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The Human Cost of Apostasy from Islam


Anni Cyrus: Good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to ATP radio, Islam Corner. I am Anni Cyrus, your host. Before we get started with our very special guest, let me do the usual. If you haven't done so yet please grab your cell phone inside America and text my name Anni, A-N-N-I, and send it to the number 88202. You will be subscribing to our free text alert system, where you get notifications.

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So, with that being said, I'm very excited to bring on our very special guest today, Bosch Fawstin. He is a very dear friend that I've known many years back through the Glazov Gang show.

As I was thinking, how do I introduce him today? I remembered that he put a post on his Facebook that I loved a lot, and I mentioned I'm going to use that. So, here we go. With us today is Bosch Fawstin, the first redheaded ex-Muslim to ever win a Muhammad cartoon contest. Hi, Bosch.

Bosch Fawstin: Hello, and how are you?

Anni Cyrus: I am doing fantastic. Thank you so much for coming on today with me.

Bosch Fawstin: Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I looked forward to it.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely. So, I figured out how to do the introduction. Why don't we start there? How did you manage to become the first redheaded ex-Muslim ever to win the Muhammed cartoon contest? Tell us about that.

Bosch Fawstin: I was raised by Albanian Muslim parents in the Bronx, New York. They would be what would be called today, quote, unquote, "moderate Muslims," even though, as I often say, the Jew-hatred and the misogyny was the hardcore. The disgust with the West was predominant; America is this, America that, too much freedom. So, while they were political moderates, some things within the actual family were really just bad things to grow up with, but I was fortunate enough to be raised in America.

So, whatever we were taught at home, we could be almost, in some way, be untaught in school. We can learn about the actual things as they are in America and the West. And that's what I was raised with; it was a lot less harsh than you and what you went through. Still, there's that dishonesty. It really got me, all those around me, the ideology itself.

That's what led me out of it more than anything else. It wasn't anything like a concrete issue that I just was passionate against, that I just railed against, no. It was the fundamental dishonesty of it all. That's what made me leave in my mid-teens.  When I got out of it my family didn't like it, but being moderates, they didn't kill me. I mean, since they are moderate Muslims, they didn't kill me, but they didn't like it.

And, then basically within a few years, I left Islam, and I found Ayn Rand's work. I fell in love with her work, with her books on philosophy, her fiction, everything. Then after that, I had nothing. I didn't think about Islam for years until 9/11. Now, over the years, there were terrorist attacks. We hear about certain things happening. Yes, but 9/11 brought everything back, and it made me go back and revisit it.

For the first time ever, I read the Quran because we had a Quran in our household, but it was in Arabic. My family can't read Arabic. It was just there, as a totem-like, and then I started thinking about the atrocity of 9/11. I started thinking, what can I do as an artist? I'm not a soldier.

What can I do to respond to this atrocity? So, I start thinking about Captain America, the superheroes, and how I can defeat the enemy within comic books, within my work. Of course, the Captain American model would never let me do this. So, I start thinking about my background and how the pig was seen as a disgusting creature.

So, I started thinking, okay, how about if I create an ex-Muslim superhero who wears pigskin leather and hunts down jihadists. That's what I was thinking. I said, well, you know what? That's not enough for me. Well, I love superheroes. I wanted to pull back and say, okay, how about if I make a story about the cartoonist that's beyond, that's behind Pigman, and I need a twin brother who's a born-again Muslim.

The cartoonist Pigman is a recovered Muslim, and they battle it out. That's where I thought my work, with my history of Islam. Then, of course, the Charlie Hebdo massacre happened, and Pamela Geller responded to that by having an event at the same place a few months earlier.

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre, there was a conference call, something along the lines of Defend the Prophet. I think it was called, Defend the Prophet, meaning they were walking over the dead bodies of these cartoonists to defend Muhammed. Instead of defending the West. Instead of being Americans. They're saying the issue of free speech and respecting it, no.

So, Pamela said, ‘To hell with that. We're going to have a contest, a Muhammed cartoon contest,’ and I entered. I ended up winning. You know, my life has not been the same since. I will say that. I can't get into details clearly, but that's where we are at this point.

Anni Cyrus: Well, thanks for sharing that and for our audience. If you have not seen any of Bosch's work, I strongly suggest you look into them. I had the privilege to meet him in person, and I have the Pigman autographed by him. But you mentioned something. What can I do with my art? I'm not a soldier. I consider you a soldier because I'm pretty sure you knew going into that genre, from Pigman stories to the Muhammed drawing contest. You knew what you were going to face, and you still did it.

Bosch Fawstin: There's no doubt about it. I appreciate that because that's an incredible compliment because some soldiers even write me and tell me, well, you're fighting in your own way. I do appreciate it. You do the same thing because we understand what we're facing here. We're facing savages. We're facing brutal, brutal people who are against the West, who are against life itself.

I'm not going to stand by and just allow them to silence all of us. Now, most if not all of my field hasn't mentioned anything about this. They pretend I don't even exist. There was a; I think it was a free speech publication. I've forgotten what it was called. But they were talking about; literally, the title was Cartoonists Under Fire. This is after Gartland. I was not showcased there; everyone else was.

You know, it's like, wait a minute, I was literally under fire, and I called him out on it. We had a back and forth, and I said, ‘This is ridiculous.’ I said, ‘I understand that all you guys can pretend I don't exist, but I do exist. This problem still exists. Even if you ignore it, it doesn't matter.’ The other people like Frank Miller, whose work I've loved over the years.

