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What is America Transitioning Into?


Anni Cyrus: Hello, everybody. Welcome to ATP Report Radio. I know you were not expecting my voice. This is the producer Anni Cyrus. We are having a little bit of technical difficulty bringing Will and Channon on. So, I figured I'm just going to come on in and say hi, and give a shout-out while we wait.

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With that being said, hang in there because Will and Channon are here. At least I hope they are here. Are you guys there?

Channon: Yep, we're here. Hello, everybody. Happy Thursday.

Anni Cyrus: Perfect, OK.

Channon:  Yeah, thank you, Anni. Thank you, Anni. Yes, today we are talking about what America is transitioning into. It is crazy how much America has changed since January. Absolutely crazy. We have the border, which just last month border agents report that they have apprehended 172,000 illegal immigrants.

We have gun rights on the chopping block. What else do we have, Will? What else do we have here? Oh, yes, we have this huge, gigantic 2.3 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan going on. States across America are starting to put in laws to protect voting rights. Some are arguing that it's not voting rights.

Will Johnson: They are also putting in laws for gun rights. So, you can have the right to protect your person. It's crazy.

Channon: Yeah, it's crazy.

Will Johnson: Let me jump in here really quick if I can. Hello, everybody. Thank you for being with us. Please do me a favor. Get out your mobile device and send me a text to 88202, and type in Will. In the body of the text, type W-I-L-L to 88202, and send me a text.

It's free information that you will get. It is really simple, seriously. On your mobile device, do it, do it, do it, do it. Do it for me. Channon, if someone wants to give us a call, you know, especially those out there that want to tell us that we are all wrong in what we were are saying, in what were are doing. What would that number be?

Channon: Well, they can call you, Will, at 516-595-8069 and press 1 to come on the line. If you didn't get a pen and paper ready, you could do it now. I'm about to give you the number again.

Will Johnson: Give them a second, give them a second, give them a second.

Channon: Yes, I am holding on. I am holding on.

Will Johnson: Because everyone says they say it so fast.

Channon: I know.

Will Johnson: I can't get a pencil and paper to get the number.

Channon: Actually, why don't you just pick up your phone and start dialing? Dial 516-595-8069. We like to talk to people. I don't know why more people don't call us Will.

Will Johnson: You know, some people are kind of scared.

Channon: Scared?

Will Johnson: Yeah, well, you know, I say that, but I like it when they call in and try to prove me wrong. But anyways.

Channon: Nobody calls and proves you wrong, Will.

Will Johnson: Huh? I'm wrong all the time. You tell me that all the time.

Channon: I tell you that, but I haven't had any callers actually brave enough to call you and tell you you're wrong. Not often enough. At least they haven't had an argument that is convincing enough to prove you wrong.

Will Johnson: Well.

Channon:  That's the problem.

Will Johnson: Well, let's give it time. Let's give it time. Maybe somebody, or at least maybe someone, will call in and have the conversation. Just one more time, if you would. Just for me, give me that phone number again.

Channon: It is 516-595-8069. What do you want to talk about first, Will? What do you think? Gosh, so much is happening here in America.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: I mean, it's a different place.

Will Johnson: It hasn't even been 100 days. Has it been 100 days yet?

Channon: I don't even know. Who cares?

Will Johnson: Think about it. I think it's April 20th, right? That's 100 days. Is that correct? Am I correct? Is that correct?

Channon: I don't know. I don't want to figure it out right now.

Will Johnson: You don't want to do the math on it? While we are talking here. I am going to do the math on it. I got time.

Channon: I don't know. Somebody do the math and call in for us. I don't feel like doing it.

Will Johnson: Well, the reason why I want to know is that I wonder how many people are going to go at the 100-day mark and say, wow, look at all the achievements that Biden has done. Look at all the achievements the Democrats have done.

Can you name one positive achievement that the Democrats have done for the entire U.S.? Is there one? I mean, giving out money to people is not an achievement.

Channon: It's not.

Will Johnson: Seriously.

Channon: Yeah. Well, I mean, some people will say it's a nice gesture, but it doesn't do anything for the overall progress to move us forward, in all honesty, right. I mean, I don't know.

Will Johnson: I don't know either, but I did look it up because I don't want to do the math either. So, I cheated.

Channon: You cheated?

Will Johnson: I cheated.

Channon: You googled it? He googled it.

Will Johnson: I googled it. So, you know, when I used to work in I.T. and I would have to call these different companies that we have a product with, and they didn't know the answer. Then I could hear them typing the background. I would go. Are you Googling the answer? They would go, I am.

Channon: Right, either that or YouTube it.

Will Johnson: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, the same thing as google.

Channon: YouTube was so YouTube. Yeah

Will Johnson: Absolutely. Absolutely, video archive. But as of April 30th, which is a Friday, that would be 100 days since January 20th.

Channon: OK, April 30th.

Will Johnson: April 30th.

Channon: It hasn't been 100 days yet.

Will Johnson: But you know what? When President Trump was in office, the first 100 days, rallies were being prepared.

Channon: Oh Yeah.

Will Johnson: People were like looking to celebrate because the country was on the right track. Now, I mean, it is so chaotic, so destructive in what we're seeing. What is taking place in our nation today, and that's why the nation is changing.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: Actually, it already changed because I'm still going to say this. The plandemic was put in place to attack President Trump, to attack our sovereignty, and to bring all of us into this one-world global economy.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I'm still saying that today because we see evidence of it because that's their movement right now. That's where they're moving.

