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The Left Rejects Law and Order Throughout the Election


Will Johnson: Hello, welcome, everybody. It is the day after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you had a great time and we are here; of course, this is Black Friday. They call it Black Friday, and I'm just really surprised how the left hasn't attacked the whole day, calling it Black Friday.

I guess you could call it Green Friday because you make a lot of green supposedly, but they call it Black Friday because everyone goes in the black. But anyway, I digress. Thank you for joining us, everybody. My name is Will Johnson, UniteAmericaFirst.com, and my producer, Channon, is riding with us. I believe we're going to have the wonderful Anni Cyrus riding with us today. Are you there, Anni?

Anni Cyrus: Yes, sir. Happy Thanksgiving.

Will Johnson: Awesome. Yeah, same to you. So, for everyone that is listening, do me a favor, get your mobile device, and text my name, W-I-L-L, at the number 88202. Dial that number, or you text that. Text my name to that number 88202.

So, Anni, there's a lot going on, and my biggest thing is that the media, the mainstream media, specifically the liberal media, they're ignoring all of the stuff that's been fraudulently coming to light. It's amazing that the left, you know, they're very good at it.

Ignore something until it goes away. They'll lie about something to make it true. But when something truthful comes along, they'll ignore it and hope it just goes away. What say you?

Anni Cyrus: I say I'm going to steal this from the brilliant Daniel Glenfield. The old Lennon way of doing things, which is, to deny what you have done wrong. Deny it long enough, and you will be cleared of all charges. That's what they're doing.

They will deny any possible negatives going on, from fraud to conspiracy. They will deny it until they make their way to January and go through their inauguration. Then they are cleared of all charges.

Channon: They'll either deny or ignore. Crazy.

Anni Cyrus: Well, the sad news is the leftists are ignoring it, and then Fox News denies it. That's the sad part to me.

Channon: Oh, man Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: They talk about it, but they talk about it all day long, telling us how there is no evidence. This is all a show. Trump is a sore loser. Weren't they supposed to be on our side?

Will Johnson: You know what? A lot of people thought the same thing, but the way I see it, they got to them. Someone got to the anchors on Fox News. Because the reason why they're saying it is, they want to convince all of those that were watching Fox News and following Trump to believe that Trump is lying to the American people.

That his lawyers are lying to the American people, that we should not believe what President Trump is saying, and they did it. I mean, they kind of gradually started going against President Trump, but they completely flipped the switch election night. Now there are millions of people no longer even watching them. Their ratings are like in the dirt. I refuse to watch it myself.

Channon: Yeah, I think the only show worth watching, you know, is Tucker. I mean, I still like Tucker.

Will Johnson: I like Tucker, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, there's a few on there, Lou Dobbs, he's on Fox News Business. There are a few that are on the network that I still like watching. But for the most part, FOX is done. I'm done watching them all together.

There are other media outlets that I'd rather get my information from, so it's just disturbing that we're in this situation where we have the mainstream media refusing to acknowledge a crime was committed. Journalism is dead when it comes to the mainstream media. It is 100% dead. So, I want to talk a little about something; President Trump.

The media keeps asking President Trump when will he concede? Will he concede? They keep saying that. They keep saying they want him to concede. President Trump is saying he's not going to concede. But there's an article out there saying that he will leave the White House if the Electoral College gives it to Joe.

The sad thing is they're going to go after the Electoral College right now to get them to do the wrong thing. Because the law has been broken here, if they put Joe Biden in office, this country has completely become lawless.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: I've been saying that multiple times because the law has been broken. I've seen the videos, and you know what? When they remove the people, the Republicans from watching the ballots being counted, and they wouldn't even let them see it. Now, let me just back up a little bit. The way I understand it when someone goes into the room, and they're watching them count the ballots.

You don't watch them from a distance. You're supposed to be able to watch them and see that, okay, this ballot is for this person, and they see them mark it for that person. We're not just supposed to be watching it from a distance. Watching them as they do whatever it is that they're doing.

That's how the left is wanting it to happen. No, you can't get close, and they're using a whole CCP virus as an excuse not to allow people to get close enough to see what the actual count is. This is such tyranny in our face.

Channon: Yep, we have a phone call right now from a man named Roger from California. What's your question, Roger?

Roger: Yeah, hi, Will. How's it going?

Will Johnson: Good, thanks for the call.

Roger: Well, yeah, you know, I've been following you, Will, since this whole plandemic started because I never was involved in social media. I could care less. But once I knew the coronavirus was on the horizon, and we had all the stuff with the lockdowns.

I started following the conservative folks online, and I started following you, too. Here's what I noticed in California, and a lot of people don't talk about the micro things that the liberal left has done to gear towards this process. For example, I would notice this, but no one else has pointed this out.

So, I have a spectrum, okay. It's a cable news provider or cable provider. In the past, I used to turn on my receiver, and it would still recall to the same channel I left it off at previously. As a tactic, they've made it so that when you turn it on, and this happened about nine months ago, eight months ago.

When you turn it on, it automatically goes to Channel one, Spectrum News, which is a very far-left liberal. All they talk about is, you know, pro-Gavin Newsom, pro-Biden, and pro everything. It's all liberal, and I don't want to hear that garbage. So, I'm like, I have no control over that. I call them out on it.

I said I have no control. I want to recall on the same channel I left off at, so little tactics like this. You may not think about it, but that kind of sways the voter's mind in this whole thing. The other thing I noticed is Yahoo. I used to go on Yahoo all the time. I used to read the articles. They got rid of their comments, for example.

They know that the viewership is a lot of, you know, old folks, liberals, I mean, not liberals but conservatives. So, they didn't want them to voice their opinion. That was pre-Facebook and Twitter doing their thing, you know. I noticed that, and you know Will, they are playing tactics, dirty politics.

I think Trump will get around it. You know, I think he is going to get a second term. That's what I think. I mean, I feel like they're playing dirty politics. Like the other day, Garcetti put on a post saying, hey, you know what, these mail-in drop boxes, and he showed one in Compton. It works great.

