushing it. CRT is creating racism, and the Democrats are saying, well, we need to teach it to the children because the children need to know where they came from.

Channon: Democrats are pushing racism. CRT is their tool to do it.

Will Johnson: Exactly, it's their mechanism.

Channon: We talked about it before. Where in June, this past month, Biden went to black Wall Street. He went to Tulsa to celebrate black Wall Street. At the same time, he didn't even acknowledge D-Day, and while he was there, listen to what he said.

He said, ‘I call on the American people to reflect on the deep roots of racial terror in our nation and recommit to the work of rooting out systemic racism across our country.’ Are they really working on rooting it out? I don't think they are working on rooting it out. Do you think they are working on rooting it out?

I think they're pushing it. They're creating it. They're embedding it into our society. They're creating a divisive country by saying, you are this, and you are that. Instead of saying, we're all Americans, and we're all free. They're saying, okay, it's our turn to be racist against these people because we're done being racist against those people.

Now that we got them under control, we need these other people under control. So, we're going to call them the racists. We're going to be racist against them. I don't know. What do you think? You haven't answered the question yet.

Will Johnson:  What is the question?

Channon: The question is: You as a black man.

Will Johnson: As a black man. I'm a victim. No, I'm not. Really, I'm not.

Channon: Are you black? Because I don't know. They call you a coon.

Will Johnson: They call me all of these extra things. Look, they try to say that I'm not black because I don't talk bad about white people. They say I'm not black because I love this country. They say I'm not black because I say that I'm not oppressed, that I'm not a victim, that any of the circumstances that happen, and any faults that happen are my fault.

I don't blame white people for the stuff that's going on in my life. If I'm going to blame someone when something goes wrong in my life, I blame myself. Unless someone deliberately comes and does something, that's one thing. But if I make a decision, if I make a choice, and it doesn't pan out the way that I want it to, I don't blame white people.

I don't blame white people because I don't have a doctorate. Seriously, whose fault is that? If I wanted to believe that's a fault if I don't have a master's degree or something.

Channon: You could have done it if you wanted to.

Will Johnson: I did a different career plan. My career was in IT. I put years and years into education and training, into becoming a technical engineer. I was very good at my job. No one held me back from doing that. I was very successful. I used to live in Silicon Valley. I was making six figures in Silicon Valley from doing IT work because I applied myself.

Now, I didn't have anybody white prevent me from doing that. To be honest with you, I actually have white people who helped me along the way. The white people that did it didn't do it because I was black. Not one of them came up to me, said, ‘Well, you know what, Mr. Johnson, we see that you're a black male, and you're incapable of doing anything on your own. You can't even apply your own sensible thinking to yourself.

So, we're here to tell you.’ That's how they came up with the whole black lives matter. White people are telling black people that their lives matter because black people are incapable of thinking for themselves. So, we're here to save you. We're here to help you out. It's ignorance. The stupidity of it all, and for that to take place, I mean, come on, people. Come on.

Channon: Yeah, it's sad because I know a lot of people that have careers, and none of them, when you talk to them say, ‘Did you ever feel like because you are black, Mexican, Asian or whatever, that you couldn't have done it because of the white people in America?’ Most of them laugh, like, ‘I didn't even think of that.’ Those who feel like that are the ones that aren't successful. They didn't make a good decision. They didn't try.

Will Johnson: What gets me are these rich, filthy rich, especially filthy rich black people that will go out and tell other black people that white people are oppressing them, like LeBron James. He has this mentality that white people have done stuff to him. Look, the white people pay his ticket. I mean, seriously, white people have put millions into him.

Channon: My thing is, white people may have done something to him, but it's not because they were necessarily racist. It's because of human nature. We do things. As a human resource manager, there were people that we hired, or didn't hire. There were people we give positions to, and people did not get positions.

It wasn't based on someone's color, but somebody may have said, ‘Oh, my gosh, they give to me because I'm black,’ when it has nothing to do with that. I'm saying that things happen to people. They assume that it's happening to them because of their color. Not because of their education or because of their personal decisions.