Channon: You know, it's interesting because, you know, every day we talk about what are you going to talk about? There's just so much. There's so much that Biden has done negatively for America. It's almost overwhelming. It's like, okay, which one should we talk about first? Right?

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: So, we can talk about, I don't know. What do you want to talk about? Do you want to talk about gun rights?

Will Johnson: We could talk about Georgia; we could talk about gun rights. We could talk about how they're still pushing the whole thing onto our children, not to be the way they were born. You know, the list goes on.

Channon: Okay, let's talk about that subject.

Will Johnson: We could talk about the border. The list goes on. You know what? Biden, now he's switching, and he's going to work on the border wall. He said I hope I'm getting this right. The way I understand, he said he's going to fill in the gaps that were left open.

Channon: Yeah, that's called finishing the wall.

Will Johnson: That's called completing the job.

Channon: All of a sudden, he realizes, wait a minute, I think we do need that wall. He can't say that, right. He can't bring it upon himself to say Trump was right.

Will Johnson: No, he can't. You know what? They're going to finish; I'm going to make a prediction here. They're going to finish the wall, and then after they finish the wall, they're going to say that they completed this job. Which technically, they would have completed it.

But they're going to push it that they were the ones who initiated all of this to protect the American people. You know, that's what they're going to do.

Channon: Hum

Will Johnson: And people, because people don't remember stuff from 2.3 seconds later, they're going to like, Biden did that. Trump didn't have anything to do with it. All of a sudden, they're going to be for it. But you know what?

I think it's only going to be temporary because they still want to take us into, as I mentioned a second ago, this global system because you can't have borders and be a part of the world community. It doesn't work. It doesn't work, or maybe they will have the walls up. Just let everyone come in through the front door, and don't even check anyone.

That could be it as well. But right now, it is making them look so bad on the border with all these children and women coming across. One video was floating around out there with his little boy that was with a group of people. The border patrol went up to him and the little boy was just bawling, crying because he's out in the middle of nowhere by himself. He doesn't know what happened to the group of people. He doesn't know which way they went, nothing.

Channon: Can you imagine how scary that is.

Will Johnson: Nothing. I mean, looking at the video, he's probably no more than, I'm guessing, maybe nine, maybe ten.

Channon: Right. So, this has become such a huge business for Mexico.

Will Johnson: Oh, yes. For the cartel.

Channon: So, Epoch Times had a video yesterday that I was watching, and they have found, you know, the wristbands you get when you go to the amusement park or something like that.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: They're color-coded and stuff like that. Literally, the cartel is handing out these wristbands to say where the people are coming from, what cartel is running them, if they paid or haven't paid yet. It's crazy.

Will Johnson: So, they have this organized crime. It's organized.

Channon: Exactly, it's organized crime.

Will Johnson: Get in line if you need to pay. You pay here, and we're going to fast-track you if you have on this.

Channon: Come on, get your wristband.

Will Johnson: If you have on this wristband, you get fast-tracked. If you don’t get that wristband, you're going to be in the back of the line. The slow line. Wow.

Channon: Right. So, Brandon Judd is the President of the National Border Patrol Council, okay. He said, “I would argue that it's the biggest surge that we've ever seen in the history of the Border Patrol.”

Will Johnson: But the left is saying, oh, there's no crisis here. There's nothing going on, nothing to see, nothing to see.

Channon: Right, how many times have we heard the leftists saying, oh, this has always been happening? There are always people crossing the border. It is different.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Is that the tone they say it in?

Channon: Yeah, liberals. Hey, I'm a liberal. Yeah, he said this is nothing like they've ever seen before, right?

Will Johnson: I mean, when I was on the border myself, I talked to Border Patrol, and they said we've never been this overwhelmed. The Border Patrol is exhausted. They're tired because as soon as they sleep, they go to work.

When they get off, they go to sleep. They wake up, and they go to work. It's like no time off even. They're overworked, underpaid, and just stressed out by the current administration.

Channon: Yeah. They said they're dealing with 800 and 900 thousand different people. He said now some of the arrests that they are making and they're turning people around, a lot of the arrests are, guess what? Single males, right?

Will Johnson: No. Not singles males, no.

Channon: What do you think their purpose is here? Not only a small percent well, I don't want to say a small percentage. But, you know, out of, maybe 400, 500 thousand people this year will be seeking asylum. The rest are well; they're saying estimate 1.5 million people.

You know, most of them are single males, and then, of course, there's this surge of these illegal children coming across the border. I cannot understand how, number one, Biden and Kamala Harris have not yet visited the border. It's beyond my comprehension. It's like they don't care.

Will Johnson:  There's no issue.

Channon: Right. So, these poor states like Texas, what we are in. Arizona, California is now trying to come up with their own ways to protect the citizens of these states from this surge of illegal aliens. Let me tell you what. They are arresting people. They're arresting sex traffickers.

They're arresting people that have felonies, drug charges, murder charges. They say they send them back, but they keep coming back. The sad thing is, people in America are not going to get upset until it hits our doorstep. You and I say it all the time, Will. People ignore it until it personally affects them.

Will Johnson: Yeah. That's with everything.

Channon: But why would you do that? Why would you wait until your child's life is taken or your family is personally affected? Why would you wait until that moment? I don't get it, you know.

Will Johnson: What it comes down to is that you have a lot of people that ignore it. They live their lives day-to-day because they say it's directly not affecting them? That's what it comes down to, they say, well, it's not affecting me.

I don't need to worry about it, but indirectly it affects all of us as a nation because who do you think is going to get it? Who would say that your child or even yourself or a loved one riding down the street and somebody was in a vehicle that they shouldn't have been in?