We're going to use it for future elections. I'm like, get the hell out. Get the hell out of here. That's what you can do with your mail-in system.

Channon: Hey, Roger, this is Channon Will's producer. Let e ask a question. So, you said you didn't engage in politics before. Did you consider yourself a conservative, or what did you consider yourself before? And did you vote before this election?

Roger: This is my first-time voting, and I'll tell you one thing to answer your question. I have been a conservative because I lived in Dallas, Plano, Texas, for a while, moved over here to California. Now, I love California, you know, the sunshine, the weather, and everything. But my ideology is from the far left. I just can't stand it.

I can't stand it, and, you know, you got me on abortion, late-term abortion. That's basically it. You know, I have a two-year-old, so it kind of gets me riled up when they talk about that kind of stuff. But my thing is this, you know, their radical thinking will never work. It never will. You know we got the Dow Jones.

Channon: Well, it doesn't work for the American people. It only works for the elitists. That's who works for, but the common person, you and I, it doesn't work.

Roger: Well, you know what, there's a lot of hypocrisy going on. You know, for example, Bill Gates and all these folks. They got their thing where they're like, okay, you know, global warming. We will be under the ocean eventually because, you know, the coastal areas.

All that global warming is going to melt the ice caps. Well, then why did he buy a mansion in San Diego overlooking the ocean. Like literally right there on the sand. Why did he buy a property out there? I'm just saying they don't practice what they preach. That's the bottom line.

Will Johnson: No, you're right. You're absolutely right, and I notice that the left wants to live in this liberal utopia. We tell everybody how you should live, but they live the way that they want to. They have all the luxuries and everything. At the same time, they don't want us to think the way we do to live anywhere close to them.

Channon: Oh, yeah, they have personal airplanes. I mean, they're flying all over the place. I mean, give me a break. Then they're going to say, oh, we need to get rid of all these emissions. They are some of the main people.

Anni Cyrus: Also, have you noticed two things? One, they all have walls around their mansions, and they have bodyguards who carry weapons.

Will Johnson: Yep, you are 100% correct.

Anni Cyrus: That's the main part of the leftist.

Roger: Yeah.

Will Johnson:  You know, exactly right.

Roger: And Will, you know what I'm saying, the personality aside, okay, you may not like his persona, Trump's persona, but God damn, I'm sorry for saying that, but in 2016, I've had nothing but a good revenue stream from what I do.

We have had surplus of jobs everywhere. What hasn't he done that he said he would accomplish? He's accomplished everything he said he would.

Will Johnson: You know what? Let me say this, let me jump in here because you're right. They don't hate President Trump because he's done something wrong, as far as the country, because he hasn't. They hate him because he's waking people up in the country—people like you, people like me, millions upon millions of other people.

I still truly believe that he won this in a landslide. Numbers never recorded for a presidential candidate. The only reason why we see what we see right now is because of all of the fraudulent stuff that went down. They knew the only way they could get rid of President Trump is to steal this is to be fraudulent themselves.

They've always been crooked, and we're supposed to believe? Now I've talked to some Democrats, and we're supposed to believe that after the past four years what they put President Trump through, that we believe that they wouldn't do this?

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, seriously. Really? Who has that mindset that they wouldn't do this?

Channon: Right after the Cavanaugh trials, after the impeachment, after all the ...

Will Johnson: The fake dossier.

Channon: Right, the fake dossier ...

Will Johnson: Ukraine ...

Channon: Right. How they spied on the Trump campaign.

Will Johnson: Lie upon lie.

Channon: I mean, it's one lie after another, and now all of a sudden, everything is on the up and up.

Will Johnson: Everything, it's a fair election.

Channon: Yeah, that's not going to happen. That doesn't happen here in America.

Roger: Put it this way, Will, you guys are so on point. I was interviewed, and I recorded it on Zoom call by a recruiter that wanted me to work in a 300-temp employee type of deal where I'm a tech guy. So, they wanted me to do the tech work on the iPads, on the polling stations.

So, I recorded the whole thing, and I'm like, okay, well, there's something fishy here when they want me to record and test USB drive, and she set it straight up on the video.

You know, well how do you do this and how you do that. But you're not to carpool with anyone. You're not to speak to anyone. You're not supposed to display your views. I'm like, okay, let's just say hypothetically, someone who wants to work in that same factories in California, and we want to carpool together.

They don't want us to talk because they don't want us to know what's going on in there. There's something fishy deep down inside. I'm just saying, and I sent that over to the fraudulent...


Channon: Oh, that's interesting. I wonder if that's been a normal practice of theirs.


Roger: Well, no. This year has, and I know because I've lived in California for years. This year, exceptionally, they've been hiring people off the streets. I mean, I have experience in tech, but they've hired people off the streets to do very political work.

Whether it's from Census Bureau stuff where you have to call or, you know, again, like with these polling devices, they're just trying to find an assembly line of people, 300, you know, it's a strict guideline. I'm just saying.

They had it well organized. I think we should have been a little more prepared. I was hoping we would. But like I said, you know, to answer your question, yeah, I've never been on social media. I could care less. But this gets to me because you're taking away my freedom. I can even go out and eat right now if I had to outside, in California, here in Los Angeles. So, I mean, it's ridiculous.

It's just nonsense. You know, I truly want him to win. I'm just rooting for the Georgia Senate seat.

Channon: But he did win. We just need to prove.

Roger: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Exactly.

Channon: All right, thanks a lot for the call.

Roger: If I hear ...

Channon: Go ahead.

Roger: If I hear CNN and all these other leftists, you know, news media that they act like, it's over their head. They act like it doesn't exist. This whole concept doesn't exist. They brought it up in 2017. They even had a documentary on CNN about it, about Dominion.

Channon: They are pawns. They are part of the game too.

Will Johnson: That's my whole point. They act like none of this is happening. They're saying we got what we want, so shut up and just give us what we want and move on.

Channon: Go away.

Will Johnson: That's it.

