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The Left Brings Darkness


Will Johnson: Hello, everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome. It is April 1st. April 1st, we're not going to do a show tonight. April Fools, April Fools. What's going on, everybody? Hey, do me a favor. Get out your mobile device. Send me a text message by typing in my name and put in the number 88202.

Send me a text message: just type Will, W-I-L-L. You know, it's that simple. Send a text message, type for the number 88202, and when you do so, you get some free information. Free information from American Truth Project. Information that everyone should be listening to or privy to.

Thank you for joining us again. Channon, my producer in-house riding with me, and of course, Anni is on the other end. Thank you, everyone, for joining us. Channon, if someone wants to give us a call. What would that number be?

Channon: The number is 516-595-8069. You press one to come on the line to talk to Will. Once again, 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: Awesome, awesome. Again, thank you, everybody. So, we're talking about the darkness that has come to America. The darkness that is hanging over America, and the darkness that has been brought by a certain group of people to America. Who do you think that is? Who do you think that is? Who do you think has been trying to take the most innocent of us all and remove us from society?

In the womb and even out of the womb. Who do you think is trying to cause this invasion on the border? That's what I'm calling it. A straight-up invasion. Who do you think is doing all of this crazy stuff? Who do you think is trying to cancel all of the culture of the United States?

Who do you think is doing it? The really easy, really easy question here, right. Easy question for everybody. Of course, it is on the left. Sadly, the left is in control of our government. What a scary time to be alive. What a scary time and an amazing time to be alive. What a scary time to see all this take place. But anyway, Channon.

Channon: Yeah, I here.

Will Johnson: I was just there at the border. Last week, actually, I was at the southern border of Texas. The United States between Texas or the United States, rather, and Mexico.

Channon: Mexico.

Will Johnson: Actually, I met quite a few wonderful people down there, especially the Border Patrol. Absolutely awesome men and women on our border. But, you know, they're being overwhelmed.

Channon: Yeah, they surely are. I mean, everything's being overwhelmed down there. It's surprising, right. Because it wasn't too long ago that the Democrats were flooding the borders, just a couple of years ago, they were flooding the border, saying, oh, my God, what a terrible problem is happening here. Oh, my gosh, these children shouldn't be in detention centers. Yet, we are in a ...

Will Johnson: They shouldn't be in cages.

Channon: Right. Well, here we are in a far worse situation now that Democrats are in control and just completely silent. Kamala Harris is supposed to be heading up the process while she's supposed to be fixing what's happening at the border.

She hasn't even visited the border yet. Literally, there have been times when the media has asked her about it, and she's almost laughed about it. Like, Ha, Ha, it's no big deal. Right.

Will Johnson: And she's probably not going to go to the border. You know, not until it becomes an issue where they have to acknowledge the crisis they created. See, if they go down to the border, they have to acknowledge that there's a major issue on the border.

Channon: Well, Will, they seem to think that they have it completely under control.

Will Johnson: That's why I'm saying.

Channon: Right. So, tell everybody what you witnessed. The first thing that you guys did was you went to the border, and Border Patrol told you about a hotel room.

Will Johnson: Well, first of all, it's not just a hotel room.

Channon: I meant a hotel, right.

Will Johnson: A hotel complex. Well, we went down to Brownsville, Texas, and we were traveling along the border, and Border Patrol was awesome. Let me say this too never before because I've been to the border a couple of times before, this past time. Never before, maybe because the last time I was at the border was in Arizona and California.

But the Border Patrol in Texas, for the most part, completely different. Or maybe it's just because it's a different time of what is happening. When I went to the border of California and Arizona, the Border Patrol was like, "No, you need access. You need permission to go to this location and to that location. We can't give it to you. You have to have someone with you."

Well, we went down to Texas, and the Border Patrol came up to us, and we told them, "Hey, we're here with the press, free press. We're traveling, and we want to document what's happening across the border here." They said, "Okay. Go ahead. Your good, go," and one patrol said, "Well, you probably can go, but you might only be able to go to this factory.

You probably have to stop there." Well, we got to the factory, and we kept going. We kept meeting Border Patrol after Border Patrol, and each one we told them we were here for the press. We're here covering it. What was amazing to me is that they always said thank you for being here and covering this story.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Because apparently the Biden administration, and I'm pretty sure that came that ruling came from Kamala Harris, no press should be on the border reporting this crisis. Reporting what they don't want the American people to see.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: But anyway, when we were on the border, and there was this Border Patrol captain, he told us, we were at a different location. He said there is not anything happening here, and he said we received strict orders not to allow anyone here. We can't even allow just anyone. No, seriously. They would say this is so strict.

It's ridiculous, but he said, you know what, I'll tell you this, and we're so disgusted. I will tell you where you can go and find where they have been transporting these people that are illegals to these hotels. Come to find out. This is what the Border Patrol is telling us. That these people have tested positive for the CCP virus, they have tested positive for it.

They're in a hotel. There's nothing saying these people need to be contained for 14 days, and there's no one holding them there at all. So, we get there, to the hotel, none of the parking spots were occupied. No vehicles in the parking spot, but you can look, and you can see clothes hanging. They had clothes hanging on the railing. Multiple doors were open, I guess because of the heat.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: There were people just hanging outside, people standing around. No border patrol was there. No police officers were there, nothing. So, we set up our camera to report on it. All this is documented. We set up our cameras to document it. We didn't go onto the property or going door to door asking people.

