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Was the Assassination of Nuclear Scientist A War Crime or A Heroic Act?


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to another edition of ATP Radio with me, Barry Nussbaum.

Today, we’re going to discuss Iran and their race to the bomb. When I mean bomb, we’re talking about nuclear bombs: you know, the weapon of mass destruction that hasn’t been used in a war situation since 1945 when the United States dropped two bombs on Japan at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

But Iran is now attempting to become the newest state to have nuclear weapons and is promising the world that if and when they do get them, they plan to use them. We’re also going to talk a little bit about border security today.

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So, what happened with Iran? Let’s start with a summary. For decades, actually, since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, Iran has been very vocal about their desire to kill the world’s Jews, all of the Israelis in the state of Israel, and to destroy America.

America in their verbiage is the “Big Satan” and Israel is the “Little Satan,” and I know it sounds silly when we have adult discussion, but chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” is not only common, it’s constant. And they put it on their missiles that get paraded in the capital, Tehran.

They say it in their speeches. It’s chanted by the demonstrators that are assembled and bused into the square in Tehran. It’s in the mosques that the mullahs give their sermons in, and it’s on signs hung everywhere in the country, and it’s constantly in the media, so let’s not be anything but totally clear that this country is a fascist dictatorship run by a religion who claims their mission in life, as far as the government is concerned, is to destroy America and destroy Israel.

They announce it constantly and ubiquitously — meaning, it’s everywhere. And it was shouted all the time in opposition to the demonstrations which were going on at the beginning of the Obama administration in 2009. In Tehran, they called it the Green Revolution. Obama did nothing to push back on this.

The demonstrators wanted to be aligned with the West, they wanted to escape from the tyranny of a religion gone bad, and what did Obama do? He allowed the mullahs to shoot down the demonstrators in the streets.

Obviously, it quelled the revolution, the demonstrators who were not imprisoned were not killed, retreated, and the wildly popular demonstrations against the regime went away, why? Because there was no one to support their call to weaponize and overthrow the government.

So, during this period in the not too recent pre-Trumpian past, the Iran nuclear deal was in place. It was pushed through illegally in the United States by Obama. It never had approval. He didn’t call it a treaty. So, it didn’t require the U.S. Senate’s approval, which, you know, he would not be able to get.

So, it was called an “agreement.” Despite that deal being in place, Iran did not back down on its weaponization program and the Mossad proved it to the world. For those of you who don’t know, the Mossad is the Secret Service of Israel, famous all over the world for incredible acts of espionage, courage, and sometimes assassinations. And what did they do?

They broke into a warehouse that stored all the records of the nuclear program that Iran was running on a clandestine basis, that the world seemingly had ignored. And so what did Israel do with the thousands of pounds of documents, CDs, DVDs, pictures, maps, and testimony?

ell, they took it to the U.N., and Bibi, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made a presentation on the dais at the United Nations and he showed them the evidence. Then he showed it to President Trump, that there’s no question that Iran is weaponizing uranium beyond the nuclear deal that everyone was signed up to enforce and adhere to.

Keep in mind, this is from pre-Trumpian days when the deal was still in place and it was obvious that they were intending to send bombs to Israel, America, and possibly Europe, to destroy the West and further their goal of a worldwide caliphate under an Iranian leadership of radical Shi‘ite Islam. Trump believed the evidence and he acted. The E.U. did nothing, the U.N. did nothing.

So, here’s the question as we get deeper into this, if you were running Israel, what would you do? Would you sit back and wait until a missile or a bomb smuggled in, say, through Greece or Turkey in a shipping container vaporized Tel Aviv?

Iran is promising to do that every week in all the forums I told you about. If you were running Israel, would you wait or would you pre-emptively do your best to take out the perpetrators? Well, in the past, there have been a few assassinations here and there.

People running the Iran nuclear program, no clear claim of responsibility, but the worldwide consensus is it’s Israel or Israeli support or Israeli coconspirators, so to speak. There was some sabotage of computers.

The most famous is the Stuxnet program that was somehow uploaded into the computers controlling the centrifuges that are enhancing uranium to weapons-grade fuel for bombs well beyond what is needed to run a peaceful nuclear program.

Keep in mind, Iran needs more energy, like an eagle needs a third wing. They’re sitting on a thousand years of oil. The idea that they want a peaceful nuclear program is a blatant and stupid lie and nobody should believe it.

