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The Truth Behind What Happened In D.C.


Barry Nussbaum: Hello. Welcome to ATP Report. It's the Katie and Barry show all the way from, get this, Washington, D.C. We have very exciting news. Katie has flown into the United States, has been to D.C., where she is now, and we have inside information. Katie, so happy to have you on today and hear the news.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you very much. I think that's one of the things we try and do here at ATP is tell truths straight from the road, and that's exactly what I'm doing here in D.C.

Barry Nussbaum: Ok, in a nutshell, what the hell happened a couple of days ago on January 6th?

Katie Hopkins: It's a great question, Barry, and honestly, it is nothing like what the media are portraying. My understanding from speaking to people who were there, from being here, from all the events that happened, there were two separate events that happened.

Number one, a huge Mago rally happened down from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, a massive gathering of people. People estimate five hundred thousand people. It's everything I've ever known a Maga rally to be joyful, helpful, children, older people, young people, a sort of festival of celebration, thanking police officers.

I was given the specific example, Barry; there was a police bike that happened to be in the middle of the crowd eventually. No police officer on it, and our lot, the Maga team, were all walking carefully around that bike.

Making sure no one damaged it, moved it, hurt it, you know, just respectful, orderly, wanting to be together with the very best of our family. Separate to that and ahead of that.

Barry Nussbaum: Wait a minute, so the bike wasn't picked up and thrown through the window of a department store that could be looted.

Katie Hopkins: Nothing, no nothing, no rioting, no looting, no nothing. A safe family environment, lovely. No litter the next morning. Separate from that, Barry, and two hours ahead of that. So, before the rest of the people that were eventually going to walk up towards the Capitol building, there was a break-in.

The incident that happened at the Capitol building was two hours ahead of the five hundred thousand people who were much, much further back. So, it was a separate incident. Now, who was involved in that? I don't know, bad actors, Antifa, some of our side that were overexcited.

I know there was certainly a breaking in, but then once the pathway was opened, I know many people who were there, probably with the Maga Rally, also joined in. You saw them on the balconies waving their flags. I'm told that one of them was given a bullhorn by the police to help explain why they were standing there.

So, a sense of two very separate things. But of course, the media is pushing it as if what happened at the Capitol was representative of the good people that we know that peacefully protested or peacefully joined in celebrating Trump and then went home.

Because then the curfew kicked in. The events for the afternoon were pulled. A gentleman I met at the Lincoln Memorial the next morning very clearly states, "That stuff I saw on TV that was not the rally I went to. I don't recognize any of that."

Barry Nussbaum: Well, before we get to that and I need to agree with you on what you said so far, Katie. I've spoken to and received messages from probably half a dozen people that were there.

Who I personally know, journalists, activists, moms, and dads, and like you said, who have brought their kids, everybody said it was maybe one of the biggest crowds in the history of the nation to assemble in Washington, D.C., orderly, peaceful, happy, considerate, and polite.

I might also add a number of sources have told me that the barricades erected around the Capitol building were opened up by the Capitol Police, who let the crowds in. Have you heard that?

Katie Hopkins: Yes, I've heard exactly that. That the police were very much trying to assist with people's movement. That the police inside in that initial phase were very helpful.

I also should remind people it is very cold here in D.C. Nothing is open. Restaurants, bars, nothing, no bathrooms, nothing. These people are from Missouri, or from wherever, flew in because they wanted to be part of something special.

They also wanted to make a stand for democracy. For what is right. They are here not because they hate America, but because they love it. The notion that they would in any way want to damage anything is completely- it's an anathema to our side because we- I'm a foreigner and outsider- love the country.

But that's why they were there. So, a very different story and one, Barry, of course, that we are not hearing anywhere. My question is, where were those patriots being interviewed by the mainstream media? Not one interview with a patriot who said, "I'm here with my children because I love this country." Where were those voices? Why were they screened out?

Barry Nussbaum: Well, that's an hour and a half show about what's happened to media in this country. There's a tremendous amount of evidence coming out now that certain people that were photographed in the Capitol building breaking into offices and creating looting are professional agitators that have been photographed at various Antifa rallies around the country.

Katie Hopkins: Absolutely. There are these bad actors. There are also some very curious things going on with a photographer that was inside before that riotous mob arrived. Whoever they are.

The photographer was strategically placed, and those photos were straight up on Getty for purchase immediately after the events. Almost as if the photographer was there prepared to create that kind of symbiotic relationship with the people.

He was there to feed, and all of it, Barry, is entirely foreign to people who were at a happy rally. Barry, all of it seems determined and destined to try and kill dead the Maga movement and to absolutely eradicate it from existence.

Barry Nussbaum: And guess what, they've done a pretty damn good job in the last 48 hours if you ask me.

Katie Hopkins: Yeah, that's exactly right. It's an emotional thing. There's been a lot of tears amongst our kind, our peers, our colleagues here. Certainly, a sense for me, a real, you know, a passion I have now of helping our side.