That's what's frustrating. Will, do you think not only is critical race theory damaging and divisive, but think about the damage it is causing to children that are growing. Number one, what is it doing to the white children? What are they saying? Oh, I'm such a horrible person because we've seen videos of white people.

They get on there, and they go, oh, my gosh, I'm such a terrible person because I'm white. I'm sitting here going, do you really believe that? If you believe that, then you are racist, and you are admitting it; I'm a white person that was racist, and you're actually a Democrat, so once again. What do you say?

Will Johnson: I don't think they realize what they're saying, but I want to play something for you. This is Senator Josh Hawley, and he is talking about the critical race theory. He's a white male, and he is so on point about what they're trying to do by implementing this critical race theory. Before we get into that, I want to mention Joy Reid from MSDNC.

Channon: She an idiot.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness, yes.

Channon: Talk about a racist.

Will Johnson: Talk about a racist.

Channon: Talk about racist wording.

Will Johnson: Yes, she is totally racist. For those who don't know who racist Joy Reid is, she is on MSDNC. I mean, MSNBC. She plays this clip of this white lady saying, ‘Just because I don't want critical race theory taught to my children doesn't make me racist.’

Joy Reid came back and said, ‘Yes, it does. If you don't want to teach your child that your child is racist because he's white, it makes you racist,’ is what Joy Reid is saying. It's so, so, so sickening.

Channon: It's madding.

Will Johnson: It's madding, and it's sickening. Let me play this clip for you. This is Senator Josh Hawley listen to what he says about critical race theory.

Senator Josh Hawley: Now it's a free country, Dr. Kimbe, and these other authors can write their books and debate their views and put them out in public. It's absolutely their right to do so. They are welcome to do so, but what we cannot allow, what we must not allow is our federal government to affirm and sanction and advocate this critical race theory.

We cannot allow the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, to legitimize a new era of racial engineering. In the past few years, critical race theory has gained new prominence in giant corporations, media, the military, even in our children's schools. We see this across the country. We've seen too many of our children exposed to a curriculum like the 1619 Project and their derivatives.

That encourages division rather than unity. That rewrites our history in the service of an ideological agenda rather than in the service of truth. Young children set off to school with eyes full of hope and hearts full of pride in their country, only to be taught that white privilege defines the nation.

That subjects like mathematics are inherently racist. That the Christian faith is oppressive. They're taught that the nuclear family perpetuates racism. Now, imagine for a moment if you were taught the same. Imagine if you were taught that your dreams were unjust or unfair. That your family was oppressors.

That you were at fault for the problems of our society today. We should be nurturing their dreams. We should be nurturing their hopes. We should be giving them great hope for the future. For the future of this great nation known as the United States of America. Hope for the future of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Rather than teaching them to mistrust their classmates and to distrust their own history.

Will Johnson: Exactly, they want people to distrust their own history, and the Democrats want to change the history.

Channon: And their classmates.

Will Johnson: And their classmates, I mean, to prove the point is that the Democrats have adopted the idea that Abe Lincoln, President Abe Lincoln, was a Democrat, knowing good and well that he wasn't. They even go as far as saying Martin Luther King was a Democrat when he wasn't.

They tried to say Martin Luther King stood side by side with the Democrats when he did not. The only thing he did with the Democrats was work with them because they were in political power. He had no choice. LBJ's a prime example, he had to work with them, and the only reason the Democrats did it is that they found another way of controlling black people. That's all that is.

Channon: You know, it goes back to my question before you played the clip. Imagine what it's doing to these children.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: He said it's making you mistrust your fellow student. Imagine the tension or the mixed feelings that we're creating in these children sitting in these classrooms. The black kid is looking at the white kid going, ‘Oh, my gosh, you're suppressing me,’ even though they aren't.

Will Johnson: They had lunch together, and the white kid probably shared the apple with the black kid, and the black kid probably shared the banana with the white kid, but now they get in class and are like, wait a minute, we're supposed to dislike each other just because you're white?

Channon: Right, and where he talked about math, they did say that math is racist because black kids have tested lower than the white kids on average. So, therefore, it's racist, literally math. Come on, people, really? Here's the thing,

Will Johnson: You know what?

Channon: Wait, let me finish.

Will Johnson: Okay, I'm sorry.