He used to talk about free speech in very passionate terms. Until this effect, Charlie Hebdo. I haven't heard him say anything about it, nothing. He hasn't drawn Muhammed. He hasn't spoken out the way he used to about the issue of free speech. I wrote this one thing, what was it? It was in my draw Muhammed challenge. I wrote it, I think, a couple of years ago, and a good friend of mine referred to it as a manifesto.

She referred to it as my manifesto. Basically, it's everything I've wanted to say about the issue of free speech and draw Muhammed. It's on my store's website. My blog was erased from Google overnight. So, it's not there any longer, but it's in my store, the Bosch Fawstin store. It's called the Draw Muhammed Challenge. All these challenges today, the water challenge or this and that challenge. I said, ‘Let's have a serious challenge here.

Come on, my fellow cartoonists, draw Muhammed. Let's get out there, and prove that we can do it because we still have the freedom of speech. If we don't act on it, if we don't exercise it, then we will lose it. So long as we have it, we should exercise it.’ That's my challenge in my article, and I ended up publishing it in one of my last books. I think it was called Islam Bitches. It's my book on Islam females across the centuries.

I think that's what they deserve to be called, Islam bitches because that's what they are. They're absolutes, they are kowtowing to evil, and I'm just sick of it. You know, people say, ‘Will you stop drawing this?’ I said, ‘No, I won't. I will continue to draw.’ I have drawn him over 500 times now, Muhammed. I have books. I think five books of Muhammad cartoons. I have Muhammed trading cards, playing cards, T-shirts, posters, prints, and I think these things are worth doing regardless of what might happen. If I'm to die for it, I'm to die for, what?

The greatest thing is to defend freedom of speech. That defines us. It really does; it defines us. Without that, we are just a typical country, and we can just fall into dictatorship without the issue of free speech. So, as long as we have that, we have to exercise it. Also, I'm sorry I'm going on, but that is the flashpoint issue. The issue of free speech is not for things that are acceptable, not for things that are polite.

You ask yourself, where is the issue of free speech under attack the most? That's where you go and defend it. That's exactly where you go. That is the flashpoint, and if you don't go there, then you're not defending the issue of free speech. You're not a defender of the West. You're just not. You're a loudmouth trying to pretend that you're for free speech, but you're not.

That's why even after Charlie Hebdo, I was really annoyed with people in France holding up pens and saying that they were Charlie's. I said, ‘No, put your pen down on a piece of paper, and draw Muhammed. Then you will be Charlie. Outside of that, you're not. You're just a poser.’

Anni Cyrus: Well, let me ask you this. Well, we both know the answer, but Islam is all about fear. Muhammed himself said, ‘Heaven is under the shadow of the sword.’ Besides those who know what they are doing, those who are keeping silent and keeping quiet because they're afraid. How far do you think Islamists can push until the silent majority or those afraid of speaking out would possibly get involved? Is there a limit?

Bosch Fawstin: Look, when you see Americans falling from the Twin Towers to their deaths, knowingly, and you're not moved by that horror. I think you're unreachable. I believe you're unreachable. I really do, and if you cannot be moved by that horror to say something, at least. If not, do something, say something, to speak out against it. I think you are unreachable. There's before that and after that. A lot of people were able to live with that. I can't live with that. You can't live with that. We can't. People can, and they do.

To me, I think people are unreachable to an extent. I just do. I mean, will there be more people coming up? I don't know. I mean, we go out there, and we do what we do.? We say what we do know. We say what we say. We write and have these interviews. Everything, just to get the truth out. But if you can see that horror, close your mouth and not say anything. Yeah, I think you're absolutely unreachable.

It's a tragic thing, but it's a true thing. Then also not just that, but to pretend that it had nothing to do with Islam. That's another thing. That's not even just the leftists. That's some conservatives. Some of my fellow objectivists basically pretend that, well, you know, it's a deviant form of Islam that's motivated a thing. Then you ask them to say, okay, did Muhammed follow a deviant form of Islam, or did he follow Islam as such? I've discussed it over the years as well.

I have an article called, Calling Islam, Islam; which brings it to the point we're dealing with the ideology itself. We're not dealing with a deviant form of it. We are not dealing with perverted Muslims who are using these false terms, no, no. They are devout Muslims, and they want to take it to the limit. When those scumbags flew the planes into buildings, they believe that they're flying into paradise. They actually believe that.

So, when they try to tell us, it's a political ideology. It's like, a guy who flies a plane into a building is not doing it for politics. He's not doing it for anything other than he believes to his core that he's going into an Islamic paradise. So, it was not just an act of war. It was an act of faith. We have to recognize that. We have to.

Anni Cyrus: That's where I'm extremely concerned, Bosch. Especially the last seven, eight months, as you know and my audience knows. Hopefully, they do. I come from a land that was conquered by these people. They watched for 43 years my fellow Iranians have watched horror happening to their own people, their own family members, their own daughters. After 43 years, they might be fed up.

They stand up here and there, but for many years they just looked away like this isn't happening, this isn't happening. I'm looking at it, and it's exactly the same thing that's happening here in American. I see more conservatives quiet. Liberals, and leftists, are speaking out. Not against the enemy; they're supporting the enemy.