So, everything that at that time Obama had promised in his famous Rose Garden speech from the White House all turned out to be lies. I’ll refresh your memory. I remember the speech very clearly. He said there would be anytime, anywhere, unlimited inspections of all nuclear sites in Iran, every site — anytime, anywhere, no notice.

Every single thing he promised was a lie and none of it has happened. Instead, Iran banned some of those nuclear sites from any inspections, ever, in perpetuity, because they said they had secret stuff there. Another excuse was those are military sites, so you can’t come see our military, or we want appointments in advance and then we will decide.

Obviously, in a few of those cases, the IAEA, which is the United Nations’ International Energy Commission, did the inspections, found traces of nuclear radiation, but nothing was there. Why? Well, the appointment had been made three weeks in advance. So, the E.U. did nothing.

The U.N. did nothing. They kept trading, and they still do with Iran, which is now subject to Trump sanctions, and what did Trump do? While he became president he did what he said he was going to do, and he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Why? Because Iran was cheating like crazy and everybody knew it and Bibi proved it.

So fast forward to last week, what happened? Well, somebody killed the head of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. A guy named Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. And he wasn’t just some civilian scientist; he was a general in the Iran Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC.

And this is the group that repeatedly threatens to wipe Israel off the map and kill every single person in Israel. And this general ran the program designed to give Tehran the weapon to carry out its threat.

Are you hearing me? The IRGC, the world’s leading terror organization, exporting revolution all over the world and personally involved in a program to destroy every single human being in Israel and eventually America was taken out. What did Iran do?

Well, a couple of days ago, they’ve advanced a bill in their parliament: all nuclear inspections — which, by the way, is no big deal because the world doesn’t get to see the important inspection sites anyway — they are off limits, contrary to the JCPOA ­— which, if you remember, was the technical name of the Iran nuclear deal, it stands for “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.”

So, the government has a new bill that says if the signatories to the 2015 bill that was put in place before Trump took office do not provide oil and banking sanctions relief, and give Iran a lot of money as compensation, then everyone’s going to be locked out and they’re going to do whatever they want.

So, listen to this, America, while they’re debating the bill in parliament — which, by the way, the parliament is worthless, it’s the grand Ayatollah that decides what’s going on. The parliament is worthless. It creates a place to, I guess, film and creates an illusion of some sort of democracy, even though every single person who runs is literally approved by the ayatollahs.

There are no free elections. The lawmakers stood up and started chanting “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” They make no secret of what the plan is, so they’re debating this bill. Giving European countries a three-month deadline to ease all sanctions. Give them full access to the world banking system, and if the E.U. doesn’t capitulate, they promised to make more facilities off limits and take more stuff underground — and they will, and they promise it. All requirements of the Iran nuclear deal, meaning we’re going to build bombs, nothing you can do about it unless you give us lots of money and trade with us and cancel all of your inspection ideas. Now, Israel hasn’t commented on the killing.

No one has claimed responsibility. Now they’re saying the U.N. might have leaked information to Israel to be able to find this guy that they killed and nobody knows if that’s true or not true. Also, another report out of Iran says that he was assassinated by robots. That’s kind of cute.

Experts in the IAEA are now saying Iran might have enough low-enriched uranium to reprocess into making two atomic bombs, if they decided to do it quickly. So, this is the main point of what we’re going to talk about today. How did the world respond to this killing? Now, keep in mind, this guy was a general in the world’s largest terror organization. Every single time there’s press there are chants, “Death to Israel!”, “Death to America!”

They burn the flags and they make all kinds of incendiary promises about the mass murder they’re going to perpetrate. You would think somebody in charge of a mass murder development program would be considered an undesirable, bad guy.

Wouldn’t you think? Doesn’t that make sense to you? And this isn’t a guy threatening to kill a couple of people or blow up a car, or throw a grenade in a window of a school bus — those are all things these people do — or slaughter people at prayer.

They’re talking about mass murder — the likes of which the world has never, ever seen — with the intent of committing mass genocide; wouldn’t you think the head guy would have a huge target on his head? Much greater than Osama bin Laden, who, in comparison, was an amateur who killed a few thousand people. Come on, America! This guy was wanting to kill tens of millions.