Channon: So, then they try to make math easier for the black children.

Will Johnson: So, they dumb it down.

Channon: Isn't that insulting.

Will Johnson: Oh, it's 100% insulting.

Channon: The parents are probably like, ‘Oh, well, at least he's getting better grades.’ That's probably what they are saying.

Will Johnson: You know what else is racist?

Channon: You because you keep cutting me off. Are you trying to use black privilege?

Will Johnson: I will tell you what else is racist, and it's not just racist to black people. It is racist to everybody.

Channon: What's that?

Will Johnson: High gas prices are racist. It's racist. I got to pay these high gas prices. To get off the subject a little bit, really quick. I saw an article just yesterday. CNN put it out there. You can't blame Joe Biden for the gas prices going high, and I'm like, seriously? How stupid can people be? I mean, who shut down the XL pipeline?

We all know it was a leftist group hacking these pipelines, and also, we got an idiot in the big house. So, of course, it is Biden's fault that the gas prices are going through the roof. You don't shut down a gas pipeline and expect the gas price to go down? It's idiotic.

Channon: Will, there is one reason why it's his fault.

Will Johnson: He's a racist.

Channon: Because he is white, right? You always do go off on those little tangents.

Will Johnson: I can't help it because it makes me think about all the stupid stuff they're doing, and they want us to believe it, but anyway, I was getting ready to say ...

Channon: You tried to cut me off again.

Will Johnson: That's that privilege. You know what? I do have a white privilege card.

Channon: He does, actually.

Will Johnson: In my wallet. I went to Cosco ...

Channon:  He really does. I'm not kidding you. He does it. He tries to use it. He pulls it out, and the poor girl looks at it, like what?

Will Johnson: Every time I go into Cosco, I show my white privilege card. I'm just waiting for someone to say; you can't use it. Really?

Channon: I don't know. I get out of the car and pretend I'm not walking in with him. So, what do you think about the critical race theory? Is it happening in the school district next to you?

We want to hear what people in your local area are doing to fight against critical race theory if anything. It's a huge topic.

Will Johnson: Did you know you don't have to have a student in the school for you to go to the school board and speak up? You have the right to know.

Channon: Yeah, your taxes have paid for that position.

Will Johnson: I think a lot of people don't know because these videos are popping up everywhere on the Internet where parents are going to the school board, and they're addressing the issues of them trying to teach racism to the children. Some of these parents are getting arrested. You know, maybe some of them are getting a little violent with them.

I mean, I can understand the violence. I don't ever call for the violence, but when you push stuff onto adults, that's one thing. Yeah, I get it. As adults, you say, adults, you need to do this, and the adults can say, no, I'm not going to do it, and just walk away. We get to do that as adults, or we can voice our opinions and say, we're not going to do this as adults.

We can argue the point all day, but when you start targeting children. Oh, my goodness, expect parents to react differently; if you want parents to get really aggressive with you, go out and want to smash you. Start targeting their children, and that's what these leftists are doing. They are targeting the children, and they expect you to be complacent and say nothing.

Channon: I know at one city school board meeting where parents were arrested, they said that they were arrested for an ‘illegal gathering.’

Will Johnson: Unlawful gathering.

Channon: Right, I was like, what? It's a school board meeting. It's open to the city—to anybody in the city who wants to come to sit in, and at one point, they are even supposed to open up the mic for questions, concerns, or whatever. A lot of school boards are trying to shut that down.

They're trying to say, oh, you can't come in here and question us. That's part of the whole; I guess you want to say the balance in our government. We have the right to address elected officials and question them on things happening, but some of these elected officials don't want to be questioned anymore.

They're saying, listen, we're getting into power, and you don't have a right to question us. I feel like they're moving on everything so quickly, well, we already know, like the Voting Act. They want to stay in power. Kamala Harris, instead of the border, she's made the voting issue her priority because she wants to stay in power.

The fact that they want to make Washington, D.C. a new state and add two more seats to the Senate is because they know it's the Demographic.

Will Johnson: There's nothing Democratic about the Democrats.

Channon: I read a thing on history the other day, and they are historically called Democratic. It's the Republicans that changed it to Democrats, and they don't know why they changed it to Democrats. Anyway, they're not democratic. There's no democracy linked to Democrats.