Roger: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: Don't say anything else about Trump. Just say Biden, Biden, Biden, and if you say anything about Trump, then something's wrong with you. That's their attitude. So, hey, thanks for the call.

Roger: Thank you.

Channon: Yeah, if anybody else wants to call in, the number is 516-595-8069. Once again, if you want to call 516-595-8069. So, Will, you have an ...

Anni Cyrus: Channon, can I come in for a second.

Will Johnson: Absolutely.

Anni Cyrus: Channon and Will, we have a comment on the comment section, and because I know in general American Truth Project is about the uncensored thought process, and I know Will and Channon, you guys are the same.

I want to read you the comment, and I want you to answer this person because they are listening in, but they're not calling. So, I'm going to read you the comment. This person, the user’s name, Green Baisley says, “Ttruth be told, Trump is a cancer to America because Trump is about hate and division.

He wanted to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland and called my people trash. Trump himself is and was a draft dodger, a coward, and Trump ignored the Russian goons he paid in the lives of American soldiers, which is awful. Trump is an awful individual who has snatched a woman by her blank. What is your response?”

Will Johnson: Hum. OK.

Channon: That's a lot right there.

Will Johnson: That is a lot, and you know what that is? That is a prime example of someone taking all of the talking points they've heard from the mainstream media and just spewing it back out. The mainstream media would take certain segments of President Trump saying something, and then they turn around and say, well, this is what President Trump was saying.

Regardless of what he was actually saying. The liberal media, the mainstream media, will tell people that are easily manipulated or unable to think for themselves, and then they tell them what President Trump was saying.

Channon: Yeah, you know what I want to know? When people say stuff like that, I want to know. Okay, so obviously, you're attacking him personally, and they are saying, I don't like him.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: But what policy has he done for America that you disagree with? That's what we want to talk about, and ...

Will Johnson: I know. I know.

Channon: OK, go ahead.

Will Johnson: I know what policies they disagree with; they disagree with President Trump doing the First Step Act to help black people. They disagree with President Trump doing opportunity zones to help out the black community. They are upset and disagree with the policies President Trump put in the position for black universities to get $25 billion.

Where Obama only did four billion. They're upset with President Trump putting this country first. They're upset before the plandemic that President Trump was bringing more jobs back to the country. They're upset because President Trump is not racist. That's what they're upset about.

Channon: Right, right. Wasn't it the Clintons that stole all that money from Puerto Rico, or was it ...

Will Johnson: It was Haiti, Haiti, Haiti, Haiti.

Channon: Right. But that's completely okay by right. Of course, the Clintons are okay for stealing money.

Will Johnson: Billions of dollars, right?

Channon: Yeah. There are so many people in that country who were unable to create a better life for themselves because the Clintons stole ...

Will Johnson: There are people still living in huts in Haiti because they expected to get the money that the Clintons kept.

Channon: Right, and look at what the Democrats are all about; they are like a communist regime. Like China, a communist regime. They want to control what you hear and when you hear it. There's a reason why they want to, and there's a reason why they want to manipulate your mind.

There's a reason why they wanted to steal this election, and there's a reason why they wanted to impeach Trump. It's not because Trump is a bad person. It's because he's a good person, and he's fighting for the American people. They're trying to hide you from it. The people that make comments like that are not informed, voters.

Will Johnson:  They're not.

Channon: Right. I mean, they haven't done their research.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? It's like I've been saying. I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now. The big tech companies and the mainstream media have all been preventing people that made that comment from knowing all of the facts.

Now, you would think at least you think you, I mean, me and who I am. I would be highly upset if I found out that the big tech companies and the mainstream media were hiding information from me.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But these people don't even know that the information is being hidden from them. Then when you present the information to them, guess what they do? They want to look the other way, and they say it's not true. Just like they say that Joe Biden didn't say ...

Joe Biden: If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.

Will Johnson: That's his voice saying that. They give him a pass because he's a white man in the big house ...

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: And they give the white man in the big house a pass.

Channon: Right, and let me tell you something. I know that this person made a comment about President Trump saying something about Puerto Rico.

Will Johnson: Why didn't the person call in? I mean, it may be better if the person would just call in.

Channon: I'm not sure what the comment was he's saying, Trump said about Puerto Rico, but it's not something I ...

Will Johnson: You know what that is?

Channon: What is that? I know something like ...

Will Johnson: What it is, is that President Trump said that Mexico sent over their rapists and murderers, which is absolutely a true statement because Mexico did not want to send their lawyers, the doctors, the professors. They didn't want to send the business people with the businessmen minds. Mexico wants to keep those people. They want to get rid of the riff-raff.

Channon: How many people have we talked to, Will, from Mexico, from Puerto Rico, from Venezuela that said, “You know what? What Trump said that it is true. I came here to America to get away from those people. I came to America for a better living, unfortunately, Mexico is not sending, there are good people coming.”

Don't get me wrong, but there is a percentage of people that murder, that are rapists, sex trafficking. Unfortunately, the number one place that sex trafficking is coming through is our southern border. So, Trump has worked hard to eliminate that.

He's done a better job than any President before him. So, you know, it reminds me of the comment when, you know, people say, oh, Trump said this, and then what happens is the liberal media interprets it for people. Right? They interpret it for people, and they say, oh, you should be against Trump because he hates you.

Not that Trump says he hates you, but because they want you to think that Trump hates you or has something against you. I mean, that's just the way it is. But, you know, back to the fact that we have different opinions here in America. I just wish that when people come on here that they talked more about what policies that Trump has put in place that people don't agree with.

Instead of just personally attacking. You know, there are so many things that the Democrats have done wrong that I bet the same person is giving them a pass. The fact that they did, you know, they say that they spied on Trump's campaign, which is illegal and against the law. They've done all this stuff. They tried to ruin a man's life. They tried to ruin Kavanaugh's life by creating this whole fake ...

Will Johnson: They sure did, of course.

Channon: fake things.

Will Johnson: Christine suggested.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You know what?

Channon: Who agrees that she did not remember later on, and of course, that never came out ...

Will Johnson: She didn't remember anything.