So, they are loud. Conservatives are quietly sitting, praying, and hoping somebody is going to save them. Worse comes to worst, well, they're just going to bow. I guess as my people did.

Bosch Fawstin: I mean, it's a horrific thing, but it's an absolute fact. We have to make peace with it because that's the truth. One thing also, when you have a country like Iran that's taken over by this, quote, unquote, “the fanatics.” They're the true, devout Muslims. What happens is the country goes to hell. If a country goes to Islam, it goes to hell. That's what it does.

That's the natural home of Islamic countries, of states Islam, if you will. That's the natural home of leftists countries. They go to hell. We have to save ourselves from that because we are allowing it. Now, we have a lot of Islamic apologists here, but now we have leftist apologists, as well, who are almost accepting what's coming as well about the BLM, Antifa, and the leftist of last year.

The absolute realism of last year. There's not a revolt against it. It's scary. But to me, the most dangerous enemies, the most dangerous domestic enemy, is the left. The most dangerous, I think, in terms of the world. Well, you have China as well, but the Islamic enemy. They haven't gone away.

They haven't been put down like the mad dogs they are. Bush didn't do it. Obama didn't do it. Trump did it to some extent with ISIS, but not enough. I also believe that if you as President, if he's true to his position of power he would have wiped this enemy out. No matter how many years later. It doesn't matter.

That can never happen again, 9/11. They beyond blew it. They allowed it to happen to some extent by appeasing this enemy, decade after decade after decade, and it's scary. Even decent politicians aren't willing to speak out clearly against it. They're not. Again, I hear from people sometimes, well, look, the war is over.

I mean, we haven't been attacked. At least a few hundred people are murdered every single week in the name of Islam across the world. That should be enough to make people realize that we are still at war. That we're still at war, regardless, if we have not gotten hit. In their mind, if America doesn't get hit, then the job doesn't exist. That's BS, and we know that. Innocent lives are being taken every single week, every single day, and that is unacceptable.

At that number, what it was 170 last week, 190 the week before, 255 the week before. The website, TheReligionOfPeace.com, tallies these deaths. They compile them. Even they tell me sometimes, they say, ‘Well, we are still guessing at times. We don't know exactly how much, but this is how much we have been able to find out.’ And that's too much. That's just too much. I mean, it's been 230,000 human beings murdered in the name of Islam since 9/11, 230,000.

That's unacceptable. That's a global war that we have to fight. But until we fight the ideologically with our institutions, the military, our government, this enemy will go on and on. The fearful thing is that in a nuclear age if they're allowed to go on, they will absolutely nuke the West, nuke us and Israel, they will do it. What's stopping them?

Nothing, not us. Not us at all, and what's stopping them? Nothing. Their religion? If they can get their hands on nukes and use them, they will use them.

Anni Cyrus: No doubt about it. I want to talk to you about the nuke, Iran, and all that, but we have a question on the chat from Steven Mix, and he is asking, Bosch, I saw 9/11 turn many Americans into denial. So much that they blame Jews and an “inside job,” everything but Muslims. What is that denial all about when people want to appease Islam no matter what?

Bosch Fawstin: You know what? I can't say because I don't relate to it. I don't. I can't. I can't even come close to understanding that. It's a kind of mentality that makes me sick, first of all. I don't want to understand it because it's so dangerous to this country. If we didn't have the mentality, if Bush didn't go out there and say, Islam, is peace, by two members of CAIR, and did his damn job.

We wouldn't be talking about this today. We would be talking about some other threats. That's it because the enemy would have been destroyed. And, they bombed some mountains. Remember that? They bombed mountains. They allowed Osama to get away to Pakistan. They knew he was there. I mean, what, Pakistan didn't know? We didn't know? Give me a break.

He was there for nine years. So, I don't understand the mentality. I really don't. If I try to, it seems like I have to go to a place I can't imagine going to. When you see that kind of horror again, and you're indifferent to it, you're apologetic to it. There was an attitude, a sick thing that I remember hearing from some people. They said, ‘Well, look, we must have done something bad because you don't fly planes into buildings for no reason.’

It's like they have no reason. It's all faith. It's all the ideology. It's all your beliefs or their bloodlust. They don't hate us for what we do. They hate us because we're not Muslim, period. There's no reason for what they do. So, that kind of mentality, to be blunt, I don't understand it. I don't want to understand it. I want to maintain what I think about it and what I feel about it.

Those who I respect feel the same way, and there's also this thing where we have to make the masses understand that we don't need to do that. I think if we had a growing minority. A growing minority to understand this issue, who can act on it, who can influence those in government.

To influence those in our institutions, in academia, and pop culture, even. If we can do that, I think that could make a major difference because we have to get on a war footing. We're not on a war footing. We have not been on a war footing. We have not been coupled with the idea that we're at war.

Again, as some people tell me, ‘Oh, you know, we're not at war anymore.’ Yeah, we are. There's an internal war against us by the left, and then there's a global war against us by Islam and China.

Anni Cyrus: I would 100% agree with everything you stated. Including that we don't need masses of people to join us, no. Again, I'll say what they say themselves, supposedly, which I like to make a note of here. It's a flat-out lie. They say there are 1.5 billion Muslims. That's a lie because my motherland in the Islamic Republic of Iran has a population of 80 million.

And I guarantee you. I will bet my birth certificate on the fact that more than 50 million of 80 million are not Muslims. They are stamped Muslim because they were born there. So, you put that number together with the 1.5 is a lie.

