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The Woke is a Joke


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to this Thursday’s broadcast, April 29th, 2021. Riding shotgun with me is my producer, Channon. I want to say thank you as always to Anni, the producer on the other end. Please, everyone, do me a favor.

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Channon: I want to know if anybody listened to Biden's address last night and what their reaction is.  Will, what did you think of Biden last night?

Will Johnson: (Snoring) What was the question?

Channon: It was terrible, wasn't it?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Oh, my God. It was hard. I was struggling to listen.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. It was so bad.

Channon: It didn't even sound like a presidential address to me.

Will Johnson: It wasn't. All it was, is something to attack police officers and to attack those of us that love the country, and then he tried to come across like he was strong against China—at the same time putting the Chinese president or the Chinese leader on a pedestal.

Yeah, I had a two-hour-long conversation with him, and it was very good. I mean, seriously, but then he is trying to come out strong. We're going to have a strong military presence. You know what was amazing to me. You had Democrats after the fact trying to say that he shouldn't have been so tough on China.

Channon: You know, it's funny because if Trump would have come out and said what Biden said, we had a good conversation. People would be like. “What do you mean you had a good conversation? He's the leader of a communist country.” That's what CNN would be saying. But now that Biden is saying it, it's like, oh, (clapping).

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly, clap, clap.

Channon: Hooray, Biden.

Will Johnson: It was one of the worst addresses ever.

Channon: Oh, my gosh.

Will Johnson: I would rather watch the paint dry and keep throwing paint up on the wall. I would rather watch that. It was so bad. It was terrible.

Channon: I sitting there going; how can anybody be excited about this man? One, everything he's saying, for the most part, he lies. He talks about unity and bringing everybody together. He does the opposite in his legislation, and what's happening in Congress and the House right now is terrible because Democrats do not want to work with Republicans.

The Republicans are coming out saying, “Oh, my gosh, they are not working with us. It is all one-sided. They are doing anything but trying to unify our country.” The words that they say are anything but unifying. They say, “Oh, we're unifying,” but then everything they say after that is not unifying,

Will Johnson: It is divisive.

Channon: It blows me away. How could they be excited about it?

Will Johnson: Actually, they are talking about unity. They're talking about unifying, but you have to unify under their ideology. If you don't want to unify under that, then there's a problem with you. You have an issue. You're bigoted and hateful and everything that you can think of that is wrong. They call you that because you don't want to unify under their way of thinking.

Channon: You know, after the previous president has given addresses, you have the media that would come out and immediately talk about how many Pinocchio's they had.

Will Johnson:  I think they ran out of Pinocchio's.

Channon: Then they'll say we're going to talk about his approval or how people reacted to his address. You know what? I didn't hear about it anywhere. I even went and searched out on the websites Fox, Epoch Times, and CNN. I can't find anyone.

Will Johnson: There was one, right?

Channon: Where?

Will Johnson: I thought we had one, Chris Wallace?

Channon: Well ...

Will Johnson: Chris Wallace, right?

Channon: So, Chris Wallace came out and said that he felt most Americans would appreciate the address that Biden gave. I was sitting here going, okay. On Facebook, we know it is not ...

Will Johnson: Fascist book.

Channon: In fact, Will, you at one point before Biden started talking, you took a snapshot of how many dislikes it already had.

Will Johnson: Oh, my God, yeah.

Channon: So, somebody went on all the news channels, FOX, CNN, MSN, all of them, and took snapshots of the very same thing. How many likes and dislikes Biden had during his speech, the dislikes completely blew the likes out of the water. Yet they'll sit here and say, “Oh, I think everybody can appreciate that speech. I'm like, what am I paying attention to?

Will Johnson: Wait, hold on. I took the snapshot before he even walked out onto the floor.

Channon: Which might not be fair.

Will Johnson: Seriously, they say that the American people love Joe. They love Joe; this is what they're saying. So, I took a snapshot, and it showed 3.7 thousand likes for Biden, for O'Biden. This was on YouTube, on the White House channel YouTube, and there were 11,000 dislikes. So, if the majority of the country enjoys Biden, they like Joe Biden. Why would so many people hit the dislike button?

At one point, there were so many dislikes on the YouTube channel that the YouTube / Google company removed it. There were so many dislikes. Now, they're doing it because they want people to believe that people are starting to like him. I mean, seriously? At one point, I think the highest I saw was 8,000 likes when the video was done, and there were 18,000 dislikes.

Channon: You know what else was interesting? After Trump would give his address, you could go to your Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, and you would have an equal amount of followers. People who elected him, of course; oh, what a great speech. They would list the things that they liked.

Will Johnson: Oh yeah, this is one of the best speeches President Trumps' done. It just gets better and better.

Channon: They would praise him for the things that he has accomplished, things he has done, and of course, you always have the liberals that would bash him. It's interesting, though, because with Biden, on my Facebook page and other pages that I've looked at, overwhelmingly, I have seen people on the right saying what a terrible job he has done.

They will list like we always do, the reasons why we do or do not like him. Then the liberal left is completely silent. Do you know what their target was? The target was Senator Tim Scott because he did a rebuttal to what Biden said, and they completely went after him and attacked him.