Channon: And do you even know? Just like with Roger Stone, the night of the election, they released the full Muller report. When the full Muller report came out, they admitted that they knew Roger Stone knew nothing.

WikiLeaks had nothing to do with it. Roger Stone had nothing to do with it. But yet they tried to put this man in prison. That's who you support when you support the Democrat Party. They will ...

Will Johnson: Let me say this too.

Anni Cyrus: Can I say something?

Will Johnson: Yes, go ahead.

Anni Cyrus: Will, one comment this person made about Puerto Rico and his people, I want to say this. I'm an Iranian. I was born in Iran and when President Trump walked away from Iran Nuclear Deal, guess what? I didn't bash him.

I supported him because when I live in America, under the American constitution with American benefits. I will stand by the American people first. So, if you don't like Trump because he didn't do the right thing for your people in Puerto Rico, he's not the President of Puerto Rico.

He's supposed to do what's right for the people of America. If you don't consider yourself an American enough to understand, then darling, the problem is elsewhere.

Will Johnson: Ah, you know what? I remember they were complaining, saying that President Trump wasn't helping the people in Puerto Rico after that major storm ...

Anni Cyrus:  But that's not his job.

Will Johnson: And not acknowledging it was the leaders there that were not getting the resources to those people.

Channon: Right. Where they had a warehouse ...

Will Johnson: Yeah, President Trump made sure that everything they requested was available, and the leadership there made sure it did not get to the people.

Channon: That's right. I remember they found a warehouse full of water and resources.

Will Johnson: Yeah, full of supplies.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: The problem here is that whoever this person is that made a comment is too scared to come in and don't have a foundation to stand on. They probably don't know about this information.

Anni Cyrus: Funny enough, as soon as I made my comments, he left the chatroom as well. That's the thing. When the truth comes out, most people who are on the Democrat side just run. He doesn't have an answer to my comment.

Will Johnson: Do you know what it is? I'm not calling anyone names here, but I'm using the analogy. When demons start hearing the truth, they leave. That's all I'm saying. I'm not calling anyone a demon. I'm just using it as an analogy.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, it's a reminder. Anybody out there listening to Will Johnson's radio show. We are here because we love America. We are feeling bad for any country that's not doing as good as we are, but we don't expect our President to solve other countries' problems because that's not what he signed up for.

Will Johnson: Exactly, and you know what? I've been saying this too. I've been saying this before the election, months before the election. I kept repeating it. In the country we live in, America, we are at a crossroad, and we're going to either go to the left or go to the right.

The Democrats, of course, want to take it to the left, which leads to socialism. Let's just be real about it. It leads directly to socialism. They don't care about anything else. That's all that they want, socialism and communism.

Channon: Right, right. So, Will, don't you have an audio clip you want to play for us today? What is that clip?

Will Johnson: So, President Trump, the media, you know, they want President Trump to concede. I still say that the media is working hand in hand with China. That's just my personal opinion on it.

I haven't talked to anyone from China, but their actions, the way that they've treated President Trump, have been completely in line with China. They don't ever talk about China. It's like they cozy up to China.

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: I'm serious, but you have the liberal media and mainstream media all talk about Russia, like Russia has something to do with anything. I don't believe Russia had anything to do with our election. Now, do they try to hack America?

Of course. Is it just the election? Absolutely not, but they said the only reason why President Trump won in 2016 is because of Russia. If Russia hacked something that we didn't know about, maybe they're letting us know that. Maybe Russia hacked Dominion in 2016. Good question, right.

But anyway, President Trump was asked a question. I'm going to play a short clip for everybody. This is President Trump doing a press conference, and this was just the other day.

Donald Trump: The election, so no, I can't say that at all. I think it's a possibility. They're trying to, look, between you people. Don't talk to me that way—you’re just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way. Alright, I'm going to go with another question. Go ahead.

Will Johnson: Let me stop it there. Thank you, President Trump, for talking back to these little tyrant reporters. They are all little tyrant reporters. I'm so sick of the media. Journalism is dead. Let's continue back with this clip.

Donald Trump: You have a question, go ahead.

Reporter: So, if the electoral college is done and they elect President-Elect-Biden. At that point, will you respect the electoral college?

Donald Trump: Just so you, certainly I will. Certainly, I will and, you know that. But I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and January 20th.

A lot of things. Massive fraud has been found. We're like a third-world country. We're using computer equipment that can be hacked. They talk about glitches. How many glitches did they find? A glitch? Oh, gee, we had a glitch, five-thousand votes. In all cases, right. In all cases, the votes ...

Will Johnson: Many, many places, the glitches have been presented. Many places and like I mentioned earlier the mainstream media, he's talking to these little tyrant reporters, and none of them were even investigating it. They all want him out. Every last one of them. How disgusting.

Channon: All right. Will, yeah, we have another caller. Brother Warner is on the line.

Will Johnson: Brother Warner.

Brother Warren: Yes, yes, sir. I'm Brother Warren, host of New Orlena’s Week. A show here on BlogTalkRadio and I just discovered your show.

Will Johnson: Thank you for calling.

Brother Warren: I was looking, and I just come across your show looking at what was taking place on blog talk. I want to say that I voted for the Biden / Harris ticket. For most of my life, I voted Democrat.

When I was a kid, my father and others in New Orleans went down to register to vote. They were beaten by the police, and I remember the phone ringing all day, and of course, when I answered or one of my siblings, you heard the N-word, and you hear communists.

So, when I hear people bring up communism, communists, I just think of those old racist people who didn't want black people to enjoy equal rights. The Democratic Party, the latter half of the 20th century, African-Americans acquired their legal and political rights under the auspices of the Democratic Party.

That's the first main reason why most blacks vote Democratic. What I've seen and others have seen in the latter half of the 20th century it was members of the Republican Party that expressed opposition to many of those rights gains.

So, I would not be pardoning any tears, shed any tears at the departure of President Trump. Although the incoming teams flaws that they may have, I feel this relief compared to what we had for four years.