People go, well, there's always been accidents, and Americans always have killed Americans in the past. But you know what? If you can prevent something, why wouldn’t you try?

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: That's what I don't understand. If you can prevent something, why not try.

Channon: Often, in cases where these people have come into our country illegally, when they kill somebody via vehicle, via on purpose, by killing, stabbing, whatever, they run away and aren't held accountable. Then we don't know where to find them, and then the families are left with the tragedy of losing a loved one.

I'm talking about not only, you know what I said before, but we're talking about sex trafficking. We're talking about drugs. We talked about last week how fentanyl is coming through the border and how that's going to affect families here in America.

Will Johnson: Right, right, right.

Channon: It's a huge, huge problem.

Will Johnson: To my understanding, I saw the report that was on at the Epoch Times as well. They were saying that a lot of these drugs are manufactured in China and then trafficked through the southern border of the United States. So, because of the relationship that Biden has with China.

With Biden completing in the wall, are they going to come in and tell him to stop? Or are they going to say, I mean, really, do they need to? Seriously, Biden can say just bring it through the port of entry over here. No one will pay attention to that. I'll just have some military; I have certain personnel.

I won't say the military. I have certain personnel monitor this dock here, you just bring it on in, and we'll just let it go past customs. I mean, who's to stop it?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Who's to stop it? I mean, who's to stop Biden from doing that? Right? It's just a question. I'm just asking a question, Okay? I'm not saying that he is doing that, and I'm not suggesting that they should do that. We're just having a conversation about it.

Channon: Well, my question is too, it's been proven that these people are also bringing cases of the virus to America. We're just releasing them to the public. I mean, we tell them to quarantine, we give them a place to quarantine, but at some point, they're just released out into the public.

If COVID is such a big thing for them, why would they be opening up the border for people with the virus to flood in? Last month, within the past two months, the Border Patrol had also captured two Yemeni men on the FBI's terror watch list, and they're also on the no-fly list. They came through the border as well. So, we have terrorists coming in.

Will Johnson: Just imagine, they caught these two. What about the ones they have not caught?

Channon: That's exactly my point.

Will Johnson: Imagine. Imagine, and you know, the left will go, well, you can't say that there are any there. You can. I mean, they're catching them.

Channon: There is absolutely some there.

Will Johnson: Well, the left will go, but they're catching them. But they're catching them. You can't say that any got through because you don't know.

Channon: They're so overwhelmed at the border. I mean, even the border patrol is like we can't get everybody. They just don't have the manpower. They were asking for freaking volunteers.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Could we have some volunteers, please? Come on down to the border.

Will Johnson: You know what? I tell you, when I was down on the border myself, let me just tell you. I've been to the border before, and never before have I experienced such hospitality from Border Patrol. When we were riding along the border, we had Border Patrol pull up to us and say, “What are you doing?”

“We're here as freelance press, and we're documenting what's going on,” and they say, “Okay.” Then they go, “Thank you for reporting on this.” You know, like, they would say it constantly. So, they were happy about it, especially because the current administration didn't want any press to record or document what's going on. But, you know, soon as you do that, you can't stop it.

That makes people more interested in something when you have a tyrannical government telling you not to talk about something. That right there is a signal. Don't eat the last cookie in the cookie jar. Really, you're going to tell me not to eat it. That cookie just became very, very good.

Channon: Right? Well, the crisis at the border is going to have a huge impact on our country for years to come.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, huge.

Channon: For years to come.

Will Johnson: I mean, just January alone, they have released between 25,000 - 30,000 people into the population. To my understanding, a lot of them don't even have a court date.

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: No court date. Between 25 and 30 thousand. Of course, they're saying that they're shipping them all to these, you know, red states because all of a sudden, they're going to try and make it to where they can all vote. The same way they did California. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The same way they did Commie-fornia.

Channon: Right. Well, you know, those people are going to come here, and they're looking for jobs. Some of them are. At some point, they're going to come here, and they're going to take American jobs. I can see, especially the Democrat states are like, oh, you don't need I.D. to have a job. Just like you don't need an I.D. to vote. You don't need this. You don't need that.

Will Johnson: I can see that, too. I mean, because in a lot of places, especially along the border, unless you're bilingual, you can't get a job.

Channon: I mean, it's very difficult.

Will Johnson: But you know what's amazing? Think about this. If you're an American citizen and you're not bilingual, you can't get a job, but if you only speak Spanish, you can get a job. Seriously, that's what they want. If you can't speak English, you can get a job in the United States of America.

A lot of businesses along the border are, even like a lot of locations in California. It's not just the border. But if you don't speak English, you can get a job. How is it that not discriminating against American citizens?

Channon: Right. Well, on top of that, we have this new Biden's infrastructure plan, which is not just about infrastructure. It is packed with agenda.

Will Johnson: Global Infrastructure Plan.

Channon: Right, and there have been, of course, any time a president puts out some kind of infrastructure, there are people to analyze it. To see what the possible impacts of that plan are.

Will Johnson: Let's see how we can destroy America's policies.

Channon: So, there was this study by a group called the National Association of Manufacturers because they're concerned, right. Along with this infrastructure package, Biden says, hey, I'm gonna tell you how I'm going to pay for it.

Do you know how I'm going to pay for it? All these great corporations are hiring you, giving you medical insurance, giving you living wages to provide for your families, and giving you a sense of pride for being able to provide for your family. We're going to jack up their corporate tax by a lot. Let me tell you, right now; the corporate tax is 21%.