I’ve laid it out to you; now comes the answer. Let’s start with the celebrations for his death. Oh, no, no, no. Let’s start with a top aide to my favorite liberal senator, Bernie Sanders. This gentleman says — this is coming from Bernie Sanders’ camp — that Israel is guilty of international terrorism. Matt Duss, the Sanders foreign policy adviser who hates Israel and doesn’t like Jews either, pretty much, wrote on Twitter that incoming President Joe Biden should re-enter the landmark nuclear deal with Iran.

And, get this, give Iran billions and billions of dollars in sanctions relief to send a message to Israel that, quote, “Terrorism doesn’t work.” In other words, the mass murderer who was potentially assassinated — maybe by Israel, maybe not — his death is worth billions and billions of dollars because killing him before he could kill millions is “terrorism.”

And Iran should be compensated with billions of dollars as a punishment to Israel. Could somebody please nominate this guy for idiot of the month? His name is Matt Duss. Here’s a guy you probably have heard of. You remember John Brennan?

He was Obama’s director of the CIA. He said what was done to kill the general was a criminal act and highly reckless. “It risks lethal retaliation & a new round of regional conflict.”

But he cautioned Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of a “responsible” American leadership — i.e. Joe Biden — and to “resist the urge to respond against the perceived culprit,” in the second quote, Brennan said, “I do not know whether a foreign government authorized or carried out this murder. Such an act of state-sponsored terrorism would be a flagrant violation of international law and encourage more governments to carry out lethal attacks against foreign officials.”

You know, throughout World War II, for those who study history, there were many plots on an international scale to kill Hitler. One almost succeeded. It was actually perpetrated by Germans in the military, but they failed. They were all executed. Hitler survived.

Had he been killed, the war would have ended, and tens of millions would have lived. Nobody — and I mean, nobody — look’s back in history and says, “Oh, killing Hitler, that would have been state-sponsored terrorism.” No, it would have saved hundreds of millions, or at least tens of millions of lives. This is slightly different. Why? Because Hitler had weapons, but not nuclear weapons.

If Hitler had a nuclear program that had been successful before the end of the war, he might have wiped out the world. Literally. The guy that just died was intent on doing just that and Brennan calls that “terrorism.” CNN and The New York Times suggested that the “scientist” — that’s what they called him — a “scientist,” was simply a researcher and this might be considered a war crime.

They leave out the part that the dead scientist was really a general in the world’s largest terror organization. The IRGC and the IRGC threatens to murder millions of Jews, well, pretty much weekly. Remember, by the way, for your questions — I see them stacking up here — call (516) 595-8069, push 1. Speak to Anni, our producer, and she will give me your questions, of which I’m going to jump in and look at a couple of them now.

A listener says, “If I was Israel, I would pull a false flag operation to justify a full-blown war against Iran and then destroy their military.” Well, Israel has about 100 plans on what to do with Iran and had, for the first time in many years, a strong ally in President Trump.

I would imagine, from what I’m hearing, there’s a lot of distress about the possibility that he may not be there in January. And Joe Biden, who doesn’t have the same view of the Middle East, will be a new president along the lines of Barack Obama for Israel to deal with.

Maybe this listener has something. Question number two: “The United Nations is a Muslim-infested organization. Why won’t Israel withdraw from the U.N. and act independently towards Iran’s crimes?” Israel pretty much has been acting independently.

I asked that exact question of two ambassadors from Israel in different times, in different meetings: “Why does Israel participate in the U.N. It seems like a folly. If you go to school every day, and you’re harassed in your classroom, every single day, by everybody at some point, don’t you want to go to a different school?”

Well, if it was a school, the answer would be yes. If it’s the U.N., the answer is no, because there is not any place else to go. So, just as this “non-aligned” bloc votes against American interests on every single vote in the General Assembly, so do they do the same thing against Israel. I’ll tell you what.

You sure would want to go in there if you are an ambassador and have a flask in your purse or jacket just to be able to calm down. I don’t know how those ambassadors can get through a day of so much abuse.

Okay, let’s move on. Following the assassination, Barack Obama’s former ambassador to China, a guy named Max Baucus, just a couple of days ago, accused Israel of having, quote, “nefarious motives in the Middle East.” He appeared on Fox News and he says Israel likely assassinated the Iranian nuclear general in order to sabotage — this is really weird — President-Elect Joe Biden’s ability to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump pulled out of a few years ago.