Channon: So, what would you say that Biden has done for black people you agree with and support?

Brother Warren: Well, what I would say, Biden and his team with too many other people in the community who advocate for the African-American people.

Channon: Okay, so I don't want to know what other people did.

Brother Warren: What I see ...

Channon: What did Joe Biden do for other people?

Brother Warren: What I see, excuse me, ma'am.

Will Johnson: What about Biden.

Brother Warren: When I see ...

Will Johnson: What about Joe Biden. Because the question is, you know, we want you to have the conversation and thank you for calling in. We want you to have the conversation. But the question is, what has Joe Biden himself has done for the black community after being in political office for 47 years?

Brother Warren: Well, I think Joe Biden, like any politician, a Democrat, has minuses and pluses.

Channon: Okay, just give me give us a plus.

Will Johnson: Give us a plus.

Channon: I mean, you are playing around it now. You're not answering the question.

Will Johnson: You should be able to run them off.

Channon: Because we can name off some things that President Trump has done, especially for the black community.

Brother Warren: Well, let me say this.

Channon: So, tell us ...

Brother Warren: Let me say this. President Biden is your President, and you have to work with him now.

Will Johnson: He is not President. It is not President Biden, first of all.

Channon: Here is the problem.

Will Johnson: First of all, it is not President Biden. Second of all, you keep dancing around a basic question.

Channon:  Right.

Will Johnson: The question is, just name one thing that Biden has done positive for the black community in his 47 years of being in political office? Just one.

Brother Warren: Biden's career started out working with black people in the black community, that’s where he's from, okay. So, when I see you red necks ...

Will Johnson: OK, so what has he done? So, you say he's working with black people? But what has he done?

Channon: I mean, you just had Obama and Biden in the Presidency for eight years? What did they do? You know, why are you not rambling stuff off right now? You should be rambling stuff off right now.

Brother Warren: He's going to be the President for four years. Give him a chance.

Channon: Don't say what he's ...

Will Johnson: He's been in political office for 47 years.

Channon: Right, 47 years.

Will Johnson: You can't even answer one simple question. What has Biden done that has been positive for the black community? I mean, just one. It's not hard.

Channon: No, it's not.

Will Johnson: Again, and again, thank you for being brave enough to call in to have the conversation. I really, truly want to know from you just for one thing.

Channon: I mean, let me give you an example.

Brother Warren: Well, well ...

Channon: Van Jones.

Brother Warren: Well, well, well ...

Channon: He came to Obama and Biden and said, “I want to do prison reform.”

Brother Warren: Well, well, well, but why is it?

Channon: They turned him away. They didn't do it. Van Jones went to President Trump and said, “Hey, listen, I want to do prison reform.” Trump said, “Let's talk,” and they got it done. Even Van Jones said, “It's a shame that the Democrat party didn't do” ...

Will Johnson: Actually, it was Kim Kardashian that went to President Trump, and President Trump said, let's look into it.

Brother Warren: Am I still on?

Will Johnson: And then it took place

Brother Warren: Am I still on?

Will Johnson: Van Jones was upset because Obama did not do it.

Channon: Well, Van Jones was working with the President.

Brother Warren: Am I still on?

Will Johnson: All right, go ahead. Go ahead, answer the question, one question.

Channon: Go ahead. Give us an answer.

Brother Warren: I'm saying, what I am saying; why are you as important as the host you feel you have to talk over the caller that called you?

Channon: Because you are not answering the question.

Brother Warren: What point are you trying to prove by speaking over me and preventing me from speaking?

Channon: Okay, well, you know what?

Will Johnson: Answer the question.

Brother Warren: That's suspicious.

Anni Cyrus: Well, to answer your question is ...

Brother Warren: That's suspicious right there.

Anni Cyrus: If you are not going to respect the host when they ask a question, then they have no choice to talk over you.

Brother Warren: But you won't let me answer.

Anni Cyrus: They are asking a question.

Brother Warren: You won't let me answer. You are talking over me.

Channon: Okay, go ahead then.

Will Johnson: Give the answer.

Anni Cyrus: Stay calm and answer the question.

Brother Warren: Because you’re talking points won't allow you to let people talk. The script that you are following won't let people talk.

Channon: Sir, we are giving you the opportunity right now, but you keep talking about

Will Johnson: Okay, hold on, hold on. First of all, when you have the opportunity to talk, you still don't answer the question about what has Joe Biden done? Do you know why you're not doing it?

Brother Warren: I want you to let me speak to what I want to speak to.

Will Johnson: Because Joe Biden has done nothing.

Brother Warren: So, let me speak to what I want to speak to, don't direct me to what you want.

Will Johnson: Okay, well, you know what? Let me tell you this. Do you have your show, right? Go speak about what you want to speak on your show, and we get to talk about what we want on our show.

Channon: You're saying that the Democrat Party has helped the black community?

Brother Warren: You don't want a person to speak ...

Channon: You haven't given one single example.

Brother Warren: Because you want to direct what a person can say.

Will Johnson: I want you to be honest.

Brother Warren: You don't want people to speak.

Channon: You know what? In all honesty, it should be a question you can easily answer.

Brother Warren: President Trump is no longer President.

Will Johnson: Yes, he is.

Brother Warren: You have President Biden. So now with that.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you a question. Let me ask you this question because you obviously can't answer the Joe Biden question.

Brother Warren: Sure, go ahead.

Will Johnson: Who told you that Biden is the President? Who told you Biden is President?

Brother Warren: President-elect Biden, I guess that's been a more politically correct term.

Will Johnson: Who told you that?

Brother Warren: President-elect Biden will be inaugurated ...

Will Johnson: Who told you that he is President-Elect?

Brother Warren: On January 20th as the 46 President of the United States ...

Will Johnson: Who told you? I'm asking you who told you that?

Brother Warren: And I don't need Trump to tell me what reality I'm in like you guys are.

Will Johnson: I am asking you who told you that? You are doing it again.

Anni Cyrus: Will, hold on. Will, hold on, hold on. Brother Warren is it correct that today is November 7, 2020. Is it correct?