Will Johnson: Maybe because Republicans realized what the Democrats were trying to do because the Democrats don't care about democracy. They truly are not Democratic because if they were, they wouldn't be trying to convince people that your child is bad because your child is white. How Democratic is that?

It's not, and on top of that, if they were all about being democratic and about democracy, they would make sure that the citizens of these United States would have a say in everything. Not bring people from outside the country and say that they have more of a say in our political realm than we do. That's exactly what's happening. They are trying to destroy democracy.

Channon: Yeah, they are because this isn't a decision by the population. These are decisions made by elected officials elected by the population, but it's because we're a republic. We're not a democracy. We were watching a hearing the other day, and they were saying, ‘Listen, the fact that Washington, D.C. doesn't have two more Senate seats representing their district ruins our democracy when we vote.’

I'm like, well, you guys are not part of a democracy; you guys are part of the republic. You are our representatives that were duly elected by the population. Your vote in the Senate is not representative of a Democracy. It is a representation of our republic. It's so funny the way they throw that word around democracy so loosely.

Like they're hurting our democracy, and people sit there and go, oh, our democracy, they're hurting my voice. They are hurting me, and it triggers emotions.

Will Johnson: And what's the new one? You're right to vote the most important thing. They're trying to say that the Republicans are trying to take your vote away. Really? The Republicans are making it to where your vote counts as an American citizen, but see, the Democrats, they're coming in fighting for those that are not American citizens.

So, they can have the right to vote; that's what this is about. They don't come out and say that because they know people might say, ‘Wait a minute. They're not American citizens?’ How are you going to fight for them to vote? That's what they're trying to do because the Republicans are not preventing American citizens from voting.

They're just making sure that a poor man's vote counts the same as a rich man's vote. For some reason, that is a major problem when it comes to the Democrat Party. It's a major problem for them. I know we got off a little bit here, but I want to play another clip.

This is about the critical race theory, and this is a group of parents addressing the school board about the critical race theory. The first three parents in here are males, and they're white.

This news station that played this wanted to make sure that the people that are against it, they showed white males, and people that are for it, of course, are white liberals. They have white liberals that are female, and they have one black female. So, let's listen.

John Shirek: An overflow crowd of parents giving Forsyth County School Board members an earful.

Parent One: If you have materials that you're providing, where it says, if you were born a white male, you were born an oppressor, you are abusing our children.

John Shirek: One speaker after another accused board members of introducing so-called critical race theory about whites, blacks, and U.S. history into the classroom; parents say that CRT is now indoctrinating students disguised in the school system's initiatives on diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI.

Parent Two: The DEI program is a Trojan horse that will bring in a slippery slope. A slippery slope that will ultimately end in critical race theory, white repentance, and the McDonaldization of American students.

Parent Three: Please get back to just teaching our children math, science, factual history, equality of opportunity, and teach them how to think and not what to think.

Will Johnson: Exactly, I had to stop it there.

Channon: I like it.

Will Johnson: Such a powerful statement, but you know what? These socialist members are sitting on these school boards, and it's really disturbing to see so many of them sitting on all these school boards across the country, even in red states. It's like they knew on purpose to get on these school boards to attack our children.

So, as I said, these three males here that you just heard are all white males. They're speaking against critical race theory—me, as a black man saying that they are 100% correct. Now, listen to the two white liberal females and the one black liberal female for critical race theory and how they are trying to push it.

John Shirek: But other parents and some students said that's not what's going on in the classrooms at all. They urged the board members to expand the DEI policy.

Parent Four: This isn't a critical race theory. This is diversity inclusion. This is the golden rule. Do unto others. What could be the motivation for going against diversity and inclusion? We should make sure every child feels included. I don't know how or why this would be debated.

Will Johnson: They don't know how or why this is debated? At what point are children not being included? Seriously, they want to include hatred into the school, and that's what people are fighting against.

Channon: Well, unfortunately, these teachers didn't bring any curriculum to the meeting to show an example of whether or not this is divisive or not divisive. We've had plenty of parents bring us homework assignments that are completely divisive and racist.