We didn't do any of that. We were just spitting on the outside of the property, on the grass, and started reporting on it. They got upset with us. Now, my wingman Ben Bergquam went into the office and asked if we can ask you some questions? They declined. So, he just walked out and came back to where we were standing. Nothing more.

Well, a couple of people inside didn't like the fact that we were there reporting on what was happening, yelling at us, and screaming at us. One guy came and took his phone. You know how they normally do, and put it right in front of our camera, with his phone recording us.

I can do this, too. I can do this, too. But he walked over where we were. We didn't have to go to where he was. He walked where we were, and they ended up calling the police. They called the police, and the police came. I'm like, OK, me being a black male, should I be afraid. They just called the police. Actually, I wasn't thinking about that.

I wanted them to call the police so we can have a good show of it. But anyway, the police showed up. The police were asking us, hey, are you guys harassing them? We said, no, we've been right here the entire time. We were told by Border Patrol that they bus a lot of illegals to this location, and we're here reporting on it.

They said some are being tested positive for COVID and we're just here reporting on it, based on the information that we were told. So, we're here; obviously, something is going on because none of the parking slots for the hotel were being occupied.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: But all the rooms are occupied.

Channon: Sure.

Will Johnson: While we were there, the police officer said, OK, just stay out here and, you know, don't go on to the property.

Channon: The property.

Will Johnson: That's cool. They said, go ahead and report on it. You know, it's behind us, and he said, OK. He said, oh, yeah, by the way. The police officer said, thank you for reporting on this.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Thank you for reporting on this.

Channon: Yeah. I mean, everywhere you went, you have Border Patrol and police saying thank you. Right.

Will Johnson: Oh, yeah. The Border Patrol is saying thank you for reporting on it. One Border Patrol was giving us a problem when we first pulled up to this one location. It was on private property, but we traveled there with the owner of the property. The owner of the property took us to this location. That's how we knew about it because the owner took us there. We're there, and Border Patrol came up to us to say, hey, because of the current administration, we can't allow any press.

I said we were told that we could come here by the owner. He said, do you know the owner? I know the owner, and I said he's right there. He looked and said, oh, OK. I started talking to him and then afterward he said, hey, he said, I'm sorry that I had to come like that. But he said we've been getting really strict orders from the current administration not to allow any press to cover what is going on down here.

He said, just to be honest with you, I want to keep my job. He's like, I want to keep my job, and I said, I get it. I get it, I said, But, you know, this invasion, you're probably going to lose your job anyway at some point. You know, talking to him off-camera because he wouldn't talk on camera. He said, regardless of all that, I want to thank you for being here and reporting on it.

Channon: Right, and, you know, it's interesting to me that the Biden administration would say, don't let reporters in, don't talk to reporters, but didn't they say at the beginning of their administration that they believed in complete transparency? That's what they said. They said we're all about transparency, right. Yet they're not transparent at all?

Will Johnson: No, not at all. They are just the opposite. They're just the opposite, and they're doing everything that they said that they would do, of the opposite, right.

Channon: Well, of course, they do.

Will Johnson: You know, they complained about all the children in the cages. The children are in cages, but what did they do?

Channon: They put children in cages.

Will Johnson: They create more cages.

Channon: More cages? I mean, we have convention center centers. I believe there's one in San Diego. Now, they're talking about a military base where they may house some illegal immigrants, and here's the deal. The Biden administration says they're telling everybody not to come.

But that's just what they're saying in front of the cameras because their actions are the very opposite. If you're telling somebody not to come, then that means you turn around and send them back. But we're not doing that.

We're literally giving them places to stay. We're feeding them, housing them, giving them medical care, and now we are even providing the children with education. So, he may say don't come, but he is saying come, we'll make room. Because that's exactly what they're doing. Right.

Will Johnson: Ah-hum.

Channon: But the system is so overwhelmed that they have to release these people into the population without any return date. There's no hearing for these people. There's no, where are you, what are you doing? So, literally, these people become illegal immigrants that are in our country illegally, and the government has given them, at this point, no path to becoming citizens. Do you understand what I'm saying? It's crazy.

Will Johnson: They are not forcing the issue. They don't care if these people become citizens or not. You know what? They're probably going to give them the fast track. Give them all the fast track. Just get here to America, listen, I'm making a prediction. I predict that all these people that are bused to these red states mind you. They're going to give them all a path to citizenship before the 2024 election arrives.

Channon: We'll ask you this, though. You know, one thing that has been a huge problem on the border.

Will Johnson: Just one?

Channon: Well, I said one of the problems, right. Is there are insurgents, or there's this…

Will Johnson: Surge.

Channon: Yeah, a surge of drugs coming through the border. Opioids, fentanyl is coming through the border. Just the other day, the Border Patrol canines sniffed out $60,000 worth of fentanyl inside Burritos. So, do you think that the illegals, the cartel, whoever is bringing these drugs into the United States?

Do you think that they're going to say, hey, government, I'm right here? Do you think they're going to let us know they're here? Or are they just going to fly underneath the radar and literally poison? I mean, opioids, fentanyl has caused a huge rise in overdoses and deaths. Fentanyl is being manufactured in China and brought up through Mexico, because as you and I have talked before ...