Bosch Fawstin: Absolutely, I agree with that as well.

Anni Cyrus: In every Islamic country, when you were born, they just stamp you a Muslim.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, and the ultimate conceit of Islam is that we were all born Muslims. Not just Muslims, but non-Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists, and leftists. We were all born Muslim. That's one of the great conceits of Islam, and we were all perverted away from it by these corrupt religious people.

Anni Cyrus: That's why we deserve to die.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, and then on top of that on the issue of apostasy. You, me, we, were born with the gift, “the gift.” Consciously we were born with this beautiful thing, and we rejected it. So, we are ten times worse than any infidel who wasn't born with it.

That's why they want to get us even more than just the regular infidels. We're worse than them because, again, we were born with this beautiful gift of the truth, as they call it, the truth. It's a pack of lies from the moment it began. It's a pack of lies.

Anni Cyrus: All of it is. I did a video today that will be published later. Specifically, talking about lies, Islam, and all that good stuff, but let me ask you this. So, I have noticed that you are extremely involved when you talk- when you speak out about the critical race theory going on. Thanks to the left now.

Then I have noticed that the squad members, including Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, are extremely big supporters of this. Would you do me a favor and educate my audience on racism in Islam?

Bosch Fawstin: Absolutely. Even today, 2021 Arab Muslims still have black slaves today, 2021. That's a fact Muhammed himself didn't like certain darker, darker Arabs in the area. My family itself, racist. To the point where they actually idolize Hitler.

Why? Because he killed more Jews and anyone. So, that's why I refer to Hitler as Islam's favorite infidel. They forgive him to some extent. His infidelity because he killed more Jews than anyone. So, you might be able to elaborate on that as well in terms of your experience with Islamic racism.

Anni Cyrus: Didn't Muhammed refer to this black guy as the raisin, I believe?

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, raisin, yes.

Anni Cyrus: Yes, also my favorite person, and I'm very sarcastic to everybody. It was Linda Sarsour who gave this speech where she was so fired up. She's like Prophet Muhammad was the first human rights activist. Prophet Muhammad was the first women's rights activist. I'm like, ‘What?’

Bosch Fawstin: Yes. I mean, look, there's a war of who's a bigger liar, leftist, or Muslim. I can't see right now. I don't know because they're hardcore commissions.

Anni Cyrus: Leftist, let me tell you what. Muslims don't lie. Bosch, they did 9/11, they did the Boston Marathon. They have told the truth.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, but then also Muslims say the Jews did it, as they celebrate 9/11. So, they celebrate 9/11, and then on top of that, they blame the Jews. They tell me, they said, ‘Look, the Holocaust is not real, but we want to do another one.’ It's like, ‘What do you mean, another one?’ As in you agree that there was a Holocaust?

So, they will say two things at the same time. Yeah, as I said, they are world-class liars, both these ideologies and their most devout adherents, world-class liars. They will commit 9/11, celebrate it, and then blame the Jews. At the same time, they deny they did it. They will admit they did it and then deny they did it.

They want two ways, three ways. It's illogical, but that's their ideologies. They're not about reason, not about thinking, and it's not about truth at all. It's all about power, power, power. Now Muslims, every so often they need to release some bloodlust. It's not enough for them to conquer us ideologically. They have to see some blood spilled; they have to.

That's part of these guys, and they can't wait to have these massive attacks like 9/11. They can't, and that's why I think they want to make it even worse next time. Worse than 9/11. That's their dream.

Anni Cyrus: Well, what do you expect from Muslims? They read the Quran. There are more than 600 contradictory verses in Quran itself. When their Allah contradicts himself, what do you expect from the followers? Of course, they are going to contradict themselves too.

Bosch Fawstin: Exactly.

Anni Cyrus: I hope my audience realizes there is no equality under Islam. I don't care how much Ilhan Omar goes out there saying whatever, Rashida, or any of them. It's pretty simple. Open the Quran, you'll see it. Women are considered half of a man, literally half of the brain. Chapter 4 Verse 34 refers to the fact that Allah gave women half of a brain and gave a full brain to men.

Bosch Fawstin: In my upbringing, I don't know of one woman in my family who wasn't beaten by either her father, brothers, husbands, not one. That's an emergency.

Anni Cyrus: Well, that goes back to the same verse, Chapter 4 Verse 34. If you think, you just think; you don't need to wait for it to happen or have evidence. You just think your wife is about to disobey you. You have the right to beat her.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, you do. This Sarsour, she's an evil piece of crap, and she knows she's lying. She knows it, but she is cashing in. She and the others are absolutely cashing in on this culture. One can argue America is so great that even its enemies can make a killing from it.

Anni Cyrus: I am so glad you say that. I get so frustrated when people are like, oh, Linda Sarsour is just a puppet. No, she isn't. Omar is a puppet. No, she isn't. None of these are puppets. They are very vocal about what they're doing.

Bosch Fawstin: Absolutely. I mean, they're conscious, they're evil, they hate the country. They want power over others, and if they can get it through the Democrat Party, at least at this point, in their minds, they're using the left to do what they do. In their mind, if they can take over, they would do that in a split second and mistreat the left like all Muslims mistreat others. They see them as tools, period.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly. I love how these leftists think. When Islam conquerors, somehow, they're going to spare them and make friends with them.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, it's unbelievable. Let's say it gets to a nightmare scenario. They will wipe them out because the left will think they're their friends now, no, absolutely not. They will wipe them out. They might even wipe them out first if they get in power. People say, well, it'll never happen. Well, look at the last year. This will never happen; that will never happen.