Will Johnson: Before you get to Tim Scott because I think it is a really important topic for us to talk about. Let me play a short segment from Joe Biden's address last night. You brought it up how he talked about unity. We need to come together, but then they talk about divisive things, like the police department.

They're labeling the police department, the organizations, as a racial or a racist organization that's operating inside the United States. Now, if you want to talk about a racist organization operating within the United States, look no further than the Democrat KKK party. Did I say that out loud? I'm meant the Democrat Party.

Look no further than the Democrat Party if you want to talk about systemic racism, but listen to Joe Biden in this little, short clip from his address last night, and for those of you that listening. Try not to fall asleep.

President Joe Biden: My fellow Americans, look, we need to come together to heal the soul of this nation. It was nearly a year ago before her father's funeral when I spoke with Gianna Floyd, George Floyd's young daughter. She's a little tike, so I was kneeling down to talk to her. So, I could look her in the eye.

She looked at me, she said, my daddy changed the world. Well, that's the conviction of George Floyd's murderer. We can see how right she was if we have the courage to act in Congress. We've all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of black Americans.

Will Johnson: The knee of injustice on the neck of black Americans, I mean, seriously? How divisive is that? Is it just me, or am I missing something here? He's pushing this racial division instead of saying Americans they always emphasize black America.

He is the party. He is the same one that was holding Robert Byrd's hand, a known leader in the white supremacist KKK Klan. Yet they champion him, but he turns around, and then he talks about the racism that's coming from the police department. It is 100% disgusting.

Channon: Let's just think about this, okay? We have these cities that are predominantly having problems with the police department. Let me ask you, who are these cities predominantly ran by?

Will Johnson: Democrats.

Channon: Democrats. Who is calling people names like white supremacists? At this point, you could say that's a racial slur.

Will Johnson: Democrats.

Channon: They are calling people, Uncle Tom.

Will Johnson: Democrats.

Channon: They are calling people terrorists that aren't terrorists.

Will Johnson: Democrats.

Channon: They're doing all these things. You know, we don't have a racist problem.

Will Johnson: We have a Democrat problem.

Channon: We have a Democrat problem, exactly. You don't think like them. They're going to call you something that you don't like to put you in your place. Now, they're creating legislation to put you in line.

Will Johnson: Absolutely, and you know what? It's happening to the point where police officers are simply doing their job. Then police officers are going to get arrested. I haven't seen what they put in this bill as of yet. So, I don't think they've released it, to my knowledge. The point is that they're talking about police reform.

That's a code name for remove any police officer that's going to do the right thing and put in a tyrant that's going to implement the tyranny. On top of that, like you said, pushing legislation to bring in this George Floyd bill legislation. This is strictly against police officers for doing their job. It's not reforming. It's defunding.

They are changing it from calling to defund to reform because people are like, oh, wait a minute, we're going to take resources, money, and personnel from the police department? You still have a whole bunch of them calling for it but listen to Joe Biden in this next clip how he says that we need to do this before the anniversary of George Floyd.

President Joe Biden: My fellow Americans, we have to come together to rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve. To root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system and enact police reform in George Ford's name, that passed the House already.

I know Republicans have their own ideas and are engaged in very productive discussions with Democrats in the Senate. We need to work together to find a consensus but let's get it done next month by the first anniversary of George Floyd's death.

Will Johnson: Wow, really?

Channon: First of all, the Republicans have said that the Democrats are not interested in anything they have to say. So, let's be honest. He's saying that they're working with them, but to be honest, they are not. Secondly, what did Maxine Waters come out and say about the police, and what should happen in the streets if that man wasn't convicted?

She said he should have been. Not that she was allowing due process to happen or anything like that. She said I feel like he's guilty; therefore, if he doesn't get this, what is going to happen? She called for violence in the streets. Kamala Harris continually talks about defunding the police and how she doesn't care for the police department.

Now look at what's happening in some of these cities like Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia, defunded the police. Guess what they are now doing? They are now refunding the police. Do you know why they're starting to fund them again?

Will Johnson: Crime rate is through the roof.

Channon: Right, and who wants to be a police officer? I know what's going to be in this bill. One thing that is going to be in this bill is that ...

Will Johnson: You cannot touch black people, and if black people decide, they will say that you have to ask permission. Can I arrest you? You committed this violent crime. Can I arrest you now? The black person goes, absolutely not. You got to let me go.

Channon: There's talk about that. I know you're joking, but it's not a joke.

Will Johnson: It's really not a joke.

Channon: It's really not.

Will Johnson: It's not.

Channon: But they're going to make it to where police have zero protection. Therefore, if you get into a life-or-death situation, you now have to say, am I going to take personal responsibility for this situation? Am I going to put my life on the line, or am I going to go to jail if I want to protect this community from this person?

That's what they're going to put in this bill. Who would want to be a police officer? I don't know. You know what? I think we should make all liberals police officers. They are trying to do that in California.

Will Johnson: That is the ultimate goal to get liberal socialist, communist Democrats to be police officers or police officers / social workers. Then that way, they think they can stop all of the crime. When in actuality, they're the ones creating this crime. They're the ones that are advocating for it. They're even pushing it.

Channon: They're no longer going to sit there and go, oh, we're going to protect people from this or that, really? Do you know what they're going to become? They will become social justice people. That's what the police officer is going to become.