Will Johnson: Yep.

Channon: Mexico has now opened the door to the world.

Will Johnson: It has.

Channon: It's not just poor people in South America.

Will Johnson: No, no, it's people from the Middle East. People from these countries are saying death to America. They're all coming through the southern border, and I was going to bring up the whole point, how these narcotics are being manufactured in China. They are coming through the southern border.

It just so happens to be that there is some kind of relationship between the Bidens and China., also even the Democrats. There's some kind of relationship there. All of these drugs are coming through the southern border, and it's almost like the Democrats are like, you know, hey, we lost a lot of money under the Trump administration.

We've got to reverse this because we need that money. They want that money. It's all about the money, the human trafficking, the drug trafficking all equals money for a lot of these people. Now, I'm not saying the Democrats have direct ties to it. Of course, they wouldn't. But I'm pretty sure I would imagine.

Channon: Well, it's nothing traceable, right.

Will Johnson: Exactly. But I would imagine they know somebody that connected with somebody that's funneling money somewhere to get some. Because why are they allowing this? Why are they creating this problem?

Channon: Well, to me, you are guilty if you know about it, and you're allowing it, right.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: I mean, they've opened the door and said, come in. They know that's part of the problem when you open up your doors. We know that is a problem for sex trafficking.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: We know it's a problem for drugs. We know it's a problem for possible terrorists coming into our country. We know all these things.

Will Johnson: Let me say this. When I was on the border, they have these ports of entry, and they have these highly trafficked locations.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: I saw young men, women, and children. Multiple women and children. In some cases, just women and children, right.

Channon: Ah-huh.

Will Johnson: At these major ports of entry. In these major locations where all the traffic is happening. Now, I'm sitting and traveling from southern Texas coming up north, and we're going along the border.

Then all of a sudden, we see this helicopter flying overhead out in the middle of nowhere. I'm like, there is nothing here. So, we pulled over because up there, there it is, right there, we see Border Patrol just sitting on the side, helicopter flying over. So, we pull over, and sure enough, they find coyotes coming out of the brush. Now, no women, no children, just men.

Channon: Yeah, no women.

Will Johnson: Anyone with any common sense, with a brain, would tell you what these men were traveling with, come on. Oh, they're just looking for a job, looking for work, seriously. Then why not show up to where everybody else is showing up to be apprehended by the Border Patrol and taken to these facilities.

Channon: Right because they're bringing them in. I mean, they're housing them. They're not turning them away.

Will Johnson: Yeah. As soon as they get over here. Exactly.

Channon: So, why would you go to a crazy remote location?

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Where you're probably not going to get caught?

Will Johnson: Yes. There's a greater chance that you won't get caught with any paraphilia or any narcotic.

Channon: It's crazy to me because AOC and Kamala Harris, I'm bringing them up because they literally have brought up the children at the border. But the scary thing is what these kids have to go through to get here. That's the thing that they refuse to acknowledge.

They refuse to talk about it. They sit there and go, oh, the children, the children, the children. Well, honey, when you open up the door, let these coyotes and the cartel in; that's how they're coming. You're not going to the countries and bringing them over here. They're coming, via criminals. There are rape trees. There are all kinds of things that are happening to these people. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: They're better off staying in Mexico, as Trump told them to. Stay in Mexico, go through the process. They were safer doing that than what they're doing right now.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness. You know, I'm not surprised by it, but I had never even heard it until this last trip when I went down there. About these rape trees, and it's such a horrible thing. I'm not going to say it here.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I haven't said it anywhere. But how graphic they would tell me what would happen to some of these young girls, and even some of the males.

Channon: Yes, even males, absolutely.

Will Johnson: Even the males. You know what? The time they do it to males is when they have refused to traffic the drugs. When they have a man that won't do it, what they end up doing is tie them to a fence.

Then they do whatever to him, and then they end up killing them on the fence. After they've just brutally raped them and everything else, all of this is being generated by who?

Channon: The Biden administration because they're allowing it.

Will Johnson: Yes. By the current administration. All of this is being generated by them. It is such a horrible situation, and we're talking about people.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: People, now I'm all for helping people. You know, but people need to be helped in their homes, in their homeland, just like the United States of America. People we need, there are so many people already here that need help, need assistance. But this current administration, and the Democrats, have put America last.

Channon: Right, definitely.

Will Johnson: They're creating more of an issue to make sure America becomes last.

Channon: Do we have that clip of Kamala Harris?

Will Johnson: Kamala Harris?

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: We do.

Channon: So, this is Kamala Harris in 2019 when she visited the border, which was under President Trump.

Will Johnson:  But now she won't visit the border.

Channon: Oh, yeah. Now we can't get her to visit the border, right.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

Kamala Harris: What is happening with the detention of these children? The circumstances by which they arrive is a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government, and so we are here to stand up and say that we are not going to allow this to happen, not on our watch. I will tell you when elected, the first thing I'm going to do. One of the first things is to shut down these private detention facilities just shut them down.

