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Tlaib’s Trip Sponsor: “Jews Drink Christian Baby’s Blood.”


Jermain Botsio: Congressman accuses Friedman of allegiance to a foreign power over the support of Israel's Tlaib ban. Now, I believe in a sense here that nobody is saying anything to these women because of the race issue. If you're quote-unquote, light-skinned, right, your white skin, you can't say anything to people of color. It's a way to shut down the argument, and I believe Republicans need to get over that. They need to get over that hump and be able to speak to what the issue is. I see a lot of Republicans not speaking up the way I believe they should be. What do you think about that?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you raise an interesting point, and I've got two responses. Number one, I think it's really important that people remember if you call everybody a racist all the time or a bigot or whatever, eventually, that term loses its significance, right? So this white privilege movement that, you know, all these white people that are famous in Hollywood are coming out and saying, "I'm humiliated because I'm white. I'm so sorry because I'm white." First of all, it's stupid, and they sound crazy, and more importantly for their audience, they're disenfranchising and driving away, people that otherwise might listen to them. Most Americans are not that dumb. Most Americans are natively quite smart as it is just a general understanding. So that's the important thing and the first to remember. And the second thing that ought to really be happening is just to talk about the facts. Here's a fact that for some reason I can't figure out why it's not headlines. Well, actually, I can, because it doesn't fit the narrative. But this is going to come as news to your viewers. The congressional trips, which just concluded a few days ago into Israel for all the Republican and Democrat members that were invited, which included the two girlfriends they talked about, but they declined. It was a fact-finding trip, meeting with the military, government, NGOs, people on the ground being flown all over the country because until you've done that, you really don't know the country. Rashida Tlaib has never been there, and I've been there way more than her, obviously. What people don't know is going to shock them. What I'm going to say right now is going to shock them. The ladies, I use that term in quotes, that were about to visit Israel and didn't go, had their entire trip and the itinerary and the payment set up by a terror organization. That terror organization that still exists is called Miftah. And let me read you some of the anti-Semitism that Miffed has put out. Now, this isn't me making this up. I'm going to tell you when the quote starts, OK? When President Obama, a very liberal, progressive Democrat, I think we would all agree, was about to go to Israel, this is the quote they put out. Does Obama, in fact, know the relationship between Passover and Christian blood? Or of Passover and the Jewish blood ritual? Much of the chatter and gossip about historical Jewish blood rituals in Europe are real and not fake as they claim. The Jews used the blood of Christians in the Passover Seder. OK, it gets worse. Several years later, in 2013, a Miftah staffer posted this article on their site, on the official Miftah Web site, criticizing Barack Obama for having a Passover Seder in the White House. Now, for Christians, they know that the Passover Seder was the last supper of Jesus, and Jews are still celebrating Passover three thousand years after they escaped slavery in Egypt. It's maybe one of the longest celebrated holidays on planet Earth. This article says that Obama should be criticized because Jews kill non-Jewish children and drain their blood during Passover. I know it sounds like a Dracula movie or some really bad plot that doesn't even make the theaters, you know, the kind that goes right to rental on your pay-per-view for a dollar ninety-nine. This is what these people said. Jermain, they were the sponsors of Rashida Tlaib's trip. That's what they publish. They are so insane that most people just think it's crazy. In other words, they accused President Obama of supporting it and the Israelis of supporting it. And they are bringing Rashida Tlaib to Israel. Can you imagine how balanced that trip would have been? Can you imagine the amount of propaganda they would have poured on her? So these are the things that need to be talked about. These are the things that you and I and your viewers need to get out into the news because this is the news. In other words, you don't have to tell somebody. That Jews aren't sacrificing Christians and drain their blood to make Montse. Just report the facts and let the viewers decide. And that's what's missing in the narrative. You don't have to call to Tlaib insane. Just read the news, and the news speaks for itself, and your viewers will make their own decisions. But unfortunately, the news media doesn't even print the story that I just told you. So, I encourage your viewers to go Google Miftah and read about the horrible, horrible things they say and how they support Rashida Tlaib.


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