Brother Warren: That's right.

Anni Cyrus: Is that correct information?

Brother Warren: Yeah.

Anni Cyrus: Until January of 2021, President Trump is still the sitting President of the United States of America. This isn't about President-Elect. This is about the active person in the office today as of November 27th. So, fact...

Brother Warren: He lost the Presidential election.

Anni Cyrus: Well, that's alright. That's alright. That's in two months.

Channon: Right, you came on here, and you're the one that said that the Democrats had done more for black people than the Republican Party. From what you know ...

Brother Warren: The Democrat party defended the rights of black people. Yes, they did.

Channon: Now you're talking over me, you're not even letting me get my point out yet. You can't accuse other people of talking over you if you're doing the same thing. The thing is, we are asking you to prove what you came on here to say. What have you seen or witnessed that has been passed that has helped black people that the Democrats have passed?

Brother Warren: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the appointment of the first black Supreme Court Justice, the election of well over ten thousand African-American elected officials under the Democratic Party.

Will Johnson: Do you know why they did the Civil Rights Act in 1964?

Channon: Mm-hmm.

Will Johnson: Do you know the history behind that? Do you know the history? Yes or no.

Brother Warren: Absolutely. Absolutely, I know the history behind it.

Will Johnson: So, why did the Democrats finally pass it? Because it was the Republicans that came up with the Civil Rights Act in the first place. So, why did it happen at that point in time? Do you know? Tell me why.

Brother Warren: A Democrat, President, signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

Will Johnson: LBJ, right.

Brother Warren: It was Democrat work.

Will Johnson: No, it wasn't. It was a Republican. Republicans came out with the Civil Rights Act, and it was passed in 1965 because LBJ won ...

Brother Warren: Wait, wait, wait, wait, what Republicans came up with the Civil Rights Act? Who was a senator or congress person?

Will Johnson: It was the Republicans who originally came up with it.

Brother Warren: When?

Will Johnson: It wasn't until 1964, LBJ.

Brother Warren: When?

Will Johnson: Listen, calm down. Calm down. It wasn't until 1964 when LBJ did it because he wanted to control black people. To continue to control black people and even today's people ...

Brother Warren: Ah-hum

Will Johnson: I'm telling you, listen, hold on. People believe today that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party switch. That is a total lie. That was one of the biggest lies ever told, and you have black people today still believe that lie. The Democratic Party has for years ...

Brother Warren: That's true. Let me explain something to you, young man, my family, my family.

Will Johnson: Now, let me finish.

Brother Warren: My family, my family ...

Will Johnson: Calm down.

Brother Warren: No, let me tell you something.

Will Johnson: Calm down.

Brother Warren: Let me tell you some facts, sir.

Will Johnson: Every two to four years.

Brother Warren: Let me tell you some facts, sir.

Will Johnson: Hold on. Calm down. Every two to four years, the Democrat Party comes and makes these empty promises to the black community and never follows through. Black people still fall for the okey-doke every two to four years. Go ahead.

Brother Warren: Yes, sir, the parties changed.

Will Johnson: Total lie.

Brother Warren: The nature of the Republican Party changed the nature of the Democratic Party changed ...

Will Johnson: That's a lie.

Brother Warren: And black people became Democrats, more so in the 60s when President Kennedy and Johnson took an interest in the civil rights movement and the protesters.

Will Johnson: Then LBJ did it, that's the only reason why they were able to convince black people to go over to the Democrat Party.

Brother Warren: And black people registered to vote ...

Will Johnson: The Democrat Party has always been the party that has always been the party of Jim Crow. That has never changed. That has never changed. The Republican Party ...

Brother Warren: The Republican Party became home to those disgruntled white Democratic voters ...

Will Johnson: That is a total lie.

Brother Warren: Who dislike voting rights that ...

Will Johnson: That is a total lie.

Brother Warren: That is the truth.

Will Johnson: How come ...

Anni Cyrus: Brother Warren ...

Will Johnson: We have a Republican President today ...

Anni Cyrus: Brother Warren.

Will Johnson: That has done more for the black community ...

Anni Cyrus: Will, one second.

Will Johnson: Than any Democrat has ever.

Anni Cyrus: Will, one second. Brother Warren.

Brother Warren: Someone asked a question. Go ahead.

Anni Cyrus: Okay, it's not a question, actually. We have other callers waiting to come on air, and we are running out of time.

Brother Warren: Okay.

Anni Cyrus: Besides the history lesson and we appreciate your call and bravery. I want to say good for you. That's our freedom. We vote for whom we want to vote for; good for you for doing so. Is there any last comment you'd like to add before I put you back on?

Brother Warren: I want to say thank you for allowing me on here, and I think you all should love President Biden and work with him.

Will Johnson: There is no President Biden.

Brother Warren: As he comes into office on January 20th. Thank you.

Will Johnson: Thank you for calling.

Channon: We didn't love him for eight years or 47 years. I don't know why we would now.

Will Johnson: Forty-seven years, Joe Biden, did the 1994 crime bill, which locked up a lot of black people and black people still support him.

Joe Biden: Come on, man.

Channon: Kennedy is actually the one that wrote the Civil Rights Act. He's the one that proposed it, and do you know what his number one concern was for writing the Civil Rights Act? He was worried that the Southern Democrats would not support it. You know why? Because the Southern Democrats were the ones that were racist.

Will Johnson: The Southern Democrats are all about slavery.

Channon: And even Kennedy knew that.

Will Johnson: They use it as a control mechanism to get black people to come over to the Democrat Party. That's all that is. That's all that is. All right, Anni, you said we have more phone calls.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, we have one more caller who I will go ahead and bring on. Caller, are you still with us?

Patrice: I am.

Anni Cyrus: Go ahead.

Will Johnson: Awesome, who are we speaking to?

Patrice: Well, hi, my name is Patrice. One comment to the caller before me, you know, he knows so much about our history. I guess he thinks that the Democrats started the NAACP, too. No, but that wasn't my comment. It was just him.

