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Trump’s Presidency Might be Saved by Supreme Court


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show. Joining me directly from London, England and live, Katie Hopkins. Hi, Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Hi, lovely. How are you doing?

Barry Nussbaum: Terrific, we're here today to talk about the crazy American political landscape. Let's start with the big news that is sweeping America. I know you're keeping up with it from your side of the pond.

The Attorney General in Texas, Ken Paten, has filed a landmark lawsuit alleging that the United States' swing states took away the Texas citizens' rights by unilaterally changing the law regarding the election and doing it illegally.

So, he sued on behalf of Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin, attempting to invalidate the election results. Six states have joined as Co-plaintiffs, 11 other states are asking to join in filing amicus briefs or friends of the court.

President Trump has requested to join the lawsuit. News just breaking, I think there's another state coming in. Katie, what do you think of our goofball American political system and the lawsuit?

Katie Hopkins: I love it. I tell you, I'm in such a good mood. I'm excited about this lawsuit. I'm excited about the level of support it has in terms of Republicans. I'm excited for the Attorney Generals that are going with this. So, people that are joining this fight, it makes me feel like the loyalty for Trump is still there.

Barry Nussbaum: He has a unique political argument: the various states, the swing states, exploited the COVID-19 pandemic by illegally changing the election procedures in violation of federal and state law. So, the gist of the lawsuit is that only the legislatures in every state can set the rules.

In all of these swing states, the swing states that when we went to bed on election night were very heavily in Trump's favor and by the following day had all flipped the other way. They had illegally changed their laws by bypassing the state legislative process. Either the courts, the head of elections, or the secretary of state just changed the rules.

So, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of extra ballots, came in. The concept is that the people's rights in the states that voted properly were eliminated or overruled by the illegal voting. What do you think the chance is of success? I know you're not an attorney, but as a layman, what's your take?

Katie Hopkins: I think your last point there, that was something it took me a while to kind of work out. At a Supreme Court level, this becomes a sort of almost adjudication, doesn't it? Was it unfair, states that voted correctly, according to the rulebook, that their vote is discredited by these states that didn't vote according to the rule book?

So, it is a case about protecting the democracy in the states that did vote according to the rule book. I tell you, I'm excited about it as well because the media are going to so many lengths to discredit it immediately. Yet the numbers of people stacking up behind Trump, the GOP that is with him, and the state reps that are with him.

It makes me feel like, the fact that Trump has come in saying this is the big one, I'm feeling really optimistic. Maybe that's blind optimism. Maybe it's hope, over reality, but it makes me feel like there is still hope. That's something important, I think.

Barry Nussbaum: Ironically, the nomination of the last Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the court may be the swing vote.

Katie Hopkins: Yes.

Katie Hopkins: The court is sometimes looked at it as a six-three court. Other times as a five-four court, because of Chief Justice Roberts. He was appointed by George Bush, who was supposedly a conservative, has mellowed over the years, and tends to go to the other side. So, it may come down to a five-four vote. Wouldn't that be ironic if the deciding factor is the last justice who got appointed?

Katie Hopkins: You know as well as I don't you, that if there are any signs that this could be successful one of the first indicators will be the boarding up of storefronts again. Those boards that go up immediately just when like we thought we were going to get the Trump win, that was voted for.

The boards went up, and of course, the minute Biden's team gets what they want fraudulently or otherwise, then the boards come down. You know very well if this goes to the Supreme Court, those boards go back up or when it hits the Supreme Court.

I also think, at the moment I think they are requesting a delay of the day from the 14th of December. They're trying to push that back.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, yeah, the deadline really isn't until January, Katie, when the Electoral College actually votes.

Katie Hopkins: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: So, there is a bit of time, and this is not unlike two 2000, although the roles are reversed. In that case, the Republicans ended up getting the victory, and things may absolutely turn around if the Supreme Court does intervene.

What's interesting in our country is that the press is unanimously dumping on this whole process. Newsweek, which used to be the most popular news magazine when it was still in print in the United States every week, ran a story yesterday on the Texas case.

I read the story and tried to be just an objective reader who didn't know what he was reading about. After the first page, I got to the point that this is the stupidest, most frivolous lawsuit in American history. It's a political stunt. It's a waste of money.

If you didn't know any of the story, you would think Ken Patent, the Attorney General in Texas, ought to resign immediately because he's a flipping idiot. There was not one positive message in the entire article. You wouldn't think that the suit had any merit whatsoever, in spite of the fact that now 17 states and the White House have all joined in. What's the press like over there?

Katie Hopkins: That's exactly it. I printed off this evening the names of all of the GOP that are going with this. That makes me realize just how many people are going with this and makes me feel positive and optimistic. But as you rightly say, if you go anywhere near the media and it's the same, I mean, if not worse in Europe, because you haven't even got the grassroots shouting about how excited they are.

The European media is just vile. Der Spiegel, one of the largest weeklies in Europe, has just had a picture of Trump on the front where they call him essentially the fire devil. They are accusing him of torching his own country.

Bear in mind that's in Germany where Angela Merkel allowed the migrant Muslim migrant hordes in, and it has effectively decimated Europe or certainly Christianity out of Europe. You know, the hypocrisy knows no bounds, but you cannot get a positive news story on Trump in Europe.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you think that's a bizarre story. What's going to happen if on Inauguration Day and it's Biden being inaugurated? Everybody over here is talking about what Trump going to do. I guess it's a rumor that Trump will have an alternative thing for people to watch, which is a huge Trump rally at which he will announce I'm back in 2024.

As you and I have talked about, he's going to spend the next four years being the opposition outside of government. Yelling across the Pennsylvania Avenue fence at the White House and saying, "Three more years, two more years, one more year. I'm back". What do you make of that day?

Katie Hopkins: I'm so excited about it, Barry, I can't tell you. My brain is already working it out. How do I get there? Where's it going to be? What's the detail? I'm dying to get the scoop on it.

Funnily enough, my husband and I were supposed to go away on that weekend, and I'm like, "No, I don't think we can." I have to be wherever Trump is announcing 2024, and that Trump rally is going to be immense. Where is it going to be? He will do it in D.C., surely.

Barry Nussbaum: Nobody knows. I mean, the big question is, what's the Supreme Court going to do? So, the final question on the subject, Katie. If the court decides to intervene right now, they're looking at briefs from both sides, the states that oppose the motion from Texas and the states that support the motion to intervene.

If the court intervenes and sets aside the electoral selections in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin how will America react?

Katie Hopkins: You know what, Barry, I believe it's a necessary thing because right now, 70 percent plus you could call that 80, 90 percent of Republicans do not accept the Biden "win." So, I almost believe it needs the Supreme Court to take this case and adjudicate because that's the only way I think there’s going to be some sort of resolution to this.

Republicans are always going to believe Trump won, but the Supreme Court does need to intervene. For so many people, and for me, I think it will just be the most joyous moment because we believe in democracy. Our side believes in democracy, and all we want is for every legal vote to be respected.

So, this media line that this is anti-democratic no fraudulent elections are anti-democratic. All we want, all Americans want is a democracy. That's what this is about.

Barry Nussbaum: Well said. Councilor. I approve of your political analysis, and I hope you're right, honestly. Thanks for joining us today on ATP Report with Katie and Barry. Katie, thanks for coming on again.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you.

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