Things keep happening again and again and again; 9/11 happened. That never had before. It's an atrocity that still haunts me to this day. I mean, within a couple of months, it'll be 20 years, and this enemy is still undefeated. That to me in itself is, I don't know how to put the words, but it's infuriating. This enemy still lives and breathes. Al-Qaida is still intact.

No matter how weak we're told they are, they still exist. ISIS still exists. I mean, 130 different terrorist groups, Islamic terrorist groups, exist. They should have been wiped out, but they haven't. That's why we are playing a dangerous game because we live in a world with nuclear weapons. We can't afford to have this enemy continue to go on with those weapons that they can get their hands on. We can't, but we are.

Anni Cyrus: You're correct; the enemy still exists. The scary part of it is, not only does the enemy still exists, but the enemy still exists with way more power than back then.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, absolutely right. They have only empowered themselves because of our weakness. They've gotten more powerful. They've gotten more brazen. They threaten us even more, and as I said, we don't need to see another. Just because America hasn't been attacked doesn't mean anything globally. It doesn't. Again, a few hundred people will get murdered every single week. That should be enough to make people say, wait a minute, what the hell is going on? When I post that one little image every week from TheReligionOfPeace.com, people are so surprised.

Some of them can't quite believe it, but that's a fact. They are still, and you're right; they have gotten more powerful. America and the West have become more Islamic post 9/11 than the other way around. Remember when Bush was talking about, yeah, it'll be a democracy and all that.

Democracy there means vote for this thug over that thug. That's their “democracy,” in the Palestinian political areas. Vote for the ones with those rockets instead of those rockets. Vote for that terrorist group over that terrorist group. That's their form of democracy.

Yeah, you're right, you're absolutely right. They've gotten more powerful, and we have become slightly, to some extent, more Islamic by accepting the squad, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, by accepting them as being part and parcel of the politics in this country. They're evil, they hate the country, and they're always biting their tongues. No matter how disgusting they are, but they still have to bite their tongues. They can't say what they mean because what they really mean might make them lose power. It's possible, but yeah, the fact that there are two, if not a few more.

I think there's also Ellis, and there's another one. I think there are four Islamic congressmen. That's one too many. That's four too many, and it becomes a thing where you get to 10, 20 in a few years. That starts to get to be a real problem because they got political power, and what do they do? They always shove Islam down our throats. They don't take care of their constituents.

They don't worry about the Constitution. It's all about Islam. There was even a Texas judge the other day, a disgusting Texas judge, who threw in a Muslim woman to the wolves, to Islamic law. He says, ‘Well, we're not equipped to deal with this. Islamic law has to do it. She agreed to it when she married this guy.’

This is an atrocity. He should be disbarred, should be taken out of his judgeship, whatever it's called—kicked out of power. He threw a woman to the wolves in this country.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, but why would they do that? Our Senate just confirmed a practicing Muslim judge. Gave him a lifetime position, who has lied under oath, claiming he doesn't know anything about Sharia. Nobody's even bothered. No one has said, excuse me, Judge Quraishi, if you didn't know anything about Sharia, how do you claim to be such a high prestigious Muslim who's constantly being awarded by other Islamic organizations?

Bosch Fawstin: That's the thing, they will lie. That's why, again, however disgusting Tlaib and Omar are they bite their tongues. They can't be fully honest. They can't say. They can't say I hate this country; I want to see it destroyed, and I'm doing my part. They can't say that. They think that. Even the left thinks that.

When leftists' terrorists, the Antifa and BLM, were on the streets screaming death to America. They stole that from Iran, but they believe it. Sometimes the truth, they feel so powerful in their own minds that they spill out the truth, but to Tlaib and Omar, I think they still bite their tongues. I think to do.

They are a dangerous sign because we can't have them. We can't afford any more of them; we can't. Again, imagine five of them, let alone 10 or 20 of them in this country. That's a danger zone. We got enemies within our government, enemies of the country. We already had that with the left, we do, but then again, when people tell me, oh, both parties are the same.

Really? Where are the Republican Tlaib and Omar? Where are they? Yes, the Republican party is weak. Absolutely, they are, but it's still an American party. It still is an American party. The left is not. The leftist is an anti-American party, fundamentally.

Anni Cyrus: Oh, I agree 100%. Yeah, unfortunately, the Republican Party is extremely, at this point, I don't even say weak; I say they're very much acting like cowards. They don't even want to confront these people. Again, I'm still waiting for the majority of Republicans to stand up and say, okay, Ilhan Omar, you have had enough controversy.

She is officially out there hating on Jews, and she officially came out and compared America to ISIS and al Qaeda. It's time to sit her down and see where she stands. No, they are all hiding. I don't want to confront her. I don't want to be Islamophobic because Islamophobia is apparently the new cancer. God forbid if you get it.

Bosch Fawstin: Islamophobia, it's like mentioning Nazi phobia during World War II. That's how much BS it is. It's like who the hell mentioned Nazi phobia in World War II, nobody. Who mentioned communist phobia, communism phobia? Nobody. It's an absolute lie. It's a weapon used by the enemy, period, to shut people up, and it works. Unfortunately, it works.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, I don't understand. I said this many times; I think I repeated it millions of times. That phobia is an irrational, unreasonable fear. We are not irrational. These people blew us up, buildings people, went into gay clubs, and killed people. They make terror attacks. They do the jihad. There is a very good rational reason to fear these people.