Will Johnson: Social justice warriors.

Channon: They are not going to be; I will protect this neighborhood from this drug cartel. That's not what they're going to be about; they're going to be like, oh, are there white people owning businesses? Let's go after them.

Let's harass them for this and for that reason. That's what they're going to do. They're going to become social justice warriors. That's what they want to do. That is what ruins countries. It's racism. It's actual racism in our government.

Will Johnson: 100%, and they're pushing for it. They have this whole thing that they are trying to push out. The United States of America was built on racism, was built on the back of a black man, was built on this whole hatred against humanity.

So, to get to what you were talking about earlier with Tim Scott. They're calling Tim Scott, Uncle Tim. Instead of saying Uncle Tom, they say Uncle Tim. Do you know what's amazing? The whole thing about calling someone Uncle Tom is really not a bad thing.

They are taking it, the left, saying, ‘Hey if we call you Uncle Tom, it’s bad.” The whole thing about Uncle Tom, Uncle Tom was a person helping black slaves to reach freedom.

Channon: It's a racial slur. Instead of calling someone the N-word.

Will Johnson: It's not even the N-word. They call people Uncle Tom because they say you're a sellout.

Channon: It's an insult.

Will Johnson: That's my point. They try to insult. Helping black people reach freedom is a bad thing on the left. They manipulated the whole concept of it because they know people don't know the history of it. So, now when you hear someone being called Uncle Tom's. Oh, yeah, you're a sellout. A sellout is a black person that is helping other black people reach freedom.

Channon: That is what it is.

Will Johnson: Wow, that is insane to me, but let's listen to Tim Scott, as he says, America is not a racist nation, and you hear this person named Harris say that America is not racist, but we have racist issues in America, and what she says at the end of this clip is the main problem. The left is creating it, and they're the ones who are constantly adding racism to everything. Listen to this.

Senator Tim Scott: Do we need common ground more desperately than in our discussions of race? Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country.

Vice President Harris: No, I don't think America is a racist country, but we also do have to speak the truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today, and I applaud the president for always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it. He spoke what we know from the intelligence community. One of the greatest threats to our national security is domestic terrorism manifested by white supremacists.

Will Johnson: Wow, did you hear that? That's code for anyone who loves America, anyone who supported President Trump, and you don't even have to be a white person who supported President Trump. They're calling everybody who supported President Trump a white supremacist and labeling all of us domestic terrorists.

Never before have you had someone sitting in the White House or someone next to the person in the White House calling their opponents' domestic terrorists. Never before. Maybe it has. Have you ever heard of this, Channon? Maybe someone out there has heard it. Maybe this happened before, and this is nothing new.

Channon: No.

Will Johnson: They've called them all domestic terrorists in the past, their opponents because this is what we're talking about here. We're not talking about people coming into the country or people doing stuff and causing domestic terrorist issues.

We're not talking about that. We're not talking about people like Timothy McVeigh, where they call it domestic terrorists. They're labeling their political opponents. They're labeling people that voted for President Trump as domestic terrorists, all white supremacists.

Never before in the history of this nation has it reached that point. This is a conspiracy if you want to call it a conspiracy. There's a reason why they have these FEMA camps lined up around the country. You know, I'm just putting it out there.

Channon: I've never heard it before. If you want to define domestic terrorism, you need to look at Antifa and BLM. Their actions are terrorist actions. You know, it's interesting that they keep bringing up January 6th, but they don't bring up Portland, Oregon, where they locked police officers in the building.

Will Johnson: They barricaded the doors with chains and wanted to burn the people alive inside the building. They don't ever address that issue.

Channon: And they don't talk about the capital that Antifa has attacked, even with guns. Come on; they're so deceptive. The sad thing is their base believes it.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: They go, oh, well, January 6th.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness, insurrection.

Channon: Antifa says they are insurrectionists. They say that's what they are.

Will Johnson: The organization Antifa, and yes, it is an organization. They try to say they are not, but they are.

Channon: They sit there and say that's what they are, but they say, oh, no, they're just having a summer of love.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: So, how come they're not calling them domestic terrorists? Because they're doing their work for them.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely. So, I have another clip that I want to play for everyone. So, you heard Tim Scott where he said America is not a racist nation, and this particular person, Harris, started off saying America is not racist, but then she talked about how we have racism in the country.

Here's a clip with a person on the CNN network straight-up saying that America is racist. America has always been racist America, and America won't change from its racism until everyone agrees that America is racist.

CNN: You know, I learned in high school debate that you can't have a debate until you define the terms. I feel like I don't know how either of them is defining the term, racist country. I define that as a country that is built on racism.

So, yes, I believe America is a racist country because it literally is built on and runs on racism. I don't know how either one of them is defining a racist country. I would have to talk to them about it, but I think until we actually are all defining terms the same way, like we're defining defund the police in this episode. It's not a conversation to me.

Will Johnson: So basically, until you agree that everybody in the country that is white is racist, then we can't have the conversation. Is that what you heard? That's what I heard.

Channon: Here's the thing that annoys me. These people are historically nonfactual. So, when he says that we are based, or we grew out of slavery, the very opposite is true. Since our beginnings, we have fought against racism.