So, you can sit up there all day and go, oh, I can't believe you're not for inclusion. We are for inclusion. It's actually the opposite. We're for inclusion. We're for equality. Were for treating everybody equally. They are not.

Will Johnson: No, they're not.

Channon: And to get up there and say such a blanket statement. It doesn't give you any merit to the argument, as far as I'm concerned. Parents are legitimately concerned about some of the lessons that are being taught to children.

They're bringing it to the school boards. Even for sexual education, we had one mother her video went viral, showing examples of what her child was being taught.

Will Johnson: The sexual act of it in the book. Oh, my goodness.

Channon: The board members were shocked that she was showing this to them. Like, they were offended.

Will Johnson: But they approved it, and you know what? They were upset because she brought it to light, showing everyone how these lefties, and I have to say it, they're all pedophiles.

Them pushing this onto children makes them a pedophile. They get upset with her because she's saying, look, you're pushing this onto the children. You approve of this.

Channon: I'm going to tell you what. I could care less about what those teachers feel or think about what should be taught to my child. I could care less about their opinion. I want them to teach math. I want them to teach history, like the gentleman said, correct history.

I just want them to do the blanket things. I don't want them to teach some of the social issues and stuff they're teaching because it teaches them how to be, what to say, and what to think. It is not teaching free thought.

So, when they get up and are like, ‘I don't understand.’ I'm like, ‘You know what? Sit down and let me tell you what my tax dollars are paying you to do. What I approve of and what I don't approve of.’

Will Johnson: Yeah, you know what? They say they're doing the same thing they did with the whole climate change when it comes to CRT. First, they were saying global warming, but people were not going along with global warming. They are like, okay, people not buying the global warming because it was cold in places.

So, they changed it from global warming to climate change because we all see climate change at least four times a year. We all see that. So, they change it to climate change to convince people of something else, the whole agenda. They're doing the same thing here. Instead of saying critical race theory CRT, they mention in that report that they're calling it diversity, equity, inclusion.

Seriously, diversity, equity, inclusion, means the same thing as CRT, but we renamed it as something else to make it seem like we want everybody to come together. You know what?

People are on to them. The liberals have lost all rational thinking as soon as they put in diversity, and it's coming for them. We know what they mean when they talk about equality, equity. We know exactly what they mean and especially when they say inclusion.

Channon: All these terms are about lying and manipulating. Their playing language games. They're not telling the truth. What they're doing is they're doing hot button issues, like how can we trigger these people. How can we get them stimulated? Because what is the other purpose?

Truly, what is the purpose? Is it productive to say, listen, you're a terrible person because you're white? You're a victim because you're black? How productive is that? It's not unifying. It's not productive. If anything, it's counterproductive. Now, if we teach, you are all Americans.

You all have the opportunity in America to be whatever you want to be. That's what we were taught before. We see a whole bunch of people that came out of that successful, of all races, but now we're doing the opposite. Will, you and I have seen job postings where they are like, listen, at this point, we are only hiring blacks or minorities.

Will Johnson: A popular one is iHeartRadio. They straight-up said, ‘We would only hire; I'm paraphrasing here, ‘We're not going to hire white people right now. White people don't even apply because you're not going to get hired.’ They're straight-up discriminating.

Channon: That is racist.

Will Johnson: Can you imagine? If a company says, you know what, we're not going to have any black people, so don't even apply. Oh, my goodness. There will be lawsuits flying left and right!

Channon: You know why? Because it's racists.

Will Johnson: Where is the ACLU at? The ACLU should be like, this is not right. Aren't there white people at the ACLU?

Channon: Well, they're probably liberal.

Will Johnson: They're 100% liberal. ACLU is 100% liberal, but it's the point, the double standard. You know what? I have to say that some students are grasping what's going on, even the young ones. There's a young girl, a young lady at the age of nine, that gets it.

She's very good, and she has a strong political career ahead of her if she wants it, or she probably could be a lawyer. She can apply herself to be anything. I want you to listen to what she said because she blows it out of the water.

