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The Left is Calling for more Violence and Censorship against Trump Supporters


Channon: Hello, everybody, what's going on? This is the Will Johnson Show. Yes, he is coming on momentarily.

Will Johnson: I'm here.

Channon: You're here.

Will Johnson: I'm here. Hey, thank you for joining us. Actually, I didn't realize that we were live. My earpiece was like; I'm not hearing anything. So, Channon being the great producer that she is, she's trying to cover for me. But I'm truthful. I just let the cat out of the bag.

Channon: I give him a dirty look like, what are you doing?

Will Johnson: What are you doing? What do you doing? Anyway, welcome to the show, everyone. Please, however, if you are listening to this right now, share this, or whenever you are listening to this, share this. Because we're going to talk about topics tonight that some on the left, or many, if not all, refuse to talk about themselves, and they don't want us to even talk about it. What are we talking about, Channon?

Channon: We are talking about number 1 - we have a Michigan rep calling for or warned Trumpers ...

Will Johnson: Violence.

Channon: About violence from the left.

Will Johnson: They didn't warn Trumpers. They're saying they're going to be violent against Trump supporters.

Channon: What? Well ...

Will Johnson: I mean, they've always been violent against Trump supporters. They're at the point now to where they are like; we are going to pick it up where we left off and saying, hey, you Trump supporters, you better get in line. If you don't get in line, you're going to be in trouble. You're going to be attacked as you have been in the past. Except for this time, they're not playing around with us.

Channon: Yep, then we're going to talk about YouTube coming out saying that they are going to eliminate any talk about widespread election fraud. We're going to talk about that, and then we're also going to talk about what is happening with the election lawsuit towards the end of the show.

Hey, listen, if you want to call in and talk to Will, you can call him at 516-595-8069, and remember to push one to come on the air with us. Okay, Will, so let's get started.

Will Johnson: Hold on, hold on.

Channon: Oh, okay. Hold on, hold on.

Will Johnson: I like it when people disagree with me and call me. If you're brave enough to do so, please call the number. Do we need to say the number again? The number is 516-595-8069, but before we go on to what we're going to talk about, the main topic, the main meat of today's broadcast.

Look, pick up your mobile device, text this number or type this number in 88202, put in my name W-I-L-L, okay, and send a text, 88202, type in my name. You will get a lot of information that you need to know about from the American Truth Project. It's absolutely wonderful. I'm telling you.

I mean, you have nothing to lose, and it's free. Check it out, check it out. Okay, but if you're out there listening right now, and you disagree. We had one gentleman call in before, and he disagreed. It was a civil conversation. We agreed to disagree. I'm still sticking to what I believe. He was completely wrong, of course.

I mean, naturally, he was wrong but kudos to him for at least calling in to have the conversation.

Channon: Yep, alright.

Will Johnson: So, we're going to get into the violence because the main part of it is the violence against Trump supporters and conservatives. You know what, Channon? One of the biggest things that get me is that right after the 2020 election, what did we hear from some businesses?

Even in Texas, Austin Texas, a local business there said that if they find out that a person is trying to get a job at their establishment and find out that you are on Parler or a conservative outlet, they are not going to hire you for that job. Is that not discrimination? Is that not a form of attack against the American people? I say it is.

Channon: Yeah, let's be honest. There's widespread discrimination against conservatives. We're talking about, you know, in the workplace. We're talking about across social media. These platforms, you know, they're not just censoring us. They're discriminating against us.

They're discriminating against an ideology that they don't believe in. Just like some people, you know, they're not Jews. They discriminate against Jews because they don't believe in them. It's not proper. It's not right. It's not what America is about.

Will Johnson: One hundred percent, and you know what? The left they're okay with discriminating against people who do not go along with their ideology. Who does not go along with their sinister ways?

Channon: Let's be honest. Let's look at what's happening right now. We have, "Michigan House Republican takes Democrat after warning to Trumpers" saying. What was her name? Okay, her name is Democrat representative Cynthia Johnson. Right. She's a Detroit lawmaker. She's a part of the Democrat House Oversight Committee panel.

Will Johnson: Sounds like an anti-American person to me.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I'm beginning to question, I'm not beginning; I'm even more so questioning any Democrats role in America. Because these people do not care for America, continue, go ahead.

Channon: Apparently, she got triggered by Giuliani's, what she calls ‘unproven claims of election fraud.’

Will Johnson: Oh, you mean the one with all the videos that have been out there that everyone's been looking at? Do you mean the one with all of the information, the 400 plus affidavits? I mean, seriously, people can go to jail for lying and putting out all this information, but they say, oh, there's nothing there, nothing to see here.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: On the left, they're basically saying; we got what we want, so you need to move on. Don't look at anything else. We don't care. They even said during the election that nothing was off the table. Remember that? Nothing was off the table. So, there it is. Cheating was done off the table for them.

Channon: Yeah, and you know, we've seen hearings all day long. I mean, you and I have watched them. We've seen it in Arizona. We've seen them in Pennsylvania. We've seen them in Wisconsin. We've seen them in Georgia now.

One witness after another, talking about the discrepancies, how the chain of custody was broken with election ballots, how Republicans are talking about discrimination. You know, they discriminate against Republicans. They asked them to leave rooms, and then all of a sudden, they would say, hey, we're stopping counting, then out comes the suitcase of votes.