He wants to jack it up to 28%. I don't know if you owned a business before, but that's a big chunk of change. It's almost like he's punishing them for being a business here in America, and they're saying that this association that conducted this study, they are saying that Biden's infrastructure plan will actually cost America one million jobs.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? That's the idea. That's the idea; they want to come like they have the answer to it all. Like, they have the answers to fix all of this. But all they're going to end up doing is destroying America.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: We see it. Many people see it. You know what the thing is, people, don't need us to tell them what they're doing because people see it. This is just ridiculous. The only thing is when we're sitting here talking about it. People are like, man, man, this is so disgusting. It's terrible. I see they're doing it. A lot of people resonate with it because they see it, and we're talking about it.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: So, it's like a confirmation for a lot of people that actually pay attention to what's going on and for the people that are not paying attention to what's going on. They go back to whatever it is they're watching and thinking that it's going to eventually go away. This is just normal. It's just the go-around. This is what happens in a political atmosphere. No, no, and no.

Channon: So, let me tell you, a lot of people are in support of plans like Joe Biden and raising the corporate tax. You know, they're usually not really in support of Capitalist Society.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: I mean, how many Democrats say, oh, the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer? America has thrived. In America, most of the businesses owned here in America are owned by small businesses. Just so you know, that's how most people in America are making America thrive, small businesses.

Then you do have corporate America, which employs people, gives them health benefits, actually helps people with education, growing themselves. But here's another thing about corporate that people don't understand. When businesses come to a city, town, state and they want to, let's say, you and I Will, there was this church where we used to live.

They wanted to add on to the church. So, in order for the church to add on, guess what? The city had all kinds of stipulations. So, they had to, like, build a road, a place that wasn't even near the church. They had to invest in the city by providing funds for this road. There was a stop sign in one location.

They had to pay to put up a streetlight light. They have all these stipulations for this business that wants to come into the community. That's what they do to corporate America, too. You know, corporate America when they go to city, states, and stuff.

There's a reason why those states normally want those businesses there, and it's not just to employ people. It's also because they help build up the city, the state, and so on. They contribute to freeways. They contribute to roads. They contribute to schools.

They contribute to city downtowns and in downtowns growing. They contribute to all that. So, it's not just a matter of, you know, these people aren't paying enough taxes because they are paying taxes, but they are also doing a ton of other things for the city, state, and community.

Will Johnson: That's the problem, that's a problem, and I've said this many times as well. President Trump was saying America first. The people in America come first. You have the left; they want to do just the opposite. America last and destroy the small business.

They even said that if a small business is not going to pay their employees $15 an hour, let's say this is an extremely small business. That's just barely making it—maybe one or two employees. If you can't pay, if the small business can't pay their employees $15 an hour, the left, they're saying we don't need those small businesses.

Small business is the backbone of this nation, and they know that. So, that's why they're trying to put in all these policies, even these medium to large businesses paying their employees and stuff like that or whatever. They're putting policies on them because they can pay them $15 more.

But they're going to put these policies on them to crush them. They're doing it right before our very eyes. So many people go, what can we do? What can we do? Like there's nothing we can do. It's like people are getting frustrated with it because they're losing their jobs and losing their health care.

They want to get into health care, but they're losing all of this stuff, and it's because of the policies that the left is doing. Before the plandemic came along, President Trump had the economy booming. It was beautiful.

Channon: Because President Trump understood.

Will Johnson: People were working. Yes, people were working. Businesses were meeting President Trump at the White House, saying, Mr. President Trump would make a pledge to bring X amount of jobs back to the United States of America because you remove the red tape. You removed all of these policies, and the left said, oh, my goodness, he's going to help America out. We've got to do something to stop this. I don't care. We have to do it on a large scale.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Even if it affects the entire planet. We've got to stop Trump. That was their model. That was to goal, and we see the results of what they did today. So, hey, if someone wants to give us a call, Channon. What was that number? Because I would love to hear what someone has to say, especially if you disagree with me.

Channon: Yeah. So, the number is 516-595-8069. If he didn't have a pen and paper, the number again is 516-595-8069, press 1 to come on the line with us. You know what, Will? It's interesting because you were just talking about President Trump and his great policies and how they created all these jobs. It's funny because the Democrats say we want to get people working.

Will Johnson: Is that so?

Channon: More than ever, Trump knew how to get people working.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Unemployment for blacks was the lowest it's ever been. Women and minorities created more small businesses under President Trump than ever before.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: President Trump knew how to get people working.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: He knew how to put money in people's pockets. He knew how to improve people's livelihood by giving them opportunities to have a livelihood. Let me tell you something. When you want to tax corporate America, you're hurting Americans. I hate to tell them that and see; the thing is this, people are so ignorant of how things work. The Democrats, they play on these words, right?

They go, oh, the rich pay less taxes than you. The people go, oh, no, they pay less than me. That's so unfair. Well, they're also paying for roads, are paying for schools, they're paying for your health care. They're paying for you to have a livelihood for your family. They are paying for all these other things, people.

This is how it works. But people are ignorant, and they think with their feelings instead of what's actually happening. They know what? That's what is happening with these gun laws that Biden is about to put out on America.

Will Johnson: Oh, man. You know, the gun laws that they want to push on to us are completely disgusting. So many of us said as soon as they can, as soon as they do it, we all see it coming. They're going to want to take our guns. I'm just saying this is history repeating itself.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: A lot of people, you hear a lot of people on the left, especially with Obama because Obama, he was kind of like hinting around with it. He was testing the waters.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I think they tested the waters enough. I think they're going to go full-on.