Novalee: It's me again. The other day, I was walking down the hallway at Lakeview Elementary School to give a teacher a retiring gift. I looked up on the wall and saw a BLM poster and an Amanda Gorman poster. In case you don't know, who that chick is, she's some girl who did a poem at Biden's so-called inauguration. I was so mad. I was told two weeks ago at this very meeting spot, no politics in school. I believed what you said at this meeting.

So, at lunch, I went up to my principal to tell him about the BLM poster and that I wanted it down. He said, ‘It's not coming down.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it is, because the school board said on May 25th, no BLM or politics in school.’ He said, ‘That's weird. They were the ones who made them.’ I was stunned.

When I was here two weeks ago, you told us to report any BLM in our schools. Apparently, you know they're in our schools because you made the signs. I said, ‘There should be no BLM in schools, period.’ It doesn't matter the color you make the posters and the fonts you use. We all understand the meaning.

It is a political message about getting rid of police officers, rioting, burning buildings down while King Governor Walz just sits on his throne and watches. We all know changing the font or the color of posters does not change the meaning. I am nine years old, and I know that. You expect me to believe that you did not know what you were doing by making these posters.

Come on, people. I do not judge people by the color of their skin. I don't really care what color their hair, skin, or eyes are. I judge by the way they treat me. MLK said, ‘I have a dream that one day my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’

That dream has come true. I do not care to look at the color of skin, but you make me think that. I have Asian, Mexican, white, Chinese, black friends, and I don't care. I like them because some of them make me laugh. Some are sweet and kind, sporty, or share the love of God.

They're just my friends. You have lied to me, and I'm very disappointed in all of you. You can't even follow your own rules. If you're going to do that, why do we follow any rules we deem unfit or ridiculous. I'm not following your mask rule anymore, then. Get the posters out of our schools. Courage is contagious, so be courageous.

Channon: Exactly. Nine years old.

Will Johnson: Nine years old.

Channon: I like it.

Will Johnson: Critical race theory, with them putting BLM signs up is part of the curriculum.

Channon: Of course, it is. Yeah, it's part of the equity curriculum.

Will Johnson: Yeah, so, if you're going to put a Black Lives Matter sign up, shouldn't it be appropriate to put a white lives matter too or all lives matter? But they can't do that because they want the division.

It's all about creating the division, and another reason I think they're trying to push it into the schools is that once they get the students hating each other because of color then the students end up getting in conflicts with one another. All that is going to spill over to the parents, and then the parents are going to get upset because they're pushing this nonsense.

Channon: Well, we've already seen plenty of grown adults acting a fool against another race. Mainly we have seen a lot of black people acting crazy.

Will Johnson: Against Asian people especially.

Channon: They just go crazy. They shoot people. They've been killing people. I mean, it's crazy. This is a product of their division, quite frankly. Listen, we just had the Biden administration create a debt relief program where only if you're a nonwhite farmer can you apply.

Now, if I was a white farmer and I was sitting here struggling, and I'm saying, oh my gosh, I'm just like them. I'm equal to them in the size of my farm. In the production, I've done everything that they've done. They are no greater than me, and I am no greater to them, yet you're giving them something simply based on the color of their skin.

That is racism. So, this isn't just happening in the schools. This administration, this Democrat government, is creating division all across our country in the legislation that they're creating. In the school curriculum that they're creating. It's crazy, and we need people to speak up. In Florida, a judge blocked Biden's debt relief program for nonwhite farmers because it's racist people, absolutely racist.

Will Johnson: 100%, and of course, the left, they don't see it that way. I mean, when you're doing this to white people, they have it in their mind that it's justified, hands down, straight-up.

They figured that it is justified for them to do this towards white people because white people have been the oppressors for all of this time. It's so stupid. I mean, what are we doing here, people? What are we doing?

Like, I mentioned when we first started, haven't we gotten past all of this? Why are we still talking about people's color? We can be so much better. We could achieve so much more in society if we could just get beyond this petty nonsense.

Channon: It's funny because I sent you a clip, I don't know if you got it, but there's this guy that's come out against the critical race theory. His name is, and you've probably heard of Christopher Rufo. He had a conflict with Mrs. Reid on her show.

