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The Truth Report: The Rise of Terror in Britain


An ATP Report Production – On This Episode Barry Nussbaum details why terrorism is growing in Britain and what can be done about it.

Welcome to The Truth Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.

Three deadly U.K. terror attacks in just 10 weeks have many around the world, and especially in Britain, wondering what’s suddenly changed and what can be done to reverse the trend.

Until March of this year, the killing of a soldier in a London street four years ago had been the country’s most serious Islamist incident since the July attack on the capital’s subway system that left 52 dead in 2005. A total of 33 people have since been killed in vehicle-and-knife rampages on London bridge and Westminster bridge in the capital, as well as in the suicide bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

A Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner told reporters that five additional plots had been foiled in recent weeks. In other words, things could have been much worse but for the successful police intervention. “That is completely different to anything we have seen for a long time,” he said. “As the Prime Minister has indicated, we’re going to need to do some things differently.”

Finally, a major injection of sanity!

Today on The Truth Report, we are going to examine the truth behind why Britain is a continual terror target and what can be done to change things there?

There are a number of answers, and not coincidentally, apply equally to France as they do to Britain. Here 5 main reasons why things are so bad and getting worse:


  1. Their open borders policy; millions getting in unvetted
  2. Allowance of a lack of integration of Muslim immigrants into society
  3. Full acceptance of Imams preaching hatred of western values and encouragement of violence
  4. Emphasis on protecting feelings of Muslims versus society’s safety
  5. No declaration of war on radical Islam

How bad are things in Britain now? Britain’s MI5 domestic intelligence agency and police are conducting around 500 active investigations at any given time, typically involving 3,000 subjects of interest.  Additionally, around 20,000 individuals are former subjects of interest. They also remain on the radar of MI5 and its partners.  Any one person might be able to commit mass murder and Britain has 20,000 suspects on their radar.

By encouraging a false narrative that the vast majority of Muslims are working with police to expose the radicals, a significant portion of the population is allowed to sit on the sidelines and watch the terror grow. The CNN staged fake news report of last week was completely fictitious and created with the cooperation of both the police in London and the BBC, we reported on it in depth a few days ago.

So why did CNN create the fake news video with the help of British police and BBC? The simple answer is it fits the narrative of the British government, and the reporter who is well known for placing supportive Muslim stories from throughout the Middle East. It was completely invented to create the impression that there are huge numbers of Muslim mothers who are united against jihadists in Britain. Sadly, it is not true, and this needs to change!

Will there be more terror in Britain? Very sadly the answer is yes.  They have invited in the enemy and allowed their radical preachers for decades.  Unless there is a massive infiltration into all mosques and Islamic communities, violence will continue grow.

To start, security services need to place people inside every single mosque and immediately place under arrest every single Imam who is preaching violence and hatred and encouraging jihad. Apparently, that number in Britain is huge! This needs to happen in the U.S. as well. Concurrent with that, there needs to be a very aggressive internet squad whose sole purpose is to find, and shut down the sources of jihad preaching. This needs to happen in the U.S. as well.

Prime Minister Terissa May and the conservative party lost their majority in parliament, probably because of the two massive terror attacks in the last few weeks. In the late stages of the campaign, Britain was hit by two Islamist militant attacks in less than two weeks that killed 30 people in Manchester and London, temporarily shifting the focus onto security issues.  These attacks did not help May’s campaign, who in her previous role as interior minister for six years had overseen cuts in the number of police officers. She sought to deflect pressure on Corbyn, arguing that he had a weak record on security matters, but that did not stop questions about her own ministerial decisions.

Finally, there is a notion that is popular in Britain that talking badly about Islamists encourages more terror and encourages the terrorists! This may be a new low in civilized governance.

This talking point is ridiculous! If we talked nicer about the Nazis would they have stopped killing millions? If we talked nicer about Imperial Japan would they have stopped slaughtering across Asia? If we talked nicely about Mao, would 100 million more Chinese be alive today? No, no, and no! Either you identify the enemy for who and what they are and declare war and then go wipe them out, or you play nice and get killed.

Stay in touch, we will be following up on this story!  You can write to me directly by sending me an email to: barry@3xu.0c4.myftpupload.com.  And go to our website where you can sign up to be on our mailing list so you never miss an important episode.

You can handle the truth, and we intend to bring it to you! I’m Barry Nussbaum.

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