Will Johnson: They even have one part of that video showing the lady running the ballots through the machine multiple times.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Seriously.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: During the time, they told everyone to go home. What's amazing about that is, that was the time period where Biden’s votes skyrocketed. When nobody was there counting, but they were counting. But all of a sudden, his ballots, his votes skyrocketed.

Channon: Right. So this Democrat represented.

Anni Cyrus: Hi, everybody. Anni Cyrus is here. I do apologize. It seems like we had a technical difficulty. Our host's call dropped. I don't want to go completely silent on air. But we are trying to bring them back. So, don't go anywhere. We are still here, and we are trying to get them back.

Okay, I just got confirmation they will be back, and I do apologize. I don't have much to say except that I was enjoying the discussion between Channon and Will Johnson. Of course, I see the chatroom. Yes, we did lose the call, but we are still on the air, and they will be back shortly.

In the meantime, I will repeat the number just in case you want to call in. If you have questions, make sure to press one after you dial this number, 516-595-8069 is the number. So, all you need to do is dial 516-595-8069 if you want to listen in.

If you have a question or want to come on air and talk to Will and Channon, you have to press 1. Then I'll see your number on the waiting list. I can screen your call and send you on when they're ready. I need you to wait for me to screen your call after we have Will and Channon back on, which seems they are still not here. So, I'm going to try one more time. There we go. I think they are back.

Channon: Yes, we are back.

Will Johnson: We are back.

Channon: I'm sorry. I don't know what happened there.

Will Johnson: You know, I think we were getting too deep for them and they cut the connection. Thank you, Anni.

Anni Cyrus: Okay, guys.

Channon: Thank you, Anni.

Anni Cyrus: Of course, I'll let you take it back.

Will Johnson: Thank you.

Channon: Okay, you know what? I don't know where we left off, but we're going to pick up from here. So, we were talking about how a representative, Cynthia Johnson from Detroit, went off and warned Trump supporters in her area ...

Will Johnson: She went off on a tantrum.

Channon: Yes, she went off on a tantrum. She did a three-minute video on her Facebook page where she responded to those making threats and told her supporters to do things right and in order. She told some supporters to be careful and walk lightly. She said, "We ain't playing with you." That's what she said.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? We have a 30-second audio clip from her where she says what she's saying.

Channon: Oh, okay.

Will Johnson: So, people can hear it verbatim. Let's listen to it.

Cynthia Johnson: Oh, this is just a warning to you Trumpers. Be careful. Walk lightly. We ain't playing with you, enough of the shenanigans. Enough is enough, and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”

Will Johnson: Wow, you know, the first time I heard that I thought to myself, I said, you know what? Can you imagine if she was, let's role play here, let's change it up here. Let's just say that she's a white woman that's a Republican talking about Democrats. What would the left be saying right now? Oh, my goodness, white supremacists are talking about attacking black people.

Channon: Yeah, it's disgusting, and following up on what happened after this video aired. She was removed from the committee in Chicago, and one Michigan Republican Party chairwoman, her name was Laura Cox, said that she was disturbed by Johnson's Facebook videos.

She said, "this is irreprehensible, that an elected official would call on her soldiers to make the supporters of an opposing party pay and clearly such a statement could incite people to violence," Cox said, "it was distressing to know that Johnson received threats after last week's hearing.

However, by issuing threats of violence on her own against supporters of President Trump, she has sunk to the same level as unhinged individuals who threaten her." It is disgusting, you know, it's unfortunate, but this is where America is now. Representative Johnson, she came out and tried to clarify her words.

Will Johnson: Okay, go ahead. What does she say there, and then we're going to play it one more time. We're going to kind of, you know, talk a little bit about her little talking points. But what does she say?

Channon: She said, I need to find it. I'm so sorry I just lost it. She said that when she was calling on her soldiers, she was talking about her soldiers in Christ.

Will Johnson: Her soldiers in Christ. Okay, so let's listen to the part where she's talking about calling her soldiers.

Cynthia Johnson: You know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.

Will Johnson: So, that's where she's talking about, the soldiers.

Channon: Her Christian soldiers to make them pay. That's what she says.

Will Johnson: Yeah, listen, listen ...

Cynthia Johnson: Enough ...

Will Johnson: Listen, here it comes, right here.

Cynthia Johnson: Enough, and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.

Will Johnson: So, they want to make them pay. Right? So, they're going to make us pay. So, their soldiers are Antifa, BLM, and all of these anti-socialists, communist, anti-American, socialist, communist Democrats out there what they did to Portland, what they did to Seattle, what they did to police officers in L.A., police officers in New York, in Atlanta. This is what she's talking about.

Channon: Of course, it is.

Will Johnson: Burning down cities.

Channon: Of course, it is. Of course. So, listen, we have a caller on the phone. Martin, what do you got for us today?

Will Johnson: How are you doing, Martin?

Martin: Hi, Will. It's a pleasure to talk with you. I'm calling from California, a blue state. I am a Trump organizer, organized in 2016, and kind of stayed quiet during the last one. I did my part. But during the first one, my house was bombed with human feces and chemicals. Here's my comment.

Will Johnson: So, when you hear people like this woman here making these claims about attacking Trump supporters, that hits home for you then.

Martin: Oh, big time. But here's my comment. I hear a lot of talk about how we're going into a civil war, and I think that's what the Democrats have and want us to believe, when in fact, we're in a revolutionary war, which lasted twice as long as the civil war.

