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Will Johnson: Hello everybody. Thank you for joining us. We are alive on this Friday night. We have a very special guest with us tonight, Barry Nussbaum. He actually made a trip to Israel and with everything is going on in Israel right now with all the rockets and the destruction and the fighting this is a perfect time to bring this gentleman on to talk about it. Welcome. Welcome sir. Thank you for joining me. This is second time here with me.

Barry Nussbaum: That’s true. Good to be with you Will.

Will Johnson: So, where are you currently located?

Barry Nussbaum: We don’t talk about where our location.

Will Johnson: From what country per say? What country?

Barry Nussbaum: We’re in the United States.

Will Johnson: You are in the United States. So, when was it that you traveled to Israel?

Barry Nussbaum: I was back in Israel as early in the year. We did about twenty-eight segments from various parts of Israel for American Truth Project, Will. We were up on the Golan Heights, on the Syrian border, at the Lebanese border. We traveled all along the West Bank barrier. We were down in the Gaza Strip where all the fighting is now. We were in the town of Sderot which is literally a few seconds missile launch trip time from the Gaza Strip. And we actually went right up to the fence at the Gaza border believe it or not. And fortunately, I’m here to talk about it. No one took a shot at me.

Will Johnson: Wow. That’s very nice, very nice. So, before we get started so everyone is just joining us, we are live on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. Please share. We have a lot to talk about tonight. So, when you were in Israel it was completely peaceful, and you say you are on the Gaza Strip even.

Barry Nussbaum: Oh yeah. We have a lot of connections with the Israeli government and the Israeli military. On the Golan border I had a major that took us around. In the southern border at Gaza we had a number of tours with active generals in the Israeli Defense Force and a good friend of mine who a major in the Southern Command which is the southern region of Israel Defense Force took us right up to and we patrolled all along the Gaza border in the fields where the tunnels are at the fence places that have been cut recently where they’re shooting the firebombs over the fence and the tire burning is going on and they’re launching missiles. That’s where we were and that’s where we filmed, and I think some of that video your viewers might be able to see through your show when it was peaceful, and it doesn’t look like that today a few months later.

Will Johnson: Wow. Very interesting very interesting. So, what sparked off this last episode of him shooting the rockets? I think I read a report to where it was something where they were talking about a like 500 rockets that they were trying to shoot at Israel.

Barry Nussbaum:  They did.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I mean yeah so, and you know what? Thank God Israel has the missile defense system that they have in place because they would just decimate the whole country if they didn’t have it. So, what was it that sparked off this last episode of them shooting rockets?

Barry Nussbaum: You know it’s very hard as rational Americans sitting here and having a discussion in our country, Will, to creep into the mind of apocalyptic crazy people. And that’s literally what the leadership of Hamas is. Sometimes incidents are provoked by literally nothing such as the riotous invasion force at the fence at Gaza. It just happens. They organize it and they do it. The missiles of the past week there were almost 500 launched 100 percent against civilian targets. Towns occupied with men women and children, no military targets, all civilian targets because it’s intended to terrorize.

Will Johnson: So, there’s still shooting these, right? And so I’ve heard before so I’m assuming that they’re still shooting these rockets from mosque, from children’s hospitals, from places to where if the Israelis retaliate they’ll end up killing children to stop these rockets from coming at them, just so then they can parade the dead bodies of these children just to say look what Israel is doing to us when they’re the ones shooting Iraqis then you have to shoot rockets that no one would die.

