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Canadian Cop & Civilians Attacked by ISIS Jihadi & PM…

Canadian City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Suffered an Islamic State Jihadi Attack. Similar to Other Western Politicians, PM Justin Trudeau [...]

Muslim Teacher UNRWA
New U.N. Textbooks For Palestinians Promote Hatred of Jews and…

According to the newly published U.N. Palestinian schoolbooks, Jews have no rights whatsoever in the region but only “greedy ambitions.” [...]

2017-09-28 (14)
Islamic Jihad in the London Tube & Still No Coherent…

WATCH: Islamic Jihad Spreading Across England & Europe and Citizens are Still Not Safe. Why Not? Barry Nussbaum of the [...]

Say Goodbye To What You Know: Europe Will Be Mostly…

Within 40 years, given current demographic trends, the white population in Europe will recede, creating a Muslim majority, a French [...]

2017-09-22 (9)
Islamic Jihad Slaughter Continues in Europe & Still No Solutions…

How many more attacks in the UK & Europe before western countries close the border to the Global Jihadists?  

Anthony Bourdain
Yet Another Celebrity Wants To Kill President Trump!

Celebrity chef and CNN TV star Anthony Bourdain, host of “Parts Unknown”, said last week that he would poison Donald [...]

Slaughter The Infidel! Historically Christian Cities in Europe Are Under…

WATCH: As we’ve witnessed in countless Jihad attacks lately in Europe, the Islamic Jihadists are running amok at the moment. [...]

Could An Israeli Style Border Fence Help Stop Dangerous Criminals…

WATCH: How many American citizens need to be victimized before a common sense border fence is erected? Barry discusses with [...]