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Trump Says No To GOP!


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. It's the Katie and Barry show, and joining me halfway to America is Katie Hopkins in sunny southern Mexico. Hi Katie.

Katie Hopkins: Hi, Barry. I am, as you rightly say, here in Mexico. But still, I will remind our lovely audience and viewers to get in touch with their friends, help bring them into our family. If they just text the word TRUTH to 88202. They can get our content straight to their phone, absolutely free. I say that even from Mexico, Barry. That's my level of commitment.

Barry Nussbaum: Brilliantly said. Thank you very much for that. In the United States, where you'll be soon, our former president, President Trump, went really aggressive against the RNC and told them, you can't use my face, and you can't use my name for fundraising. Very bizarre. It's never happened before.

For the head of the party to tell the party, I guess my likeness and my name is bigger than you are, and only I can use it for fundraising and so on. What do you make of it? Do you think it's because he doesn't want certain people being campaigned for by the RNC? He wants to pick and choose, or does he want the fundraising all to go to him? Or do you have another idea?

Katie Hopkins: As an outsider, I suppose it feels like he's looking in from the outside now, thinking, well, the RNC, what have they ever done for me, and that's a conversation in itself. I'm thinking he just doesn't want to see money being raised using his face, his name going to people who tried to impeach him.

In some way, that feels kind of logical. But then, in another way, I wonder Barry what it's going to mean in terms of what are people going to support? What is it going to be- I mean, how would you describe yourself now? Are you a Trump supporter? Are you a Republican? Are you an RNC member? How do people who are part of that church, who do they say that they believe in anymore?

Barry Nussbaum: It raises another interesting question on top of your excellent question. Which is, there are now a fairly significant number of Republican incumbents in the Senate saying they won't stand for reelection.

As you look at the statistics in American history, sadly, you have to be a buffoon or a criminal not to win reelection because you have access to incredible power, which is why incumbents almost always win, especially in the Senate.

There's an unprecedented number of the non-Trump Republicans saying; I give up, I'm not coming back, and in every case, conservatives who are pro-Trump are lining up for the primary. Do you think it's because of Trump that they're not running?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, and that was going to be my question to you, Barry. I guess, this is my question to you- which way around does this work? It's a bit chicken and egg, isn't it? Do you think that they didn't want to run again?

They didn't really fancy it, or whatever, and so they voted against Trump, or they voted to impeach Trump because they knew they weren't running again? Or do you think they voted to impeach Trump, and then they were scared of running again so they say they're going to resign? Which way round does that go?

Barry Nussbaum: I think if there's a third alternative, I sort of lean towards that. And, you know, until you talk to the person and get them to honestly answer you, maybe after three cocktails, and then you probably don't even know what the truth is. I think the truth is somewhat different.

Which is there was such an outpouring of rage in regards to what happened on January 6th that certain Republicans piled on either by voting that way for impeachment or making their voices heard that he did a terrible thing and ought to be criminally prosecuted. Then their base came after them with pitchforks.

I mean, the outrage over January 6th against the Republicans who crossed the line to join with the Democrats who were voting to impeach was an avalanche. I think it shocked a great number of those Republicans into thinking, oh, boy, I just lost half my base, and if I stand for reelection, male or female, whether it's in Alaska or in Maine or North Carolina, or Ohio, I won't be reelected. So maybe it's time for me to go. I think there's some truth to that.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah. How do you think in those primaries, if they happen or when they happen, do you feel confident that there will be strong America First candidates being put forward?

The people that are saying that they're going to run, saying that they are going to put themselves forward, is your gut that these are a-do I want to say a better type of representative of the America First agenda?  Is there a sense that we are building strength?

Barry Nussbaum: I think a hundred percent, YES, in capital letters. Especially with what's happened with this COVID 1.9 trillion-dollar bailout of everything but COVID. Yeah, I did a segment this week. Only eight and a half percent of the COVID relief trillions are going to COVID relief.

The other ninety-one and a half percent is going to pork, and people are outraged. I mean, all kinds of B.S. projects here and around the world, and people have just had it. All of a sudden, they're remembering that America First slogan and MAGA slogan that seems to be ancient history, and that's resonating with a lot of people.

Why? Because the country is already broke Katie Hopkins, and it's been made much, much, much worse after all of what's happened with COVID and the economy being shut down. People are saying, hey, whatever money's left, let's spend it on us, not on others over there. So yes, America First will be the campaign slogan.

