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The Truth Report: First Amendment War at Berkeley


This is The Truth Report, I’m Barry Nussbaum.


What happened last week that was big news?

The original home of the free speech movement in the united states, the university of California at Berkeley, was the host to a massive riot intended to shut down free speech on the campus. Leftist UC Berkeley students and huge numbers of outside rioters rampaged on the campus shutting down a planned speech. What speaker could have drawn that much attention and violent response?   Conservative political commenter Milo Yannopoulous. His planned speech was intended to draw attention to the fact that the university of California campus is a sanctuary…. State wide…this means that it intentionally and knowingly harbors illegal aliens from law enforcement. The riot was successful and milo was forced to abandon the event as the mob set fires, broke windows, and brutally attacked and beat students who had come to watch the speech…. you have to see it to understand how intense the attack was. It looked like a war zone…. take a look:


Who was behind it?

Well to begin with there were bused in protestors…dressed in black from head to toe and wearing ski masks. Many were armed with pipes, sledgehammers, fireworks, torches, and at least one with pepper spray …the pepper spray in the face of one student was caught on live TV while she was being interviewed.

Do these thugs sound like students to you?  Sadly, it’s hard to tell at this point.  The known students were very well organized as well and came ready for mayhem! Some came with spray paint that was applied to campus buildings showing their lack of support for president trump.

It would appear that concept of bringing in outside rioters who were prevalent throughout the summer in many cases, is now being employed on campus as well. We need to follow the money back to sources of this anarchy. We need to find out who and what is behind this movement. This is not the American way!

So, by know you must be asking yourself…. will there be consequences for the rioters and university administration?

So far just one arrest? That’s it!

UC president Janet Napolitano, formerly president Obama’s secretary of home security runs this sanctuary system. Get this: she has forbidden the campus police forces, across the state’s universities from working with immigration law enforcement. And, she is funding to the tune of $5million, aid to the illegals the UC system is sheltering from ice! Will there be consequences for this riot and her flaunting of federal law? Is an investigation coming? Legal action? Jail? We need to wait and see! So far, no!  In the meantime, the consequence for the thousands of rioters, only one arrest!!!    The police basically stood back and watched the campus be destroyed and many students attacked and beaten for the crime of wanting to exercise their first amendment rights!


Will there be consequences for the university?

Start at the top of the food chain. Janet Napolitano is the president of the university of California. She is the former head of homeland security. She has facilitated the university of California system to be a complete sanctuary home on to itself…. I wonder why she has not spoken out forcefully and has yet to launch a major investigation? Why does she still have her job? When speakers are required to have body guards…. Milo travels with ex-navy seals employed to protect him…. Has the university lost control of itself? President trump suggested in a tweet that a loss of federal funding might be forthcoming if free speech is not guaranteed…maybe cutting off the checkbook will bring back sanity and civility and the first amendment to campus…while many federal grants serve a useful purpose, perhaps cutting off that large flow will bring back sanity and civility!


What is future of first amendment rights on college campuses?

Over the past few years, college campuses have entered the twilight zone when it has come to freedom of speech. Don’t get me wrong, you can talk all you want on campus, everywhere all the time, as long as it is the “accepted speech”. Meaning, you can’t support a conservative cause, or a conservative issue, or god forbid, the now president of the united states, without being in danger and i am not exaggerating…. physical danger in some cases. These same campuses have safe zones where you can’t talk…. students don’t have to take tests if the wrong candidate becomes president of their country…. led by increasingly socialist often anarchist faculty, the inmates are now running these asylums……parents should be active in checking out what their kids are learning and from whom!

Stay in touch…we will be following up on this story!

You can handle the truth!!!! We intend to bring it to you!

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