It is against the political elite, not Americans against Americans. That's what has to happen. We need to switch this whole thing around and talk about going after King George.

Channon: Yeah.

Martin: We need to talk about turning to a position where, you know, our colonists broke away from exactly what these Democrats are putting us into.

Will Johnson: You know, I agree with you. Let me just interject if I can. I agree with you. We are in a revolutionary war, and it is the leaders, these globalists, all of them just trying to take down a country along with external entities. I mean, it's like the civil war as far as the Democrats; they're complicit. They're all working with these elitists to destroy this country.

Martin: Yes. Yes, and it has to do with the fact that I have one particular client who's a Democrat who all she does, she still reads the newspaper, by the way, Democrat newspapers in California. I said you know what? We are not living in the 20th century. This is the 21st century.

You have everything in the palm of your hands and your laptop. I mean, you need to expand your horizon. The issue is that they aren't. They're getting all their news that's biased. I don't think a lot of them are intelligent enough to understand that.

When you can ask your phone a question and get an immediate response, and they're not doing it because they're being plagued by a media that's suppressing very important information. I mean, these people don't even realize that there's fraud going on. You know, they're brainwashed into believing that no such thing is happening, so anyway.

Channon: Well, that's the situation that they created. They created this whole, you know, they're getting brainwashed in schools now, brainwashed on social media. They're getting brainwashed when they watch the news. When you hear the same message over and over and over consistently across all these platforms, you tend to believe that that's the truth.

Right, and because they censor any other thought outside of that box, a lot of these people just aren't hearing or seeing the message. So, the people that are inside the box are screaming. Right? Like we're in this box going, please, you have to listen to us. You have to hear us.

They're just not getting the message. But you are right. You would think that at some point, they would get some kind of information where they might start doing their own research, but they're just not.

Martin: Let me make another point. I think the word Democrat is skewed a bit.

Will Johnson: It's more than just a bit. It's a lot.

Martin: Because the majority of people don't follow politics. They bring their view of the political world from grade school and high school, even college, where the majority rules. The Democratic philosophy is majority rules. So, that's what they see as their reality. But national politics isn't that way. We have an electoral college that they don't get. They don't understand. They don't understand why it's important.

Channon: They don't. You are right.

Martin: So, the concept of democracy is a philosophical concept. But a Democrat is a person.

Channon: Yes.

Martin: I see it all the time where, you know, we see these people that, I'll restate what I said, they're getting their world view of politics from high school grades or from college. They don't go beyond that, where they elect a president from the college. You know, into office by majority rules.

Channon: Right.

Martin: But they don't see the bigger picture.

Channon: Yeah, and just enlighten everybody, it's not the Democratic Party, it's the Democrat Party. Two different things.

Martin: Exactly.

Will Johnson: It is.

Channon: There's not a whole lot of democracy about the Democrat Party.

Martin: I've even had men in my Bible class say to me, whoa. You know, it's the Democratic Party, and that's actually in their headquarters it says the Democratic whatever headquarters.

Channon: Well, of course, because they want them to think that they speak for the majority of people and they don't.

Martin: Yeah, it's subtle. How do you say that? A mind, brainwashing...

Channon: Mind control.

Martin: Yeah, anyway.

Channon: All right, great points, Martin. Thanks for calling in and talking to us today.

Martin: Thank you so much for allowing me a platform. Have a good day.

Channon: Yeah. Have a Merry Christmas too.

Will Johnson: Awesome. Awesome. All right. I think I was having some audio issues there, and I think I got those resolved. Hopefully, Anni can let us know if the audio is coming through okay for me now. Maybe I'm just getting a little too excited here. Maybe I'm just going off, and it's just like, calm down, Will calm down.

Channon: I do say that often.

Will Johnson: You know, I mean, I don't think we have time to be calm about what the left is trying to do to our country. We're going in the direction of Venezuela.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: I mean, this is the same thing that they do in Venezuela.

Channon: Oh, I know. Isn't it disgusting?

Will Johnson: The exact same thing, and you know what? The Democrats know this. CNN did a report years ago showing the same thing, but they are not talking about it now. They're all acting like this is normal.

Everybody doesn't say anything about what happened. Just accept it, because we're telling you who won. Regardless of people, these states going against the U.S. Constitution. We don't care about that. We just want what we want. We will come to get you, and we're going to be violent towards you like we have in the past.

That's why so many people are talking about the second civil war, going into civil war. That's why people are talking about that because the country is divided. The Democrats, want to they want to keep us divided.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Divide and conquer.

Channon: Yeah, we are divided, but the source of our division is our government.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: You have people in power on the Democrat part of the government that is working very hard, tirelessly, endlessly with their connections through social media, and by the way, big tech companies with big money. You know, they talk about how they hate capitalism, but they thrive on capitalism here in America—attacking the people and dividing us.

The sad thing is a lot of people have fallen for it, and a lot of people are falling for the nonsense happening in America. It's disgusting that they've taken away the voice of half of Americans. If not, over half of the Americans. It's really scary people, and my thing is when people sit there, and they go, oh, well, you know, Republicans or conservatives, they deserve to be censored because, this, or that or the other.

But here's the thing, your next Democrats. If they can control us, if they could keep us quiet, the ones fighting the loudest and hardest for our freedoms. If they could keep us quiet, you're next.

Will Johnson: You know what? They don't even recognize that their next. They're not even paying attention. All they're saying is that that's what you Trumper's get. That's what you deserve. You should be shut down, and you know what?