During the time of Abraham Lincoln, I was doing homeschooling with my oldest son, and I was reading some facts. I'm surprised that it was in the history books, but 25 million people lived in the north that was against slavery; during the time of Abraham Lincoln, 4 million who lived in the south were for slavery.

Will Johnson: Wait a minute, 25 million? So, 25 million, how many of those were white? Hum.

Channon: Most of them were white, and they opposed slavery. Historically we were as a whole; most of the population of America was against and has always been against slavery.

Will Johnson: Against the Democrats, against Democrat slavery, against humanity.

Channon: Now, the Democrats historically have fought for and supported the idea of slavery.

Will Johnson: Even today.

Channon: Even today.

Will Johnson: I can point out as a black man, and I can tell you for a fact that the left, especially the progressives, still want slavery. It's just in a different form.

Channon: It just blows my mind how people do not number one, do their research. It's like we want to believe we are this bad, horrible country when the very opposite is true. We have always fought against racism in America, but now it's turning. Racism is actually turning.

In a sense, we're still racist, but we're defining who the racists are now. We're going like, okay, now we're going to be racist against white people because black people are this, that, or the other. Like we are approving it. We are allowing racism to happen.

Will Johnson: That's the whole point. That's part of the reason, in my view. If you asked me if I'm guessing and all that. Part of the reason they want to do the police reform is that they're proving that racism is coming from the police department. They're saying those police officers are all inherently racist, even the black ones because they joined the police department.

So, they're sellouts to a racist organization. You all just heard it. I just played it, where they're saying this. We all have to agree, according to the left, that we have a racist problem, but the problem is, they don't want to acknowledge where the racism is coming from. See, that's the most disgusting thing about all of this.

The racist problem is coming from the left. You don't see conservatives out there talking about hating black people and hating Asian people.

Channon: Never.

Will Johnson: When they talk about the Asian crime, the Asian hate crime. Who do you think is doing it? It's black people attacking Asians. Show me video after video of white people attacking Asians. You're not going to find it.

Why? Because they don't exist, but you can find videos of black people attacking Asian people. Now the left is like, oh, my goodness, you know, this Asian hate. We will ignore that it is black people doing it. We will tell everyone that is white people doing it because they're very good at lying.

They're deceiving the masses on such a scale that has never been seen before because they're using technology. They are using the big tyrannical companies to do this propaganda. CNN was caught pushing propaganda. So, why would anyone believe what they're saying?

Channon: Will, I have a story for you. So, one of my friends, her husband, was a police officer, and he just recently retired.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Channon: I haven't told you this story. She said yesterday she was at a restaurant.

Will Johnson: Her and her husband?

Channon: She and her husband were with other retired police officers.

Will Johnson: With other retired officers, okay.

Channon: The police officers association wanted to give them some plaques to recognize their service for being police officers. Mind you; no one was in uniform.

Will Johnson: Okay.

Channon: Somebody that works at the restaurant complained, saying that they felt threatened with them being in the restaurant. They must have overheard them giving the award.

Will Johnson: My goodness, someone said they felt threatened because police officers were in the restaurant. What is this restaurant? You know what? You can tell me off the

air because I think I might make a visit to this restaurant.

Channon: She said they would not tell them who it was. They would not tell them if it was an actual worker or somebody in the restaurant.

Will Johnson: What happened? What was the result?

Channon: They ended up having to leave?

Will Johnson: No, you're kidding me. No, no, no.

Channon: I think they mainly left because they didn't want to cause a problem. A lot of police officers think that way now.

Will Johnson: So, what's a problem with retired police officers sitting in the restaurant, having lunch? They should say thank you for your service.

Channon: She's disgusted. She was like it was so uncalled for.

Will Johnson: You know what, no, go ahead. What was the name of the restaurant? Let's put it on blast.

Channon: You and I just ate there not too long ago, Salt Lake BBQ Sauce.

Will Johnson: Really?

Channon: Yeah, Salt Lake BBQ Sauce.

Will Johnson: Are you kidding me?

Channon: I know. I was so upset.

Will Johnson: Are you kidding me?

Channon: I know. I was like, why? Here in Texas, a barbecue joint. Someone is acting like that.

Will Johnson: Are you kidding me?

Channon: These ‘WOKE’ people are so prejudiced. They're so hateful, they're so spiteful, and they want to ruin people's lives. It's just like Tim Scott, I mean, yesterday when he got done with his rebuttal, which, by the way, was very eloquent.

He pretty much just pointed out how Biden and his administration are not working with Republicans, and he was trying to give some ways they can move forward in unifying our country, but he was saying, Republicans are for this and that, but the Democrats are completely against that, and going in a different direction.

It's crazy. I have to say, Will, honestly, we went on here last week because you were in Minneapolis, and you ran into some BLM people that had a little rally after the George Floyd verdict.

Will Johnson: The instance with Daunte Wright, and George Floyd, they were at their rally celebrating the fact, what was his name? Was it David Chauvin?

Channon: Yeah, the police officer Chauvin.

Will Johnson: Yeah, the police officer Chauvin, they were out there celebrating, but they're saying it's not enough. It's not enough; we want more.

Channon: If you didn't see it, you have to go to our website. There's a clip that says, where you can find Will? You need to go to Will's YouTube channel because on there; he got in the car after they made him. Somebody made who he was.