Barry Nussbaum: It’s really a crazy thing. This is really bazaar, one of the intelligence officers that had briefed me on my last trip, Will, explain that when Israel and the army crossed the border last time to try and root out the terrorists all of the heads of Hamas were gathered in the basement of the main hospital that has the intensive care ward in Gaza. Knowing Israel would never enter a hospital, nor would they enter a mosque, nor will they enter a school, so they hide behind men women children and sick people knowing that the Israeli army which is probably the most humane army in the world won’t come after them. I’ll give you an example. This just happened this week in the last several days. Five hundred missiles almost were launched against civilian targets throughout southern Israel. And I know the towns I was there filming and interviewing people. Now, these are families living more or less within a few hundred yards and they have seconds. And I mean one two three four five bam, the missile hits. So, if you’re not within running distance of a bomb shelter, you’ll probably be very badly hurt or killed if the missile lands near you. So, get this. These missiles get launched with the express intent to terrorize, with the express intent to cause pandemonium on the Israeli side of the border. The idea is that maybe Israel will capitulate and allow Hamas more freedom of trade. Now freedom of trade if this is so weird you can go right to the border. There is a cement factory on the Israeli side that every day a hundred trucks line up and they carry this cement paid for by the European Union into the Gaza Strip. It’s destined and supposed to be used to rebuild hospitals and schools and public housing and the power plant and almost 90 percent of it, Will, gets diverted into these underground terror tunnels. So, this past week. What did Israel do to retaliate? What I’m about to tell you is the God’s honest truth. I urge your viewers to look it up online to prove what I’m telling you is the truth because what I’m about to say is so bizarre nobody’s going to believe me. Get this. Five hundred missiles almost within two and a half days pounding southern Israel. Finally, the IDF has the authorization to send the air force across the border and retaliate. Here’s how Israel retaliated. They put people on the phones for 45 minutes. They called every single building they were planning to bomb. They told every single building they were planning to bomb get out. We’re going to blow up that building. Then after 45 minutes when they sent drones up and they looked empty they had these knock knock mortars which is a very light explosive device they drop on the roof to make sure that everybody gets out and then they blow up the buildings. Why Will? So, nobody gets hurt. They just cause physical destruction to buildings. Why? Because the European Union would condemn Israel for having it just disproportional response to defending their citizenry. And that’s what Israel did this week. They blew up a bunch of empty buildings in Gaza. And guess how many people were hurt on the Gaza side. None.

Will Johnson: Yeah, I remember years ago that Israel would drop leaflets telling people they were getting ready to take out a certain location, a certain area. And I’m like who does that? Who’s know who’s going to tell their enemy that hey we’re getting ready to blow up this location you might want to leave and give them fair warning? Now when they’re trying to shoot these rockets at Israel, they’re not given Israel fair warning they just automatically start shooting them. So yeah and this is pretty crazy. So, when you were there in Israel, I read your e-mail while you were talking about how there were Israelis and Muslims living together No one’s fighting one another. So, give us a description exactly where the animosity is coming from and who is causing it from your perspective?

Barry Nussbaum: Yeah, it’s a really really insightful question. When you go up on the Golan Heights which was captured in 1967 from Syria in a defensive war that Israel won and then recaptured again in 1973. The issue in the Golan Heights was the Syrian army used to lob shells down on the Sea of Galilee to the farmers down below blowing up their farms, their crops, their animals, and the citizenry. So, when Israel captured the Golan Heights which literally is looking down on northern Israel and the Galilee, they said they’d never give it back. So, I was up there. As I said, we drove everywhere hundreds of miles. Everybody lives together in peace. Muslims, Christians, Jews, Druze, which is a sect of Islam, and everybody gets along fine and everyone’s doing great economically. Syria wants the territory back because they’re very much about controlling territory. Now if you looked at in the video I sent, we went right up to the Syrian border where al-Qaida was controlling one village and the Syrian army was controlling another village and they’re shooting each other. They’re gassing each other. They’re conducting genocidal raids on each other. That video you’re showing right now in the background that is Syria. That’s me at the fence shooting into Syria so you can see it. On the other side, it’s a genocidal mess. So yeah, Israel has the only country in the Middle East where if you’re a Christian you can go to church and not be put to death. If you’re a Jew same thing. If you’re a Druze same thing. If you’re a Muslim same thing. And they all have citizenship. They all get to vote. They all are involved in democracy and they all have equal rights. It’s the only country of its kind. And yet just today Will, nine U.N. resolutions were introduced to the General Assembly’s approval all condemning Israel for things like racism and bizarre charges. And as they explored human rights around the world and all the countries in the world, I mean all of them that are conducting wars, and killing their people, and enslaving people and gassing, their people, and mass starvation. Do you know how many resolutions were introduced in total for the whole world for all the countries like North Korea and China where all the human rights violations are going on? The answer is zero. And nine were introduced condemning Israel. It’s shocking.

Will Johnson: You know it’s like it’s biblical.


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