Yeah, I have a big problem with what our mainstream media has done for the last decade, especially what they did with the clip you played earlier to our President, who is our President. There is no such thing as President-Elect Biden. He will never be President. He is a national security risk.

You can't have a president that's going to be arrested when he steps on any part of Europe, you know. But just like we all got sick of what our professional athletes did, and there was the boycott of the NBA, the NFL, and NASCAR.

They had the lowest ratings ever. I think that we need to boycott our mainstream media and our social media sites that are not for the First Amendment. Whether they agree with our comments or not, it is a silly platform. They're not a publisher and editor.

Will Johnson: Right. You're absolutely right, and a lot of that is already taking place. You know, I mentioned earlier Fox News and how they went off the deep end. A lot of people stopped watching them, and their ratings have gone in the dirt.

Even Tucker Carlson, for the most part, I like Tucker Carlson and his ratings, even went in the dirt because people stopped watching it because they all completely flipped. The gentleman that called in a minute ago, they ...

Patrice: Oh, election night did it for me.  Election night did it for me when I watched it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Patrice: I learned not to believe what I saw with my own eyes.

Channon: It did for a lot of people.

Will Johnson: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. It did the same thing for millions of other people and the gentlemen that called in a minute ago. You know, they want to have this whole perception that Biden is it.

I mean, he sounds like he was a black gentleman, but what dawned on me is that what I don't understand is how black people keep supporting the same party that wanted to enslave black people. The Republican Party doesn't have to apologize for that. It was the Democrat party that did Jim Crow and slavery etc., etc.

Patrice: I have asked this question, and half the country thinks that, you know, they believe the opposite of what I do. But if they only watch certain channels as adults and most older people do not go onto social media sites. So, they're only getting their mainstream media news.

If you're watching that and then you hear someone like us, they do believe they're correct because this is what they've been told now for years. The misinformation campaign that they have run has divided this country along with Obama. You know he was part of the divide. Actually, it started with Clinton.

The Clintons and beyond, you know, have been like the worst. So, yeah, that's that. Especially, then they try to introduce the 1619 project. So, you get the children to believe the same thing, especially in certain cities. You know, it's going to take a while to be able to get people's minds convinced. I mean, they've literally been brainwashed from what actual history and current situations are.

Will Johnson: You know, I'll be honest with you. Now, I'm just hoping that I'm wrong, but I think we're beyond that point of no return. As far as a lot of people believing the truth now. The reason why I said that is because you can show people actual videos ...

Patrice: I believe that.

Will Johnson: Let me say this. You can show people actual videos, for example, of a thug in a black neighborhood trying to beat up cops and trying to shoot at cops. Then they turn around and say that the cops are racists, and the next thing you know, you have people out in the streets rioting because they were told that the cops are racist after even seeing the actual evidence.

Patrice: But why is that only happening, though, when it's criminals? I mean, like, for example, Black Lives Matter. It seems that it's only the criminals that matter. Black Lives Matter is the ones that are criminal’s matter.

It doesn't matter about the black babies being aborted, it doesn't matter the black officers, and it doesn't matter about the black-on-black crime. So, it only seems to be certain criminals. Everyone that you can talk about for the last nine or ten shootings has, as far as white on black, or black or officers, period.

No matter their nationality, because there's been a crime, or they are already pre-criminals. I mean, George Floyd had freaken’ nine felonies in ten years. Get real, you know?

Will Johnson: Well, let me just say this. There's a movement right now, they go out on the streets, and they even scream. Who do we protect? Black criminals! Who do we protect? Black criminals!

Patrice: Oh really?

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. The only reason I know, you know what? To be honest with you, if someone told me that, I wouldn't even believe it, and I wouldn't even believe it. But I saw the video with them chanting. I'm like, this is ridiculous. But that's what they're doing.

Patrice: I've seen videos of you out there live in the mix as well. You know, so I've seen you, obviously. I see all kinds of videos. I've seen your videos, and I've seen you in the videos during a live.

So, I know you know what you're talking about, but it's just amazing to me that literally there are so many people. I believe more millions believe what we believe because Joe Biden didn't get that many.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah.

Patrice: So, I believe that there is a majority, but the mainstream media, to me, is the biggest threat to this country that we have right now. For misinformation campaigns and what they're trying to push a criminal into the White House. They need to be taken down, and they need to be taken down quickly.

Will Johnson: And it's not just the media. It's big tech and mainstream media. They are the enemy of people.

Patrice: They need to go to Parler, they need to go to Rumble, they need to go to MeWe, they need to use DuckDuckGo. Get away from Google, Facebook, Twitter, you know, and they're not going to, mines been shut down. I mean, I've been shut off of Facebook, and I don't even say anything really bad. I just tell the truth, and they don't like it. So, I get shut down. I'm a conservative.

Channon: Unfortunately, the people that need to move and get a whole different perspective, and the new message, never will.

Patrice: That's why they have to be shut down.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Patrice: They will take them down, and then they won't have a choice, or they just won't be on social media.

Channon: Right. I mean, just like for me, you know, that gentleman that just came on. Will said he sounds like he was a black gentleman. Trump has had the most blacks vote for him ...

Will Johnson: Since the 1960s.

Channon: So, my question to him is, don't you wonder why? I mean, what have ...

Patrice: Absolutely, it doubled. It literally doubled.

Channon: Yeah. So, what have those people learned or uncovered, or how have their eyes has been opened? Wouldn't that make a difference?

Will Johnson: Well, they don't care.

Patrice: The difference is you have those that only listen to what the mainstream media says or what a headline says. They don't do any research of their own or have a debatable conversation.

You've gotten where you can't even talk to somebody without; you say something they don't like they want to attack. But that's because they've seen headlines and mainstream media. They've not done the research.

Channon: Yeah.

Patrice: I think those that have walked away from it have done their own research, and their eyes have been opened.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: As Will says, he says they feel good believing the lie. The lie feels good to them.

Will Johnson: It does. I mean, the guy that called in a minute ago, and he talked about people always bring up socialism and communism. See, that's how, you know, someone doesn't even have a clue what was happening.