Channon: They are.

Will Johnson: Especially, okay, so we have these red flag laws that they've been trying to push onto us. That's going to get hit with a shot of steroids.

Channon: First, I want to tell everybody, our producer just told me to make sure I tell you guys to press 1 to come on the line with us. Call 515-595-8069. Yes, please press 1 to come on the line us.

Will Johnson: They just need to push the number 1 button on the phone?

Channon: Yeah, so they can talk to Will.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Channon: Okay. So, Biden is calling for new gun control. He's saying that he's doing these gun control laws before actions; he's calling them. Because why? Because guns are now a new public health crisis. Did you know that?

Will Johnson: It's a public health crisis?

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Channon: Yes. So, the person that he put in charge of the ATF, which is the Alcohol, what is it? The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Organization is a total gun control advocate. He works for the Giffords that are out of Arkansas. I don't know if you remember the Giffords. She was a representative in Congress.

Will Johnson: Is it Taffy Gifford? Tammy Gifford?

Channon: Was it? Yes, something. Her husband got ...

Will Johnson: She was at an event, right?

Channon: Yes, and she got shot or whatever. So, they're like huge on, you know, gun control. This guy worked with them. So, Biden is telling us one thing, but his actions are telling us another. See, that's what you always have to pay attention to when you deal with Democrats. They tell you one thing to get you triggered emotionally, and so on.

Then they do another thing. Their actions go another way, which are to control you, limit you, and incorporate big government. Biden is saying to everyone, listen, this has nothing to do with it. They're trying to scare you by saying this is about limiting your gun rights. It is not about limiting your gun rights.

Total lie, right? But most people fall for it. They go, oh see, he said, don't worry. He said, don't worry about that. We are not going to take it. Don't worry.

Will Johnson:  Don't worry. Don't worry, be happy now.

Channon: Be happy. We're going to take your guns away.

Will Johnson: You know what? Was it Ronald Reagan who said, I think he said, that the nine scariest words you can hear from the government are, "I am from the government, and I'm here to help.”?

Channon: Exactly. Exactly, before we keep talking about this, though, we have William on the line from Arizona. William, what you got for Will?

William: Are you talking to me now?

Channon: I'm talking to you.

Will Johnson: I'm talking to you, William. Thanks for calling.

William: Hey, Will, I love your show. I'm 73-years-old.

Will Johnson: Young man.

William: I'm a veteran of the Vietnam War, and I'm an American.

Will Johnson: You know what, sir? Thank you so much for your service.

William: Oh, you’re welcome. It was an honor, but it wasn't really a pleasure.

Will Johnson: I completely understand, young man.

William: But I was honored to serve my country.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

William: I was honored to serve my country. You're welcome. My thoughts for today are this. We all talk about all of these issues, and our country is becoming more divided. We use to think back in the 60s and 70s that there was going to be a race war. Well, I don't think that. I don't think that's going to happen. What I'm thinking is evil is going to be fighting good.

Will Johnson: Yes.

William: Now, I don't hate a sole person in this world, but I do hate the evil that's inside of them. It doesn't matter what color they are. Now, people think, oh, they call me a white racist because my skin is colored.

Will Johnson: Nancy Pelosi called me a white supremacist, and I'm a black male. So, we're in the same boat. I'm glad to ride with you, sir.

William: The thing of it is, and the way I look at it, I don't hate a soul. I have people of color that are my friends that have been my friends for 30, 40 years. I served with people of color in the military. We all bleed red.

Will Johnson: Yes, sir.

William: And for these communists, what it boils down to is, I'm commanded by Almighty God to hate evil. That's a commandment. We are to hate evil with all of our minds, soul, and body. So, we have to counter all this garbage that's going on. To pray that we stick together. There are 75 million-plus Americans who will not allow this government to take our weapons from us. What are they going to do, kill us all?

Will Johnson: You know what? I think the solution to that, and I think what's going to happen, is that they're going to set an example. This is just me guessing. I don't want to be right in this because I have time, and I'm sitting here thinking about what they're going to do.

If I'm correct, what they will do is they will get maybe between 2 to 4 million people that will rise against all this stuff. They will set an example out of them. The same way they did in Venezuela. Then when everyone's watching it on the Internet and television, those of us who feel the same way.

A lot of us are going to go, well, you know what? I don't want to do that. I have kids, and I have to go to work. I have X, Y, Z. So, they will sit back and allow the rest of the tyranny to come in effect. I hope and pray that I'm wrong. I hope that if that ever happens and I'm not calling for it, but if it happens.

I pray that the 75, I think it is actually between 80 million to 100 million. But I would pray that every last one of them says, you know what? We're done. We're going to stop this. You, evil people, are done. You're out.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: But that would be my hope.

Channon: Will, let me just ask this.

William: Just remember this. There were 196 men who gave their lives, and they're all for Texas. Those 196 men went up against a force of 7,000 crack Mexican troops.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

William: They got killed, but Santana lost. He lost the war. So, if I have to give my life to save this country, I'm 73. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Oh Ya. That is powerful.

Channon: William, do you think, though, my concern is, as I'm watching things happen. The Democrats are very good about chiseling away our rights. So, they're not going to come and take our guns all at once.

They will do it slowly, over time, by little laws, little laws, little laws. What it is, they take a step and then all Americans like, oh, what can we do? Then they take another step. What do we do?

Will Johnson: For example, right now, they're calling gun violence a health crisis.

Channon: Right. You know, so then, of course ...

William: Where is all of the massive gun violence in this country? They are in demon-cracked cities in demon-cracked states.

