Tag : Palestinian Incitement

Barry Nussbaum and Ambassador Danny Ayalon discuss the HAMAS ordered border violence, and what Israel must do to protect itself. [...]

PA A Terrorist Org
Mahmoud Abbas Heads Terror Organization

Mahmoud Abbas has been a terrorist since the 1970’s, he was the money man behind the Munich Massacre that took [...]

US Stops Paying Palestinian Terrorists

The Taylor Force Act is now a law, no more US taxpayer money will go to terrorists and their families [...]

PA Incitement
Incitement Complaint Against PA Official

A high ranking member of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party will have an ‘Incitement’ complaint filed against him by terror victims [...]

PA Pay for Slay
PA ‘Pay for Slay’ – $403 Million For Murderers &…

As the UN, and EU in particular demand a Palestinian state, the leader of that would be state just signed [...]

Netanyahu To Abbas: STOP Paying Murderers

“Moderate” Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority have a “Pay for Slay” policy that shells out over $350 million/year to [...]

PA Blood Money
PA Demands Money for Murderers

The Israeli Knesset is in the process of passing a law that will withhold funding to the Palestinian Authority equal [...]

Palestinians Cheer Downing F-16
Palestinians Celebrate Syria Downing Israeli F-16

Palestinians in Gaza and Judea and Samaria cheered and handed out sweets to celebrate Syria shooting down an Israeli F-16 [...]