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Terror Groups Stay in U.S. Government Under Obama’s Protection


Barry Nussbaum: Welcome to ATP Report. Today we are back with part two of the Islamification Infiltration of America with Phil Haney, as you know, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. Long-time involved in law enforcement, protecting our borders from invaders like we're going to talk about today. And an expert on Islam in America and its terror networks around the world. Phil, thanks for coming back.

Philip Haney: You're welcome. Thank you very much.

Barry Nussbaum: In our last episode, we ended with shocking news from you. And that news was at the conclusion of the Holy Land Foundation trial it was perceived by the public because law enforcement said so, that there were three organizations connected with this group whose leaders were sent to jail and are still in jail for supporting terror around the world and effectively running a network of fundraisers from Islamic groups across the country, taking in millions of dollars and sending it to the terror group Hamas, whose intention is to kill as many Jews as possible. When we left off, you said there were three organizations that were next to be picked up. Give us a quick summary of each one of those, would you, please, Phil?

Philip Haney: Yes, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which is in the news a lot, easy to look up, known as CAIR, originally founded in 1993. So how long ago was that? Twenty-five years, If my math is right and they're still operating today. They go into the halls of Congress. They go to the State Department. Everywhere you turn in Washington; they're showing up. They file lawsuits against law enforcement agencies, interfere with training programs. They were one of the three organizations that we referred to earlier that were meant to be part of phase two of the Holy Land trial. And that would have been initiated probably early 2009 if the Department of Justice lawyers had been allowed to go forward with their case. They had the evidence. It was already laid on the table. The judge approved it. And they were going to go forward with it. But then the administration changed right the same month, 2008, November everything changed. And immediately the Obama administration shut the case down. Shut it down. We're not going to do it. Then the second organization was called the Islamic Society of North America. ISNA is still active today, as well. It originated in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, back in the 60s as a students organization and then as the number of Muslim students came to America, they began to restructure and grow and they formed a branch called Islamic Society of North America, which is very prominent in political affairs this very day. One of the past presidents is Imam Magid, who is in constant photo ops there in Washington with members of the FBI or other branches of the federal government as an outreach and dialogue partner. And then the third one is the more shadowy, but it's actually no less influential than the first two, called the North American Islamic Trust or NAIT and they own the deeds, the titles to the real estate, the property and the buildings that are the mosques and the social buildings of these different Muslim organizations around the country. They hold it. And those were the three groups that were going to be the main focus of the second phase of the Holy Land trial.

Barry Nussbaum: So if you know or have a good idea, can you tell us why the Obama Justice Department stepped on part two and prevented it from going forward, even though the judge had seen the evidence and approved it?

Philip Haney: You might recall that Peter King from New York used to be the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security. He wrote a letter asking that exact same question to Eric Holder. "Why have you not gone forward with the second phase of the Holy Land trial?" Can you guess what answer he received from Eric Holder?

Barry Nussbaum: Let us know.

Philip Haney: He didn't even have the courtesy to respond to it. They just decided not to follow through with it. And then the chairmanship changed from Peter King to Michael McCaul. And now the chairman has changed again. We're talking five, ten years now? There's still been no effort, no focused effort to bring that trial back and re-initiated. So it was Eric Holder who was the DOJ and the attorney general under Barack Obama, who shut it down that we know, it's part of history.

Barry Nussbaum: So give us a couple of minutes while we digest that horrible news. What has CAIR been up to since the Holy Land Foundation trial concluded?

Philip Haney: CAIR has, I use the word saturation, saturated into the three major arenas of our country, and that would be the social arena, in particular, the catalyst in that area is immigration reform. And they've attacked and have gone after immigration reform, calling it the Muslim ban. So in that area, they're very visible. The second one is the political arena, and they're very active in promoting pro-Islamic causes in whatever arena you want to discuss up to and including the State Department. And the third arena is law enforcement, and they constantly file lawsuits and send threatening letters to local law enforcement, sheriffs, and police that want to have training about the threat and coerce and intimidate them into shutting the programs down. So every one of the major three arenas in our society CAIR is there exerting an inordinate amount of influence on the affairs of our country. And it's unfortunate because they should have been shut down more than ten years ago. And that's a point I would like to make, is that elected officials can't say that they didn't know because the Holy Land trial was a DOJ trial was very, very public. It wasn't in a corner hidden somewhere. It was a national story. And so everybody in Congress, House, and Senate knew full well that this trial was going on. So for anybody from November of 2008 till now to continue to do business with CAIR, that's a very, very serious issue that needs to be addressed. Why are they still involved with individuals and organizations that have been proven irrefutably in federal court to be tied directly not only to the Muslim Brotherhood but also to Hamas?

Barry Nussbaum: Unbelievable. We're going to leave it there and bring you back for part three, and maybe you can answer that question for us. For now, thanks for joining us on the ATP Report. I would remind all of our loyal viewers out there to text the word TRUTH to 88202, and you will get signed up for our mailings. You'll never pay anything for ATP materials. You'll get our videos or articles almost on a daily basis so you can keep up right on your cell phone or if you're more traditional, meaning you want it through the web just type in, FindBarry.com on your browser, that will take you to American Truth Project. You'll be able to sign up there. Again, it's always free. Special thanks to Phil Haney for joining us on ATP Report. I'm Barry Nussbaum.


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