Katie Hopkins: Did you see Pelosi doing her little wiggle jiggle when it got past the one point nine? She did this little weird dance thing behind her podium on her rostrum, you know, because she was so pleased with herself that it got through.

To me, that was the real signal of how they think they just got a home run now. They are, in a way, for the next year or so, they can just keep spending other people's money, and they love it. They're sort of in a sort of an apology mode, almost. It's just throwing out American taxpayer's cash to wherever they like.

Barry Nussbaum: It's interesting coming from someone that you just mentioned who's worth over one hundred million dollars. If America went completely bankrupt, it wouldn't change her lifestyle one tiny bit. She'd still have her $20,000 freezer filled with thousands of dollars of very expensive ice cream. It's not going to bother her life at all.

Let's talk about something else. The border is blowing up. World records are being set in this country on the southern border for illegal immigration. The governor of Texas has done something rather amazing, Katie. He sent the National Guard of Texas down to the border because it's a catastrophe of people pouring across.

They think ninety thousand have already come across the border in several months. All of last year, it was about the same number, maybe slightly higher, but we're only three months into the year. This is crazy. You're going to see a fight between the right of Texas to protect itself and the right of the United States to force an illegal immigration policy down to its citizenry in Texas. Who's right and who's wrong?

Katie Hopkins: Governor Abbott, I’m so happy the National Guard is being mobilized to get down there and it’s actually quite a relief, Barry having seen the National Guard mobilized into D.C. in a completely unnecessary way.

I think 25,000 of them are still being held there for no apparent reason. It is actually good to see the National Guard being used with some sort of conviction to defend the border. I think it's important, having witnessed this in the UK with a deluge of migrants.

One of the things that happens very quickly is there are a few towns that take the brunt of this. You know, of people lying on the streets, of public bathrooms that are overrun, of bad things happening in certain areas. The people of Texas, of course, are going to feel that very acutely.

Having spent time down there on that border at the Rio Grande and in McCallan and other places, it's amazing Barry to see it. If I can sort of explain it, you look across the river, and you can see the pathways. I mean, they're worn by the traffickers, by the people they bring, by the migrants, by the illegals. It's almost like a national park.

You know, it's almost like the routes are sort of signposted. Like, oh, you walk this way, come on in. There are even the blue barrels that people who know- that have seen these the blue barrels that are put out by the do-gooder NGOs with water and supplies in so that when they get thirsty or hungry on their walk, they can have a little snack. I mean, it is next-level crazy down there.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's make it even crazier. I've talked about this for about a week. When you have a thousand people at the border wearing Biden t-shirts and holding up Biden signs, and they're all holding hands and singing together, it looks like, well, a dance routine from a major theater company.

Somebody's paying for that. Somebody is bringing those people there. Somebody is passing out t-shirts, supplies, and beautifully constructed signs from professional printers. This is NOT, in capital letters, this is NOT some sort of, well, simultaneous, conscious changing let's run to America.

This is fully, fully being put together by people who want nothing more than illegal immigration. Don't you agree?

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. We've seen this playbook over and over. We've seen it in the UK as well. The last terrorist attack within; I don't know, moments Barry there were Muslim ladies dressed in whatever holding signs, you know, saying we reject what's just happened.

Handing out roses to the passers-by, the media with their own demands has captured the moment to show that, oh, look, the Muslim faith rejects all of this. All very much a package, a sort of publicity package. You have the same at the border.

The big annoyance to me, Barry, and if I was there, I'd love to get there. I'd love to get hold of those camera crews, and I'd love to get a hold of those presenters filming this because you know that they've been told to be there at 10 a.m. They've already been given a coffee and a cake.

They are complicit in this because if they turn the cameras off, they wouldn't be giving oxygen to these NGOs that are trying to take down America. This is why what you're doing matters, and ATP matters. We need old, truthful media back. Whatever happened to the news, you know?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, thanks for that, except for the old part.

Katie Hopkins: I didn't think that- I meant traditional.

Barry Nussbaum: I know I'm just being sensitive as I get older. Thanks, Katie, for coming on today and for the shout-out for people to sign up for ATP by texting TRUTH to 88202. We appreciate you signing up for our free content because we never charge for it. For Katie, I'm Barry Nussbaum. Thanks for joining us today on ATP Report.

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