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Tlaib Sides with Terrorists Again!


Aimee Fuller: Rashida Tlaib forcibly dragged from a Trump rally in 2016. Now a congresswoman, the controversial congresswoman, is facing an ethics probe at the federal level. Our friend of the show, Barry Nussbaum of the American Truth Project, is here to talk about the ins and outs of all of this. Barry, what's going on?


Barry Nussbaum: You have just shown a video Aimee of maybe the wackiest person ever elected to Congress, at least during our lifetimes. She has bragged about her mouth. She loves F-bombs, especially on camera. She has bragged about the fact that she is going to lead the charge to impeach the mother F'er. That's in regard to Donald Trump, and her campaign is now pushing t-shirts of that high quality. The more you learn about her, the more afraid you ought to be that this woman is in charge of affecting my lifetime and yours and maybe millions of Americans, too. The more you dive in, the uglier the news is Aimee. This is one bad apple.


Aimee Fuller: She is accused of hating everyone, Jews, Israel, America, being racist, and we're going to have some sound of her recently in just a few moments. But what is specifically this ethics probe about?


Barry Nussbaum: Well, you're not allowed to dip into your campaign funds to pay your own bills. When people donate, there are very strict regulations, very strict on accounting, and also disclosure to people at large. You're not allowed to take money out of the campaign to pay bills for yourself unless it's related to the campaign. And they have to match up. There is a federal investigation. She's apparently gotten away with some 17 plus thousands of dollars that she paid herself without any justification. And the Federal Election Commission is looking into it, and it is serious.


Aimee Fuller: Wow, and who called for this probe, do you know?


Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, there were a number of people in Washington. There are a lot of political opponents that once the disclosures came out, they said, hey, you're not allowed to do this. She has pushed back aggressively, and her basic defense for any question of her behavior is the people that are asking are, I know it's going to shock you, racist. And that's why she's being investigated. Meanwhile, the federal government is looking into it, and supposedly there will be a decision by next month.


Aimee Fuller: Wow. She does seem to surround herself with radicals, and some are calling her a radical herself. What is it about some of these friends and some of these people that are around her?


Barry Nussbaum: You know, there's a number of them, Aimee, that is affiliated with such shocking terror groups that you would think even somebody that's masquerading as part of the political scene, like Rashida Tlaib, would disassociate herself from. And ironically, she runs into their arms and then defends the relationship permanently. There's one guy, Abbas Hamideh, who not only was at her victory party in her swearing-in but has shown up in her offices. They have numerous photo ops together. This guy is so radical that he called the Hezbollah chief one of the greatest men on earth. Now, Hezbollah, for those that don't know, is a terror organization and has been declared so by basically every western country on earth. Before 2001, they were responsible for the deaths of more Americans than any other terror group in history. They have killed Americans around the world. They've killed Israelis. They're famous for infiltrating into Israel and blowing up buses and schools and so on. And this Hamideh guy loves Hezbollah. And Rashida Tlaib loves Hamideh. And it might be because it goes back to her campaign issue, which is I love Palestine. She draped herself in a Palestinian flag at her inauguration. She proclaims loud to anyone that will listen that she's in Congress to help Palestine. She doesn't mention anything about the United States. And ironically, and this is really demonstrative of where her loyalties lie, Aimee when she was asked her opinion on the BDS legislation going through Congress. Meaning Congress declared it anti-Semitic and is opposed to it. She said it, anybody that supports that kind of legislation is more loyal to Israel than to America. And ironically, she's the one with the Palestinian flag, not the American flag around her. And she's the one that took the map of Israel in her office and had a Palestinian sign placed over it. Meaning Israel doesn't exist. It's all Palestine. This is somebody that is very dangerous and needs to be watched.


Aimee Fuller: That's the work of so many to say it's all Palestine, and Israel does not exist. And as we know, everything changed a few decades ago, and people are making Aliyah going back. And Israel is just one of our closest allies. We are both nations founded by people of the book, and you know why are there more Muslims than ever running for office for the next cycle as well? We have some Muslims in Congress now, and some don't like it. Why is it a problem? And well, I will ask, is it because Rashida Tlaib and some of the people like her are just, again, too anti-Israel and just going too far and maybe they're not making a representation of the Palestinians?


Barry Nussbaum: Well, there's a couple of answers to that. Aimee. I would say that our country is exclusive amongst the countries of the world that we let everybody participate in. We're blind when it comes to race, creed, color, national origin, your belief systems, your sexual orientation, and so on. And we should be that way. But when somebody puts other interests above the interest or in front of the United States, that scares me. It scares me as an American who is patriotic and wants America to come first. Quite simply, our closest ally, maybe in the world, is Israel. They are our closest ally against terror, working night and day around the clock with Americans both overtly and covertly to stop terror. And when someone like Rashid Tlaib welcomes a terror supporter into her inner circle who says, "The head of Hezbollah is one of the greatest men on earth," that scares me because that guy's responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and will continue to do so every chance he gets.


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