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The Truth Behind Ilhan Omar’s Hijab


Aynaz Anni Cyrus: They are pushing for Sharia example Ilhan Oman. Literally within hours within, hours manage to lift a hundred eighty-one-year ban. She managed to remove that ban within hours. Now what is the symbol of her heads cover. I wouldn't mind if she was wearing a head cover as she said "by choice" because she did put out a tweet saying nobody puts a hijab on my head except myself. Well, no. No, that's not what it is. Because Chapter 33 of Quran and Chapter 24 of Quran they both mention that as a Muslim woman you better wear the hijab, so you're known and not be sexually abused. So yes, technically Ilhan Omar is choosing to wear the hijab because her other choice could possibly be rape or sexual assault based on the book, she took her oath on. She removed that ban and as soon as she did that if you were following her, she came out and said what? "This is not the last ban I'm going to lift."

She is going to remove more and more bans that is going to help further the Islamization of America. And again, none of this is because I'm just not a fan of them. No. This is literally from an American citizen who has survived hell in an Islamic country, made it here legally as an immigrant, became an American citizen who's just concerned because the evidence is overwhelming.


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