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The Truth Report: The Women’s Movement Led by Two Islamic Radicals


Welcome to The Truth Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.


Today we are going to start by following up on our report from last month when we discussed the woman’s march on Washington that took place just after President Trump’s inauguration. If you remember we discussed Linda Sarsour, one of the key organizers and co-chairs of that march.  She is a Muslim with radical ties who became one of the four key organizers – this is the lady who promotes Sharia for America.


Today we are going to educate you more about who is Linda Sarsour by using her own words so you get a real clear picture of her biography and some of her more well-known public statements.  Now keep in mind, she wants full Sharia in the United States.  Sharia’s set of rules and law are completely and totally incompatible with the American system of rights, scholars starting with founding father Thomas Jefferson have recognized that and have spoken out against it.


Here is what Linda has had to say…these are her tweets!


  1. “If you are still paying interest then Sharia law hasn’t taken over America!” – Now besides causing the complete collapse of the entire American financial system maybe Linda wants her student loan interest forgiven.


  1. Responding on twitter to a question she said “Sharia includes process for inheritance distribution marriage contracts.” – Now keep in mind that women can be bought and sold into marriage and are bound by that sale contract, that is what she is advocating.


  1. “10 weeks of paid maternity leave in Saudi Arabia and you are worried about women driving. Yes, 10 weeks puts us to shame.” – Here she is saying that even though women can’t drive, women can’t leave the house without permission, women can’t appear in public without a complete covering, women can be beaten for being unattended, women who are raped must be able to produce 4 male witnesses to the rape and if they cannot, they will be determined to have committed adultery. This is the same country that executes its citizens for the crime of being homosexual.  Yep,  it’s a capital crime, and Linda wants their system because they put America to shame?


  1. “FYI mandated head covering for women in Saudi Arabia is the least of their worries. Stop making it the issue. It’s not” – On this one I agree with Linda. Yes, it’s a despicable law but if a woman can be beaten and imprisoned for the crime of being a rape victim,  then Linda is right!  Being forced to wear a covering that only allows your eyes to show is the least of your issues.  As a woman you’ve got much bigger problems living under Sharia than being forced to wear a burqa.


  1. “Sharia Law is reasonable and once you read into the details it makes a lot of sense.” – Sure it does Linda, if barbarism, slavery, torture, genital mutilation and world domination from the middle ages makes a lot of sense!


  1. “Can’t learn or teach about the history of Islam in America without talking about the nation of Islam” and this one…”when we write the history of Islam in America the nation of Islam is an integral part of that history.” – These are particularly insightful tweets where she seems to be endorsing Louis Farrakhan and his nation of Islam, the group that openly hates American society and American values and white people and Christians and especially Jews.


  1. Bridget Gabrielle equals Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s asking for an ass wippin.  I wish I could take their vaginas away they don’t deserve to be women.” – In case you don’t know, Bridget Gabrielle and Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak out against degradation of women in the Muslim world under Sharia. Ali herself is a victim of genital mutilation against her will and her mission is to save as many young girls as possible from this horrific abuse justified under Sharia Law.


In the past, Sarsour has rallied against women’s rights in the Muslim world.  She openly advocates for including Sharia Law in the United States.  Remember there are specific rules within Sharia as to the appropriate way to beat your wife and explains the circumstances for the times it is justifiable to kill members of your own family who have disrespected the family in some way.


In spite of the fact that she is completely and totally against the rights of women, and firmly in favor of Sharia being enforced in the United States against women, she will again be speaking from a  platform to a national audience, the left-wing organization Jewish voice for peace (which is neither Jewish or in favor of peace in Israel, unless peace is defined as the end of the state of Israel) will host Linda Sarsour and convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh at its national conference in Chicago at the end of the month.


You will just love learning about the other special guest at the conference in Chicago later this month.  Her name is Rasmea Ode; she is a convicted Palestinian terrorist and murderer.  Odeh had participated in several bombings in Israel nearly 50 years ago while a member of the infamous terror group, the popular front for the liberation of Palestine. She was responsible for planting bombs used in attacks in Jerusalem in 1969.  One attack targeted a supermarket, the other targeted the British consulate.  One of the bombs killed two students and wounding nine other people.  Odeh was sentenced to life in prison in Israel for her involvement with the terrorist organization.  Odeh was released in a prisoner exchange in the 1980s, and subsequently moved to the U.S. and acquired citizenship.  Now she is advocating militant resistance in the streets of the United States for Palestinians – “resistance” is often used as a rationalization for acts of terrorism.  Odeh and her co-organizers have called for protests to include blocking roads, bridges, and squares.


You might be asking yourself at this point, so how did she get into the United States?  Actually, the federal government is attempting to correct that situation.  Odeh, because she was a convicted terrorist, should not have even been in the United States in the first place.  Years after her release from Israeli prison, she came to the United States in 1995.  In 2004, she became a U.S. citizen after concealing her terrorist background.  Odeh answered “no” to questions in the naturalization questionnaire regarding whether she had “ever” been arrested, charged, convicted or imprisoned.  In 2014, ten years after becoming a U.S. citizen based on false pretenses, Odeh was convicted for unlawful procurement of naturalization.

On November 10, 2014 a Detroit jury found Odeh guilty of committing immigration fraud and in March 2015, a federal judge stripped her of her citizenship and sentenced her to a term of 18 months and immediate deportation following her sentence.  But Odeh, with a variety of leftwing and Islamist advocates rallying to her side, managed to avoid serving a prison sentence and eventual deportation, at least for the time being.  An appeals court granted her the right to a new trial so that she could present evidence of her supposed post-traumatic stress disorder allegedly suffered while in Israeli captivity.  It seems that this “disorder,” which she claimed was brought about by acts of rape and torture committed by her Israeli interrogators confused Odeh when she was filling out the naturalization questionnaire.  She interpreted the word “ever,” which was capitalized on the original questionnaire, to mean only the time she resided in the United States.

Odeh continues to play the part of a Palestinian victim of Israeli “oppression” and “political imprisonment,” when it was she who was responsible for the deaths of two innocent Israeli students.  She then conveniently forgot all about her terrorist background in order to slip through naturalization screening.  Members of the “fake news” mainstream media seem to have forgotten as well.  For example, in an article appearing on newyorktimes.com, the writer identified Odeh simply as an associate director of the Arab American action network.

We need to wake up as Americans!  The terrorists and their advocates are already here out in the open proclaiming their allegiance to a completely different political and social system that is not compatible with the American way of life, and the question is, what are we going to do about it?

Stay in touch, we will be following up on this story.  You can handle the truth, we intend to bring it to you!





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