Channon: Thank you.

Will Johnson: You are correct.

Channon: Right.

William: They don't ever say that on the news media.

Will Johnson: Oh, of course, they don't. Of course, they don't.

Channon: Yeah. I hope that people pay attention, and we need to stand up for our rights even on the smallest things.

William: There's one thing I'd like to say. If they want to come and get my gun, they're going to get it business end first.

Channon: I like it. I like it.

Will Johnson: Thank You so much.

Channon: All right. Well, thank you so much for calling.

William: I'm ready to die. I'm not afraid of death.

Will Johnson: You know what? You and I both are the same, sir.

William: I know where I'm going.

Will Johnson: You know what? I'd rather die a free man than die in bondage.

Channon: Right.

William: Well, back in the 60s, we had a saying. I would rather be dead than red.

Will Johnson: Mm-hmm.

Channon: Oh.

William: And that should come out today. I'd rather be dead than to be red. In other words, I don't want to be a communist.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Yeah, exactly.

Will Johnson: I completely get it.

Channon: Amen to that. All right, thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much for the call, sir.

Channon: All right. We have another caller, Will.

William: May God bless you, and as the Irish say, may the good Lord take a liking to ya?

Channon: Oh, I love it.

Will Johnson: Alright, take care, take care.

William: Thank you.

Channon: He has a great voice.

Will Johnson: Oh Yeah.

Channon: He would be great on the radio. Okay, listen, we have another caller.

Will Johnson: He was great. He was on our radio show. He was great.

Channon: Yeah, he was. Okay, so we have Hanlee, I believe, from Michigan. This person is a legal immigrant from South America. Handly, are you with us? I hope I'm saying that right. If not, let Will know exactly how to say your name.

Hanlee: Hi. Yes, I'm a legal immigrant from South Africa, and my name is Han-lee.

Will Johnson: Lee?

Channon: Hanlee.

Will Johnson: Thank you so much for giving us a call.

Hanlee: Thank you, Will.

Will Johnson: Thank you for calling in. So, let me right off the bat here, and then you can tell me why you're calling. But I got to know. Being a legal immigrant coming to this country, because I know you've paid your dues. You went all through the process for you to see them react this way or allow all of this illegal immigration. Do you feel like you've been disenfranchised? Like you've been cheated?

Hanlee: Yes, for sure. I feel that it's not fair. Why it cost me thousands of dollars to get from South Africa to this country legally, it's not possible to get anybody into this country. But illegally, you can walk in, which is very unfair to me. So, yes, I do think it's unfair.

Will Johnson: Well, you know, a lot of people say that when these people spend thousands of dollars too because when I was on the border, there were cases that I heard is between $4,000 and $10,000. Depending on how far they have to travel. But that's still no excuse. You did it the proper way.

Channon: Yeah.

Hanlee: Yes.

Will Johnson: They're doing it through the drug cartel and these coyotes. Which a lot of them lose their lives, and their children are just put in harm's way.

Channon: Yeah. Let me ask you this. Do you feel that they love America and respect America the same way you do? By coming here illegally.

Hanlee: No, mam. They come to the country, and they want to build their own small country in your country. I am now an American too, and I'm proud to be an American. I didn't come here to build a small South Africa. I came here to be integrated into the United States and be part of it. I didn't come here to bring whatever was in my country to your country or my old country.  Which, this is my new country.

Channon: How long have you been here? You're an American no

Hanlee: I'm an American now legalized. We did the whole process. We went through everything, yes. I think it's now the 12th year that I've been in the country.

Will Johnson: Your 12th year? Well, congratulations.

Channon: You know what? We're glad you're here.

Will Johnson: You know what we love when people migrate to America and have the same idea of America the way you do.

Channon: Right. I mean, my family came from Italy and Yugoslavia. So, I understand what it's like to want to come to America to better your life. You know, your family's future. I get it. I understand it, and I respect it. We want people to come to America. We just want them to come legally.

Hanley: Yes.

Channon: You know what? You said another key part. You became an American completely.

Hanlee: Ah-huh.

Channon: It's not like you wanted to create. You left South Africa. You didn't want to bring South Africa to America. I mean, there's a reason why you left it, right?

Hanlee: Well, the reason I left it was because my husband loved the United States, and he always said this is the land of opportunity. But you've got to take that opportunity. You can't sit back, and this is my question.

Will Johnson: Wow.

Hanlee: I have this business, and then I advertise to try and get people to come work in this business. Then they tell me if you pay me under the table, I can come work because if I get more than $80 a month, I cannot claim Social Security. This boggles my mind.

I don't understand this. Why does the government feed these people? They sit at home, they make a phone call to me, and they say, do you have a job for me? I say, no, I don't. Then they go back, and they say, I've tried to get a job. They don't have a job for me. So, now pay me for social security. I don't understand this. It doesn't make sense to me.

Channon: Right.

Hanlee: I didn't have this in South Africa. You work, or you die.

Channon: Well, they want people to depend on them. The government wants you to depend on them because then they can control you. You know, honestly, when they say they want to stay on Social Security. Basically, the government is keeping them at the poverty line, right?

Hanlee: Yes.

Channon: Then they have more control when you're at the poverty line. I worked in human resources for years.

Hanlee: Yeah. What do you call that?

Channon: Sorry?

Hanlee:  What do you call that? Communism?

Will Johnson: Yeah, communism.

Channon: Right.

Hanlee: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Yeah, without a doubt.