Will Johnson: A right-winger is in our mist, people, a right-winger.

Channon: So, there is this BLM lady, and there's a barricade. She let the police car go through it, which I don't know why.

Will Johnson: The police officers had to ask for permission to go around the barricade.

Channon: But then they got in front of Will's car so that he couldn't get through. Will, what did you end up doing?

Will Johnson: I wasn't driving. So, I got out of the vehicle, and I went up there, and I said, “Why are you letting all these vehicles go by, but you're not letting us go?” I said, “I am a black male, so what happened to black people having freedom?”

She just looked at me, and then she just started going off and saying all this other stuff, but a long story short. Come to find out that there was this other black dude, about 6'2, probably 300 lbs. He got in my face and said, “You say another thing to that black woman, I'm going to handle you.”

He said other stuff, but I said, “Dude, I don't even touch her.” He said, “Don't disrespect a black woman.” I said, “You know what? Respect goes both ways.” They got this whole thing, but when I got back to where they were having a little rally, the white liberals surrounded me. Nobody black but white liberals surrounded me.

It's the same thing that happened before. White liberals don't want black people, to hear anything from a black person with a different point of view that is not on that Democrat plantation.

Channon: You know what's happening. The liberals are trying to protect the black people from you.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. We're going to protect your thinking.

Channon: We have some callers, Will. First up, we have Deborah from Florida. Deborah, what you got for, Will?

Deborah: Well, hello.

Channon: Hello.

Will Johnson: Thanks for calling Deborah.

Deborah: I use to talk to you at nighttime, but yeah, this is Deborah here in Volusia County, Florida. I'm glad I'm down here. I've seen you in the areas you've been in, and I must tell you what. The way these people are acting is pathetic. I don't get it.

Channon: Who? The Democrats? Are you talking about how the Democrats are acting?

Deborah: Yeah, I just don't get it.

Channon: Yeah, we don't get it either. It's demonic. Will says it's a demonic spirit.

Deborah: Yes, I know we've got some BLM down here, and I had one woman that walked out of Walgreens one day because I didn't have a mask on; boy, the look I got was like, she wanted to kill me.

Will Johnson: I believe it. You have to remember that these people live in fear. They live in fear because the fear has been instilled into them. That's what I'm always talking about; some people have been possessed by demonic spirits because if they believe in God, they will not have the fear and the hate that is being pushed onto us.

Channon: Deborah, let me ask you a question. Did you watch Biden's address last night?

Deborah: Oh my God, yes. I hated it, every bit of it. I did not believe him. Actually, I can. He's a demon himself: Schumer, Merlin, Pelosi, and all the rest of them.

Channon: Oh, I know, them and their little elbow bump. I'm like, come on, take a seat.

Deborah: Oh, I know. There weren't many Republicans were there.

Will Johnson: To my understanding, Nancy Pelosi selected who could be in the room.

Channon: Right because there were very few people.

Deborah:  Oh.

Will Johnson: She got to pick who can be in the room. She wanted to make sure all of those that are in there would clap to everything.

Channon: I'm sure they needed a safe space.

Will Johnson: It was such a show.

Deborah: There were some Republicans in there that were not clapping whatsoever. I did notice that.

Channon: I wouldn't clap either, but I don't know. I would probably go to sleep.

Will Johnson: I heard a rumor that Ted Cruz was there, and they showed a picture of Ted Cruz like he was almost falling asleep.

Channon: Yeah.

Deborah: Yeah.

Channon: All right, thanks for the call.

Deborah: Thank you, guys. I will talk to you later, Will.

Will Johnson: Take care. Thank you so much for the call. God Bless.

Channon: All right, the next caller is Mr. Dexter from Utah. What do you got, Dexter?

Dawson:  Hey, Will.

Will Johnson: Hey, Dexter, thank you so much for the call.

Dawson: Oh, it's Dawson.

Will Johnson: You cut out for a second there. What were you saying? Go ahead, start over again.

Dawson: Oh, it's me, Dawson, that's my last name. Dawson, from your YouTube channel that I always call into.

Will Johnson: Oh, Dawson, yeah. Thanks for calling.

Dawson: Yeah, I didn't know you had a radio show. That's awesome.

Will Johnson: Well, thank you. You know what? Do me a favor when you get done here, just go to your mobile device, and send a text to 88202. Not only that, but you also get notifications when we go live. You get information, 88202, and type my name, W-I-L-L.

Channon: Then you'll get notifications when he goes live. So, Dawson, what do you think about the address last night that Biden did?

Dawson: Oh, my gosh, that was so demonic. I could feel the presence like I could see demons around all of them. I went back and watched President Trump's speech from last year, and you know how crazy Nancy Pelosi was ripping up the speech and everything. This one, she's standing up, clapping like a flipping robot.

Will Johnson: She's clapping like, look what we did. We don't care what the American people want. We don't care. Look what we did. We control all of this, or basically, she's going; I control all of this. Look what I did.

Dawson: Have you heard how President Trump is going to start doing MAGA rallies again, though?

Will Johnson: I heard rumors that he's probably going to start doing some rallies, and I mean, my goodness, you know what? People in the thousands are going to show up, and it's going to hurt their backsides, talking about the left. They're going to be some anger behind it.