The tech companies do not even follow along with the agreement that they agreed to, Section 230. Section 230 means that we, as American people, as citizens, can go on these platforms and say whatever it is we want to say. If it's factual information, if it's false information, if it's misleading, if it's disinformation, if it's true, if it's not, we should be able to say whatever we want.

That's what Section 230 is all about. These tech companies will not censor or stop you from sharing whatever it is. It is up to the individual if they want to believe anything that is coming out. But see, they saw President Trump winning again. They turned the dial to make sure that factual information would not be released.

Another thing, there are external countries of the United States of America that are infiltrating the American system through big tech. They're using big tech to persuade people to believe a certain way, to think a certain thing. You know, what is the sound before something just goes up. you know, the tick-tock, tick-tock.

Channon: A-bomb.

Will Johnson: Tick-Tock, boom.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Right.

Channon: Well, along with that ...

Will Johnson: Speaking about Tick Tock.

Channon: That's right. On Epoch Times, they have an article about Facebook fact-checker funded by Who?

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: Chinese money to China.

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: To Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock.

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: Yep. Yep, yep, yep. It says, one such Fact-Checker Lead Stories, that's the name of that company, I guess, is partly paid through a partnership with Tick-Tock, a social media platform run by a Chinese company ...

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: That owes its allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: Tick-Tock is currently being probed by U.S. officials as a national security threat, and Facebook is in bed with them.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon:  Come on, we already know this, people.

Will Johnson: You know what? There was a reason why President Trump was trying to get Tick-Tock removed from the American economy, and it's because of ...

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: President Trump's been sounding the alarm on it. But millions of people don't want to leave Tick-Tock because they love how they've been drawn in. It's all by design. People are slowly being manipulated at a macro level, and they don't even realize it, and it's primarily all coming from ...

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: Seriously.

Channon:  I know it's just disgusting.

Will Johnson: It is 100% disgusting and Facebook, you know what? During the hearings, it made me think about it during the hearings when Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey were there the last time. They questioned Mark Zuckerberg and even Jack Dorsey about getting China or how Facebook wants to get inside the China market. See, this all comes down to these people are money-grubbing. I mean, seriously. This is all about the money, right?

Channon: Well, what happens in China that looks like we're headed this way, is headed this way. That is what social codes. Right. People are going to be labeled or deemed ...

Will Johnson: You are talking about social school. For those of you that are listening and not aware. In China, they've been doing this against the people for a while. You have what is called a social score.

Channon: Kind of like a credit score.

Will Johnson: Yeah, and it's based on your actions on the Internet, what you said on the Internet, what you've done on the Internet, and they create a score based on that information. If your social score is not up to par, you can't get on a city bus, you can't get on an airplane, and so far, you can't even get a job. It's amazing.

Channon: Yeah. Yeah, it's interesting. I mean, and Facebook has admittedly started working with China to come up with certain ways to improve Facebook. It looks like some of the social codes are being implemented into the social media website. You know, and that is so disturbing, Will?

Will Johnson: What's that?

Channon: Yesterday, YouTube announced that there would be no more talk of widespread election fraud on their platform.

Will Johnson: So, what happens to Section 230? Is it just gone out the window?

Channon: Yeah, I just ...

Will Johnson: You know, that's what that's about Section 230 that people can talk about, whatever it is they want to talk about, and these tech companies will not censor them or remove them. It is a virtual square, and they've squashed it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I mean, this is perfect timing, right? If you think about what YouTube did here. Just before December 14th where the electoral come together and make their final votes, right, for who won the Presidency.

The reason why they're doing this is, they don't want people to be aware of all of the information that's coming out of Texas and all of these other states that have these lawsuits against these other states that did not follow the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: Right. Do you think that YouTube coming out and doing this? Do you think that maybe they're getting some pressure from some of the other platforms?

Will Johnson: Oh yeah. Do you know where they are getting pressure from?

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: I'm telling you, I called it out before. Look ...

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: When the election was taking place. I was making a statement that if you look at your ballot and somewhere on the ballot, I was just making an open statement here, right. Because it's freedom of speech. It's just my opinion about all of it. Just look on your ballot. Just look at it over, and get a magnifying glass out. Look at the very fine print, and see if it was made in ...

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: I said that multiple times and come to find there have been reports where some of these ballots did come out of ...

Donald Trump: China.

Channon: Yeah, I think YouTube has gotten pressure from Facebook because we found out in that one hearing that they all kind of collaborate with each other.

Will Johnson: They collude.

Channon: While YouTube has demonetized or, you know, a lot of us, they haven't completely de-platformed us. Don't get me wrong. There have been many, many, many de-platforms on YouTube, but not the widespread that other social media platforms have done. So, I think they're getting some pressure about this widespread election fraud. But we have a caller ...

Will Johnson: It's all coming down to this moment where the Electoral College is going to do it, and they're doubling down. They are doubling down more than ever.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: So, we have a caller?

Channon: Yes, we do. Deb from Indiana. What do you have for us, Deb?

Will Johnson: Hello Deb.

Deb: Hey, how you are doing? I want to touch a little bit on what the last caller was talking about and the information you get online. You don't always get the same information that the next person gets because of the different algorithms that they put out there, and Will, you were talking with the Jays last night and Chad.