Channon: Yeah. I worked in Human Resources, and I would see the same thing. We paid really good wages where I used to work, and we would hire people. They would come back to me and say, well, listen, I can't take the job because you're going to pay me too much, and I can't get my benefits anymore.

I'm sitting here thinking, well, isn't your goal in life to get off of dependence on the government. Become self-sufficient and have a sense of pride and provide for your family because of your own ability.

Hanlee: Amen, Yeah.

Channon: Quite honestly, I hate to say it, I worked in the hood, which was their mentality. I want something for free, right?

Hanlee: Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.

Channon: It was very difficult to get that type of mentality hired. It was very hard to put them in management positions, which we were supposed to try to do. I mean, it is very difficult. So, it's interesting that Kamala Harris comes out and says, well, we're giving these people a stimulus plan, and it's going to lift all these people out of poverty.

Will Johnson: Get everybody out of poverty. Basically, Kamala Harris is pushing that we're going to end poverty, and all we are doing is causing more people to get on drugs. Just so much crazy.

Channon: But see, that's what they want. These people get that stimulus package. They don't want to make it better for themselves because the next time the stimulus package comes around, they're not going to get that money.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Yeah.

Hanlee: Well, I don't get a stimulus, nothing. I don't get that.

Channon: Yeah.

Hanlee: I'm a legal immigrant. I get nothing. Nobody gave me anything. I've worked for what I've got. We came to this country in our late 50s. So, you know, age 54 and older, myself and my husband. We bought our own place. We bought our own house. We have to work for every cent that we get. It just ...

Channon: So, let me ask you this.

Hanlee: Mm-hmm.

Channon: Go ahead.

Hanlee: It just boggles my mind.

Channon: How do you feel about Biden taxing these businesses and corporations all this money in order to pay for his Democrat agenda, wish-list?

Hanlee: I mean, if you cannot see what's going on, if you can't see what they are doing, then there must be something wrong with you because the government cannot keep giving. What is happening right now; gas is going up, food is going up. Somebody's got to pay for it. Who do you think is going to pay for it?

Channon: Yeah, everything is going up.

Hanlee: Yeah. We are paying for everything. It's so crazy.

Channon: Right.

Hanlee: Do people not see this?

Will Johnson: Actually, I had a conversation, or I know someone that had a conversation with a person that was doing yard work, and they said that they were going to bring gravel and dirt in. But the price for all of that has gone up a tremendous amount.

They have to pass it on to the customers. Dirt is even more. I mean, this is ridiculous. The people that they can't relate, just go pump some gas. Seriously, no matter where you are in the country.

Channon: Well, thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of our fiber of America. You know what? Having your small businesses and contributing to the community, that's amazing. We appreciate it.

Hanlee: Well, thank you, and I always watch you, Will. I love the show. Thank you for having me on you. You have a great day, and God bless.

Channon: Thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you. You too, take care, bye. Wow, that's awesome. I mean, to hear the young man who called in. He served in the military and how he feels about the country. He's willing to stand up and fight for the nation. Then you hear her coming from South Africa, and she's just disappointed in what they're doing to the nation.

The whole thing is they're trying to implement communism. Pushing on all of us, and you mentioned it is just like the frogs in the pot. They are slowly boiling up. Until then, it's just going to be at the point where we don't know, and BAM, because not enough people are paying attention.

You have some people, right? Everyone who is paying attention has it in their mind because I've done it, too. There's a reason why I'm saying this is because I see all this crazy stuff going on, and I get what they're doing. But there are many, many, many people out there that don't have a clue. I'm sitting there thinking if I see this, surely everybody else is seeing it too, surely.

Channon: Yeah, well, as we said, people don't pay attention until it hits them in the pocket, right. Then it's too late. So, to me, I mean, just like you have these voter laws, and we have this infrastructure package. You know, they're telling everybody, oh, don't be afraid. This is for the better. Oh, now they're trying to restrict your voting, or what do they call it? Voter suppression is happening in Atlanta when it's really not.

Will Johnson: Voter suppression Law.

Channon: When it's not, it's really not.

Will Johnson: They're saying they are passing voter suppression laws, voter suppression laws.

Channon: The thing is, what my point was.

Will Johnson: Okay, go ahead.

Channon: Is instead of people going and researching for themselves to see what it's really about.

Will Johnson: No, it's what the lying liberal media is going to tell you.

Channon: I know.

Will Johnson: I have all the answers because that's what they told me. You know what?

Channon: Because they told me.

Will Johnson: People in Atlanta, in Georgia, should be highly, highly upset with the Major Baseball League, the MLB, the MBL.

Channon: No, MLB.

Will Johnson: MLB, MLB, Yeah, Major Baseball League. They should be highly upset with them, saying, wait a minute. The laws that they're putting in place are going to make sure that my vote counts. You see, the Democrats, the left, they're beautiful manipulators. They say, oh, people, they're going to make it tougher for black and brown people to vote. Which in actuality, this law is going to make it easier for people to vote.

Channon: Well, it makes whoever people vote for actually win.

Will Johnson: Well, yeah, if you voted for this person, your vote counts. So, for them to say that, I mean, you know, for those of you that are listening in and don't know, I'm a black male. I'm more butterscotch colored. But in America, I'm considered to be a black male with dreadlocks.

Channon: Your brown. You're a brown man.

Will Johnson: Brown, but anyway, to them, I don't know how to use the internet.

Channon: You don't.

Will Johnson: To them, I don't know how to find a DMV.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: To them, I don't even know how to vote. So, I need the government to hand me and tell me how to vote, who to vote for, where to go and when to do it. Other than that, because of my complexion. I don't get it.

