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BDS/Anti-Semitism Videos

The Big BDS Lie


BDS, who knows what that means? I want you all to know what this means. It stands for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against the state of Israel. The purpose, according to the founder of BDS, a man named Omar Barghouti, is the destruction and elimination of the state of Israel. So, every time in the press you read about BDS, remember the words of Omar Barghouti, "We will remove Israel from the face of the earth." And every member of that movement around the world, especially on American college campuses, has the same goal. Don't for a second think it's anything but that because the guy that founded it, he said that's his goal. He says that every day. It's on the Internet. It's not a secret. You don't have to dig it up somewhere. He puts it on Google daily. What is BDS, and what's its purpose? They say it's to create a fairer state for the Palestinians. That's the official line. And they say it's a new movement to eliminate apartheid in Israel.
How many people have been to Israel? Men and women walk down the street together as equals. Men and women vote. Men and women have jobs. Men and women can fight in the army. The Supreme Court, Prime Minister of the State, doctors, lawyers, politicians, business people are women not covered in a sack, making them a second-class citizen. They have an equal vote, not one-quarter of the vote, and not one half a vote, like in Islam. They are equal to the men. The only country in the Middle East where a woman is equal to a man is the state of Israel. For those of you who know history, apartheid was a disgusting status of second class because of skin color and race. Blacks in South Africa couldn't vote, couldn't own property, couldn't go places, couldn't have a certain job. If you were black had to go to a certain restaurant, you had to drink out of a separate faucet, you had to get out on a different bus, and you couldn't live in many neighborhoods. That's apartheid. Don't you ever let anyone tell you that Israel is an apartheid state because they are a liar and most of them have never been there. In fact, what they normally say is, well, I read it on the internet, or I saw it on the news. And you know what? It's BS. Go to Israel, get the truth, and then tell people. Don't you ever let anyone tell you it's an apartheid state because they are liars


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