This “expert” —  I put that in quotes — Baucus says Israel’s nefarious ulterior motive is to complicate matters in the Middle East and make things difficult for Biden to try to re-enter the Iran nuclear accord. Now, this guy was a former senator from Montana, endorsed Biden for president, and was ambassador to China for 2014 and 2017 — that’s not his dumbest comment.

I pulled this up this morning: after Trump was sworn in, Baucus was giving interviews on Chinese television in which he praised China and he compared Trump to — drum roll, please — Adolf Hitler. One of the greatest mass murderers of all time. I’m pretty sure Trump hasn’t killed anybody.

Hitler discovered a way to destroy half the world. Idiotic comment. He is on Biden’s advisory team and used to work for President Obama, but there’s more. The L.A. Times, in a piece titled “Gunned-down Iranian nuclear scientist was an Israeli target for years.” That was the title of the impartial article, and here’s the opening line: “

He was one of Iran’s pre-eminent nuclear scientists, the country’s answer to Robert Oppenheimer, the American physicist who led the U.S. effort to build a nuclear bomb during World War II.” God, is that a stupid thing to say! For those of you who don’t know, Robert Oppenheimer was the head of the Los Alamos Laboratory in World War II and he’s credited as being the father of the atomic bomb.

They wanted to develop the atomic bomb in World War II because they knew Germany was working on one, and they wanted to end the war as fast as possible. They didn’t need it against Germany, but they used it against Japan and it ended the war.

The “other” Robert Oppenheimer, the Iranian one who just died, Brigadier General Fakhrizadeh, has been bragging that if the Iransians get a bomb, they’re going to slaughter a lot of people. Totally different. The IRGC is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and it supports Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terror groups like the Houthis who slaughter innocents on a daily basis in Yemen.

Can you imagine who they would have shared the bomb technology with if they got it? And, equally important, how many people they would have killed if they used it? And it’s not just a goofball theory. I’m quoting them. They said they would. Don’t you, at a certain point, have to believe people who said they’re coming to kill you?

The Bible said you’re supposed to. I agree. So there are some now saying in the United States — this is getting weirder — that the assassination is the first step against Iran’s nuclear program. You ready for what step two is? Supposedly, sources around the president — the current president — say that Donald Trump was contemplating a strike on Iran’s main nuclear site to prevent them from building a bomb.

The platform Axios reported that Israel is taking steps to be ready for such a strike. While that’s going on, Secretary of State Pompeo — who, in this person’s opinion, has done a bang-up job; he’s fantastic as secretary of state and he’s like the anti-Hillary Clinton as secretary of state or John Kerry as secretary of state, both of whom were highly destructive to American foreign policy.

Mike Pompeo is leading the charge to intensify the application of sanctions on Iran that are designed to be difficult to undo for President Joe Biden. We shall see. He isn’t sitting down on the job. And he’s working hard at it.

Here’s a question that came in. “Maybe Israel should be punished for botching the assassination.” This listener writes, “For crying out loud, they forgot to have a patsy. Iraq would have been a good candidate.”

You know, that’s an interesting way to look at it. Israel very rarely confirms or denies, but, wink, wink, they’ve made no secret that a world without this terrorist is a much better world.

Remember, make the phone call, talk to Anni; I’m happy to answer as many questions as we can get to. Obviously, I can’t answer them all. The number to call is (516) 595-8069, push 1.

So, the major networks are getting on board on this same subject. And the broadcast networks are worried that Biden’s plan to make friends with Iran could be affected negatively by this assassination.

This week, all three major network morning shows mourned the death of General Fakhrizadeh.  They mourned as if he’s some sort of world humanitarian. They said that they feared his killings would make it harder for the incoming Biden administration.

Basically, to appease the brutal authoritarian regime in Tehran, hosts and correspondents worried that this event would place Joe Biden in a very awkward position while he tries to reimplement the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s Today show said tensions are now high as a funeral is held for Iran’s top nuclear scientist who was assassinated and a targeted hit. Their chief foreign correspondent, a guy named Richard Engel, was very sorrowful when he reported, quote, “As Iran buried its top nuclear scientist this morning, assassinated in his car on Friday by a hit team outside Tehran last Friday.

There are vows for revenge and claims the weapons, including a remotely controlled machine gun, came from Israel.” So, besides Israel saying it was a good thing and the Trump White House saying the same, the sole sane voice I could find on this subject came from retired British Colonel Richard Kemp.