Channon: You know, that's interesting to me because just like she said. These people can't have a job or report that they have jobs because of Social Security benefits.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: Does that not tell those people how much control the government now has over them?

Will Johnson: But it's like they want the control over them.

Channon: I don't get it.

Will Johnson: They want the control because it's free money. It means, Oh, you know what?

Channon: It's good to get free money.

Will Johnson: I guess it's free money, and you know what? Give me this free money. Give me this free money. I've talked to one lady who worked in a grocery store. She used to tell me how she got highly upset because illegals would come there with these EBT cards, and these EBT cards would have $1,200 on them.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: $1,200, $1,500, and she said she gets so upset because they're getting all this free money, and she's working to give it to them because they take it out of her check and give it to them.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: And they don't have to do anything.

Channon: Right. You know they do that in order to keep those people at the poverty line so they can control them. That is how it is because I'll tell you what. At one point, my family needed assistance, and they wouldn't give it to us because we owned a house. They say you own a house; we can't help you.

Will Johnson: That's ridiculous.

Channon: I sit there going, now wait a minute. I need help.

Will Johnson: You own a house, but you have no job, right. No job, no nothing.

Channon: We can't help you.

Will Johnson: But we can't help you. We can't help you because you own a home. Hum.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You can't pay for the home and can't feed anybody at home.

Channon: I will put my blinders on.

Will Johnson: You know what? Maybe people like this say, well, you know what, I'm illegal. Do you have any papers? I'm illegal. Okay, here you go, here's $1,200. Have at it.

Channon: Yeah, it's right for us to give them money so they can survive, but you know what? What is that saying; you can teach a man to fish, and he will fish for life.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: You know, in America, they're doing the opposite.

Will Johnson: We know who is doing it.

Channon: They don't want people to be self-sufficient.

Will Johnson: You know what? It's a mechanism going directly to communism.

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: That's what it is.

Channon: And it's like William, our caller earlier said it's evil. These people are evil.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I've been calling them evil for the longest time now. You know, they don't like me calling them evil, but yet they do evil things.

Channon: God gave us freedom, honestly. We came out here to make our own decisions.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: The Democrats don't want you to make your own decision.

Will Johnson: Nope, nope.

Channon: They think they know what's best for you more than you know what's best for you.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the Democrats, the left in general. They say, well, you know what? Because we are for humanity, we're going to tell you how humanity should be, how you should be, and the way you should think. I had this female that I've known for years. I've known her for years, and I used to work with her at this company when I was in Arkansas.

You know, I talked to her on social media and stuff like that. Then one day, we're going back and forth, and one day she unfriended me. We were having the conversation is the only reason why. She didn't block me, but she unfriended me. So, I sent her a message and said, “Hey, what's going on?

I hope everything's okay. Is there a problem? Did I do something to offend you? Because I noticed you unfriended me.” She goes, “No, you really didn't do anything to offend me.” I said, “So, why did you unfriend me?” She said, “I don't like the way you think.” Whoa, I don't like the way you think, and come to find out, she's a total socialist, communist, Democrat, liberal.

All sewed up into one, all of them. She's a leftist. A leftist and she has this mindset, the mentality that none of it counts unless they make it count. She has the mentality that you have to agree and believe in all of these sinister, demonic ways.

Channon: Yeah, it just goes back to what our caller earlier said. You know, our country is divided, and it's not on racism. It's on good and evil.

Will Johnson: It is.

Channon: We're divided because one side is for good and one side is working for evil.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Will Johnson: You know what? These people that are evil trying to present themselves like they are the light in the world.

Channon: That's what the devil did.

Will Johnson: But they're doing it now. They're literally doing it right now.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: The Democrats, they said, well, we are happy. We want to have a gay old time. We are the ones that are looking out for humanity.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You need to listen to us because we know what's best for all of you. They present themselves like they are the light in the world, and they're doing everything that is evil. Evil, because these people are literally evil.

Channon: That's what our world is transitioning into.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: We're transitioning into evil.

Will Johnson: America is the last stronghold. If we do not do our job...

Channon: Do our job. Do our part.

Will Johnson: And just to be clear, for everyone who is listening. We are not calling for violence.

Channon: Oh, no, no, no. We are not.

Will Johnson: We are not Antifa. We are not BLM. We're not, and we don't have Kamala Harris's money that is going to bail you out if you go and commit a crime.

Channon: You need to be that light in the world.

Will Johnson: We need to be the ones.

Channon: You need to educate people. You need to inform people. You need to enlighten people, just like Jesus says. We need to be disciples.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: You need to be like that for our country. We need to tell people what is right, what is wrong. Help those people that are confused or just ignorant of what these laws and legislation are being passed will do to the future of our country. Because once it happens, whoa!

Will Johnson: Just to think about your children, everyone. Just think about your grandchildren.

Channon: Your grandchildren, our loved ones.

Will Johnson: Seriously, because right now, if the left continues down this path, and personally, I give it six months. Six months, especially before the midterm elections, that this country is going to dramatically change so much that it will not be recognizable at all. If someone from the past came today and they saw it. They would not recognize America today already.

Just give it another six months or these two years, this two-year term. Seriously, I'm not talking about the four-year term, just the two years. We will never recognize America again because it's already at that point. It's at that point. All right, everybody. Hey, I want to thank you so much for joining us.

Thank you so much for listening in, thank you so much for sharing this wherever you're viewing this or, sorry, wherever you're listening to this. Again, get out your mobile device, send a text to 88202; 88202, and type my name in Will. God bless everyone. We will see you next Thursday.

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