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Trump Knows Israel’s Border Wall Reduced Terror by 99%


Trump Knows Israel’s Border Wall REDUCED TERROR BY 99%

Aimee: This is America Trends, the YouToo America TV network and Biztalk TV. We are with Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project. Barry, what does this truth project do?

Barry: Thanks for asking Aimee. American Truth Project is literally about America’s security. We come at it from 4 key issues. Islamic fundamentalism and its terror around the world, homegrown terror, and I include border security within that conversation. The relationship with Israel, our most strategic ally in the Middle East, which is the canary in the coal line for our security, and Middle East policy as a whole.

All those 4 issues lead into what should be on everybody’s mind, which is how we can protect ourselves as Americans at home. Anybody who goes to AmericanTruthProject.org can read all our articles for free. We never charge. You receive an email every couple of days with one of our videos, and you get articles and recommendations on where to look stuff up and the easiest way to find us on FindBarry.com, that takes you right to it because that is me.

Aimee: Yes, that’s you. FindBarry.com, we’re going to look it up. So, we talked about the wall and why it’s so important. Trump ran on it so he should continue pushing for it, right? It’s the right thing to do.

Barry:  You know I feel very strongly that you’re right about that Aimee. It was one of his key issues. Putting America first has to do with securing the homeland. Every country in the world looks at the internal protection of its citizens as the primary responsibility of its federal or national government. Whatever the country is, that is its job, and people recognize the fact that massive amounts of illegal drugs, weapons, criminals and human smuggling are coming freely across the border. If he backs down on this because the democrats refuse to fund the government if he pushes for wall funding, I think Donald Trump is going to have a real problem with his base and I think that by 2020, a lot of people are going to go away because they will feel abandoned.

I hope for America’s sake the president sticks to his guns and figures out a way to pay for it. I honestly don’t care if he declares a national emergency. Every single president in the last 20 years has done so for one reason or another, and he’s not talking about a great deal of money. I know it sounds crazy but $5 Billion to the federal government is walking around money. We gave 50 times that to foreign countries and nobody blinked.

Aimee: You’re exactly right and there’s no doubt about it, whatever angle you look at it from, it’s a humanitarian crisis. What a mess we had 2-3 months ago when that caravan came. Trump told them from the start, don’t come, and you have people like Barack Obama saying it would never get here or be a problem. And then to have to deal with 10,000 people that dissipated to 8000, and there are about 2000 left at last count that will integrate into the community at Tijuana or jump the border. Now we have a new caravan of about 500 so far that just left Honduras Monday night, so here we go again.

Barry: I wish more people would understand who’s behind it. People don’t pick themselves up with no money and no transportation and no food, medicine, water or lodging and travel thousands of miles to ostensibly break into a foreign country unless somebody with deep pockets is sponsoring them.

A guy named Ami Horowitz who is a friend went down to central America about a month ago and shot a 3-4 day special. I urge your viewers to watch it. He literally integrated into that caravan.

Aimee: Say his name again.

Barry: Ami Horowitz, you can find him on YouTube. Very sharp filmmaker and he figured out where the money is coming from and the fact this is a political agenda financed by very wealthy secret sources with the express intent of changing American policy by using these people for lack of a better word, as dupes. Look I’ve been all over that border, at least in San Diego, and as a fellow Californian you know that where the wall got built before Donald Trump, illegal immigration went to 0. Isn’t that funny?

Aimee: And commerce thrived, it was good all-around.

Barry: Barack Obama was the president, and no one said it was a racist wall at the time. So, what happened was in the areas where the wall is up there are no illegal immigrants coming through, there’s no infiltration. Why in the world would you leave the door open and say to everybody, bring your weapons, bring your drugs, bring your smuggled slave women, all the horrible things you know, MS13 come on in but don’t come to my house. I have a wall around my house. Just come into the country and we’d like to register you for the democratic party.

Aimee: A wall works, imagine that, and the humanitarian crisis is sex trafficking, the coyotes make money but people who are there are hoodwinked too because they were told you will be able to get into America and when that caravan from 2 months ago got here, they said these people lied to us, they told us it would be easy. So, to continue, will this thing ever be over? We got about a minute, I want to ask you about Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has been absent all last week and announced to her staff that she will be out all this week recovering from some health concerns. She’s 85-86 and the question is, will she come back and when are they going to really let us know what’s going on with her health?

Barry:  It is unknown because we are not her doctors. She has had cancer a number of times, she has had broken bones. They say she is in tremendous health for 86 years old but the truth is she is now missing her job and, at some point, if that cancer is still active, I think her career is over and it’s going to be a zoo in Washington. It will be Trump’s third appointment to the court. His first one, Neil Gorsuch replaced a conservative nobody cared about too much. His second one, Kavanaugh, replaced a swing voter and it was a zoo. This will be replacing a very liberal progressive left-wing jurist with a conservative and I predict all hell will break loose in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republicans control the vote but the Democrats are going to fight to the death of blocking it, you’ll see.

Aimee: Barry, I think you are exactly right. How could it top Kavanaugh? I guess we may just see. Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project, will you come back and see us soon?

Barry:  Absolutely!


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