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War with Iran or it’s Proxy Hezbollah Growing More Likely


As reports of the unconfirmed Israeli Air Force bombing of a Syrian military base continue to be debated, so does the talk of a coming conflict. Friend of ATP, and Israeli intelligence expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar  believes,  “War is a growing possibility. The actions of the past few days could lead to warfare in Syria and could even involve long range missiles. Iran will never move from its determination to be rid of Israel altogether. The US is not backing down from a potential confrontation with Iran. Nobody wants war, but sometimes that is the only solution for dealing with aggression.”

Read Article At World Israel News: https://worldisraelnews.com/experts-israel-iran-conflict-syria-spiral-war/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Putin+Warns+Netanyahu+Not+to+Threaten+Syria%3B+Israeli+Warplanes+Terrify+Tel+Aviv%3B+US%3A+Iran+Threatens+Israel%E2%80%99s+%E2%80%98Very+Existence%22&utm_campaign=20180412_m144952962_Putin+Warns+Netanyahu+Not+to+Threaten+Syria%3B+Israeli+Warplanes+Terrify+Tel+Aviv%3B+US%3A+Iran+Threatens+Israel%E2%80%99s+%E2%80%98Very+Existence%22&utm_term=_0D_0A_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09Read+Now_0D_0A_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09

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