Will Johnson: You hear that? She is going to shut them down. But what did they do? They've created more. They've created more of these facilities. They didn't shut them down, and they acted like it was such a bad issue then. President Trump stopped 90% of the drug trafficking the human trafficking, and now it's been increased a thousand percent.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Lives have been lost, and the drugs are flowing into the country.

Channon: There's been a lot more damage than what has been reported.

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: I mean, there have been bodies found left in the desert, under the trees. I mean, it's crazy what they're doing to these people. You perpetuate it when you have policies as Biden does. When you allow the process that these people are going through because they know what they're going through to get here. They're not stopping it. They're perpetuating it, right.

Will Johnson: I think there's a more sinister reason why they're doing it.

Channon: Perhaps.

Will Johnson: Because they need more drama, they need more of the chaos taking place within the United States of America. They don't want these small businesses, in my personal opinion. They don't want these small businesses to open back up.

They don't want the country to open up, full-on, and not start depending on the government. They don't want any of that. They want just the opposite.

Channon: So, unemployment just went up again because some states are still closed or reclosed or whatever. There are now 719,000 Americans unemployed since January, which is just a couple of months. Biden has brought in 30,000 illegal immigrants directly into our country.

Will Johnson: Since January.

Channon: Since January.

Will Johnson: Thirty thousand.

Channon: Those are just the ones who have been processed. So, they're having a very difficult time processing people. In fact, there are some they just haven't even processed.

Will Johnson: No court date to return.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Nothing, because, you know, all it's going to do is overwhelm the courts.

Channon: So, you know, these are minorities, and what jobs do you think they're going to take?

Will Johnson: Actually, they are probably the majority today.

Channon: Well, some places they absolutely are.

Will Johnson: When I was on the southern border, they are the majority.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean if you can't even go into parts of the United States of America and talk English because no one will understand you.

Channon: Well, actually, I was at the doctor's office this morning here in central Texas, and there was a lady at the doctor's office. She couldn't speak English. She's saying I can't speak English. So, everybody was doing the little sign language, trying to help her.

Will Johnson: No one could speak it in there. But you know what's going to end up happening. Not to get off-topic, but they are all talking about it. They're going to end up firing people that are not bilingual.

Channon: Well, that's been a huge problem, actually. It's something that hasn't had enough discussion here in America, I believe. Because we don't have a language that we've said ...

Will Johnson: There's not a national language in the United States of America.

Channon: Exactly. So, there's a language barrier, which you're absolutely correct right now. Especially along some of the southern states, which isn't good for us either, right.

Will Johnson: No, not at all.

Channon: But the question is, we have all these Americans unemployed, and you're bringing in more people into a pool of unemployed people that are now fighting for jobs? Right.

Will Johnson: Well, I mean, AOC, she's basically said that people shouldn't have to work and sit on the couch and make $1,700 a month for doing nothing.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: And they're going to bring all these people in there, and they're going to give government assistance. They're going to get their checks while you have Americans that are not going to be able to get anything.

Channon:  Right, well, you know, we had Republicans that went down to the border last week.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: Republican senators are calling for a hearing to review Biden's actions or non-actions on the border. I mean, it's that bad. They went down there. They're like, this is bad. They're talking to the Border Patrol. They're talking to the police. They're talking about the communities.

They're saying, listen, this is a huge problem that the Biden administration is completely ignoring, and they're saying we need accountability. We need to know what is happening here. You know, we're the only country at this very point that doesn't have borders. We literally have an open door.

Will Johnson: Well, we have borders, but they're going to tear down the borders.

Channon: Well, you know what I'm saying.

Will Johnson: Because you can't have a one-world system and have borders. The United States of America is the last stronghold in the world, saying that we're a sovereign nation. Now, you have Israel, but they're working on getting rid of Israel as soon as possible anyways.

But the United States of America right now is that last beacon of hope. The last the last resort. Because there's nowhere for us to run to, I mean, we can't run to Canada. They have Trudeau, and you see what he's talking about with Easter. Have you all seen that? I mean, he's talking about people if you're going to leave for Easter.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, he's like ...

Channon: He's saying there's going to be some tough consequences.

Will Johnson: Yeah, if you want to visit your family members for Easter. What is wrong with you? It's Easter. You need to stay at home and do it remotely.

Channon: I mean, he's come out. He drew a line in the sand.

Will Johnson: Straight-up tyrant.

Channon: Right, Exactly.

Will Johnson: Straight-up tyrant. They're not even hiding who they are any longer. The one world order is upon us, and they're not even hiding it. They're pushing it more. You have a lot of people like, yeah, you know what? He's right, he's right, he's right. It's disgusting at all levels.

Channon: You know, it scares me when you have people like AOC, which, by the way, AOC was one of the people that visited the border a couple of years ago.

Will Johnson: Yeah, she was up against the fence crying. Oh my God, the children, the children.

Channon: She completely ignores what is happening. Well, she did a video the other day.

Will Johnson: She didn't completely ignore it. But you know what?

Channon: She's not down there.

Will Johnson: She's not calling it out for what it is.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: An actual crisis is going on.

Channon: She's telling everybody else to have a gut check, right. She literally said on Instagram. I don't know if you want to play the audio or not. But she said anyone who is using the term surge around you cautiously is trying to invoke a militaristic frame. She said this is not a surge. These children are not insurgents. So, it is a surge, but these children are not insurgents. Insurgents are a military movement.