Dawson: Oh, for sure. These people are evil.

Channon: Yeah, I'm excited. I hope he does it soon.

Dawson: Yeah, Joe Biden is just a puppet, and Kamala Harris is right there. How long do you think? It's not at 100 days, so I guess we were wrong in that prediction. But I'm calling it 150 days, and then she is president.

Channon: You know what? This has been the longest 100 days of any presidency.

Dawson: Oh, my gosh.

Channon: It feels like, hasn't it been a hundred days yet? Oh, my gosh.

Dawson: It feels like it's been his entire presidency.

Will Johnson: Just look how much destruction this administration and the Democrats have done within these 100 days. The next 200 days, and I'm saying within these two years. I'm giving it two years. When the 2022 election comes, that is next year. They're going to start gearing up here in a minute. I don't think that Biden is going to make it through the entire first term. I don't think so.

Dawson: Neither do I.

Channon: Even last night, I was watching them, and thank God he had a podium because I didn't think he could stand up much longer. He was like holding on to it.

Will Johnson: He had on double depends.

Dawson: It's not just in the U.S. There are volcanoes going up that are like 6,000 years old or around there. I mean, you can tell we are in the last days. I have an article right here that says Calgary Court issues warrant permitting police to do anything necessary to enter pastors church to arrest him. Do you remember that church in Canada?

Will Johnson: Yes.

Dawson: That police were in there? Now, they're getting a warrant, now they're telling him they're signing or something like that. They can arrest them now. It's ridiculous.

Will Johnson: You know what? That's going to end up happening here in America, and you probably heard me talk about it. I plan on going out to California or Commie-fornia, the weekend of Mother's Day weekend. I'm going to stand there in front of this church in support of the church because there's been a whole bunch of leftist anti-American hate groups that have been showing up trying to get the church shut down.

Dawson: Yes, it's crazy. Hey, are you doing a show tonight?

Will Johnson: Yes, sir, 8:00 sharp, 8:00 Central. I'll be on at 8:00.

Dawson: Awesome. Hey, I appreciate you guys bringing me on. I'll have more to talk about tonight. Talk to you guys later tonight. I will give you a call.

Will Johnson: Hey, thanks for the call.

Dawson: Keep doing what you're doing.

Will Johnson: All right, cool.

Channon: Will, we have one more caller. We have Suzanne from California.

Will Johnson: Suzanne from Commie-fornia.

Channon: Commie-fornia.

Suzanne:  Oh, heck yeah.

Will Johnson: Hey, Suzanne.

Suzanne: Hi, how are you?

Will Johnson: Good, thank you so much for the call.

Suzanne: Oh, no problem. I swear we have conservatives here; I promise.

Will Johnson: I know there's a lot of conservatives there. I mean, I used to live in Commie-fornia. So, I know those wonderful people there, but you have gruesome Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, Mad Maxine Walters, and Diane Frankenstein. A whole lot of them.

Suzanne: Yeah, a land of fruits and nuts. It always has been, right?

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Suzanne: So, my call today is about frustration with the open borders. About Republicans not doing enough. About the people that are conservatives staying complacent. I need people to come together. We need organizers. We need people to get down at that border with signs telling them to close this. It's against everything that we stand for.

Channon: Where are you in California. Are you in Southern California?

Suzanne: Yes, I'm in Southern California. I'm in Riverside County. We have a lot of impact.

Will Johnson: The endless endpin.

Channon: I'm actually from Redlands, California.

Suzanne: Okay, yeah. So, you know where I am.

Channon: Yeah, absolutely.

Suzanne: I feel like I say this a lot online, and I don't know where these organizers would be, or let's face it, the liberals are the best organizers. They seem to get people so easily, so why can't we?

Channon: You know, Suzanne, it's funny because Will and I have had several conversations, and one thing that Democrats do have is they have people that put up the money. Republicans, we have these people that have money. They just don't put it up. They just don't put it behind people to get out there and rally together.

They don't pay for people to be out there, and I will tell you, there are states like Texas, Arizona, Florida that are pushing back against the Biden administration and the administration's issues. You notice last night Biden did not even talk about his biggest crisis that is happening right now. The border in his speech, did you notice that?

Will Johnson: He didn't mention the border at all?

Suzanne: I didn't watch him last night. I just couldn't take watching that. I couldn't.

Channon: Yeah, it's disgusting. You have to take pills or something so that you can swallow it.

Suzanne: Yeah, I will throw my phone at the television set if I see that. I just will. I don't understand how he is in that office. The guy clearly has dementia. He's got Alzheimer's.

Will Johnson: It's because of what they did.

Suzanne: He's got something. Somebody is pulling strings. I think it's Obama. But I have to say; I think Harris will be our president within six months.

Will Johnson: You know what? I'm telling you, before the midterm election, especially before this first term. He's going to be done, and she's going to be there, and she's just waiting it out right now, just waiting it out.

Suzanne: She knows. I can't stand that woman. I'd like to smack that smug smile off her face. I'm telling you; she is not for the people. She's not for blacks. Let's not forget Biden's 1994 crime bill that put away black men at an unprecedented amount of time, and she was the person who was doing it.

Will Johnson: She championed it.

Channon: You're right.

