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2017-09-28 (14)
Islamic Jihad in the London Tube & Still No Coherent…

WATCH: Islamic Jihad Spreading Across England & Europe and Citizens are Still Not Safe. Why Not? Barry Nussbaum of the [...]

American Imam Preaches Death To The Jews Over Temple Mount…

WATCH: Imagine if Pastors or Rabbis were calling for the death of Muslims, would DHS be this mute? Barry discusses [...]

Stephanie Hamill OANN Anchor
Lawless Sanctuary Cities Are A Clear And Present Danger. Leftist…

WATCH: This baffling phenomenon of dangerous so-called sanctuary cities and why they are allowed to even exist. Barry discusses with [...]

Slaughter The Infidel! Historically Christian Cities in Europe Are Under…

WATCH: As we’ve witnessed in countless Jihad attacks lately in Europe, the Islamic Jihadists are running amok at the moment. [...]

Could An Israeli Style Border Fence Help Stop Dangerous Criminals…

WATCH: How many American citizens need to be victimized before a common sense border fence is erected? Barry discusses with [...]

Jihad Slaughter in Spain. Are Cowardly Authorities Facilitating It?

WATCH: With Islamic Jihad slaughtering their way through Europe, why are “Known Wolves” not jailed before they can kill more [...]