Will Johnson: Well, let me ...

Channon: Basically, do you want to play it?

Will Johnson: Yeah, I will play it here, but you know, there have been cases in the past, and a prime example, I've talked to Anni Cyrus is about it. She can give us more details on it. But the prime example makes me think about how the Palestinians will use their children in military tactics against the Israelis.

I mean, this is the same thing that they're doing here. They're using the children in a military tactic so that they can turn around and say it's not an insurgent. That's exactly what it is.

Channon: Well, what I am saying is ...

Will Johnson: They are using the children.

Channon:  She was saying the children.

Will Johnson: But they are using the children for their military tactics.

Channon: Right. So, this is the point.

Will Johnson: A lot of people need to read between it.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Because they're trying to say it's not the children doing it. It's not that. But they are putting these children in a military position, in a tactic. They're doing it.

The children didn't wake up today and go. You know what? I think I'm going to cross the border right now instead of staying at home and playing with the truck or watching Dora.

Channon: Okay, here's what she's doing now.

Will Johnson: Before ...

Channon: Okay, go ahead.

Will Johnson: Well, I was going to say before we play the clip. If someone wants to give us a call. What is that number? Let's put the number out there one more time.

Channon: 516-595-8069 and press one to come on the line.

Will Johnson: Okay, one more time because someone was like, oh, let me get a pencil. Let me get a pencil; I know how it is because I do it all the time myself. Go ahead, get your pencil so you can write this down, pen or pencil. Write this down and give us a call. What's the number?

Channon: 516-595-8069.

Will Johnson: Okay, awesome, awesome. Okay, so let's go through this audio clip with her. Now, she didn't say any of this when the Trump administration was there. Now all of a sudden, it's like a different story, and they expect us to be stupid, to believe it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: They want to say, what about the surge? Well, first of all, just gut check, stop. Anyone who, using the term surge around you consciously, is trying to invoke a militaristic flame, and that's a problem because this is not a surge.

These are children, and they are not insurgents, and we are not being invaded. Which, by the way, is a white supremacist idea, philosophy. The idea that if another is coming into the population, that this is like an invasion of who we are.

Will Johnson: She's an idiot.

Will Johnson: What? What?

Channon: Yeah, so ...

Will Johnson: You know what? Hold on, hold on.

Channon: What?

Will Johnson: I'm listening to some earlier, but I didn't even hear that part when she said this is like white supremacy. What?

Channon: Invasions have been happening since the beginning of time. It wasn't a white man's thing.

Will Johnson: Wait a minute, hold on, hold on. I mean, because I think we all agree that the Israelis, I hate to bring this up again, but the Israelis are not considered white people, right. They're considered Jewish people.

But anyway, what happens when these Muslim countries invade other Muslim countries? No white people were involved there. What is she saying? This is her going on her stupidity, and anyone willing to listen to her and go right along with it.

Channon: Well, see, this is what I was saying before, and Biden did the same thing in his speech. She says gut check. Of course, the kids aren't insurgents, right. I mean, we know that they themselves are not military people coming through, but what they want to do is appeal to you, to your sensibilities. Like, these are the children, the children, the children.

Will Johnson: The same thing they did in the 1930s, in Nazi, Germany.

Channon: Right, like these poor children.

Will Johnson: It is the same thing they did in the 1930s in Nazi Germany. They said, look, you have to go after these people because you have to protect the children. It's all about the children.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: They use the children to tug on people's hearts to allow them to bring tyranny. These people are using children as a military tactic.

Channon:  Right, she should see what they're putting these children through.

Will Johnson: She doesn't care.

Channon: I mean, this is crazy.

Will Johnson: She doesn't care.

Channon: Basically, they are illegal immigrants, is what they are.

Will Johnson: Of course, they are.

Channon: Illegal immigrants are people that are coming into the country in violation of their immigration laws, and that's what's happening. They want to continue their residency in that country. It's just crazy to me how they spin this. Before, those weren't children in cages.

They weren't children in cages. They were pawns in the discussion. Now, all of a sudden, it's like, oh, the children, the children. This is about the children immigrating. Look how you're treating them. Look at what you're putting them through. Look at what they're going through to get here.

Will Johnson: But see, that's just it. They do not want to acknowledge the rape trees.

Channon: Yes.

Will Johnson: How they're brutally killed.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: How they're, you know, risking their lives. How these adults are risking children's lives, but they don't want to talk about any of that.

Channon: Right. That's pure evilness that is happening right now.

Will Johnson: It's straight-up evil, and all that evil is being pushed by those from the left.

Channon: You know a lot of people come to it from a religious point of view. They say, well, the land isn't owned by anybody. La-da-da-da-da, but let me tell you what, even Jesus recognized that there were kings and queens over certain areas. Even Jesus says to follow the law of the land. So, we are told to do that, right.

Will Johnson: Mm-hmm. Even in the Bible, it talks about walls.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: And at each gate, there are 12 gates on the wall to heaven.

Channon: I mean, Jesus gave, God gave people kingdoms. Gave them, you know, armies. He helped armies defeat other armies. I mean, come on, we know that's historically what it is here. But they have this; it makes me sick. It scares me of what their end game is. They want full control, and they want people that they can have full control over.