The same thing. You were trying to get it across to Jamal, I think. I could sit here with my son, he'd sit next to me, and he is opposite that I am in thinking, and we could try to find this, ask the same question in our search engine, and get different information. People do not get the same stuff. So, the people are blinded intentionally.

Channon: I have to tell you, Will, what was that movie you had on yesterday?

Will Johnson: So, there's a movie, and I'm not endorsing the movie, but I think it is highly recommended that everyone watches this movie. I'm surprised it's on Netflix, and it's called The Social Dilemma.

Channon: And Deb, you would find this very interesting because it talks about exactly what you just said.

Will Johnson: Have you seen the movie, Deb?

Deb: I have not, and I heard you talking about that last night.

Channon: It's so funny because you talked exactly about what they talk about in this movie, and they bring people on. Listen, your son, exactly, the AI is based on what his normal search is. So, he could search, you know, put in the same thing, and it's going to give him a totally different outcome from his search than what you're going to get because it memorizes his history. It knows it's like, it's almost like intelligence, to be honest.

Will Johnson: They have given the power to the iPhones.

Deb: It will confirm everything that he has and will not bring anything that I'm trying to teach him.

Channon: Exactly

Deb: It will bring up every thought that he has, and it's like, I'm trying to tell you, Hun, I'm trying to tell you that is not true. But look, it's right here, and it's like, no, look at what I'm showing here. It was telling him what he wants to see.

Channon: Right, and to validate his feelings, his thoughts, whatever. There was a doctor on there, and she says, listen, in order to keep me informed, I purposely listen or follow other people that do not have the same ideas and thoughts as me, so I can stay a well-rounded individual.

I know both sides of the equation, but most people don't do that. Most people don't know to do that. It is scary because I get frustrated when people sit there, and they say, well, you know, everybody should be able to. They should know.

Will Johnson: Well, people, just like when you said you were watching last night. When you said Jamal said that you know, all of these people are getting the information. They're not ...

Channon: Yeah, they're not.

Deb: They're not.

Will Johnson: And you just said it. I mean, you and your son are in the same house, the same Internet, and he's getting fed something completely different based on the algorithms that they put in place. What they want him to realize. You know what? It's like you saw that movie. As soon as you watch the movie, it's like, oh, my goodness, this is my story.

Deb: Yep, they're leading them blindly into the darkness. It's always a shame. It's like Satan has put scales over their eyes and leads them blindly, deeper and deeper into the darkness. It's so sad to watch the people go that way because, I mean, in one way, they're willingly going, and in another way, they are not because they don't necessarily realize what.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Deb: They are not listening to the people they should be, in one way, but in the other way, even if they try to get out of it because of what's being said, they are not able to learn any differently.

Will Johnson: They are addicted.

Deb: Yeah.

Channon: Yeah, right.

Will Johnson: And they become addicted to the information that's being fed to them. All the information is being fed to them; they're led to believe that they're correct in their thinking.

Channon: Right, I brought up the point of a Bible. I mean, you go to church, be a Christian and listen to a preacher talk all day long, but he could be misleading you. If you never open up that Bible and find out the truth for yourself, you're never going to know the whole truth.

Will Johnson: Yep.

Deb: Right.

Channon: It's like you are saying, Deb. You're kind of blindly ...

Deb: Exactly.

Channon: But anyway, thanks for the call. Great call.

Deb: Sure.

Channon: Thank you, ma'am, have a good one. Anybody else wants to call in, the number is 516-595-8069, and please press 1 to come on the air with Will.

Will Johnson: Also, to get notifications, to get other information, send a text to 88202 and put in my name. It's that simple.

Channon: It is that simple. So, Will we had this past week in Texas, along with several other states ...

Will Johnson: I think it up to 22 states now.

Channon: Had joined a lawsuit, an election lawsuit against Pennsylvania and some other states. I think it was Georgia, Pennsylvania ...

Will Johnson: That pretty much went against the Constitution right before this election, and Texas rightfully so, and other states filed a lawsuit against these states for not following the U.S. Constitution. You know, the Democrats are not going to let this slide. They're going to do everything they can because the Democrats want to do away with the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: Yeah, absolutely they do. So, today was the big day. Today was the response. Pennsylvania and the states are supposed to respond to this lawsuit. But before that happened, some other things happened. There are some states that urged the Supreme Court to reject the Texas Supreme Court lawsuit to overturn the election.

Will Johnson: Basically, reject the U.S. Constitution people.

Channon: Right. So, there were other states. Let me see, it says, am I on the right article here?

Will Johnson: I mean, for these states to want to fight Texas and all these other states, to tell these other states to follow the U.S. Constitution. That should be disturbing to everybody. No one in their right mind; that loves this country and realizes that the U.S. Constitution is for the American people.

Then you have these liberal states that are fighting them? I mean, come on, we are in a revolutionary war. We are in the second civil war, in my opinion. Thankfully so, you can still go to the store. It's not with bullets flying around and people shooting at each other. It's not like you would think, an actual civil war, like the first civil war.

Channon: Right. So, before I talk about Pennsylvania's Attorney General Dr. Shapiro's response. The Attorney Generals of Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan had similar and court filings, but there were other blue states where Attorney Generals came together. I think it was what? How many blue states was it? It was several. It was almost like ...

Will Johnson: I think it was 22 blue states or 23 blue states as well. It was something like that. It was a high number. I thought it was.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: But the point is that these states are going against the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: I'm so sorry I can't find it...

