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Trump to Shoot Down Plane Sale to Iran


Making good on his pledge to increase sanctions on Iran, the Trump administration is moving to thwart a $16.6 billion deal between Boeing and the Iranian government owned airline.  A key component of the disastrous JCPOA was Iran gaining access to US aircraft for civil aviation use, but Iran uses the airline for illegal arms deliveries to Syria and Hezbollah, violating the agreement, and serving as the basis for the US Treasury Department to prevent the sale.  Iran will accuse the US of violating the terms of the JCPOA and declare that it is no longer obligated to the Agreement, which could lead to a complete collapse of the already useless Nuclear Deal.  If this scenario plays out, the world must apply crippling sanctions on Iran until a new nuclear deal is agreed upon, one that actually prevents Iran from becoming a nuclear power, not temporarily delays it.

Read Article at The Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Trump-moves-to-bar-Boeing-Iran-agreement-543092



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