Bosch Fawstin: Good point. Absolutely, I have written it. Oh, yeah. Look, I was at an event for a contest, a cartoon contest. Now, I anticipated that they might try something, but Pamela Geller and Robert took care of business. They had a SWAT team there. They had guards and everything. So, we figured, okay, even if they come, they're probably going to get it.

Still, when it happens, it's surreal. I mean, you are there. We are exercising freedom, freedom of speech, and that happens. These guys come from Arizona, and on top of that, tragically, to say what kind of mess we are in. There was an FBI agent in a park in front of them. He came with them. He was the one who was egging them on to attack us, tear up Texas, tear up Texas. They even told him to calm down.

So, basically, he was going to be Muslim, but the tragic thing is he, this FBI agent, clearly told his superiors what was happening, that these guys were going to go to the event. He drove off as soon as they got out of their car, and they were fully armed. They were armed to the teeth. He went back to his car and drove off.

So, the FBI would have allowed innocent Americans to be wiped out knowingly. Only a few news sources picked this up. I think it was a CBS special a few years ago, and Tucker Carlson brought it up twice in the last week or two of where the FBI has been in bed with our enemies. Whether they're the Islamic enemy or the leftist's enemy, this is a dangerous thing when our own institutions start going against us in that way and would allow Americans to be slaughtered, mass murder. Allow them to be mass murdered.

Then you have to ask yourself, wait a minute, why would they allow that? It was Obama's FBI, yes, but was it his way of saying, okay, if that does come to fruition. If they do get wiped out, then we can say, hey, enough of this cartoon stuff, enough, okay, look what happened, and shut down the issue of free speech because that's the only conclusion that I can make.

That an FBI, who is supposed to protect us, would allow us to die. Fortunately, the cop was a sharpshooter and blew their heads off, and that was up. But the FBI agent got arrested a few blocks away because he was, I guess they said undercover, may be dressed like a Muslim. I don't know.

So, when our institutions are going against us, not protecting us, trying to create things or make things happen that wouldn't have happened otherwise that's dangerous, and then that same mentality likely got behind the ‘insurrection.’ Where 20 individuals have been working to some extent with the FBI were there, and they're not being charged. You've got to ask, okay, why are they not being charged? Because they're FBI agents?

They're working with them. Maybe they were told to create a ruckus to start this thing, just to jump-start. So, we could get into that as well, but that's a whole different issue.

Anni Cyrus: It is very disturbing to know that, but then, as you said, what do you expect when you make history, proudly, to have the first Muslim President in the United States of America. He goes in and makes sure to erase any reference to Islam, Jihad, Muslims, all of them, from any FBI training. What do you expect? This happens.

Bosch Fawstin: That's the natural result. This guy was born to a Muslim father, raised by a Muslim father, a stepfather. His mother was a communist. He was raised by Muslims and communists. The worst thing about Barack Obama is he never stopped and said, wait a minute, I've been raised with absolute crap, lies, and hating the country.

Enough of that. He's just a tool, is what he is. He never had the sense or the intellectual honesty to say. You know what? This is bad. I live in this great country. Why don't I try to make it better? No, he completely doubles down, and then he lied about, he's a Christian; oh, yeah, I'm a Christian, please.

He's a Christian to get politics, to become president, period. That's it, and whether he's a practicing Muslim. People can argue he's probably a communist who has a soft spot for Islam or a hard spot for Islam. I would say that because he's the only ex-Muslim I know who is praiseful, who praises Islam to the hilt. Which ex-Muslim do you know who praises Islam to the hilt? I don't know of any.

Anni Cyrus: I don't know any ex-Muslim who would even smile at Islam, let alone praise it.

Bosch Fawstin: Yeah, I don't know either. People become ex-Muslim because they understand Islam. They understand that's why they leave it. Then the other question, did he ever leave it? That's the kind of thing that we have to think about here because, again, it's not a conspiracy. We know he was born to a Muslim father.

We know that. We know he was raised by a Muslim stepfather. We know he loves Islam. We know he's never said a bad word about Islam.

Anni Cyrus: He went to a mosque, gave a speech, and said, ‘Let me be clear, Islam is part of America.’ Remember that?

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, and then he goes to Egypt and makes a speech there. If you notice, now this is just a little observation. He had a slight little mustache. I know it sounds conspirator, but if you look at him. He's always clean-shaven.

That day he left his beard, let's just say, unshaven. Was this a symbol? I don't know, but the Muslim Brotherhood was there in the audience. What the hell is the Muslim Brotherhood doing with the US President? What the hell were they doing there?

Anni Cyrus: Well, that was their set up to now they can walk down our Congress.

Bosch Fawstin: Yes, they can.

Anni Cyrus: They can, and I don't think I'll ever be ready to say his name without wanting to break down, but Phil Haney told everybody.

Bosch Fawstin: Oh man.

Anni Cyrus: Phillip Haney told everyone they're coming. When they came, and they were walking down our Congress, he told everybody. He said, ‘If you don't stop them. It will get worse.’ Phil Haney was the man who came out and said 400 or so Congress members had endorsed CAIR in a signed letter. Nobody listened.

