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The American Coup on November 3rd


Barry Nussbaum: Hello and welcome to ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum. Our very special guest and friend of ATP is back, Daniel Greenfield. He is a scholar, author, provocateur, and all-around political expert. Welcome back, Daniel.

Daniel Greenfield: Thank you so much for having me back. I wish it was just a happier occasion.

Barry Nussbaum: No kidding, my friend. So we agree as we've been chatting that the 2020 election is a disaster. We're a democratic republic, and for as long as I have been studying, it is from a child till today, half a century, we've all been educated that our vote matters, that we get to be part of the process to pick who governs us. I can't believe the tsunami of people who right now are convinced the election results as they now stand are fraudulent. How are we, the American people, ever going to believe again that our vote really counts?

Daniel Greenfield: That's the big question. There are a lot of people who are legitimately concerned about this. Now, speaking as a Californian, my vote never actually mattered. But nonetheless, for people who are not trapped in the territory that is functioning like a one-party state, people tend to think that if you vote, you can actually influence the outcome. And you can influence the outcome, but at the same time, there's a push and pull there. For example, if you go back into American history, the 19th century, one of the arguments against women voting was that voting was too violent. Why was voting so violent? Because you would literally have gangs fighting physically over ballots in places again, like Philly, like New York. They would come and try to snatch the ballots. There would be fistfights with punch each other in the face. And this is what it was like.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, you know, it's an interesting historical reference, which honestly I wasn't aware of. I appreciate you sharing the story. It seems like we've gone from the overt to the covert, right? So in the case of recently, you've got ballots being delivered supposedly by unmarked trucks and out of state vehicles in the middle of the night after the poll watchers were sent home. I don't know which is better, the sophistication that they're doing now or the brute force in the old days of gangs with clubs. And you combine that, Daniel, with the fact that every single major poll, whether it came from a pollster, that that's what they do or the media that promoted it or did their own polling was not a little bit wrong, was stupendously wrong. It would be like Columbus sailed from Europe to get to the new world and ended up in Greece. They weren't close. They weren't even on the right planet in terms of what they were projecting. And as Trump has said a number of times, and I think he's right about this, if you think your guy or gal is going to lose by a landslide and it's a fait accompli, why get off your butt and go vote? Do you believe that those polls literally suppress the Trump vote?

So one time can be human error. The second time, it's very obviously enemy action. There's a pattern here, and it's not a subtle pattern. The pattern here is that when President Trump runs for president, the polls all swing the other way. And it's very interesting that you have all these justifications, these claims. Trump voters aren't really prepared to share who they're voting for. I mean, maybe there's some truth to that. But at the same time, you see these huge rallies. So people are coming out for President Trump. Are we supposed to believe that these same people were refusing to tell pollsters that they were supporting President Trump? I think there is a much more likely explanation, which is that they were creating a narrative. So the narrative was that Biden was going to inevitably win, President Trump was going to lose. All the ballots would be tabulated. And we'd see that there was a pattern of being completely nontransparent that would be very smooth and consistent. Now, once people actually began going in person to the polls, once they actually saw very clearly the Republicans were not ordering the mail-in ballots, then they panicked. And suddenly, Democrats before the election began encouraging Democrats to actually come out to the polls to vote in person because it made it look a bit better. But still, everybody saw the results. Election night comes in. President Trump was leading. Suddenly things get shut down again, mysteriously shut down. There is supposed to be a water leak in one place. They're supposed to have stopped counting, and then they suddenly start counting again. And the bottom line is suddenly all these votes arrive, and suddenly Biden is leading. This obviously smells fishy. It smells dirty, which is exactly what it is. So the polls created the perception, and the perception was that Biden was going to win. And the ballots were supposed to back up this perception. The in-person voting kind of got in between that. But the polls being off was no accident. The polls were off in 2016. The polls are off 2020. They were off track tremendously, gigantically. They were predicting something that did not happen, that was never going to happen. And there's one obvious explanation for that, which is that they were fake from the very beginning.