Anyway, Chris Rufo is coming out, and he's arguing against critical race theory, but believe it or not, he's arguing from some research that came out of Obama's administration, where the research that they did say that by in large there is no racism in America.

Will Johnson: This came out of the Obama administration, and he's defending what came out of the Obama administration.

Channon: He uses this research that came out of the Obama administration, saying that, listen, racism is not where it used to be. People are more successful. People are picked for jobs based on their merits. It had all this stuff in it, so he's actually using that to argue against critical race theory.

My question is, listen, if Obama knew that back then, if research came out of his time as a president, then Biden knew it too. So, you always have to look when you are dealing with Democrats; you have to look at what their intentions are, by what they're doing.

Honestly, they never cared about Washington, D.C. becoming an actual state until right now. They're pushing it really hard right now because they want to keep control in the Senate and Congress. That's the whole purpose. Their purpose isn't, all of a sudden, they care about the people in Washington, D.C. because, believe me, if the demographic were mostly conservative, they would be pushing for it not to be a state.

You always have to look at what their intentions are. You can't believe what they say. You have to look at their actions. You have to compare it to what they've done in the past. How come all of a sudden, this is important to these people?

These people have been in power for many, many years. It's not like they just popped up, and they're like, oh, we're new here, we've seen that this has been unfair in the past, and now we're here to fix it. That's not what it is. I have a loss for words.

Will Johnson: I understand why they're doing it because they want division. They are all saying they are inclusive, equality and equity. They say all of these keywords that are supposed to make people go like, yeah, we can't be against being inclusive. Who would be against that? But they say the words, but they're actually against it.

We're having a conversation, and to be honest with you, I think it's going to get a lot worse. I think it's going to get so bad, and they're not going to stop because they feel that this is their opportunity.

They feel that this is the time for them to remove anything and everything that goes against their sinister agenda. I've said this many times. The left believes they have all the answers. The left believes they know what's best for us all. The left, they believe that they are the light in the world.

They really do because if they didn't, they wouldn't be suggesting all of this stupid stuff to us. Then the big tech companies, mainstream media, all of them are pushing it as if this is something wonderful. When it causes division, and they're saying it doesn't. We all know who's lying.

Channon: Well, obviously, the division is at an all-time high.

Will Johnson: Of course, then they try to blame President Trump for all the division when they're the ones pushing the division. It's ridiculous. I mean, come on.

Channon: I know, right. In the words of Joe Biden, come on. Come on, man,

Will Johnson: I mean, come on, seriously. It's never-ending with them. It's never-ending with the Democrats.

Channon: I agree with you. As you said, you think it's going to get worse. Months ago, we said, how much worse can it get? It keeps getting worse.

Will Johnson: And we're just coming to the summer.

Channon: It always surprises me with the dumb stuff they come up with. It absolutely blows me away.

Will Johnson: CRT is dumb.

Channon: Yeah, CRT is dumb. H.R.1 is dumb. I mean, to federalize our election. That goes against the very fiber of America.

Will Johnson: We didn't even get into that. My goodness, and how they're highly upset because they can't get rid of the filibuster.

Channon: That's what I was thinking about; they want to get rid of the filibuster.

Will Johnson: You know the timing of it; they were trying to get rid of the filibuster before they brought up H.R.1. Because if they would have gotten rid of filibuster before the H.R.1 vote came up ...

Channon: H.R.1 would have passed.

Will Johnson: H.R.1 would have passed, and then they would push everything else they want through by getting rid of the filibuster. It's really bad.

Channon: If you look at everything that they're passing, it's all about power. It's all about power, and if you can't see that, then you need to do your research on some of the stuff that they're passing. Even the infrastructure bill that he passed.

I can't believe it's a bipartisan plan, but quite frankly, in one way or another, something needed to happen. I can't wait for the details to come out because I bet a ton of it has nothing to do with infrastructure. In fact, I heard some of it has to do with tearing down bridges, and it comes up with the new green deal.

Will Johnson: But you know what? We're at the end.

Channon: Okay, we are.

Will Johnson: I hope you had a good time listening everybody, there are 10 seconds left. We'll see you next Thursday. God bless you. God bless America, and of course, we'll see you next Thursday.

President Joe Biden: Come on, man.

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