Bosch Fawstin: Absolutely not. He's alienated himself. He basically gets himself in trouble up to the point where his death is questionable. It absolutely is questionable. We do have to question it, and hopefully, the truth comes out. The actual concrete truth comes out. What exactly happened.

Anni Cyrus: Exactly, but again, as you said, as Phil Haney did it, as I always say, there are a few of us who are not afraid to be killed if needed, but we're not going to turn our eyes and say, ‘Oh, no, this is just some bad experience,’ no.

Bosch Fawstin: No.

Anni Cyrus: That's the thing when you and I talk Bosch, it becomes so impossible to debate. Let me tell you why. When I'm talking by myself, the whole debate always is like, well, listen. I'm so sorry you had a couple of bad experiences with your father; that's not Islam.

Then you talk to Bosh Fawstin, and he is like, ‘No, I was raised in America with a family who wasn't a Sheikh or Imam, but I walked away willingly, myself when I came to realize what a disturbing, disgusting cult this is.’ What are they going to tell you? It was just a bad understanding. Well, I guess they do tell you that you misunderstood. Right?

Bosch Fawstin: They do, and they tell me, ‘Well, you don't get it.’ I say, ‘I don't get it?’ Then I got some friends who presume to try to teach me about these things, like, are you kidding me? First of all, I was raised with this crap. Then I studied as if my life depended on it.

I read books upon books, upon books about the Quran, and reread the Quran. I took a thousand notes literally. Not just for Islam, but for my story because I want to know the enemy intimately. As intimately as I could in order to make the enemy in my story as realistic, as authentic as possible. Then destroy him in the story.

So, I've read too much, to be blunt. I’ve read too much. I've read everything I can get my hands on. So, yeah, I've also been told. Well, look, maybe you had a bad experience, come on. It's like no, it's not even just a bad experience. First of all, when everyone around you lies, everyone around you hates Jews, when you see women, girls, women, grown women being kicked down the stairs while people are all around at a party. By a man, her husband kicking her down the stairs.

That's monstrous, and that is in America. Wherever the ideology goes, evil goes with it. It doesn't matter what kind of country it is, at all. So, I can't stand it when people try to teach me about it. I get pissed off. I do, and I let them have it. I'm like, ‘You know what? To hell with you. You don't know what you're talking about, you're talking out of your ass, and that's it.’ I have become a little more intolerant.

I got to say, over the years as well by people who try to play this name game. You know, I remember even some friends of mine calling it Islamic totalitarianism. It's like, really?

So, tell me about non-totalitarian Islam. Where is that? Where's the non-totalitarian Islam? Because Islam is fundamentally totalitarian, it's fundamentally militants. It's fundamentally political, and look; I love Bill Warner.

I do, but I even criticize his term, Political Islam, because there is no a-political. Islam is inherently political, and he didn't take exception because he published my essay where I even called that out, which is a testament to his integrity. I got to say because he didn't take it personally. He agreed the issue is Islam, but that's just the term that he uses.

But, yeah, I get pissed off at people who tried to presume to tell me, to tell you, to others who know their stuff who has done their homework, who has lived this that they know better? Besides everything else, it's intellectually dishonest. It's absolutely intellectually dishonest, and they had not done their homework.

Anni Cyrus: No, of course not, because, well, that takes too much work, but since we are coming to the end of this episode. I want to have your take on this topic, which is very, very important to me. And yes, I will admit I'm very biased on both ends. So, Iran, the supreme leader, just placed and appointed a new president for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He has nicknames such as Butcher of Tehran, Execution Judge, and his birth name is Ebrahim Raisi. Now, he has sent out a lot of messages to America. For those of you who are not following, just look at Raisi's message to Biden. He's not going to show up for the negotiation. America needs to show decency and lift all sanctions, including sanctions placed on him directly by President Trump.

Thank you, President Trump, for all of that. Now, on the other hand, the Biden handlers are tripping over each other, I kid you not. They are literally tripping over each other to convince this guy to come and sit on a negotiation table so they can reopen Iran's nuclear deal. I'm sure from my tone you can understand that if I had any role in this, I would make sure that the table is destroyed so nobody can sit at it.

What is your take, Bosch? And what is it going to do to us if Biden’s handlers make it happen?

Bosch Fawstin: Well, I think they are going to make it happen. That's what the Iranians are counting on. They know that they have a corpse in the White House. He's the absolute corpse. He's a pushover. He's nothing. He knows that, and Iran knows that. Why is Iran flexing now? Because Biden is in power.

One thing about Trump, like him or hate him. They were afraid of him. They weren't quite sure what he might do, the same thing with Reagan. They were a little afraid of what he might do, even though Reagan, unfortunately, to his everlasting shame, and he even wrote about it, 283 marines were bombed, destroyed, wiped out by Hezbollah, who was a proxy of Iran.

Reagan didn't do anything about it, and he regretted it, but besides that, I just had to mention it. Yeah, this is a dangerous place that we're in, again, not just a weak President but also a nonexistent President. We don't have a president. We have a regime that's made of Democrats. We have Democrats as President today. There is not a president.

He goes out there, burps his stuff out, and says stupid things; that is, it. He's handled by those in charge, those in charge, Valerie Jarrett, Obama behind the scenes, 100% behind the scenes, 100%. He sees this as a third term. So, you have enemies within and lead without that are going to make this happen and empower Iran once again. What comes from that? Who knows?