Will Johnson: That's what it's all about. It's about control because they know once they get all of these people to come to the country that doesn't have anything. That need assistance, and because we're, you know, humanity, right.

Humanity first, they have to help. They're going to have control over all of these people, and they're going to make sure that people are there that's helping them remember who did this for you. Remember who to vote for.

Channon: Well, one thing I'd like to talk about, to kind of move on from the border for just a few minutes, is Biden's $2 trillion spending bill. So, last week, Biden did his first press conference, and he talks about his infrastructure plan.

He talks about building streets and freeways and the poor condition that our airports are in; he talks about buildings and their air conditioning or lack of ventilation. The scary thing is that Biden's massive $2 trillion is a far cry from being an infrastructure bill. In fact, only 6% of the money is going to the things that he talked about at his conference, on his press conference airports, roads, and buildings.

Will Johnson: Only 6%.

Channon: Only 6%.

Will Johnson: Out of the $2 trillion.

Channon: It says at the core, President Biden still calls for $620 billion investment into transportation infrastructure. But the $3 trillion, I guess, now it is really about, listen to this. Includes hundreds of billions of dollars with priorities in health care, which has nothing to do with infrastructure. Workforce development, which has nothing to do with infrastructure. Research and development? I mean, it's crazy.

Will Johnson: Let me get to the research and development.

Channon: Can you guess?

Will Johnson: Transgenderism.

Channon: Well, a lot of it's into this New Green Deal that they were talking about too.

Will Johnson: Yeah, but, come on now. They're going to still put that in there. Not to get off-topic here, but it's amazing how they do the transgender. I mean, you hit on it. I'm telling you they are putting it in there.

Channon: Well, they're going to include equity.

Will Johnson: Of course.

Channon: Policies and everything that goes with it.

Will Johnson: Let me just say one thing about it, and I want you to continue going where you were. They're rejecting men and women, but they include all of these other ones that they make up. That's all I have to say about it. Go ahead.

Channon: So, also there are huge investments that will be made into electric vehicles, climate change. Come on now—elderly care, child benefits, housing, and developing future technologies.

Will Johnson: What does climate change mean?

Channon: You know ...

Will Johnson: Code name, climate change means population control because they're blaming man and for all of the climate we've seen. Like, you know, winter, summer, spring, and fall. Oh, that's man's fault.

Channon: Right, but he's redefining what infrastructure plan is.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: It's not about infrastructure, which is building airports and stuff like that. It's an open door once again for them to control or implement their socialist agenda. So, they're undermining traditional American capitalism, and they're implementing their socialist agenda. I mean, that's what they are doing here.

Will Johnson: Ah-hum.

Channon: The other part of that, which is very scary because Biden says, I'm going to tell you how we're going to pay for it. They're going to tax huge tax hikes on corporations.

Will Johnson: Guess what happens? Those corporations will not hire people. Then when they don't hire those people, you're going to have more unemployment.

Channon: He's going to create an environment that is so anti-business.

Will Johnson: And toxic.

Channon: Which is how we have built our economy. That's why we have one of the strongest economies in the world. Listen, he's going to put huge ...

Will Johnson: Burden.

Channon: Burdens on them. He's going to have them, you know, they're going to have to have infrastructure plans. They're going to have to redo, make things greener. He's going to implement, you know, climate control stipulations on businesses. He's going to put equity stipulations on companies. He's going to put LGBT policies on corporations.

Will Johnson: Yes.

Channon: I mean, just one thing after another. So, really what happens is, you know, traditionally, Republicans have been trying for many years; we've been trying to have less government, which is how America was founded.

Will Johnson: All this is going to do is put the government into your business.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Then the government gets to come in and say how you can and cannot run your business.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Who you can and cannot hire.

Channon: So, Biden is saying ...

Will Johnson: And how much you have to pay.

Channon: Democrats say that our problems are so huge that the government now has to take control. What government entity do you know they've done a good job about running itself?

Will Johnson: Oh, my goodness.

Channon: Medicare.

Will Johnson: U.S. Postal Service.

Channon: Look at our poor vets.

Will Johnson: Social Security.

Channon: I mean, it's crazy.

Will Johnson: Everything the government touches.

Channon: It's a disaster.

Will Johnson: They destroy. It's a disaster 100%. Then all they do is end up taxing us to pay for their mistakes.

Channon: Right, who's going to pay for this?

Will Johnson: They want us to pay for their mistake.

Channon: You cannot make a government rely on capitalist corporations and then literally create policies that eliminate those capitalist companies because they're not going to tolerate it. I wouldn't tolerate it. I mean, we already have what? Was it Ford or some company? I'm not sure, but they are already talking about moving to Mexico.

Will Johnson: Yeah, it was Ford.

Channon: I mean, come on.

Will Johnson: Ford is already talking about it.

Channon: They are like, you are cutting down on our profits here.

Will Johnson: Because of all the other regulations will be pushed down onto us as businesses.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: We don't have a choice. President Trump was removing all of the red tape. He was removing all these regulations.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Business was like, this is wonderful. This is what we've been looking for; we're not going to be penalized for operating in the United States of America.

Channon: Yeah, our GDP was going up. Listen, it's so devastating the way that he's setting up our economy. It would take us years, if not centuries, to crawl out of.