Very famous for leading the British forces in Afghanistan. And he says that the elimination of Fakhrizadeh was the latest and arguably most significant — including all the cyber-attacks, all the sabotage, all the covert action — because this guy was the head of the nuclear program. He also says the potential effectiveness of all of these actions has been increased by President Trump’s maximum pressure campaign of economic sanctions.

So, all of these measures stand the best chance of slowing Iran’s nuclear program, as well as restraining its non-nuclear aggression short of some sort of military strike. But what I don’t get is you’ve got all these correspondents, all these Europeans — you’ve got John Brennan, the advisor to Biden, the adviser to Senator Sanders, all saying this is horrible.

Do they just not understand that people are saying in Iran they’re building bombs and we’re going to use them, and they’re going to put them on missiles and we’re going to send the missiles over and we’re going to kill you? Why in the world?

Is there romanticization of potentially a mass murderer? Much worse than Hitler, Máo or Stalin. I don’t get it. Israeli intelligence says this killing may have a profound effect on the nuclear program. The former head of Israel’s military intelligence unit, Amos Yad’lin, says that senior Iranian scientists — especially, this one killed — were so important, it may be impossible to replace him and this could seriously set back their program.

How much that setback will take to fix? Nobody knows. But this general goes on to say, “There is no doubt that [Fakhrizadeh] was the core source of authority, knowledge and organization of the nuclear program.”

The damage could not be precisely measured regarding his death, because nobody knows exactly the scope and depth of where the program was, but its implications are now spreading. The head of Hezbollah, who, as you know, is a world-recognized terror organization — 100% supported by, trained by, and funded by Iran. They’re situated in Lebanon and parts of Syria.

Their head, Hassan Nasrallah, says he’s going to kill every Jew on planet Earth. That’s his mission in life. He’s now hiding underground. Why? Because of what happened a couple of days after the first assassination. Iran’s IRGC commander — he’s about third in power in Iran — you may remember that a few months ago, the head of the IRGC was killed and Iran promised a big retaliation.

The guy that just died a couple of days ago was a fellow named Muslim Shahdan, and he was killed by a drone strike near the Syrian-Iraqi border a couple of days ago. The drone targeted the Revolutionary Guard commander’s car.

Two Iraqi security officials have both said separately that that vehicle was loaded with weapons and was hit shortly after getting across the border from Iraq into Syria. Israel and the United States accuse Iran and its proxies of smuggling the weapons every week from Iraq into Syria and Lebanon to be used against Israel, but nobody does anything about it except Israel.

A couple of days ago on Sunday, IDF — which is the Israeli Defense Force — Chief Aviv Kokhavi says that Israel will “not let up on its campaign aimed at keeping Iran back fighters from gaining a foothold in Syria.” And he says our campaign has included thousands of airstrikes on targets linked to Iran and weapons convoys, and they literally blow them up every couple of days.

One last question on Iran before we talk about border security. A listener writes in, “Why do you think, Barry, the left romanticizes genocidal terrorists?” You know, that is something I have been struggling with for years.

I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I remember years ago being in college and a bunch of kids were wearing Che Guevara T-shirts. Che Guevara was the revolutionary who worked with Castro in the late ’50s and early ’60s to overthrow the Batista regime in Cuba and to put into power the Castro family, who’s been in power ever since — there’s never been an election since then, and they killed all the opposition.

Che Guevara was famous for lining up men, women, and children and shooting them with firing squads. He delighted to brag about how many people he personally murdered because they didn’t agree with communism. I’m talking thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people he murdered. Yet 99% of the kids and young adults — and adults that wear Che Guevara T-shirts, or sometimes they’ll have T-shirts with his face in silhouette and the word Che, C-H-E over his face, as if he’s some sort of messianic figure in politics.

Some sort of revolutionary that is a great guy. The truth is, sorry, mass murderer is not to be emulated, lionized; if anything, say the word and spit, as my mother used to do, because that’s what should happen. I cannot explain the romantic interest in people who commit murder.

It’s almost like if you kill one or two people, that’s a horrible crime, and if you kill like a dozen, like, you’re a serial killer — that’s a really bad crime. But if you kill thousands, people look for some way to justify it, whether it’s Máo or Stalin or Pol Pot or Che Guevara, or whomever. And the IRGC, if they get a bomb, will convert everybody I just mentioned into amateur status. The likes of which the world has never, ever seen.