Will Johnson: They are fighting against the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: That's the whole point.

Channon: Oh, okay, here it is. I am so sorry. I finally found the right article. Yes. There are 22 states and territories that filed briefs in opposition to the Texas Supreme Court lawsuit. It says the District of Columbia filed a legal brief on behalf of 22 blue states and territories on December 10th, that's today, opposing a lawsuit request filed by the Supreme Court state of Texas, which challenges the election results in four battleground states.

The group represents all but one Democrat Attorney General, not counting the four defendants for Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In this brief, they said the people have chosen. But Texas, supported by 17 other states, asked the court to overturn that choice.

They said the amnesty state urges the court to reject Texas's last-minute attempt to throw out the election results decided by the people, securely, this is their claim, and securely overseeing and certified by its sister states. Now, we know that was not secure. If anything, these hearings have proven that there was absolute, without a doubt, a broken chain of custody for the election ballot.

Will Johnson: It's all by design.

Channon:  Right. So it's just crazy. But you know what? This is crazy.

Will Johnson: Is it? Is it crazy? How crazy is it?

Channon: This shows how divided America is. Now, you've got the GOP states, you know, in general, fighting against the Democrats states. This is crazy.

Will Johnson: Come on, one minute now. During the first civil war, it was the Democrats fighting against Republicans. The Democrats wanted to keep slavery. The Republicans wanted to end slavery. So, during that time, the Democrat and Republican states were fighting amongst each other. That's the exact same thing that we see now. It is getting heated up, and these people do not care. They want they're willing to give the keys to the kingdom, to ...

Donald Trump: China.

Will Johnson: And they do not care. It's like, China, just come on in and take it all. We will give it to you as long as we could get rid of President Trump, and they're going after these conservatives, us as Trump supporters, to remove us.

Channon: Yep. Before we get to a caller, I just want to state Pennsylvania's response. They said that Texas seeks to invalidate elections in four states for yielding results with which it disagrees. They're basically saying that the only reason why they are doing this lawsuit is that they disapprove.

Will Johnson: No, we agree with the U.S. Constitution.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Pennsylvania and these other lefties, socialists-communists, Democrats do not like the Constitution.

Channon: Well, we want every vote to count.

Will Johnson: They've already said multiple times that they want to rip up the U.S. constitution. They want to do away with it. They say it is an out-of-date document. These are their words, and they're trying to make it come to light.

Channon: Well, we're saying that every vote does count. Isn't that what they were saying before the election?

Will Johnson: Every legal vote counts.

Channon: Yeah. Now, all of a sudden, not every legal vote counts. But it says it requested the court to exercise its original jurisdiction and then anoint Texas preferred candidate for President is legally indefensible and is an affront to principles of constitutional democracy. How long do they have it? That's what Pennsylvania responded to Trump.

Will Johnson: So, we have a caller.

Channon: Yes, we do. We have Mike from Minnesota. Mike, what you got for us?

Mike: Yes, thanks, guys, for taking my call, and how are you all doing this evening?

Will Johnson: Good, thanks for the call, Mike.

Channon: Great.

Mike: Yes, sir. I just wanted to say, as conservatives, you need to realize that this whole thing, let's say that the case in the Supreme Court doesn't work, which most likely will probably fail. Assuming that happens, the country is basically done as we know it because, from everything I hear in Georgia, the Republicans in Georgia are not going to come out and vote on January 5th.

The Democrats are going to win both those Senate seats, and they're going to have the Senate. Obviously, they got the House, they're going to have the White House, and we already know what their agenda is going to be. So, at this point, we need to start to look at things differently, like, you know, the whole principle of surviving, adapting to a changing climate.

I think that's the mentality we have to have. Conservatives need to learn to get off Twitter, YouTube, Google, all these platforms and go to platforms like Parler and Rumble. Try to see if we can create our own space because the main idea is over.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you this.

Mike: Yeah.

Will Johnson: Because of the first thing you said, you think that will probably fail in the Supreme Court. Why do you think it is going to fail there?

Mike: Because I can see the way they're going to dismiss it by saying, why didn't you bring this suit prior to the election? Because that's the same argument made in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, I believe Sean Parnell, who made a similar lawsuit saying Act 77 was unconstitutional.

They said to him the same thing they said in the Supreme Court: you should have brought this suit before because that law was put in place back in October of 2019.

Will Johnson: Okay so why do you think Georgians are not going to go out and vote on November 5th? I'm sorry, January 5th.

Mike: Yeah, because I've been following things closely. John Fredericks was connected to Steve Bannon; as you know, they've been tied into what's going on locally in Georgia, and the people there are livid.

They're upset with the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Secretary of State, who they view as essentially caving in, being complicit in this whole election fraud situation. They're refusing to hold a special session.

Will Johnson: They're not the ones on the ballot to be voted for.

Channon: Well, I have to say ...

Will Johnson: So, I guess, why is there a push to tell Republicans not to vote?

Mike: Yeah, okay, so they are saying in Georgia, initially, there was huge momentum, and people were like, we're going to come out January 5th. We're going to get revenge. We're not going to let the Democrats take the Senate. What we witnessed over the last two to three weeks was the Republican leadership in Georgia, despite the obvious fraud that we all know and including the recent video that came out that caught them red-handed.