Will Johnson: She championed it absolutely.

Channon: A lot of people don't know that. They excuse it, or they forget because they didn't like Trump.

Suzanne: They are voting for slavery. They are voting for that. First of all, let's admit the Democrats are leftist. They're implementing all these crazy programs that we're all going to suffer for, and people voted for it.

Will Johnson: And that's the idea.

Channon: It's interesting because even Kamala Harris is a conflict.

Suzanne: You were also talking about the Asian hate crime. I don't remember what state it was, but that Asian man called someone a black woman.

Will Johnson: It was in Georgia.

Suzanne: Georgia, he had to close down his business.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it was in Georgia, and they don't mention the white people that were killed in there. They only keep talking about the Asian people. They didn't want to mention how it’s all black people that are attacking Asians. It's just crazy.

Suzanne: There is so much wrong with this world right now. There is so much wrong with this country.

Channon: I know.

Suzanne: Will, I enjoyed calling you. I recently found you, and I enjoy your show.

Will Johnson: Hey, thank you so much for the call.

Channon: Yeah, thanks, Suzanne.

Suzanne: Oh, you're welcome. Have a good evening, guys.

Channon: If you're on the line and you want to talk to Will, please press one, so you can come on the line. You know she brought up Biden and Kamala and the 1994 crime bill. It's interesting that the Democrats refused to let us forget about the days of slavery, but they conveniently erase everything that they did to hurt black people and don't bring that up. Like we have to pay for the sins of hundreds of years ago, but we can't pay for their sins 20 years ago.

Will Johnson: Yeah, they keep pushing it, talking about racism. When it's their party, they're the ones that are doing the racism. Their party is still doing the racism. When I mentioned earlier that they are doing it, modern-day racism today is what they're doing in the black community.

Getting people to live in these projects, in the ghettos, and how Kamala Harris and the young lady who just called in said, how Joe Biden, with his crime bill, had locked up many black people. That is the modern-day slavery that the Democrats have pushed. Kamala Harris says that she's going to do that once she becomes president. So, it's a matter of time.

You know what? Not only black people, but white people, especially white people, are in trouble. If you don't think the way they think, they're coming after you. Police officers, they're going to move them out of the way.

Channon: Yes, that's absolutely true. We have another caller, Chris, from Texas. Hey, Chris, thanks for the call.

Chris: Hey, Will. How are you doing, man?

Will Johnson: Good, what's going on?

Chris: I wanted to comment on this. In the last year and a half, I've run across a lot of people that I know who good people are, and I've known them for a long time, but it's almost as if all of this accusation of racism is doing nothing but creating racist. It's getting to where people are kind of like, well, if you're going to accuse me of it anyway, well fine, boom.

Channon: Let me tell you what we're creating in our own school system. We're plotting children against children. People that had no idea what racism was are teaching them what racism is and how to be racist.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and they've also introduced the BLM curriculum into some of these schools to teach that white kids are racist simply because they were born white. This is all demonic. It's all from the pits of hell is where all this is coming from, and for it to be happening in the United States of America. This is the year 2021. Shouldn't we be past all of this?

Channon: We should because imagine how these young teenagers feel? I have teenagers. I know exactly how they feel. I don't know if other people have conversations with their teenagers, but imagine black kids being told whites are racist. How are they going to look at those white people, those white teenagers, and then white teenagers are looking at them like, they hate me because I'm white. We're creating division at a young age. What is going to happen to our future if they don't cut this crap out?

Chris: Well, I don't know about the future. It's sad to say that I see white people embracing the ideas of Martin Luther King more than black people.

Channon: Amen to that.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and you know, the crazy thing is they're trying to change Martin Luther King from being a Republican to a Democrat because you hear the left, they're always trying to champion Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King was a Republican. He hated what the Democrats did to black people.

He acknowledged that the Democrats, even Malcolm X, of all people, acknowledge what the liberals, the Democrats, were doing to black people. Today, they all try to champion, try to say that Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and even Abraham Lincoln, they are trying to say they were Democrats. This is them trying to erase history and make up their own.

Channon: Martin Luther King wanted all people to be equal. The policies that they're putting out there are divisive and are not healthy for the future of our country. Chris, did you watch Biden last night?

Chris: Yeah, unfortunately, yeah.

Will Johnson:  Yeah, did you have a hard time staying awake?

Chris: I'm still trying to recover from it.

Will Johnson: I think I might title my broadcast tonight. Watch Biden's show still trying to recover.

Chris: If you put that on your show tonight, I promise you I won't watch it.

Channon: It's funny because Will, does know that. Yeah, last night, he was like, man, this is so hard to watch.

Will Johnson: It's so boring. Oh, my goodness, it was terrible.

Channon: It was terrible. Did you watch Tim Scott's rebuttal?

Chris: Oh, yeah, I love watching Tim Scott. He's a smart man, and I know him, and Trey Gowdy worked well together. You know, we need more people like that.

Channon: Absolutely, we need more people like that.

Chris:  I think he's got a strong future ahead in the GOP.

Channon: I thought that last night, too.

Will Johnson: I hope it remains that way because I don't want it to be in the case where you get someone like Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, or even Nikki Haley, who shocked me when she flipped on President Trump. So, I just hope that doesn't take place.