So, let’s go to talking immigration for a minute. Remember, your questions should go to (516) 595-8069, push 1. Talk to Anni, she’ll get me the question as fast as possible and I’ll do my best to get to it.

So, let’s talk about immigration. Trump vs. Biden. Lots of press coming out of the Biden president-elect camp, as if he’s for-sure going to be president. I’m going to have this discussion without a discussion as to whether or not he should be or will be president.

We don’t know any of those things yet, but the word is there’s going to be a whole ton of immigration changes and they’re going to come out furiously at the start of a Biden presidency, which will start January 20, 2021.

According to what I’ve read, Biden’s plan now includes a moratorium on all deportations and ending the travel ban restrictions coming from countries that we haven’t been able to verify who the people are because the countries are virtual territories, not operational governments.

If you remember what the left called the “Muslim ban,” Biden wants to end that so anybody can come in now, people familiar with Biden’s other plans have said. The former vice president is going to restore DACA, citizenship for the kids who were born here when their parents broke into the country illegally.

He is going to stop all deportations. At least for a 100-day moratorium. He’s going to end the remain-in-Mexico border policy. He’s going to allow an Obama-era program that “at-risk” children can come in by requesting refugee status. He’s going to increase the numbers who can come in.

And, according to what Biden said, he will not allow one inch of border wall to be built. Instead, we’ll have programs that don’t work. So that really annoyed me when I heard that as if a border wall is some sort of, well, aluminum foil structure that you could go through with a rock and a pea shooter or bite it open and climb through, that’s not really true.

So, I started pulling statistics from the people who are on the border. And here’s what has been published by Border Patrol enforcement, as of a few weeks ago. The Trump administration has funded 738 miles of wall, 386 miles have been completed, 195 are being built, and in the pre-construction phase is another 157 miles.

So, the bottom line is the Trump administration is well on its way to meeting the goal of having 450 miles of new border wall system deployed by December 31, 2020. Yeah, President Trump! Here’s what Border Patrol says. Illegal drugs, illegal border crossing, and human smuggling activities have decreased in every single area where the barriers have been completed.

And here are the summaries I pulled today. In San Diego, in one short, 12-mile section in the San Diego border sector, the wall has reduced CBP, Customs and Border Patrol, manpower requirements by 150 agents every single day. That’s $28 million saved in just salaries and benefits alone.

Those agents were re-deployed to fill resource gaps in other areas of the border, improving security elsewhere. In addition, the CPB San Diego field office continues to be a significant source of narcotics seizures. From fiscal year ’19 to fiscal year ’20, seizures of fentanyl, marijuana, and methamphetamine all increased, with meth seizures jumping at alarming rates.

Demonstrating that the border wall is forcing drug smugglers to where we are best able to catch them, on our ports of entry. If you ask them in San Diego, they love the wall. Let’s go to Yuma, Arizona. Illegal entries in areas with the new ball border wall system have plummeted 87% in one year.

Almost eliminating the problem. That’s incredible news. In fiscal year ’19, Customs and Border Patrol deployed a temporary barrier, which is now replaced with a permanent one at the Sánchez Canal, which resulted in illegal entries decreasing in that specific area by a thousand people every month.

In areas of the older fence, which has not been repaired yet, Yuma Sector apprehended 12 large groups of over 100 people. In 2019, when the fence went in that year, that dropped from 20 groups of over 100 — that’s 2,000 minimum to zero.

In the human section, family unit entries are down — get this, hold on to your hat, 95%. You think the fence is working, America? In the Rio Grande Valley sector — this is now the Texas RGV zone one — they’re announcing massive decreases in all areas where the construction of the border wall is complete.

Here’s the stats. Seventy-nine percent decrease in apprehensions in Zone 1 since the border wall was completed. Twenty-six percent decrease in narcotics seizures since the wall was completed.

In another section of RGV, Rio Grande Valley, prior to construction of the wall, it was common to see illegal aliens running across heavily traveled roads in groups. Doesn’t exist at all anymore. How about El Paso? El Paso has experienced a significant reduction in drugs and smuggling.

In Zones 14 and 15 apprehensions are down 60% in Zone 14, and 81% in Zone 15. In just one year. El Paso station says they’re down 70% in human apprehensions.

So, America, let’s call facts facts. I just gave you a ton of statistics. Does it make sense that we are safer with the wall there, or safer without the wall there? Why do you think anybody that had two brain cells that were operational would argue against a barrier? Do you lock your door at night? I hope so.