Barry Nussbaum: Well, let's talk about what you alluded to. You know, there's a little bit of irregularity, i.e., a water leak that probably wasn't a major water leak. But my gosh, Daniel, the stories are dramatic and outlandish like we talked about a second ago, truck showing up in the middle of the night from out of state, and ballots being unloaded after the polling tabulation centers are closed and after all the Republican poll watchers were sent home. We went to bed on November 3rd night very late, and Trump was up in every key state. And by the morning miraculously, as if by divine intervention for Biden, it was tight, and then it was going the other way. Talk about what might have happened and what might have gone on to swing things the other way.

Daniel Greenfield: So what we're dealing with is a multi-level fraud. We've discussed before this kind of old fashioned ballot fraud. This is something that is still very much going on on a regular basis, and that consists of a variety of things. It consists of planting ballots, altering ballots. In the old-fashioned sense, it consists of bringing people to the polls to vote early and to vote often. It consists of a particularly grotesque habit that Democrats repeatedly do, which is taking people who are elderly or mentally disabled who are not actually capable of understanding what's going on and voting for them. This is the kind of old fashioned stuff. But obviously, we've been moving to voting machines. There are three major manufacturers of voting machines. One of them is Dominion, which President Trump has been focusing on. Another is E.S.S. Election Systems and that one was actually in play in Philly in Pennsylvania. The interesting thing about it is that, actually, before the election, you had a break-in in the Philly election warehouse. They stole encrypted flash drives. They stole a laptop. This was information that would allow them to manipulate the results. Afterward, when they actually did a review of the machines, the voting machine numbers on the actual machines there did not match the logs. So something there was obviously clearly going on. In Philly, it's easier to find dirty elections than clean elections. One of my favorite examples is a photo from the Philadelphia public record whose motto was "The Good We Do must be made Public." It features Bob Brady, former top Democrat congressman, currently chair of the Philadelphia Democrat Party, posing with two men. One of them was another former congressman who'd been convicted of voter fraud. Another one would actually be convicted of voter fraud this year. Both of them are Democrat leaders. Bob Brady is the head of the Philadelphia Democrat Party. Recently, when they were prepping for the election campaign, Bob Brady had also been investigated for election payoffs. He didn't actually go down. The F.B.I. is very gentle with top Democrats, but two of his strategist did go down. One of the strategists, Ken Smukler, is out of prison and on the Zoom call with the Philadelphia Democratic Party strategizing for the whole Biden campaign.

So the elections there are incredibly dirty and crooked. The theft of the voting machines are just an example of a kind of a hybrid of old-fashioned and new digital fraud. So you've got them stealing the encrypted data. You're able to tamper with the voting machines. Now you've got the voting machines themselves, and you've got the entire system set up behind them to go along with this strategy of playing with numbers. So you've got once you're actually starting to digitize information, then it becomes a matter of adding zeros. It's a matter of playing with fractions, which is what a lot of people are looking at in Dominion's databases. For example, with electronic voting, we're looking at how you can play with numbers to create massive frauds. However, the problem is that, as with financial fraud, what you have to start doing is forensic accounting. A number of people have been trying to do that. They've been looking at the numbers and going, "This doesn't match the kind of numbers that you would normally get. There's something artificial about this." Because when you start manipulating numbers, then you start actually seeing artificial results. You're starting to see numbers that are impossible, unrealistic. The problem is that's a long way from actually proving anything. There's no real body of legal work that actually looks at statistical analysis and uses that as evidence that there's been election fraud. There was an attempt to do that once it got past the judge to the point where they're actually able to try to build their case, but they couldn't actually make their case. So a multi-state effort challenging a presidential election is itself unprecedented. Using statistical analysis to demonstrate that there's been large scale fraud would be absolutely huge and unprecedented and obviously an incredible challenge. But this is that kind of year.

Barry Nussbaum: Well put, and great summary. Thanks for joining us, Daniel, and thank you for joining us on ATP Report today. Please subscribe to our text message alert system. If you haven't yet, by sending the word truth to 88202. You'll be automatically subscribing to our text message alert system. You'll get all of our shows like this one with the very informed and brilliant Daniel Greenfeld and everything else from ATP on your cell phone for free. For ATP Report, I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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