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What Happened to My Body My Choice?


Katie Hopkins: So, my darlings, there is a spoiler alert that I need to give you at the front end of this Katie Hopkins video, and the spoiler is that we all die one day. Nobody gets to live forever. That's just a myth that's been kind of perpetuated by the press at the moment to try and force a vaccine on you. So every time you see these big numbers, 50000 deaths, yeah, people always did die historically before 2020, and they will thereafter. Just because the medical profession likes to play games with old people and try and see how long they can keep them alive, it doesn't make people dying actually that frightening, I think. There are some other facts that you should know that makes all of this nonsense much less frightening. Boris Johnson doesn't need to be self-isolating just because he stood in a room with another fat man who got diagnosed with COVID. He's got antibodies from when he was supposed to have this before. He could have a test in a heartbeat and know that he's not positive. He wants to tell you and frighten you that he's as fit as a butcher's dog, but look; he's still scared. No, he might look like the ass-end of a butcher's dog. He has no need to be afraid. He's just afraid of bad headlines, bad press, and he's probably afraid of his wife, truth be known, because nuts, nuts sounds like she's probably wacky.

Some other facts, which I think will help to reassure you that we should share: your chance of getting covid is 50 in a million. It's so unlikely that you're going to get any kind of Chinese flu as for it not to even concern you. As a small child, were I to be 15 years old, there is more chance of me being hit by lightning than there is of me getting covid. And even at my age, there is more chance probably of me being killed by Karma, you know, than being killed by COVID. And if I am killed by Karma, frankly, I hope that he is very large and hung like a donkey. Now, the risk of death, even if you were to be one of those 50 in a million that caught COVID, your risk of death is tiny, tiny, one in two million. So why are you worrying when I don't even think death is probably that scary, but you're probably not going to die from it anyway. Even if you catch COVID, if you happen to get Corona, your recovery rate is ninety-nine point seven percent.

Your body is smart and sophisticated and used to handling all of the crap that you go through on a daily basis. I mean, look what we go through as women. We have children that pop out one end, and we have terrible things that happen at the other end. We have bits of us chopped off, and we survive. I don't even know how many stitches and holes I've got in me, but we can endure this stuff. The risk of you dying is so small, your recovery is enormous. You don't need to be worrying. The risk of me getting cancer is one in 2.5 people. But I don't go around worrying about cancer or wearing a chuffing great big duvet on my head because I'm perpetually terrified of my own reflection. And maybe I should because look, I know, face for radio.

You hear lots about this vaccine, which you don't need because your likelihood of getting this is so small. Even if you did get it, you're going to recover. You don't need a vaccine. This idea of a ninety percent effective vaccine, you know what they base that on? They had forty-three thousand volunteers in six different countries. They based it on ninety-four people. Ninety-four individuals out of their volunteer population got covid, and they based ninety percent effectiveness off of these ninety-four. They want to roll a vaccine out to 500 million people off the basis of ninety-four people. They're selling you a headline that isn't proven. And if you looked at the numbers behind it, you would laugh. You would laugh. Fifty in a million, that's your chance of actually getting COVID. If you did get COVID, your risk of death is only one in two million, one in two million. And if you did get covid, your likelihood of recovering is exceptionally high, ninety-nine point seven percent.

And people like me that speak out against whatever is called this vaccine, whatever might be in it, they try and label us anti-vaccines. No, we're not. We just know that you don't need it. And guess what they're going to do? They're going to make it such that what I'm saying here on social media and others posting anti-vaccine propaganda, that's what they're now going to call the truth, is going to become an arrestable offense. It's a criminal offense, says this individual. Isn't she just the delight? I mean, I say she loosely. It identifies as Patty Lewis, but it might have been Peter before. I'm unsure. Either way, it's going to become a criminal offense for me to tell you that you don't need to worry about COVID. You certainly don't need to be worried about dying, and you definitely don't need a vaccine. And I await a knock on my door from the Muslim Mafia at the West Yorkshire Police Force to come and take me to jail, because if that's where I need to go for not taking something my body doesn't need and not giving it to my children, then that's exactly what I'm prepared to do. Darlings, go forth, live your life, live the best life that you can, love each other, snuggle up against each other, and don't listen to the mainstream media because they are feeding you spoonfuls of absolute poison. Know your truth, resist the narrative, and stand strong for living the best life that you can.

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