Why do you do that? To keep the bad guys out? Biden says you’ll be safe without a wall, that other systems work better. I have no clue what he’s talking about, and I guarantee to you, you will never hear it from him, what works better than a 30-foot unclimbable wall that, once it’s built, has very little maintenance requirements.

Ask yourself this. Inside of America there is Nancy Pelosi, is Joe Biden, this Kamala Harris, Governor Newsom in California. Do they all have walls and gates? They all do — look on the Internet, you can see video, people go there and video their walls all the time. Why do those people get walls and gates?

The answer is simple: keep out the bad people. Why do they get them? And you don’t if you live in Arizona, or Texas, or California, and you’re near the border. I used to go to the border all the time when I worked for the governor in California.

We would see people pouring across every single night in the hundreds and sometimes more. But, I mean, every single day — some are good people, some are bad people. Some are bringing weapons, some are bringing drugs.

Some are smuggling in children to be sold into slavery, and some might be smuggling in drugs that could be used for weaponization like fentanyl to destroy society, or heroin, or cocaine, or whatever.

Boy, is this a perfect question that just came in. “Barry, do you think Islamic terrorism would increase if Biden opens the borders and lifts the,” quote, “Muslim ban,” unquote? Absolutely.

You know, I remember sitting with a fellow with CBP, Customs and Border Patrol, and he said to me, “Most are decent people just wanting a job, but out of the thousands and thousands that come, it doesn’t take more than one or two to have a backpack filled with weapons, or poison to put into a water supply, or pieces of a weapon that then get put together with someone else that has pieces of a weapon to cause mass panic.”

Can you imagine when this COVID thing is behind us and there’s people in stadiums and train stations and airports again? Bombs started going off in crowded places like what happened in Manchester, England, during the Ariana Grande concert — which, by the way, was perpetrated by a terrorist to create fear because the British weren’t supporting the same religion as the terrorists wanted supported.

It’s got to make you think that out of the thousands who come in, it doesn’t take too many to create terror. It’s not an army invading, it’s a suicidal person who’s got a bomb in his backpack, like at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, or the Pulse nightclub, or any one of a number of U.S. military installations, or the killings in San Bernardino.

t doesn’t take much to cause terror, and if you can walk back and forth across a border that is nothing more than a line on the dirt, if that, why in the world would you Americans allow your leaders to tell you with a straight face, “You don’t need a wall, you can be just as safe with sensors”? It is, without a doubt, the dumbest thing I have ever heard a politician in this country say.

And, before we sign off — we only have a couple of minutes — if you have any questions, do it now. There’s only one reason someone would argue against a closed border, and that is because they want as many people in as possible to create as many voters as possible who support their political position.

Some years ago, when I was working for the governor, I was contacted by the head of the Democrat Party in San Diego, and she wanted me to support her for, I think, a run for Congress. My question for her was, “Well, can I ask you a couple of questions?”, and she said, “Of course,” and I said, “Do you support a wall on the border between San Diego and Tijuana?”

And she said, “Why are you asking?” I said, “Well, it’s really important because bad people are coming across that border, and they can bring drugs, or they can bring weapons, or they can bring slaves, and none of those things are any good. I don’t want that here.”

And she said to me, “We don’t need a wall. We just need to have electronic monitoring and they won’t come.” Well, that went on for 10 more years or 20 more years until Trump became president. Every year, tens of thousands were coming in, and voted for the Democrats, because they worked very hard to grant them the ability to vote. Why do they want to do that?

Well, if all you care about is remaining in office and your party winning year after year, you don’t care where the voters are coming from because it’s all about retention of power, not about the best policy. I hope you can see that.

It disgusts me beyond words. I’m very sad to say that in the case of this specific person, I couldn’t hang up fast enough and I couldn’t get away from her fast enough. I, at this point, am disgusted that what Trump worked so hard to do — I’m not endorsing him as president, I don’t do that — but this specific policy by the president was outstanding, was decades overdue, and brilliant in its simplicity.

Put up a barrier and less bad people get in. Take down a barrier so more bad people come in. The end. He was right. Biden’s wrong on this. That’s all there is to say about it.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed our discussion today. I hope I got you thinking a little bit.

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So, thanks for joining us today on ATP Radio. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you next week.

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