Their refusal to do anything. In fact, the Secretary of State going out of his way to defend Dominion, claiming that we didn't need to investigate this software because they didn't want to expose the proprietary software to the market. It pissed everybody off, and the Lieutenant Governor was going on CNN, dismissing all these claims Republicans have said about election fraud, claiming it's not real, claiming it's debunked.

The Governor can't, and now we're finding out that apparently, he was bought off by the Chinese a while ago. There are claims that the Secretary of State got money from Dominion when they won the contract a year ago when they got like 170 million dollar contract to do election counting in Georgia.

There's stuff coming out now that lobbyist paid him off. So, this whole thing they've been doing there, including the leadership in the State House and Senate House. The refusal to hold a special session to get to the bottom of what's happened there has taken what was prior to that motivated constituents that were going to come on and vote. To anger constituents to now be disillusioned completely.

Channon: Yeah, I can see that.

Mike: They're now at the point of voting. Do you see what I'm saying?

Channon: I say, though. If you look at Ballotpedia, you know how many people are running for the seats? There were like seven or eight people deep-running for the seats. This is why no one got 50% of the votes because there are so many people running for the seats for both of them.

Mike: Right.

Channon: Unfortunately, there were more Democrats running than Republicans running for these seats, and unfortunately, in that first election, if you go back and look. If you add up all the divided among all their candidates, it added up to more votes than the Republican side.

So, they definitely, it is scary when you look at that. When I looked at the numbers, I was like, gosh, do they even have a chance? Because they're going to have to change some of these Democrat voters. That is what they were going to have to do.

Will Johnson: Well, that's part of the reason why, you know, they were pointing out how socialist these Democrats are. But you know what? The Democrats are all going for it. You made another statement about how we need to get off Twitter, Facebook, and all these other leftist platforms and go over to like Parlor and Rumble.

Mike: Right.

Will Johnson: My question to you is that if we kind of like, just go to these platforms, and Harris / Biden wins the White House. Are they going to allow these apps to exist? Apple and Google can tell them to remove it. Then the providers are going to remove it. We're going to come under such a communists role right now with the left.

Mike: Yeah

Channon: Yeah, I think we still need to fight because let me tell you what ...

Mike: Yeah.

Channon: If we run to other places, we're condoning what they're doing, and it will never get fixed, right?

Mike: Right. Well, I'm not condoning what they're doing. I'm just a realist about it. Let's break this down, right. So, let's say, had Trump won and the Republicans held onto the Senate, it would be a very different strategy.

Then we'd be talking about Section 230 reform, where we would be in a position to change what's going on and enforce freedom of speech on these platforms. But the reality is ...

Channon: Yeah, the sad thing is ...

Mike: If Trump is not going to get a second term and the Democrats take the Senate, that option is off the table.

Will Johnson: So, you think it's a lost cause?

Mike: Yeah, it's a lost cause. If Trump had won, we would have a chance.

Channon: He is saying if Trump doesn't win.

Mike: Yeah, oh, okay, of course. If Trump somehow manages to get a second term, then everything's back on the table. We can fight this back. But if Trump loses, it's game over.

Will Johnson: Let me ask you this. So, let's say the Democrats get what they want. They get the Senate, the House, and the Presidency. What do you think is going to look like for conservatives? Do you think it is going to be okay? Because they're already talking about conservatives not holding their jobs. They're already talking about locking up conservatives.

Mike: Yeah, I know. That's what I'm saying. It's over.

Will Johnson: I played the clip earlier where they talked about attacking Trump supporters. So, what does look it like for America? What does it look like for Trump supporters? Because there's not going to be a Parler. There's not going to be a Rumble. They're going to remove those platforms because they don't want us to go anywhere to communicate.

Mike: It's the law of nature, which is you in nature. What do you see? You see, animals have to adapt to a changing climate, or they're going extinct. So, as human beings, we have to survive. We have to find a way to make it.

Will Johnson: So, you are saying we need to adapt to socialism. Is that what you're saying? Do I hear that correctly?

Mike: Yeah, I'm saying, I could sit here and paint a sunshine and rainbow picture. Tell you a dream that, Oh, we're going to turn this thing around, and everything is going to be great. Or we can be honest and be adults, be realistic about what's going on in this country.

Will Johnson: I get that. I get that. My question to you is, are you saying that we need to adapt to socialism?

Channon: He's saying that ...

Will Johnson: Let him answer.

Mike: I'm saying we will have no choice. I'm not saying that we're choosing to, I'm saying we're not going to have a choice, and I say that for two reasons. Part one is because of how this election played out. Two is because of how cowardly and weak Republicans have become.

Channon: Exactly.

Mike: What I saw, and you remember when this election went down. Do you know what I'm saying? I was convinced the Republicans were going to stand up and fight this because this was the most obvious fraudulent election I've ever seen. A blind man could see what they did, it's obvious.

But what I saw all across the country is Republicans backing down, caving in like, well, like I said, what happened in Georgia. The same thing happened in Michigan and Pennsylvania. That told me they're not fighters. I know Trump's a fighter.

Channon: Yeah.

Mike: I know Ted Cruz is a fighter.

Channon: Yeah, unfortunately.

Mike: But we don't have enough fighters.

Channon: Will said the same thing. You said the same thing.

Mike: Right. So, our side won't fight. That's my point.

Channon: Will said the same thing. Republicans that are in office are like, get in line.

Mike: Exactly. That's my point that we're going to be a socialist country. Do you know what I mean?

Channon: Yeah.