Will Johnson: The whole idea is, people have forgotten. The whole build back better in order to build something back, you have to tear it down. It has to be destroyed. So, they're goal, they've already told us.

This is not me making up anything. They've already told us. In order to build back something, they're going to have to tear it all down; the whole economic world economic system. They truly believe that they have to destroy the current system, the economic system on the world, on the planet.

Then they want to build it back to something that they want, and then they come along and try to say, well, they want to put it back into a socialist, capitalist way.

Channon: When talking about the plan, the infrastructure plan Biden said no one making under $400,000 would see their federal taxes go up, period. This is not about penalizing anyone. In fact, we know he said that, but then when they looked at the plan, they said that it's down to $200,000. No one that makes under $200,000 will be taxed. I guarantee you that's going to change again because guess what? They're going to run out of money.

Will Johnson: Au-hum.

Channon: Then Biden said, I have nothing against millionaires and billionaires. I believe in American capitalism. I want everyone to do well. That is such a lie. He wants to punish those that are doing well. He wants to strangle capitalism here in America to where it literally kills our economy. Guess what China's doing in the meantime?

They're trying to create their own, the world's monetary source. A whole new monetary source other than the American dollar. Right now, a lot of its run on the American dollar, but China wants to change it.

Will Johnson: Well, you know what? That's the main thing that caused wars in the past. A lot of people don't know Saddam Hussein. Do you remember that whole Iraq war? Saddam Hussein wanted to stop buying oil in American dollars. He wanted to start buying oil in the euro.

A lot of people don't know that, and because he wanted to stop buying oil in American dollars, it was going to cause a problem because other countries would have started following suit. So, what happened? We had a whole ordeal. We went to war with Saddam Hussein and got rid of them because of that.

A lot of people don't even know it. There weren't weapons of mass destruction. Even though they may have had them, but that wasn't the main reason.

Channon: Yeah. It's just strange to me. I want to talk about one more thing, though. Well, I want your take. So, Georgia, this past ...

Will Johnson: Georgia?

Channon: They just passed. What was it?

Will Johnson: They didn't pass a voter suppression law.

Channon: I mean, why are you laughing?

Will Johnson: Because they're stupid. That's exactly how the left pushing it. Georgia just voted in a voter suppression law making it tougher for black and brown people to vote. My question is if it's going to make it harder for black and brown people to vote. How does it not make it harder for white people to vote? I mean, what am I missing here?

Channon: So, the whole point of this bill is to make the people that vote count and the fraudulent votes do not count. That's really the whole purpose. So, mail-in ballots in Georgia people had to sign it, and then they were to match signatures, right.

Will Johnson: Mm-hmm.

Channon: Now, when you do a mail-in ballot, you have to give your driver's license or state I.D. listed on your ballot. So, just like when you go to in-person voting, you have to show an I.D., which they're actually going to enforce in Georgia.

Will Johnson: Ah-huh.

Channon: Now, they want to enforce that. You have to give your I.D. on the ballot. If they cannot validate that I.D. and that you've only voted one time, your ballot gets thrown out. Guess what? That's what Democrats don't like. That's what they're afraid of.

Will Johnson: Don't they want open, fair elections?

Channon: No, they don't.

Will Johnson: What am I missing? They want everything to be done right and proper. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, because if that's the case, they wouldn't be fighting this.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: I mean, you can't get on an airplane. What was it?  Delta Airlines, right now, came out and made a statement against Georgia? Talking about how Georgia is doing this is suppression against these voter laws. But you have to show your I.D. to get on the airlines.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Have you not noticed that you got to show I.D. there but when it comes to voting, you don't have to show an I.D. This is crazy, and as a black person, I find it highly insulting that they try to say, oh, you're black, they're putting in this voter suppression against you. That's the dumbest thing ever.

Black people can't find a DMV. Black people are too dumb apparently, according to the left, mind you. This is the left that is pushing this. That black people are not capable of finding the DMV to get an I.D. or a driver's license.

Channon: Yeah. So, there are several cool things to this bill that they passed. They're going to open up more Saturday voting stations. You know, sometimes you have only like, once a week or something to vote in. There are going to be some Saturdays and Sundays where they have these voting locations open across the state.

So, people that work during the week can vote during the weekend. So, there's no excuse that, oh, I couldn't get off work. Then actually, in this bill, they have done a very good job of creating opportunities to vote. But legally, you're able to verify that they're a good vote, and the Democrats are like, oh, this is voter suppression.

It is not voter suppression. It's voter protection to make sure that who the people wanted to elect gets elected. That's exactly what this bill is.

Will Johnson: Yeah, that's what it is, and the left can't stand it. You know. They're looking for the Biden administration to come in and just change it. They're looking for the federal government to go to the state level and tell the state how they should operate when it comes to the election. That is against the Constitution.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: Each state gets to make up the laws based on their legislatures and the legislators in each state. This is in the Constitution. I learned this myself from doing all of this. Each state is supposed to be able to do that.

But see, this last election, we all know that they went around the Constitution, and they're expecting the administration and the Democrats to do the same thing. Do not allow the U.S. Constitution to remain in place.

Channon: Right. So, since this law has come out, the one thing that's irritated me was the headline today: Biden says he would strongly support moving the MLB All-Star Game, a baseball game out of Georgia, over the voting law.