Patrice: Well, my rights don't end where their feelings begin.

Will Johnson: Exactly. Exactly, well, hey, thank you so much for the call, and thank you for watching the videos that I produced.

Patrice: Absolutely. Thank you, and God bless.

Will Johnson: God bless and take care. Now, I'm going to say this, and this is just my personal opinion about all this. Personally, okay, this is not an endorsement for anybody or anyone. I'm not asking for anyone to endorse this.

But in my personal opinion, I truly believe that we're living in the end times because we're seeing people's minds getting turned over to a reprobate mind. That gentleman that called in, he completely ignored or he probably never even heard Joe Biden saying,

Joe Biden: If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.

Will Johnson: And he's still, I mean, that's just Joe. They expect Joe to be racist, and they he won't talk about it. He wouldn't even answer the question. Right there told me that he's low information. He doesn't even have a clue what he's talking about; he just hates Trump.

Channon: He said he'd aligned himself with people that have done something for the black community. So, he's talking about the Al Sharpton, the Jesse Jacksons. But we've also seen those people at one time align themselves with Trump.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah, sure.

Channon: I mean, Trump even won awards for some of his activism. So, you know what?

Will Johnson: You know, it is what it is. But as I said, we are living in a time like never before, and people's minds are willfully just giving themselves over. They don't care about the truth.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: They reject the truth, and then if you if anyone out there, anybody out there right now, that hears the sound of my voice. If you don't question a person like Joe Biden, that can't even complete a sentence, supposedly winning this election, then something is truly wrong with you.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You have hatred for President Trump, and you just hate the man, not because he's done anything wrong, but you hate him because he's in between the one-world system and the American people.

Channon: Right, and Will, what do you think about people not questioning the actual fraudulent claims that have come out?

Will Johnson: That too. They say it's not happening.

Channon: The fraud that they are claiming, that they have had ...

Will Johnson: They say it's not happened even though they have hundreds of affidavits.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: People go to jail. People literally will go to jail if they're lying about it. So, you mean to tell me all of these people are lying? No, I don't think so. Do you know what really gets me? They should be like, okay, you know what?

We don't think that anything fraudulent was happening here. So, let's just look at it. Let's just make sure that it is legit to prove to all of y'all out there that say fraudulent stuff was happening that it actually didn't.

But they don't even want to do that because they know good and well, there's no way under God's green grass, under God’s sky that Joe Biden won this thing.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson:  Fair and square.

Channon: You know what offends me is the fact that you want to overlook that some people's votes didn't count. Just because you hate Trump and you want Biden in there.

Will Johnson: Well, you know, they say it wasn't happening widespread. Actually, it was but see, that's what they say, though.

Channon: Well, it happened in the places that were swing states, right?

Will Johnson: Well, they wanted it to happen.

Channon: States where they were scared Trump might win. So, they had to come up with a plan.

Will Johnson: Actually, it was here in Texas, too. But Texas, you know, they couldn't beat it because there were too many people here that voted for Trump. They couldn't beat it. But the people in the other places, I mean, seriously, when I was watching Giuliani in the press conference the other day, and I forget the gentleman that was with him.

I had never seen him before. He said, “Look, any time you have X amount of votes come in when they shut down, for example, to my understanding, they shut down a poll.” They told people, stop counting. We're going to start counting in the morning.

In between the time when they start counting, they miraculously came up with 270 thousand votes for Joe Biden. Do you know how many came over for President Trump?

Channon: I think it's like three thousand or something like that.

Will Johnson: Thirty-two hundred.

Channon: Thirty-two hundred, right.

Will Johnson: And everyone was like, what? It's in no way possible. So, you know what? The left, the Democrats, really don't care. They just want President Trump out. They don't care about facts. They don't care about the truth.

They don't care about justice. These people, in my opinion, are evil. Because they reject the truth, this is what we're seeing here, and if you are a Christian out there, I'm going to say it. If you are Christian, there's no way you can be a true Christian and a Democrat because the Democrat Party, their policies go against everything of God. How does that work?

Channon: Right. I mean, we talk about abortion. We talk about LGBT rights. A lot of Christians seem to overlook those or give them a pass.

Will Johnson: Right, they talk about freedoms. The Democrats straight-up want to take freedom. The Democrats, the liberal mainstream media, still won't even ask Joe Biden if he's going to stack the court. If he ever gets the opportunity.

Do you know why he won't answer it? Because he knows that he's not the President-elect. Because if he were the President, if he were the President-elect, he would go ahead and say it. But he doesn't say it.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Imagine that. Why wouldn't he say it? He won't even answer it. So, they asked him about his socks. There was an interview they asked him about his socks.

Channon: Oh, Yeah.

Will Johnson: Are you kidding me? Who cares about his stinking socks?

Channon: Yeah, well, listen. We're almost done with this show. So, for those people that are still on the line. We don't have time to take any calls right now. But maybe give us a call back next week. We will be back here Thursday.

Will Johnson: Thursday.

Channon: At 4:00 p.m. Central Time.

Will Johnson: Central.

Channon: That's right.

Will Johnson: Hey, do this. Do this, get your mobile device, send the text to this number 88202, and type in Will. Type in my name, and you will get notified when the next broadcast comes up. On top of that, you will get information from American Truth Project.

You got to do it. The number is, you ready? 88202 and type in my name. You'll get information and notifications. That's how you can get around it. Beautiful information, and we have these talks every week. I encourage people to call in, and you know what?

I'm going to say thank you to the gentleman that did call. We disagreed. We disagreed, but I think he's completely been brainwashed and naive. But thank you for having the courage to call in.

Channon: He probably thinks the same thing.

Will Johnson: You know what? I'm kind of glad that he did call in because, in my nightly broadcast that I do on UnitesAmericaFirst.com, I encourage people to disagree with me to call in.

A lot of them don't call in, but I encourage people to come on with me. Anyway, I thank you, everybody. We will be here next Thursday. See you next time. God bless.

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