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Trump Doctrine is Right for America.


Jamie Glazov: Good evening. Welcome to the Glazov Gang. Tonight, Trump Doctrine is right for America. Back by popular demand, Barry Nussbaum, the founder of American Truth Project. Barry, what an honor to have you back again.

Barry Nussbaum: Jamie, I'm so happy to be with you. You're absolutely my favorite host ever.

Jamie Glazov: Okay, fantastic. We had to invite you back because of my email. My emails are just inundated. My text, I mean, just everybody is demanding Barry Nussbaum.

Barry Nussbaum: Good to be demanded.

Jamie Glazov: Okay, well, look, congratulations. I was reading your book for the last couple of days it was fascinating, very powerful, scholarly, and very profound work. Your new book is called Because You Asked, and I think it's come out at the right time. I heard a rumor on the street that Annie Cyrus was very instrumental in you writing this book. Is that true?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, as we both know, since she produces for both of us when Annie Cyrus gives advice, you shut up, you listen, you nod, and then you do it. So, I did as I was instructed.

Jamie Glazov: All right, but you also did it because it was a great idea, and it was. It's a series of fascinating essays, unveiling the Trump Doctrine, why it's right for America and the world. You've got three riveting parts. I'll let you go now, take it away.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, I started the book out with kind of an analysis of where America is and some of the problems that Trump came into office to address, Jamie. One of the first places I started with was Dearborn, Michigan. It's really ironic, especially for me.

When my family came to this country, we settled in the Midwest, Chicago, and then Indiana. I had some relatives that had survived the Holocaust that settled in Dearborn, Michigan. I'm almost happy that they're no longer here to see what has happened to their adopted hometown. Dearborn, Michigan, is now basically the Middle East.

English is not spoken. It's all in Arabic. The signs are in Arabic. Businesses advertise Arabic services. The people that are there have not assimilated at all into American society. It reminds me, Jamie, of my parents when I was a kid.

If I wanted to know about the Gettysburg Address, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the things that made America really special, I would go to my mom or dad because in those days, to become a citizen, you went to school. You learned to write and read English. You learned American history.

You learned American government. You learned the principles of the Constitution and constitutional rights. Now, Jamie, I'm really sad to say that's not America today. That was one of the first things that Trump looked at.

Which is, we're letting in zillions of people, when I say we, I mean the United States, who don't care about America. It was simply a place to go where they could bring their culture, not assimilate, to hate and want to change America. That is the first chapter. It's about Dearborn, Michigan.

Jamie Glazov: Yeah, also what you deal with is our dwindling freedom of speech to even talk about these things and to make a threat assessment to our security, right?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it's really sad. You know, we talk all the time about the First Amendment, Jamie, and you're a scholar, and you know how important it is. How it makes America a very, very special place. You can speak your mind and not worry about Big Brother tapping you on the head and saying, “Follow me. We need to take you to a re-education camp”.

You can have the freedom to assemble and the freedom of your religion. But ironically, some religions are now freer than others, Jamie. Specifically, jumping-off point, we talked about Dearborn, but that is not the only place. There are basically large parts of Minneapolis that are little Somalia where English is not the first language.

Christianity, Judaism, Western religions are basically the religions of the apostates. It is a Muslim society within America. There is no desire to be American there. Those people literally are living in their own world, in their own neighborhoods. They refuse to acknowledge, in many cases, American law, the law that is important to them is Sharia.

We both know because we've studied it for years, Sharia is completely, utterly 100 percent incompatible with our American way of life. I'm not the one that said that first. Thomas Jefferson said that first.

Jamie Glazov: Right. Well, now, in a strange way to be against Sharia, is of course, to be for women's rights. Being against Sharia, that's considered classist, sexist, racist, homophobic, and trans-phobic. The whole thing has become so bizarre.

Now in terms of the Trump doctrine and you showing just how successful it was and is in part three of your book, you show just this incredible, extremely successful foreign policy of the Trump administration from Israel to North Korea.

Tell us a little bit about it and also why it is so devastating if Trump doesn't enter a second term. Why it is just going to be a disaster to see Biden get in.

Barry Nussbaum: Everywhere. Trump has gone, Jamie; he has recast America from a country of apologists. A country of, "Hey, we're sorry we did all these terrible things." To a country of greatness. His 'Make America Great Again' slogan is profoundly brilliant because, on the international stage, all of a sudden, America is respected again.

Look, you mentioned the Middle East. Let's talk about that for a minute. When Trump came into office, the relationship between our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, and the United States was at decades low. Obama had treated Israel as a pariah state and had disrespected their Prime Minister on numerous occasions.

He had allowed his Ambassadors at the UN and elsewhere to basically leave Israel to flap in the wind in the face of legislative and military aggression. Trump changed everything, Jamie. He started to be a friend and an ally.

He moved the embassy to Jerusalem not because it was willy-nilly but because it is an American law, and it has been American law for decades. All the other Presidents waived it until Trump. Trump went to the Western Wall, and he prayed for peace in Israel. He was the first sitting President to do that.

He recognized Israel's sovereignty of the Golan Heights, which has been in Jewish hands for nearly three thousand years and was recaptured in 1967. He talks about open trade, and open military cooperation. There's no space between Israel and the United States. May God bless Trump for doing that.

You mentioned North Korea. Clinton had a goofball idea that he would make peace and give the Un family whatever they wanted. So, the Kim's got free trade. They got a tremendous amount of money. What did they do? They gave us the middle finger, and they made bombs and missiles.

The same person that Clinton hired to negotiate the worst deal in American history, Obama hired for the Iran nuclear deal. What did she get for the Americans? Nothing. What did she give away? Everything. What did they do for Israel? They left them alone to face an Iran that is arming itself with nuclear weapons.

Trump looked at that, and he said, “I'm out. I'm not doing this anymore. The whole world can kiss Iran. I'm not going to. These people deserve to be treated as pariahs. They deserve to be punished for their support of terrorism worldwide through their proxy armies, not the least of which is Hezbollah and Hamas, among others”.

The Houthi rebels, for example, down south in the Middle East. Now, if Biden becomes President, all that gets undone. At least for the next few weeks, we can be optimistic. Maybe my book is right, and maybe those policies will continue.

Jamie Glazov: Oh, we really hope that they will. Look, there seems to be more and more hope and promise something could happen here because Giuliani's really proving that this really was an election steal. Just more and more evidence coming out every day. Barry, how can people get your book? Because I know that they're on the edge of their seat right now and just trying to find out how they can get their hands on it.

Barry Nussbaum: It's very simple, Jamie. They can go to our website, AmericantruthProject.org. They can sign up there, and we'll send them a freebie on the book, or they can text the message BYA and send it to 88202.

Jamie Glazov: Fantastic, Barry. We got to go but before we do, give us a hint why you're so incredible.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, boy, that is a softball question of all time. I feel like Joe Biden, an underhand softball pitch. American Truth Project is all about just observing and telling the truth. Americans need it now, Jamie, as you well know, more than ever. We're living in some crazy times.

Jamie Glazov: Yes.

Barry Nussbaum: The truth is more important than it's ever been, and that's why American Truth Project is here.

Jamie Glazov: Fantastic. Barry, always a pleasure to have you on the Glazov Gang. We'll see you soon.

Barry Nussbaum: Thanks for having me. Always a pleasure.

Jamie Glazov: Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen do not do anything else. Go to Americantruthproject.org and get the book by Barry Nussbaum Because You Asked. Do not read anything else but this book in the coming days. We'll see you soon. Good night.

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