Will Johnson: How does he have control over that?

Channon: Well, he doesn't have control. The organization that puts it on has control. But he says, quote, "I think today's professional athletes are acting incredibly responsible. I would strongly support them in doing that people look to them, their leaders."

Well, the sad thing is, they're extremely uninformed and uneducated people on what this bill is, but they make it seem like somebody put it out there. Some Democrats, some liberal news media outlets are saying, oh, this is voter suppression. Oh my gosh. Just like, you know, a couple of years ago, they said that black people don't know where to get driver's licenses.

Will Johnson: I mean, yeah, exactly. But black people know how to find a liquor store.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: You know what? Black people do get on airplanes for you leftists out there who don't realize that. People do know how to get on airplanes.

Channon: They get passports.

Will Johnson: Black people get passports. There's a lot of things that black people have to do with I.D. But for some reason, they get it in your mind. Black people cannot get an I.D. for voting.

Channon: It's very insulting.

Will Johnson: It is insulting.

Channon: I mean, when it gets down to it, they say you're too stupid to go to the DMV and get an I.D. to vote.

Will Johnson: Again, that is exactly what they are saying?

Channon: Then you can't ...

Will Johnson: The new one is that black people are too stupid to use the Internet.

Channon: Oh, yeah. Biden did say that. I mean, they're saying that polling stations have closed too early in areas where minorities vote. But listen, during the presidential election, my goodness, you had four weeks to freaking vote, in some cases.

Will Johnson: Yeah.

Channon: If you can't figure out where to go vote in four weeks, come on, people.

Will Johnson: You know what? How come we didn't hear about all the moves this time, you know, social media stopping people from voting for Biden? How can we didn't hear that? You know what? If Russia did help Trump in 2016, how come they didn't help him this time?

I mean, seriously, because the big tech companies said, OK, we're going to stop them from doing what they did in 2016. While are we stopping Russia, we're just going to stop the American people, too. I still don't think they were able to stop the American people. I still think a coup d’état took place.

This is my opinion; I truly believe that a coup d’état took place in the history books. It should reflect as such. But, you know, they always say the winners get the write to history, and that's going to happen. There are going to write it in that it was fair and square. That's what they're going to do, and it's disgusting. It's Orwellian is what we're seeing.

Channon: Yeah.

Will Johnson: This is disgusting.

Channon: Absolutely.

Will Johnson: 1984, right here is here. It's here.

Channon:  Yeah.

Will Johnson: And it's not going to go away.

Channon: Yeah, now we're fighting against COVID. COVID vaccines are required for passports. We're looking at Democrat cities were showing how they had a complete uptick in crimes because of defunding police. It's interesting the effects we're going to see from this surge, AOC's surge of immigrants, illegal immigrants coming into our country.

Will Johnson: Au-hum.

Channon: What's going to happen with that? They don't think of consequences, and that's what scares me. Then the infrastructure bill, which isn't about infrastructure, it's about Democrat agendas. I truly hope that people, you know, you and I said we have to minister, but you know Will. You and I talked about all these people who were trashing Trump and talking, oh, Biden, Biden, Biden. We don't see them on Facebook or any of these media outlets anymore, praising their president.

Will Johnson: Yeah, exactly. Oh, look at the wonderful work Biden has done.

Channon: Right.

Will Johnson: He has done a wonderful thing at this. This is wonderful, that is wonderful.

Channon: Yeah. You just don't see it. In fact, I see The Hill, the Daily Caller. I actually see CNN has called out the Biden administration.

Will Johnson: I mean, even Bill Maher of all people. He is like, you know what? He's acknowledging what the left is doing, and it's just ridiculous. I created a Meme and let me just say this. Let me just read this Meme. If conservatives remind us of Christianity, then Democrats remind us of what? It's just a meme. It's just a question.

Channon: Uninformed voters.

Will Johnson: Yeah, overwhelming. You know what? That one single question generated over 1,500 comments. Fifteen-hundred comments, people are just going ballistic. People are upset, saying, well, you know, the Republicans.

The ones that don't want to give an answer to it. They go on this whole rant about how Republicans are this and that. Republicans are bad. They complain. This question is stupid. Well, why aren't you answering the question? It's a simple question.

Channon: Their answer is stupid.

Will Johnson: Yeah. I even put on the description something really simple. I said it's only a question. That's all I put. It's only a question, and they could come back and say, well, you know, the Democrats remind us of love, peace, and unity. They could say that, but they can't.

Channon: Well, in most cases, didn't they insult Republicans? Then they said, oh, Democrats are; one of them said Democrats were more Christian. I'm like, what?

Will Johnson: Someone said that the Republicans remind them of the evil deeds that have been done, and then I'm paraphrasing here. The Democrats remind us how it is to be a Christian. When the Democrats support abortion, they support everything that goes against God's word. This is the time we're living in.

Channon: Yeah, my point once again, Democrats are uninformed voters.

Will Johnson: It's not just uninformed voters. It's just uninformed about reality. They don't care about it all. But anyway, hey, everyone. Thank you so much for being with us. We will be back here next Thursday. Thank you so much for sharing this video, listen to me, sharing this audio podcast. We will see you next time. Take care, and God bless.

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