Mike: My family came from a communist country, so I know how terrible it is. Believe me. I don't want this to happen because I’ve got two young kids, and I don't want them to grow up in that situation.

Channon: Yeah

Mike: But we're going to have to accept reality. We can't pretend.

Will Johnson:  Yeah, I know reality. I don't disagree with you because if they are successful in instilling this, they're going to implement socialism on the way to communism. Probably pass socialism because they're already doing it.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: I mean, they've already done it with the plandemic. What will the whole country look like? I truly believe, I hope, and I want to believe that after it gets to the point where it is so bad, we will see a physical change.

Mike: Maybe in 2024, we might have a window.

Will Johnson: Huh?

Mike: We might have a window in 2024, assuming either Trump or his son runs again. But what I'm looking at now, it may not be there.

Will Johnson: Let me say this. If they're successful this time, there will not be 2024 for us. There's no 2024.

Mike: I agree.

Will Johnson: I've heard so many people saying that ‘Trump 2024.’ It's not going to happen. If they are successful and we do not correct the issues this time. They need to correct it now. You can't say okay, we'll correct it for next time. No, they need to correct it this time. If they don't correct it this time, there's not going to be 2024 for this country. It's going to be the socialist Democrats from here until the end of history for this nation, 100%.

Channon: Yeah.

Mike: They're not going to correct it.

Will Johnson: Just like you mentioned earlier.

Mike: We know they're not going to. They've already told us they've essentially waved the white flag. All we have left now is, can the Texas Attorney General and whatever states join with him win the case? If they don't win, especially what was supposed to be a conservative majority Supreme Court.

If we don't win this, then I mean, at that point, what's the point of even being involved in politics. Then essentially, the rules are so stacked against us that it's futile for us even to get involved? Do you know? I mean, we may as well just go ahead, arm up, and just prepare to go to war because that's our only option at this point.

Channon: Yeah. Let me tell you what, we didn't lose any seats in the House, but we did gain some in Congress. We got some strong people in Congress, and I'm excited to see what they're going to do. But thanks for your call, sir. We appreciate it.

Mike: Yes, mam. Thank you, guys,

Channon: Have a good evening, sir.

Will Johnson: Alright, take care. I don't think that for us, too; I refuse to give up. I refuse to give up, but he's right. The reality of it, we are in this predicament, and I was calling it out before we got to the election.

Channon: Yeah

Will Johnson: If we don't do our part as Americans. We're going to be in a bad situation.

Channon: Let me tell you what you and I both have seen where; in a sense, I understand what he's saying. When he says that a lot of Republicans will get in line. Right. We'll be like, okay, this is the way it is. We accept it. I got to go to work.

Will Johnson: Weak in the knee, no backbone, Republicans just say, you know what? We gave it our best shot. We're just going to put our head down and tuck our tail between our legs and walk away. We will try again next time. There's not going to be a next time. I can't stand when people you know, he didn't say it. The caller didn't say it.

But I can't stand it when I've seen other people talking about it. We just need to work for Trump, 2024. These people don't understand. There is not going to be a 2024, people. Because they're going to use the same software, the Democrats, just like in Venezuela, say, oh, wait a minute, we can use this and win from here on out.

They're going to stack the courts. They're going to get rid of Electoral College, and I had people call me to say it goes against the U.S. Constitution. They can't do it. They're going to do away with the U.S. Constitution, people. You're not listening. People are not paying attention.

The greatest country in the world, if they get what they want, is about to fall, and we mean nothing. That's what they want. All of this is being pushed by ...

Donald Trump: China ...

Will Johnson: One hundred percent, because ...

Donald Trump: China ...

Will Johnson: Hates America and ...

Donald Trump: China ...

Will Johnson: Wants to take over this country.

Channon: Yeah, you know, I got excited with these lawsuits, and now, these other states have come up with their rebuttal, their opposition. It's crazy, Will.

Will Johnson: It is going to get worse.

Channon: We need to tell people, don't give up.

Will Johnson: Yeah, we can't give up.

Channon: No, we got to keep it because America’s worth it. Our children are worth it.

Will Johnson: As soon as we give up, communism wins. As soon as we give up, communism wins, and I refuse to give up to communism. I refuse. The U.S. Constitution and communism can't coexist in the same country. They can't.

That's the reason why the Democrats want to do away with the U.S. Constitution and anyone out there talking about how it is going to be better. Everything can go back to normal under Biden have completely lost their minds.

Channon: No. I don't think even if Trump got back in that would be back to normal.

Will Johnson: No, it's not going to go back. But the Democrats are going to increase the one world order take over. They are already talking about going back into the Paris Climate Agreement. It's crazy. It is absolutely crazy. Everybody, you got to wake up. You have got a wake-up and call your Republican representative.

Tell them to get off their backside and do their jobs. Thank you, everybody, for tuning in with us. Thank you for talking with us. Thank you for the calls. Thank you for all the comments. Thank you for sharing this. We'll be back next Thursday. God willing. God willing, my goodness, it's just a remarkable time.

I will be in D.C. this weekend. I will be in D.C. this weekend. I will be there Monday, the 14th when it all goes down. When we find out what direction the country, well, the possible direction the country is going to go in. Hopefully ...

Channon:  Monday, they're supposed to certify the vote.

Will Johnson: Hopefully, we'll see some dramatic change. But send me a text at 88202 and text Will. Okay, thank you, everyone, for tuning in. See you next Thursday, God Bless.

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