Chris: I'm tired of watching Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. It's like Lindsey Graham will find his spine for about two minutes, and then Nancy Pelosi will take it away from him again.

Will Johnson: Yep. You're absolutely right. Hey, thank you so much for the call.

Chris: The last thing I wanted to say was, you were talking about Martin Luther King and stuff. How they're trying to say he was a Democrat. I think of that the same way that I do with these people that try to say, oh, well, you know, Jesus was black. Well, my thing is this, if you're concerned about what color Jesus was, you missed the whole point of his existence.

Will Johnson: Oh, my God, I had said the same thing. I said the same thing, Oh, my God, you have completely missed the whole thing about Jesus. It's not about colors. It's about his message. It's about love. If anything, that's the least that we are worried about, what color he was.

Will Johnson: These people are completely stupid. Have they not figured out who created these colors?

Channon: And he died for all colors, no matter what color he was.

Will Johnson: Who created them? Seriously, he's like, oh, I created all these wonderful colors, but I'm a reject this one. It's ridiculous.

Chris: We are all people of color.

Will Johnson: Yeah, absolutely, we are all people that God created, 100%. Hey, thank you for the call, okay?

Chris: No problem.

Will Johnson: Hey, tune in. I'm going to talk about Biden just a little bit.

Channon: Just hold on. It won't be for very long.

Will Johnson: Awesome, wow, this whole thing that America is going through, Channon, is going to get crazier. I had a caller call in on my nightly broadcast, and he said that he believes that we hit rock bottom. I'm like, wow, really? You know what? I would love for you to be right. I really would, but there's so much more tyranny that they're going to push on all of us.

Channon: It's only been 100 days.

Will Johnson: It's only been 100 days. They're still pushing for the whole D.C. thing being another state. They're already pushing the H.R. 1, where they get rid of the Electoral College.

Then they take the election and federalize it. It makes me think about, wait a minute, why would they want to take it on the federal level if they say this past election was all open, fair, and square? Why would they want to do that? Because they want to implement what they want.

They want to make sure that they can keep these particular machines in place. They want to make sure that they can dictate who will win from here to the end of eternity. That's what it is. On top of that, really quick, 13 Supreme Court justices? That's their plan.

Channon: Let's be honest. They're not about democracy, right?

Will Johnson: Not at all.

Channon: They're not about letting the people decide. They're not about a fair and balanced government.

Will Johnson: Oh, of course not.

Channon: They're about control. They're about tyranny. They want their way and want control. All their actions are proving that. In a sense, I don't think we're going to really hit rock bottom, or I think we'll actually recognize we hit rock bottom when people won't take it anymore. See what I'm saying.

Will Johnson: I think rock bottom would be once they start coming in and they aggressively start trying to take away your Second Amendment rights because they're already doing that on the first amendment.

Channon: In a sense, he's trying to do that anyway. Biden has promised there is going to be some legislation on the second amendment rights.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, he's going after the NRA, but once it hits that point too, and once they start doing that because everyone knows based on history, these communists, once they take any means for you to be able to protect yourself from the tyranny.

That's when people are really going to wake up because right now, you still have people out there like Chris Wallace, oh, yeah, Biden, everyone loved his speech. Seriously? I've yet to see or even hear a single person who thought his speech was beneficial to the American people, that people were saying, oh, it was so wonderful.

I'm sitting there watching these liberal media outlets. Communist News Network, or MSNBC, and I've yet to hear them even talk about how this was just a great speech. It is one of the greatest speeches ever. It was grade A. It was the best ever. I yet to hear that.

Channon: I haven't heard that about Biden at all.

Will Johnson: No, I haven't; seriously, in the past 100 days, I'm asking people, name one thing that he's done that benefits the American people.

Channon: Yeah, where are all these Biden people.

Will Johnson: America as a whole.

Channon: Where are all the Biden people.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Why are you not out here praising your president? Could it be because you don't approve of the job that he is doing?

Will Johnson: Maybe they're going to get that from Jimmy Carter when he goes to Atlanta. Remember everybody, they had the sports; the baseball left Atlanta because of all their racism, but Biden will have his 100-day rally there. How does that work, people? Anybody?

Channon: That's just hypocritical. There must be money or something in Atlanta for them.

Will Johnson: Along with the rest of these Democrats, encouraged businesses to leave Georgia, which naturally will end up hurting a lot of black-owned businesses that are brick and mortar. They can't leave, but yet Biden is going to go there and have his rally? Why is he going to have his rally there if it's such a racist state? I mean, come on.

Channon: The sad thing is that baseball would bring more revenue to the state than Biden because Biden has his little drive-in movie theater. That is what it's going to be is drive-up.

Will Johnson: People can sleep in cars, so they won't be seen. It's like the worst movie ever.

Channon:  I like your ever.

Will Johnson: Hey, everybody, do me one more favor here. Get out your mobile device, type in your text at 88202, and type my name, W-I-L-L. You will get awesome information from American Truth Project, information that you need to know.

Information that you won't get anywhere else, at the same time you would get notifications when my radio show comes on, and other radio shows that are tied to American Truth Project. Again, thank you, everyone, for joining. We will be back next Thursday. Make sure you tune in. Same time, same crazy backchannel. God bless everyone. Have a good one, later.

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