When we've had a little bit of time, let's avoid the inauguration day, but we then need to think about how we take this forward. That will be the next step.

We are a movement, and we don't get stopped. But at the moment, it certainly feels like the forces of evil coalesced in order to try and terminate Maga forever. I think, I mean, you're the constitutional expert, but I think that's why they're pushing so hard for the 25th.

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah. We're going to talk about that in another segment. Tell me about your discussion with one of my favorite Congressman, Louie Gohmert from Texas. You went in and actually met with him. Could you give us some highlights?

Katie Hopkins: I mean, first up, so I'm going to be meeting with Louie, that would all be very normal. But now, of course, D.C. has been put into curfew. The National Guard has arrived. The mayor here is called for another 200 National Guard individuals.

Barriers are going up, barricades. Suddenly, it's problematic to get into the building and get into Louie's office. I didn't know it was coming. I must have been holding it in somewhere.

I saw Louie and broke into tears because it was like being with a) family member and b) someone I'm so, so grateful for. In our last segment, Barry, we were talking about how Gohmert was making kind of a last stand and an emotional time for all of us. But he is very, very clear on something I think is important to share.

Gohmert makes ribs, spareribs, he cooks them in his congressional office for the Capitol Police, and he goes out with them on a tray. He went out to the Capitol Police the night before the Maga rally. The night before and he said to them, "Well, guys, I suppose at least, you know, it's Maga people coming, and dadadadada."

They said, "We have just had a briefing to say that it is not just Maga, that there is Antifa who have infiltrated, and they're coming dressed as Trump supporters." He knew that, and he went on to do media the next day explaining that had happened.

He feels a sense of crushing guilt that he didn't help make that heard more clearly before the events that unfolded later in the day. But this idea of guilt, I think it's something carried by our side because we all wish this had gone a different way.

Barry Nussbaum: That's putting it mildly. You also got in with...

Katie Hopkins: Margorie Taylor Green, yeah. She is fantastic. She is a little pocket rocket dynamo. Anybody that knows Marjorie Taylor Greene will feel nothing but warmth for her.

I am going to use this remote control to explain. If this is a spectrum of a regular politician who is like climbing the greasy pole, and it is all about their career. Then this is grassroots. Trump always sat over here with grassroots, right? He was never a politician.

He always understood the people. Marjorie Taylor Green is way over here. She could be someone from the rally. She could be the mom there with three kids and a red hat on. She was in her blue jeans in the office. She's that lady.

I was speaking to her one on one, they plucked me off, actually, when they saw me outside waiting for Louie. So, we have support from her office, and I was offering our thanks for everything she's done. She is very clear now that she and a handful of others we can think of the names are absolutely number one targets for whatever's going to happen, you know, the insurrection, whatever.

They're going after Marjorie. This was her third day in office. She made that bold stand of standing with Maga and Trump, and they are coming after her hard and others, as you've seen.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh, absolutely they are. So, what's next? This has been something that I've never seen in my life. Nor have any other Americans or, in your case, a Brit looking over the fence. What's next for America? How do we heal from this?

Katie Hopkins: I think a few things. Having had time to think of this because there were some dark and despondent moments in the previous 24, 48 hours. But number one, it seems to me as an outsider that the inauguration is a non-event. They're probably going to wheel him out onto the West Wing.

He'll stand there and wave at two or three people. There's not going to be crowds gathering because it simply won't happen, and when were there ever crowds for Biden? Now the Capitol building is also completely fenced off between eight-foot-high fencing.

Which it has never been in the time that I've known it. I believe our side is best placed to ignore the inauguration completely. I think doing something else, doing something you love, doing something that makes you happy.

Anything but talk about it. No one's going to be there. An old man who I believe fraudulently took this election is going to get inaugurated. We should not dignify it with our attention. That would be my number one.

Number two, it's time for us to pull back and get our house in order, the states. The red states need to be tough and strengthened, and then we can come again from a position of strength.

As my academy sergeant major used to say at SAM tests in the Army, it's all about personal discipline. The reason they beast you in the Army and virtually torture you is so that when it all goes wrong, you still maintain personal discipline.

So that's what I think we'll do, is pull back to the states, make red states redder. Remind ourselves of the discipline we need, and then we can come again. But clearly, that's a process, and it's not something that's going to happen overnight.

Obviously, if you listen to the media, they're still really pushing the doom and gloom, and the 'All Maga' equals bad.

Barry Nussbaum: So, that’s all I hear 24/7, and on media sources, I never thought would report it that way. Thanks, Katie, and thank you for joining us today on ATP Report.

Special thanks to Katie for flying all the way from the U.K. to Washington D.C. to be there on the ground for us. You're terrific, Katie, and we sure appreciate it.

Katie Hopkins: Thank you, Barry.

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