But it's not good for us. It's not good for Iran. Remember, in Iran, how many years ago. It was under Obama with protesters, and they did nothing.

Anni Cyrus: 2009.

Bosch Fawstin: Yeah, they did nothing. Nothing, you got a girl with a head cracked open, blood on the streets. Usually, leftists would demand something be done, but they did nothing. They still won't do anything, and as you said, there are a lot of Iranians who are not even Muslim. They would be willing to accept the destruction of this regime. But with Biden in power and with that new guy that they're pushing.

It's going to be the same old, same old, but worse because, as you said, and it's true, they've gotten more powerful since 9/11. They've got more dangerous since 9/11, and in their mind, there's nobody in the White House, nobody's there. So, they're going to go and say whatever they want to say; we want this, we want that, this, and that. They're going to say, okay, we'll give you whatever you want. Yeah. This is just another moment where the left empowers our enemies. That's the only thing I got.

Anni Cyrus: Yeah, I know. That's the only thing I got too. I just don't know how to get people to understand this Iran deal. The first time around was a bad idea. It weaponized our enemy, and let's not mention, I repeat, in Hadith, Quran, Islam, Sharia, and in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the bottom line is the bottom line, the end game to takedown the Great Satan America and wipe Israel off the map.

That's just the common goal between every single one of them. When you weaponize, then you are getting them closer to that bottom line.

Bosch Fawstin: They will act with impunity at a certain point where they have these weapons. They will use them. They are not going to sit on them and do nuclear blackmail. No, that's not what these people would do. They want to use it. They want to use nukes. At least the Russians understood.

The Soviets understood, well, if we hit them, they can hit us. But the mind of the Iranians right now, if they do get nukes, let's say, if they nuke us, they still believe that you probably wouldn't even counterattack. That's how weak we are where they believe this.

This is what I think; I think even the left wouldn't respond with a nuke after a nuclear attack, the right would. The right, even today, however weak they are, I think the left would not. I don't think so. I don't think that the left would respond with nukes if we get nuked. I don't.

Anni Cyrus: I don't think they would either because why would they? They want America burned down to ashes. They want it. They want chaos. That's why they have Antifa and BLM on the streets because they're looking for chaos.

Bosch Fawstin: Look, when we saw eight months of murderous, looting, murders. I mean burning, looting, murders, you got 42 people murdered last year, 42 human beings murdered by these leftist terrorists. That tells you what they're doing and the media, the Democrat Party, to back them up.

Back them up, and basically talk them up. Then now, of course, the greatest threat is what? White supremacists, they say, white supremacists, and you know that black violence has hit such a level when leftists start crying about white supremacy because it's all to cover up from what's happening. Black violence has gotten worse than ever. It has been allowed to get worse.

And, of course, Biden and the whole crew, and it's not white supremacy they're against, it's a smear against their opponents, the right. They call them white supremacists, but they're not. There's the KKK, and I call Democrats from the KKK to be BLM. They were the anti-black racists, and now they're pro-black racists, anti-white racists, but racism is still with them.

They are still racist, but the colors have changed. At the same time, they're still racists against blacks because they expect no better from blacks. They expect no better at all. If they're violent, they said, well, you know, that's why they never judge blacks when they're violet.

They're felons because they don't expect any better from them. That's a whole different topic of conversation. Sorry, I just got into that again, and we have a domestic enemy on the march, and we have foreign enemies on a march. Why is that? Because we have nothing in the White House. We have a non-President in the White House.

A guy who wanted to be President his entire life, and now when he finally gets a chance, he's not here. So, he has handlers. The handlers, that's who's in charge of this critical presidency. That's scary because they're willing and also seized the military, the US military. They're flipping it. They're making it leftist and making it into this CRT.

They're shoving it down our throats. They're trying to create a leftist army that is only loyal to the left. That's what they're trying to do, and that's what the old leftists had done across countries when they took over countries. They seized the military and made it their own.

Anni Cyrus: Absolutely. Bosch, tell our audience where they can go to get familiar with your work. Maybe purchase your books or trade cards and follow your daily Post.

Bosch Fawstin: Thank you, Anni. I appreciate it. So, the BoschFawstinStore.blogspot.com, the BoschFawstinStore.blogspot.com. I have all my books. I have seven books at the moment. I have comic books, trading cards, prints, playing cards, T-shirts, everything, and the one go-to is Facebook.

Twitter banned me a few years ago after I criticized Marvel's Islamic comic. Instagram banned me, but then some reason, somehow, I'm still on there, whatever. I don't know why, but so yeah, it's Facebook and the BoschFawstinStore.blogspot.com. Those are the two places. Thanks, Anni, thanks for having me. It was a pleasure talking to you.

Anni Cyrus: It was absolutely a pleasure, and hopefully, I get to bring you back on so we can have more discussions about everything people need to know. I appreciate your time, Bosch.

Bosch Fawstin: Thank you, Anni. I appreciate it. Take care.

Anni Cyrus: Of course, and to my lovely audience, thank you so much for staying with us until now. I hope you share this radio with your friends and family because everybody needs to know about everything. Before I go, remember, if you haven't done so yet.

Grab your cell phone, text Anni, A-N-N-I. Send it to the number 88202. You will be signed up to receive all of our material from everybody at ATP. If you don't want to do the text, no problem. Just check out our website at AmericanTruthProject.org. On that note, to stay safe and goodbye.

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